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Npc m 3990152000 01.jpg

Sniff... I twied to make some chocowets foa Papi...
B-bwut it dwidn't twurn out good... (Captain), can you hewp me make some?
Yay! Chanks, (Captain)! You'a da bestest eba!

Happy Wawenchine's Day!
Hm? (Captain), why you goin back and fowf all ober today?
Dis? Tee hee! Iz some chocowet I made for Papa!
Where's your chocowet? Dat's a sheecwet, (Captain)!

Pwuts the cocoa an, um... bahcher and... umm an uhh, fwower and den...
And den mitch it.
Ah! (Captain)! You qwan wook yet! Be gwood and waych, okay?

Gasp! Wook at yoa coot chocwit!
Hehehe... Iz a wabbit and a kitty... All animwal chocwit!
I made chocwit too! Wet's shea!
Hehehe... Itw'll be a chocwit paty!

(Captain)! I want cho make cuchie chocwit twoo!
Papi riked them sho mwuch last yea!
But I hwave twouble making wabbit and kitty chocwits...
(Captain), can yoo cheech me hau choo mak dem?
Sho I can gib yoo and Papi coot chocwits!

Npc m 3990393000 01.jpg
Canna (NPC)

Ah, (Captain)! I made some chocolate! Why don't you have a few?
You like the taste? Yay! I'm so glad I tried making my own!

Oh, (Captain)! I tried making chocolate cake this year!
I made these sugar dolls as decorations! What do you think?
I know they're not the most sightly things, but not bad for my first try, right?
You look interested too, (Captain)! Why don't we try making a few together?
I just hope you're ready to venture into the unknown though! Haha, I'm sure we'll be fine!

Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Haha. I'm just super happy for the chance to give you chocolate.
It feels so good to be able to let the object of your affection know how you feel with a gift, you know.
Love is still a bizarro concept to me though, if I'm gonna be honest.
But maybe figuring that out is all part of the fun? Haha, maybe I'll find out for myself some day.

(Captain)! This chocolate's for you!
Haha... I love seeing that smile on your face.
I bet you're the type of person who can put themself in the shoes of the gift-giver.
I wouldn't be surprised if your kindness spreads to everyone you come into contact with...
That's why I love you so much, (Captain)! Ahaha!

Npc m 3990390000 01.jpg
Diantha (Promo)

(Captain)! You've come to visit!
I'm making chocolates for everyone! Would you... like some?
Tastes good? Hehe, glad to hear that!

Welcome back, (Captain)!
It's always great to have you at these events, (Captain)! It's almost as if you're one of the island's residents!
I knew you would be back for this day, so I prepared this for you.
I hope you like it.

Welcome back, (Captain)!
Here, I have chocolate for you this year too!
You know, I really enjoy making chocolate.
Why? Because I get to forget about myself as a maiden or apprentice priestess.
It's like reading a book. I relish that feeling of being transported into another world.
Hm? You don't quite get it? Me neither actually. Haha.
Anyway, here's your chocolate!

So? How is it?
Ah, that's good to hear.
We have a lot more here than just cake. Why not try them out all out.
There's chocolate, cookies, and of course, candy.
Ahaha... I love that big grin on your face every time you take a bite. Makes all the effort worth it.
Just picturing that charming smile gets me all pumped up to make you more. Strange, isn't it? Haha...

Npc m 3990394000 01.jpg
Diola (NPC)

Happy Valentine's.
I could go for some chocolate...
(Captain), let's go buy some together.

Nom, nom...
What am I eating now? Something that Linaria made.
Here, try one, (Captain). Say aah.

What to do...
The head priestess said putting on the same performance every time isn't ideal.
So it got me thinking: what kind of chocolate do you want this year, (Captain)?

I heard that handmade chocolate can have a real impact.
I really got wondering about that when I saw how fixated Linaria was with making chocolates herself.
Hm? You think handmade ones are more heartfelt? Ah, of course you'd know, (Captain).
Come to think of it, I feel really good inside when I see ichnia shaking their homemade tlepilli.
Would you like it if I made you some chocolates myself, (Captain)?

