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Npc m 3050000000 01.jpg Lyria

Happy birthday!
I'm so happy that we can celebrate together! Let's make this a day to remember!

Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
We started our adventure on Zinkenstill, but we've been to so many other places since then, haven't we?
There could be all kinds of islands still waiting for us! Not just fun ones, but scary ones and dangerous ones too.
But as long as we're there together, I won't be afraid! Let's continue enjoying our travels together!

Hehe. The crew is really having a blast today.
That's what happens when we celebrate your birthday...
It's strange... Celebrating a day meant for you brings me happiness.
A day that is special for you is even more special for me...
I feel like our hearts are connected...
(Captain), I wish you a really happy birthday.
Let's see even more of the skies together!

Npc m 3050001000 01.jpg Vyrn

Happy birthday!
Heh heh. We've known each other for a long time, haven't we (Captain)?
I've got it! You're always workin' so hard, I'll give ya this apple. I just picked it myself, and it looks so... tasty.
I mean, it's present for you! Here!

Heheh! Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Another year's gone by since we left for the skies, huh?
Ever since we started on our adventure, every day just seems to fly by!
But the place we're trying to reach is still so far away! So let's keep at it!

Heh-heh! Looks like it's time for your birthday again, (Captain)!
Everyone in the crew is getting something ready in their own way to celebrate with you—we're gonna go wild tonight!
But when it comes to celebrating your birthday, I ain't losing to nobody!
Happy birthday, (Captain)! Thanks for everything always!

Npc m 3050002000 01.jpg Sierokarte

Happy birthday!
Make it a great birthday, (Captain)!

Happy birthday, dear (Captain).
You know... Some of your crew came in here the other day.
They were all excited to pick out a present for you!
Oops... I promised I wouldn't tell.
Well, here's a little present from me! So let's keep this conversation our little secret!

(Captain)! Happy birthday! We're finished with all of the party preparation!
Of course I'll cover the expenses. Today's the day you came into the world, so I don't mind using my income.
Hmm... Came and income... They don't really make for the best pun in the world, do they?
Hehe. But no matter, the important thing is we're celebrating your big day!

Npc m 3990000000 01.jpg Sturm

Pssh, I would never have thought a naive fool like you would have even lived to see your next birthday...
It's important to live your life and not just let life happen around you when your path is as dangerous as ours.
So, I'll humor you and celebrate today... I always remember to appreciate the fact that I've made it through another year safely...
Congratulations... Take care that you make it to your next birthday.

I can't believe it's already been an entire year.
Looking back to where you were before, how does it make you feel?
What's wrong with being a little introspective once in a while? This day only comes once a year y'know.

Looks like your birthday's here again.
We've known each other a long time now.
You've always been a naive kid, but that's worked for you up till now. No need to fix what ain't broke I guess.
Hope you make it to your next birthday safely.

Npc m 3990001000 01.jpg Drang

Hey, hey, Captain! I heard the news! Today's your birthday, isn't it?
We simply must celebrate! Is there anything you'd like to eat, Captain?
We're in the middle of a journey, so we may not be able to get the family together...
But worry not! Sturm and I are here to party! Let's enjoy good times together, shall we?

Happy birthday there, (Captain)!
The atmosphere on this ship is incredible! Everyone's just so ready to celebrate.
I have to admit, I'm getting kinda jealous!
The only person that's ever celebrated like that for me is my dear old granny.
But that always did the trick for me anyhow!
Celebrating for other people is good fun too!
So thanks, (Captain).
We might be enemies someday, but let's make the most out of it!

This sure is a great crew, isn't it, (Captain)?
You can really see how much effort everyone's putting in for your birthday. All for you!
Even if you weren't captain around here, I've no doubt just as many people would still be trying just as hard to make this day a blast for you.
A mystery you are; a mystery you are! Oh, how I'd like me some of that special something you have!
Hehehe. Happy birthday, (Captain).

Npc m 3990003000 01.jpg Orchis

Happy birthday...
Captain, today is all about you.
Birthdays no longer mean anything to me...
But I'd like to celebrate this one with you... It would make me very happy...
So happy birthday, Captain... I think this year will turn out to be a good one.

(Captain). Happy Birthday.
Everyone looks so happy for you today. I'm happy for you too.
Let's all celebrate together. After all, you're very important to us. You're important to the crew. And to me.

