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Copy/paste this template to use:



|type=          Event type, used to decide how which other parameters should be read.
                Supported types:
                - story
                - storyrerun
                - clash
|version=       Event type version.
                Current expected value:
                - story: 2
                - storyrerun: 2
|start_time=    JST Event start time.
|end_time=      JST Event end time.
|element=       Element of event bosses and their rewards.
                - fire
                - water
                - earth
                - wind
                - light
                - dark
|token=         Token type used for draw box.
|material1=     Material used to start raids.
                - story: Item used to start Very Hard raid.
                - rerun: Medallion used in rerun
                - clash: Rotating Showdown wooden chest unique item
|material2=     Material used to start raids.
                - story: Item used to start Extreme raid.
                - rerun: 2nd rerun trade-in item (was mat1 story mat)
                - clash: Rotating Showdown silver chest item
|material3=     Material
                - rerun: 3rd rerun trade-in item (was mat2 story mat)
                - clash: Co-op Rotating Showdown Item
|material4=     Material
                - clash: Clash Unique Nightmare drop
|anima1=        Normal Anima
                - clash: Rotating Showdown normal Anima
|anima2=        Omega Anima
                - clash: Rotating Showdown Omega Anima
|anima3=        True Xeno Anima
|xeno_nm=       Clash Unique Nightmare drop
|weapon_sr1=    SR Weapon reward 1.
|weapon_sr2=    SR Weapon reward 2.
|weapon_ssr=    SSR Weapon reward.
|weapon_xeno=   SSR Clash Xeno Weapon.
|weapon_true=   SSR Clash True Weapon.
|weapon_xeno2=  SSR Clash rerun second Xeno Weapon.
|weapon_true2=  SSR Clash rerun second True Weapon.
|summon=        SSR Summon reward.
|premiere=      Premiere date (yyyy-mm-dd)
|rerun1=        Rerun date 1 (yyyy-mm-dd); index can be incremented
|sidestory=     Side story date (yyyy-mm-dd)
|unlock=        Side story unlock requirements