Npc m 3990001000 01.jpg
Drang (Grand)

Heh heh heh!
Oh, (Captain)! You won't believe what Sturm just did!
Wha? I-is that... For me? From you?
Why I... I don't know what to say! I'm touched, but this is so out of the blue...
Th-thank you! I'll savor every bite of this!

Huh? What's that? Why do I look so fidgety, you ask?
Oh, no reason! No reason at all! But listen, I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately, and sugar helps with brain function, see...
Huh? What's this? For me? Ah! I remember now. It's Valentine's Day...
Sorry for playing dumb... I was a little embarrassed you caught me waiting around. But thank you! I'm really grateful!

Ohhh, (Captain)! You look like you're lookin' forward to something!
Awww, no need to play dumb! We both know what I'm talking about! Give you a hint: start's with a V, and it's not vendetta!
Hey! Wait! Come back! That's cold, (Captain)! That's cold!

Npc m 3990151000 01.jpg
Goblin Mage

I have a favor to ask! Please teach me how to make chocolate!
Are these the ingredients we need? I got candy and clay and brown leaves. I looked everywhere to get them!
If we make something tasty, (Captain), then I wanna give some to Feena and you!

Oh, (Captain)! Today's the day for giving chocolate! I made something even more tasty than last year's treat!
I used lots of sweet and tasty things! Like candy and honey and milk and nuts and strawberries and sweet potato and cabbage and...
There's eggs and sweet and sour pork and pork chops and regular bread and fresh-baked bread and potpourri and brown leaves!
Heh-heh! Won't you take a bite?

(Captain), I'll give you some chocolate! And this year I got other sweet things for you!
Feena showed me!
Let's see, let's see... Here's a toast to you, (Captain)!
Was that sweet?
What else, what else... (Captain), are you gonna be back late tonight? I guess I'll forgive you!
Was that sweet too?
Hee-hee! I'm so happy when I can give you lots of sweet things!

(Captain), happy Valentine's!
I learned something about how to make chocolates!
When you wanna make sweet stuff sweeter, you've gotta put salty stuff in.
So I went to a cave and got some rock salt.
I put lots of salty stuff in, so now it's gotta be real sweet!
Here ya go!

Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I learned more about how to make delicious chocolates!
Feena told me they can't just be salty or sweet!
It's all about, you guessed it, balance!
That's why I made chocolate with tons of sugar and salt!
I bet it'll make your face go all kissy! Hehe!

Npc m 3990364000 01.jpg
Gourry Gabriev

Hm? Chocolates? For me?
Haha! Well, I don't know what to say! Thank you kindly, (Captain)!

Npc m 3990392000 01.jpg
Harie (NPC)

Um... (Captain)? Would you like some of these chocolates?
I didn't have time to make my own, so they're store-bought. I did pick them out with Diola though.

(Captain). Teehee, take a look at this.
I got so many chocolates from my devotees.
Ever since becoming a maiden, I've only been receiving and not giving.
And well that's not the only reason, but I was hoping you'd accept these chocolates from me.
You always do so much for us, and more than anything else, I have the utmost respect for you as our leader, (Captain).
You'll accept? Perfect. I put a lot of effort into making these, so I hope you enjoy them!

Teehee, look at the chocolate I made you.
You made me so happy last year when you told me how much you liked my chocolate, so I put in extra effort this year.
I might be a maiden, but I'm still just a girl at heart. I'm really glad to have someone who appreciates my chocolate.
I'd love to know how you're enjoying them if you don't mind telling me...
They're delicious? Really?
Haha. Thanks.

Here, (Captain). I made chocolate this year too! It's only one piece though...
Um... I have to say I was really surprised to see Diantha making so many.
She really wanted to see you happy.
She's more concerned with putting a smile on people's faces than she is afraid of failure.
Maybe that's why she was always number one...
But at least I can say I put just as much heart into making this chocolate.
So please eat up, (Captain)!