Happy birthday, (Captain).
This is the day you were born... And I'm glad you were.
You've brought me so much joy since I've met you... I can't imagine a world without you.
You're the reason I was able to meet the crew and everyone else.
All sorts of coincidences lined up to bring me here and make me who I am today. It's like a miracle.
I'm sure everyone else here is the same way. And it's all because of you, (Captain).
So... Thank you.
I'll fight to keep everyone's smiles.
And especially yours. Now and forever.

Npc m 3990010000 01.jpg Pommern

Ooh... It's your birthday, is it?
Mwahaha... I'll make this a birthday you'll never forget!

Sigh... Looks like you've managed to evade our grasp once again this year.
Well, enjoy your moment! It's the only day of rest you're going to get!
I'll keep hunting you till your very last birthday!

Good heavens. We've known each other for quite some time now, haven't we? Though I would prefer if we'd never met.
Skyfarers and the missions they take on are oft accompanied by danger.
Here's hoping you stay safe long enough to catch me, I do say!

Npc m 3990112000 01.jpg Vira Luminiera

Happy birthday, Captain.
I tried to make you a birthday cake, but...
Ah. Don't worry. It's just a trial run for Katalina's birthday next month.
In fact, Captain... I'm beginning to think of you just as fondly as I do Katalina.
Heehee... I expect you'll only become even more wonderful in time...

The practice cake I made last year in preparation for Katalina's birthday received marvelous reviews from everyone, Katalina included.
So this year... I tried making another one.
It's a little more special this time... I baked it with all the thanks and appreciation of the past year.
Katalina is forever my favorite... But I guess you're okay too, (Captain).

Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've made another birthday cake for you.
But this time it's not practice for another cake I'm making. This was made just for you, with no one but you in mind.
I have you to thank for making Katalina into the person she is today.
And even if not for her... you've become a very important person to me in your own right.

Npc m 3990151000 01.jpg Goblin Mage

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day!
Erm… tilt your head downward. A little more. Little more. There!
Mwah! Heehee, happy birthday, captain!

(Captain)! (Captain)! It's nap time! Nap time!
Your birthday is a happy day! But you can't forget to take a nap!
Just lay your head down...
And then close your eyes.
And good night...
Are you sleepy yet, (Captain)?

(Captain)! (Captain)! Pick me up!
Higher! Higher! Higher! Higher!
Wow! I'm even higher than you, (Captain)! I could be your mommy!
Mommies are bigger than their kids. And I heard that your mommy isn't here.
So I'll be your mommy for your birthday!
Are you happy?
I'm glad, because I'm happy too!

Npc m 3990152000 01.jpg Ardora

Happy burthday, (Captain)!
Now you're... Um... one, two, three... Lotsa years old!
Hmm... Am I gonna be a gwown up like you one day?

Happy birthday!
I wrote you a letter, (Captain).
Dear hard-working (Captain).
Ehehe. You can read the rest later.

(Captain)! Happy birthday!
I wanna be cool and strong just like you when I grow up!
If I do that, Daddy won't worry about me!
Actually, Daddy seemed kinda down just now. I wonder what's wrong?

Npc m 3990156000 01.jpg Monika

Happy birthday!
Today's the anniversary of the day you came into this world. Here's to you! Let's celebrate.

Today's your birthday? Allow me to offer a word of congratulations.
What have you gained from this past year of skyfaring?
There's no joy greater than to find something that's yours in these grand skies of ours.

Happy birthday. Today is a critical juncture in your life.
But the pressures of pushing yourself everyday tends to build up.
You needn't worry so much about that. In my eyes, I can see that you have made great progress.
Just know that I will be at your side to witness your continued growth from here on.

Npc m 3990157000 01.jpg Lecia

Happy birthday!
I wish you all the luck in all your future endeavors. And of course, I'l be here to help in any way I can.
So let's celebrate! Today is your day, Captain. Enjoy it!

The years always seem too long, and then they're gone just like that.
That's especially true for the time I've spent with you, (Captain).
But it's been time spent to its fullest. I'm sure of it.
I'm going to work my hardest to make sure I can spend the next year fighting by your side, (Captain).

Here's a little something from me. Happy birthday!
I'm so glad you're able to celebrate yet another birthday.
You always push yourself so hard, (Captain). I worry about you sometimes.
I'm the same way? Hehe, maybe so.
I hope I can celebrate this day with you for every year to come.
And for that, I'll be sure to keep improving myself and become a better skyfarer!

