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Stage 1: Fighting the Eternal - Questions

Summary by Mahe0

It is case A, your MC will equip the fully awakened Revenant weapon. Player still on process of recruiting an eternal might want to plan ahead regarding element of choice.

Mahe0 (talkcontribs)

Can it only be done by equipping the "fully awakened" Revenant weapon for the corresponding eternal (Case A)? Is it possible to use "element awakened" revenant weapon instead (Case B)? I need to know, since if "Case A", I think it's better for reader to know ahead of time, so they could fully awakened weapon with element advantage instead.

Star Fragment (&reduce) correct amount?

Summary by Mahe0

50 is obtained from reducing the completed weapon, the guide was written assuming this happen. Therefore only another 10 awakened weapon are required.

Mahe0 (talkcontribs)

In this page it is mentioned you need 100 star fragment. The page also mentioned as below "Players may choose to reduce 10 element-awoken Revenant weapons instead of a fully-upgraded Revenant weapon to save a Gold Brick.

Acquiring 10 element-awoken UnF weapons requires the following materials:"

Mahe0 (talkcontribs)
Mahe0 (talkcontribs)

If element changed weapon gave 5 revenant weapon fragment, then you need 20 element-awoken Revenant weapons instead of 10.

PetriW (talkcontribs)

You get 50 from the first weapon you created to recruit the Eternal.

Then you need to obtain another 50 by either creating another fully uncapped weapon (requiring a gold brick) or creating 10 weapons.

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