Npc m 3990396000 01.jpg
Head Priestess

Ah, it's been a while, (Captain). Have you greeted the maidens already?
Oh, well, I just figured that from the chocolate on your lips.
Do you need to wipe your mouth? Should I wipe it for you? Sorry, it just... really stands out to me.
You'll do it yourself—Hey! Let's not do that with our sleeves!
I have a handkerchief right here. Stay still...
Ahem. The other girls have been looking forward to your arrival. Why don't you go say hello?
Oh, right. I have some chocolate for you too, if you'll accept.

So you were here all along, (Captain).
I was right to have something ready for you in case we ran into each other.
Take these chocolates, and I've included a handkerchief as well.
I can't have you wiping your mouth with your sleeves again, so use the handkerchief instead.
Haha, you'll have to excuse my habit of nagging for rearing it's ugly head.

Oh, if it isn't (Captain). Thank you very much for visiting again this year.
The maidens have prepared some chocolate for you, (Captain). Please do visit them.
You're wondering if I have any chocolate for you?
Well, yes, of course I do...
The chocolates from the maidens would surely be enough, but... You certainly have an appetite.
Hehehe... I'm jesting. Thank you for playing along.
Here you are—Valentine's chocolates from me.

(Captain), I see you attended our Valentine's performance.
Did you happen to get some of the chocolates we handed out during the show?
The maidens put a lot of effort into making them, so I hope you enjoy the treats.
Hm? Chocolates from me? Well, I did help make the ones that were distributed earlier...
Haha, just kidding. Of course I made a special batch just for you. Here you go.
This is to show my appreciation for you dropping by every year,
I'd be most delighted if they're to your liking.

Npc m 3990353000 01.jpg
Imperial General Adam

Valentine's Day chocolate... I am aware of this custom.
Thank you, (Captain).
Actually, I received chocolate like this from Lady Orchis.
As a golem, I was made to serve the people.
I therefore find it strange that I should be on the receiving end of anything.
In these situations, how should I respond...
At the same time, there is something inside me that becomes elated...
Does it please you to know that, (Captain)?

Thank you for the chocolates, (Captain).
Though I am at a loss as to whether or not receiving them from you is admissible.
Whenever I receive a gift from you, unexpected activity occurs within me.
It couldn't have been anticipated at the time I was manufactured, nor is it wholly unpleasant, and yet...
Might I ask how you would deal with such an issue,(Captain)?

Npc m 3990157000 01.jpg

So I made some chocolates, but Monika ate about half of them already.
But she said they were really good, so...
If you could tell me what you think of them, I'd really appreciate it!

I think I managed to make some really good chocolates on my own this year. Accept them, won't you?
T-they don't taste funny, do they?
As far as I'm concerned, Valentine's is a day to express gratitude!
If someone's really helped you out, it's important to properly let them know how much you appreciate it!
I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you've done, (Captain).

Oh no... What do I do...
Ah! (Captain)!
I'm making chocolates for you... Or at least I tried to...
I thought I'd try a bit of a challenge this time, but... It didn't turn out too well...
Should have tried making something a little closer to my skill level...
I'll be more careful next year.
Huh? (Captain)!
No, you can't eat it! I told you, it didn't turn out well!
Wha? You were watching me as I was making it? You know how hard I tried?
I see. Well, if this is what you want, I can't say anything against that.
Hehe. I can tell how hard you're trying to keep a straight face. I told you it was bad.
Thank you, (Captain). For everything.

It's Valentines Day, (Captain)!
Take a look! This time I perfected the recipe I bungled last year.
I've learned my lesson about working alone and biting off more than I can chew, so this time around, I asked everyone's opinions.
How's it taste?
Oh, I'm so glad. I really pulled it off this year.
You're so nice, I bet you'd pretend to be happy with any old chocolate
But I wanted my gift to be good enough to truly express my gratitude.
I really am thankful to you, (Captain). Happy Valentine's Day.

