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Usage Notes[edit]

Be sure to add {{ #widget: AccordionGSI }} once in the page where this template is used.


News 201801 campaign 1.pngNews 201801 campaign 2.pngGw campaign 06.pngNews 3rd anniversary 6.pngNews 3rdanniversary 9.png
|[[File:Gw campaign 06.png|x86px]]
|[[File:News 3rdanniversary 9.png|x86px]]
News 2000campaign 3.pngGw campaign 06.pngNews year end campaign 8.pngNews 2000campaign 2.pngNews 3rd anniversary 6.pngNews 1400campaign 9.pngNews 1000campaign 10.pngNews 1400campaign 6.pngNews 3rdanniversary 9.png
|[[File:News 2000campaign 3.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Free Daily Premium 10-Part Draw]]
|[[File:gw_campaign_06.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Half AP/EP Event]]
|[[File:News_year_end_campaign_8.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Half Treasure Cost Event]]
|[[File:News 2000campaign 2.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Over 20 Million Player Daily Bonus]]
|[[File:news_3rd_anniversary_6.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Half AP for Special Quests]]
|[[File:News 1400campaign 9.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Get More Renown and Prestige Pendants]]
|[[File:news_1000campaign_10.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#1.5 times More RP and EXP Event]]
|[[File:news_1400campaign_6.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Half AP for All Co-op Quests]]
|[[File:News 3rdanniversary 9.png|x86px|link=20 Million Players Celebration#Shop Skill Boost Campaign]]