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How to Use


base: Name of the game character. Name is used as a basis for linked subpages (except anime!)
active: The tab currently "active". Defaults to Game tab.

anime: Name of the anime counterpart (without "(Anime)").
strategy: yes/no. Toggle Strategy tab. Default: yes
lore: yes/no. Toggle Lore tab. Default: yes
gallery: yes/no. Toggle Gallery tab. Default: yes

Character anime pages have a separate naming scheme from game pages. Characters with alternate versions may link to their normal anime page as well. (e.g. Katalina (Summer) can link to Katalina (Anime))

Gallery tabs are temporarily off by default


Game character only



Alternate character with anime counterpart

{{CharacterTabs|base=Katalina (Summer)|anime=Katalina}}

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Game character, active anime tab

{{CharacterTabs|base=Katalina (Summer)|anime=Katalina|active=anime}}

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Game character, no strategy tab


  Game   Lore   Voice    

Game character, no strategy, no lore tab


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Templates used


Modified from original template with credit to http://feheroes.wiki, under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.