(Captain)! I have some Valentine's chocolates for you. Here.
I considered trying my hand at a new recipe... So I could learn to be a better chef, you know?
But I decided that making something you liked was more important.
So I used basically the same recipe as last year, but then I thought about what flavors and textures you prefer and made some tweaks.
These chocolates should be pretty good—I think all that effort I put in is finally paying off. So when you eat them, really take the time to taste them, all right?

Npc m 3990585000 01.jpg

There you are, (Captain)!
I have some Valentine's chocolates for you.
I've been handing them out all day, and you're the last person on my list. I'm glad I found you.
Erm, you look disappointed.
Oh, I see now. I'm sorry, but I'm not quite ready to consider giving out anything more than friendship chocolates...
I apologize for dampening the mood on a day like this.
But I swear they're really delicious, so please eat them all!

Here you go, (Captain)! Happy Valentine's Day!
Hmm? Are my feelings true?
I'm sorry... I haven't thought that deeply about it...
What? Well, um...
Did you want me to feel a certain way, (Captain)?
I, I see!
In any case, please enjoy the gift!

(Captain), happy Valentine's! Here, have some yummy chocolate!
They're handmade, so I can guarantee their taste!
I might have a big appetite, but I can also cook some mean grub to compensate!
I probably did a little too much taste-testing though, which is why there isn't much chocolate left...
Ahh, how embarrassing...

Npc m 3990391000 01.jpg
Linaria (NPC)

Ah! There you are, (Captain)!
Teehee, you know what today is, right?
That's right—it's Valentine's Day! This here's for you!

Haah... Haah...
Ah! (Captain), I've finally found you! Huff... Wheeze...
Hah-hah... Phew... Hey, (Captain), has anyone come up to you yet after landing on this island?
No? Whew, thank goodness...
Okay... This chocolate here's for you!
Hm? That's right! I came all this way just to hand it to you.
Teehee. I told myself I'd be the first to hand you Valentine's chocolate, and now you'll never forget me!

Yoo-hoo, (Captain)! I was hoping you'd show up!
Look at aaaalll the chocolate I made you this year.
Teehee, I bet even Diantha wouldn't go this far.
Hm? Why do I try so hard, you ask? I wanted to be your best valentine in addition to being the best maiden.

Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
I'll have you know that I worked so hard to make this year's chocolates!
Because I know you'll return my affections on White Day. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Gosh, I love it so much when you tell me how cute I am!
I'll be looking forward to see how you treat me next month, (Captain). Teehee.

Npc m 3050000000 01.jpg
Lyria (Event)

Ehehe... I wrapped these all nicely!
So, um... I... I figured out who I want to give my first chocolate to...
I want you to have it, (Captain). I want you to have the first chocolate.
So... Here you go! Please let me know what you think of it!

Well... I made you some chocolate this year too...
But... I feel just as anxious as last year when I gave you a gift.
My heart is pounding, but it feels warm and exciting at the same time...
It's like I'm so happy that I just can't sit still... or something like that!
I hope you'll accept my gift again this year. And be sure to tell me what you think of the flavor!

Heavy breathing... Heavy breathing...
Here we go!
(Captain)! Please accept my Valentine's chocolate!
I know it tastes better than what I made last year, so go ahead and eat up.
Hehe... I'm just happy I got to show my appreciation with a present this year too.

Ehehe... Even though this happens every year, I still get nervous...
I made chocolates for you.
Would you like one?
My heart is pounding so fast...
I'll make more tasty chocolate next year too!

Here, these Valentine's Day chocolates are for you, (Captain)! I hope you enjoy them!
Ehehe... They're handmade, of course. I poured my heart into them again this year.
I always look forward to Valentine's Day. I spend a lot of time thinking about what to give you.
I hope you'll enjoy my chocolates next year too... and every year after that. Ehehe.

Npc m 3990156000 01.jpg

H-happy Valentine's...
I... might have gotten some chocolates for you...

You don't have to spell it out. I know what you're hoping for.
You'd usually expect chocolate on Valentine's, wouldn't you?
But I've been thinking, and I decided this year I'll make a chocolate cake!
You want chocolate, and I want something sweet. Given that, there's only one thing left to do!
To have some cake together! Just wait right there, and I'll have it out in no time at all.

