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CharSkin has multiple parameters:

  • char - The name of the character with the skin.
  • art - The filename of the full art image.
  • sd - The filename of the SD sprite image. Use a normal version's sprite if no new one.
  • art2 - Optional - The filename of the alternate full art image.
  • sd2 - Optional - The filename of the alternate SD sprite image.
  • desc - Skin description or title. Use official English title if available
  • flavor - The flavor text for the skin.
  • obtain - How to obtain the skin
  • voice - Whether the skin has new voiced dialogue when used. (Yes/No)
  • sprite - Whether the skin has an associated new SD sprite. (Yes/No)
  • music - Name of the home screen music when displayed.



|char= Vira
|art= ViraIdol.png
|sd= ViraIdol_SD.png
|desc= Kimi to Boku no Mirai Idol Outfit
|obtain= Idol Skin Set Purchase
|voice= Yes
|sprite= Yes

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