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Siarnaqe (talkcontribs)

Could it be that Brainwash slightly reduces healing even though the tooltip in game doesn't show it?

Nightmare 90 trigger

3 (talkcontribs)

The alarm scent buffs seems to trigger BodyGuard Blitz on next turn. Also The Queen's Rebuke seems (sub 50?) od attack and applies death in 3 turns + debuff that makes your character attacker its allies instead of the enemy (talkcontribs)

Also note that the paralysis effect can't be wiped unless you use a Clarity Herb.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Not necessarily. Bodyguard Blitz inflicts both ParalysisCan't attack
and DEF DownDEF is lowered
. Clear skills only remove one debuff and it will remove the DEF Down debuff first. You'd effectively need two clear skills if you want to remove ParalysisCan't attack
without the need of a Clarity Herb.

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