Hmm... Chocolates? Yes, I understand.
However, I did not arrange for chocolates this year.
I went out and got you a fruit cake instead!
Hehe. It's a luxurious delicacy from a famous bakery where customers have to line up early in the morning.
I assumed you would be tired of chocolate on a day like this.
In my mind, spending time with you while eating cake and sipping tea is far better than any chocolates can afford.
I've already brought the tea leaves with me. Please wait while I get it brewing shortly.

I must admit I've started to look forward to your yearly visits.
Hehe. I suppose you could say I enjoy the challenge of attempting to surpass your wildest expections.
Go on, try a bite. I have full confidence that it won't disappoint.
This year I came up with the idea of chocolate rice crackers.
I got the inspiration from the rice crackers you once gave me.
The rich sweetness of the chocolate perfectly complements the saltiness of the crackers.
Aren't they just so delicious that you can't stop eating them?
Hehe... But you should give in and enjoy yourself at times like these.
The time we spend smiling and laughing together is precious, after all.

Thanks for coming, (Captain). That's right, I've prepared chocolates for you without fail.
These are from a specialty shop. They're only sold in limited quantities, and they're fit for royalty.
Which means they're almost never in stock either. Anyway, try one.
Hm? Oh, this? This is a bottle of chocolate wine I purchased for myself.
You say you want to try some?
I'm afraid your age makes that an impossible request.
But don't worry. I'll bring another bottle once you're of drinking age.
Then we can share a toast together. I promise.

Npc m 3990003000 01.jpg

Happy Valentine's...
Here's some chocolate... Lyria and I made it...

Here's some chocolate. For you.
I made it all by myself this year... And it came out nice.
I tasted it while I was making it... And it was delicious.
Once I started eating it, I couldn't stop... That's how good it is. I know you'll like it, so please eat up.

(Captain). Here's some chocolate I made myself...
Nothing makes me happier than to see everyone eating good food together and enjoying themselves.
So I did my very best to make the tastiest chocolate I could. Try it.
I hope that you, Lyria, Io, and everyone will always be happy.

Did I keep you waiting, (Captain)? I challenged myself with this year's chocolate.
It was difficult... But I enjoyed myself.
And... I'm really happy with the results.
I taste tested them, and they're good. Incredibly good.
I think... they might make you smile... Maybe?
Ah... Maybe that's why I like making sweets...

Npc m 3990616000 01.jpg

Pholia: Mm? Ah, excellent timing. I wish you to impart me with some of your knowledge.
I am currently preparing some Valentine's Day chocolate.
But do you know of a method for producing chocolate that is not harmful to dogs?
I won't pretend to be head over heels and madly in love with someone.
In fact, I am simply trying to show Bai Ze a simple act of appreciation.
Bai Ze: (My Sovereign... I am grateful that you would think of me...)
(But have you forgotten that I am a primal beast—not a mere pup?)

Well, aren't you a greedy one, barging into the kitchen while a young maiden works her magic on this special day.
Good, good! I'll take that to mean the sweet temptation of this chocolatey aroma is too inviting to overcome.
I just completed a batch intended for Bai Ze. Do me a favor and have a taste.
It's not a request I make lightly. I only bestow this chocolate upon those who earn my favor.
Now, I'd like to hear your impressions. And I hope you come up with something other than "delicious"!

Pholia: Hey, what are you staring at? Don't tell me you've fallen all over for me?
Oh, that's right. Today's Valentine's.
How forgetful of me to not have any chocolates on hand for you. What now...
Bai Ze: My sovereign, don't you think you've teased (Captain) enough?
Surely you have more treats tucked away somewhere. I spotted another box when you gave me mine.
Pholia: So you saw... Sigh... I often wonder where your sense of humor is, Bai Ze.
Then again, perhaps I went too far. Lighten up, (Captain)! You definitely have a place in my heart.
Here you go! This special box of chocolates is meant only for those I hold near and dear!

Npc m 3990788000 01.jpg
Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva

Pholia: Mm? Ah, excellent timing. I wish you to impart me with some of your knowledge.
I am currently preparing some Valentine's Day chocolate.
But do you know of a method for producing chocolate that is not harmful to dogs?
I won't pretend to be head over heels and madly in love with someone.
In fact, I am simply trying to show Bai Ze a simple act of appreciation.
Bai Ze: (My Sovereign... I am grateful that you would think of me...)
(But have you forgotten that I am a primal beast—not a mere pup?)

Well, aren't you a greedy one, barging into the kitchen while a young maiden works her magic on this special day.
Good, good! I'll take that to mean the sweet temptation of this chocolatey aroma is too inviting to overcome.
I just completed a batch intended for Bai Ze. Do me a favor and have a taste.
It's not a request I make lightly. I only bestow this chocolate upon those who earn my favor.
Now, I'd like to hear your impressions. And I hope you come up with something other than "delicious"!

Pholia: Hey, what are you staring at? Don't tell me you've fallen all over for me?
Oh, that's right. Today's Valentine's.
How forgetful of me to not have any chocolates on hand for you. What now...
Bai Ze: My sovereign, don't you think you've teased (Captain) enough?
Surely you have more treats tucked away somewhere. I spotted another box when you gave me mine.
Pholia: So you saw... Sigh... I often wonder where your sense of humor is, Bai Ze.
Then again, perhaps I went too far. Lighten up, (Captain)! You definitely have a place in my heart.
Here you go! This special box of chocolates is meant only for those I hold near and dear!

Npc m 3990010000 01.jpg

Happy Valentine's, I do say.
Hrmm, chocolates? How tactful of you.

I've gotten chocolates from my wife this year as well!
I do say that married life rather suits me.
I hope you find a good partner yourself!
We'll see if you can make as good a wife as mine. Though I think that would be a very tall order indeed, I do say!

Nothing quite as satisfying as a good glass of wine with a box of chocolates from one's wife.
One can truly taste the love with which my wife made these.
There is no greater pleasure in my life than this, I do say.

My wife has given me homemade chocolates this year too!
I have received many such a gift from her, but each time I am always happy.
Maybe that's why I chose her... Because of how she makes me feel...

Oh, I see you've brought me another little something. As an imperial soldier with impeccable decorum, I must thank you.
Now—and I do not believe this is likely—but you are not hoping to compete with my wife, are you?
Keh-heh-heh... Then, feast your eyes upon this! These exquisite chocolates my wife has crafted for me!
The texture, the sweet and bitter harmony—it's simply divine! When it comes to meeting my culinary standards, even the finest chocolatier could not compare!

Npc m 3990510000 01.jpg
Queen Orchis, Erste Kingdom

Umm... Is this okay...
(Captain), you've come at just the right time.
What do you think of this wrapping for my chocolate? Is it too cute?
I want to give chocolate to everyone close to me.
But I wonder about Apollo and Adam.
They might not take it if I wrap it in something like this...
But it's Valentine's Day, so I don't want to use something too formal...
Yes, perhaps you're right.
No matter what I give them, they'll take it if I put my heart into it.
Those two might look a little scary, but they aren't going to reject anything I present them.
All right! I'll give these to them as is!
Thank you for listening, (Captain).
And here's a present for you. Since you're also a person truly close to me.
But no chocolate in the world can show how much I care for you, (Captain).

My Valentines last year? Yep, Adam and Apollo both liked them. The day was a success.
Hehe. They looked all grumpy about it, but they both thanked me.
I'm sure they were just embarrassed... It sounds like they enjoyed the chocolate I made for them in the end.
I'm glad I consulted with you first, (Captain). I might not have been bold enough to give them their gifts if you hadn't cheered me on.
And so, here you go! To say thank you for last year!
I truly am extremely grateful to you, (Captain). And I don't like to let any chance to express that gratitude pass me by.
Someday, I hope I'll have a chance to truly repay you.

Npc m 3990181000 01.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day. Today is the day you give sweet tokens of gratitude to others.
Hm? Only the female crew members are giving gifts today, you say?

I kind of messed up last year's Valentine's Day, didn't I, (Captain)?
For this year, I practiced what to say a few days ago. I'm prepared for any present you give me.
So go ahead, (Captain), and give it to me whenever's convenient for you. Hm?
Ah, I see... I'm supposed to be spontaneous, not rehearsed.
Shoot... I failed again! Wait, wait, give me another chance. Just come in from the door and start over, okay (Captain)?

It's Valentine's Day... I need to make sure I don't do anything off-putting to (Captain)...
(Speak of the devil! Now's my chance... I'll watch her from afar while pretending not to notice her...)
Hm? I don't look well? No problem. I'm just perfect.
Hm? Don't tell me... I stirred up worry by pretending not to notice you?
I see... In order to pull off a surprise, acting natural is the key.
Ah... Look what I've done another year in a row!
Greeting, light chat, and eye contact... Good. I've got it.
(Captain), I'm sorry about this once again. But could you please give me another chance? Just one more...

Is it Valentine's Day already?
I'll need to take the steps necessary to properly accept (Captain)'s gift this year.
First... Casually say.
"What a surprise to see you here..."
I think...
Then I exchange pleasantries...
"It's cold out. Take care not to get sick."
Yes... That'll do...
Then (Captain) will present the present and I'll kindly respond...
(Captain), did you see all that?
This box... Oh, you brought me chocolates? Thank you.
Oh no... All that preparation for nothing...

(Ah, there's (Captain). All right, now to act like how I'd practiced earlier...)
Oh, hello, (Captain)! It's pretty cold lately, huh?
Looks like it snowed quite a lot yesterday. While walking down the street, I saw some boys beating the cold and making a snowman.
It looked like they were having trouble putting the head on the body, so I gave them a hand.
By the way, (Captain)... Did you want to talk to me about something?
Is this... chocolate? Thank you, (Captain). I'll take my time to enjoy it later today.

Npc m 3050002000 01.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day!
Swing on by the Knickknack Shack for all your chocolatey needs!

Hee hee hee! Looks like everyone is calling for you today, (Captain)! You're as busy as a bee!
While I have you for a minute, I want to give you this! It's my chocolatey gift to you!
It's got some health supplements mixed in, so let me know what you think!

Hello there! I got you some chocolate this year too!
Well look at how much you're already carrying. You're a popular one, (Captain)!
But do be careful. You'll have to remember to return the favor to all of those gift givers. People have gone to battle for less, you know.
They say all is fair in love and war, but you really don't want to see how unfair girls will treat you if you forget about their emotions. Hehe.

Thank you for your patronage! Be sure to come on back to the Knicknack Shack for all your holiday needs!
Oh, that reminds me! I'm running a special promotion right now.
Anyone who patronizes my fine establishment during the promotion...
Gets a box of delicious Chocolate Knicknacks, on the shack!
So here you go, (Captain)!
I know I'm giving them out to everyone, but they really were made with love, so be sure to savor each bite!

Happy Valentine's Day!
According to the Knickknack Shack's market survey, this year most people decided to make their own chocolate gifts.
A lot of your own crew members visited my shop to procure materials.
Among the most popular items they bought was the simple heart-shaped mold...
Ahh! (Captain), I bet you're the cause of this economic boom!
I know you're probably up to your ears in chocolate by now, but here's some from me as well!
I look forward to your patronage forevermore!

Npc m 3990000000 01.jpg
Sturm (Grand)

Here... Well, what're you waiting for? Take it.
Just shut up and take it. Don't make me stab you.
I-I just felt like giving you something, okay! It doesn't mean anything special!
B-but if you happen to try them... Just let me know if you like them... Okay?

Tsk... Who in the world started all this Valentine's Day nonsense anyway...
Hey. Got a second? Best we talk somewhere more discreet.
H-here... This is for you. Just like I said last year, this doesn't mean anything special...
Wh-what's with the face! I gave chocolates last year, didn't I?
It's for Valentine's Day, okay! Don't make me say it!

Here, take it.
Wh-what? It's not like this is anything new.
You knew I was going to give this to you anyway.
Whatever! I did what I came for! I'm going now!

Oh, it's just you, (Captain).
What's with the face? Stop that!
Why are you looking at me all expectant?
Okay, okay! Take your chocolate and go!

It's Valentine's Day. Take it.
What's with that dissatisfied expression? I made sure to prepare something again this year.
What? No, I didn't make it. I just bought it. So what—
Fine, fine! Stop it with the teary eyes!
A-anyway, just take it! I'll... try making some next year...
I grew up with younger siblings, so I always end up going soft on people when they make that kind of face...
Just hang in there until next year. No more making that face, got it?

Npc m 3990112000 01.jpg

Ah... The burning passion I feel can hardly be contained in something so brittle and small as this chocolate
For Katalina, only the ultimate chocolate can suffice...

Hello (Captain). I have a very important request to ask of you.
As I'm sure you realize, today is Valentine's Day.
I wanted to spend the day making chocolates with Katalina...
But I need someone to taste test the chocolates...
I'll compensate you with the chocolates we make. Hee hee... No reason to decline, is there?

(Captain)... You know how important you are to me, don't you?
I'm proud to call you my captain. No. More than a captain...
A comrade in arms. One who can never be replaced. I'm truly thankful to have you in my life.
Now then, you know what time of the year it is don't you?
Would you be so kind as to help me taste test the chocolates Katalina and I are making this year? Your time will not go unrewarded, of course.
Being the dependable comrade that you are, I'm sure you wouldn't possibly abandon me in this time of need, would you?

(Captain), what is the significance of Valentine's Day for you?
Is it a day to show love... Or appreciation... Or something more?
For me, it is something else entirely.
Yes... It is a day of wishing well for one another.
Would you help me make chocolates this year for my Katalina.
I have decided to try Katalina's chocolate. Should I not pass away...
We can hope for our continued health and prosperity, (Captain).

I can see the determination in your eyes... Yes, the time for us to join hands has come once again.
A day of battle that comes once a year——a day of happiness and trial, on which one has the chance to receive Katalina's homemade sweets...
No need to worry. Surely both you and I can overcome this day. We will survive.
Oh, but before you proceed to the kitchen, please accept this gift from me.
This is chocolate from a batch I made earlier for sampling.
It contains herbs that should aid in building up strength. I hope it can be of help to you.
Now, let's head to the kitchen. Valentine's Day starts here for us.

Npc m 3050001000 01.jpg

Today's Valentine's Day, isn't it?
I usually only go for apples, but chocolate's not bad either!

What's that! You came to give me chocolate?
Heh-heh... Today's the only day I'm happy to get chocolate over apples!
We've been together so long that I'm a little bashful about getting chocolate from you, but thanks a bunch!
I guess I'd better get something really special for you in return. Look forward to it!

Heh-heh... Thanks for the chocolates, (Captain)! I mean, we've known each other since forever, haven't we? That's why I'm super thrilled to still get chocolates from you! I'm gonna get you something twice as awesome in return!

Hey! Oh, you're giving me Valentine's Day chocolate?
Heh heh... Thanks! You know, it's always the best getting chocolate on Valentine's Day!
It's the only day where chocolate seems to taste better than apples.
Huh? You thought I might say that?
What! This is a chocolate-covered apple?
Who knew something like this existed!
It looks super good! You're the best, (Captain)!

Gulp... So we're gonna play Valentine's roulette this year, huh?
Just one of these chocolates have apple in it, right? And all the others have strawberry or banana or some other stuff...
All right, I'm gonna use my seventh sense and pick out the one with apple! Here I go... Chomp!
Darn it! It's strawberry! And it's so good! Nom nom... Okay, next is definitely gonna be apple...
What, this is orange! And it's actually kinda tasty too, nom nom... Okay, next is apple for sure!
What the heck! Now it's banana! Darn it! I mean, this tastes amazing too... Nom nom...
Argh! All of it was so good that I'm all full before I even got to the apple!