Npc m 3990181000 01.jpg Siegfried

Happy birthday.
Allow me to join you in celebration of this very special day.

Happy birthday.
Time passes, day by day, month by month, and soon an entire year has already moved on.
I was thinking about what to surprise you with and I've come up with the perfect gift for you. Are you ready?
Speechless, are we? Okay, here it is!

(Captain) immediately braces for the worst. Paying no mind, Siegfried begins contorting his body into a bizarre dance.

Old stories claim that it's easier to be possessed by evil spirits on your birthday.
I stumbled across this dance in old literature. It's said to be especially potent at warding off evil.
With this dance, I wish you happiness and good health. Care to join me?

Happy birthday to you.
This will be the third year I get to celebrate this day with you, isn't it? Time goes by so quickly.
This year I got you a tongue tingling gift, (Captain). Would you like it?

Siegfried takes out a handful of bright red fruit. They're long and slim with pointy ends.

This is a special seasoning that grows on a certain island. Not only is it extremely spicy, it's said to ward off evil spirits with its spiciness.
Or rather, it's supposed to help boost your immunity so you don't fall ill.
I also got a recipe to go along with the gift. Let's head to the kitchen and cook it up at once!
I'm quite curious to know how spicy it is. Shall we eat it together when it's all done?

Npc m 3990353000 01.jpg Imperial General Adam

Happy birthday.
As a surviving dinosaur of the Erste Kingdom, let me congratulate you.
You and your crew will never be forgotten by Erste history.
That is why you must make your mark in the future as well, young skyfarer.
I am sure that one day your name will be a part of all history recorded throughout the skies.
I await the day when your name is whispered throughout the vast blue.

A machine can undergo slight variations based on the experience and knowledge it stores.
But data accumulation cannot compare to the way people naturally grow through life experiences.
Happy birthday, (Captain).
Even if you have not noticed it yourself, you are becoming a shining example of who a person should be.
Never lose faith in yourself, and guide us ever onward.

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Npc m 3990364000 01.jpg Gourry Gabriev

Ah, today's your birthday, is it? Haha, happy birthday!
How could I not notice with Lina partying so hard?
Here's to you, Captain! Party hearty! Let's go!

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Npc m 3990390000 01.jpg Diantha

Happy birthday.
I'm really glad I caught you on your birthday, (Captain). What kind of present do you want?
A-a song? Now? No, I can't!
I read a really interesting book recently. How about that? Oh, thank goodness. Here you go! I hope you like it.

Thanks for coming on such short notice, (Captain).
I heard you were nearby, so I asked the head priestess to invite you.
Today's your birthday, after all.
I should be the one to visit you, but I'm not really allowed to leave the island.
So we prepared a birthday party for you here! Right this way, (Captain)!

I'm coming in! Haha! Surprised?
Some of the other crew members let me know they'd be holding a party for you.
So the head priestess gave me special permission to come onboard.
Hm? I should've let you know in advance?
Teehee. I thought I'd take the opportunity to surprise you.
And you're definitely looking surprised right now. So mission accomplished, heheh!
For your birthday present, you want me to sing in front of everyone?
Don't you know I can be shy in front of others!
Another joke? No, I'm being serious here!
But if it's just the two of us alone...
Er... No, it's nothing!

Npc m 3990391000 01.jpg Linaria

Happy birthday!
I'm so glad to see you today, (Captain)!
I've spent so much time thinking about what you'd like for your birthday!
So I'm definitely going to beat Diantha's gift!

Oh, today's your birthday, (Captain)? Congrats!
Hey, have you gotten taller? Maybe it's just me, but you look so much cooler now. Teehee.
But I'll be sure to keep up my appearances too. I won't lose to you or Diantha.
I'll become sooo adorable that you'll want me right beside you all the time, (Captain)! Tee hee!

Happy birthday, (Captain).
I appreciate your visits on this day every year, but is everything okay?
Let me guess... You see this alone time with me as a present for yourself? Aiiee, ahaha!
Well then, anytime you're looking for a celebration, you know where to find me... Teehee...

Npc m 3990392000 01.jpg Harie

Congratulations on your birthday!
Oh... Wait a minute... Is that right?
I'm not really sure... Is congratulations the right thing to say?
Some people don't like birthdays because it means they're another year older.
So they might not think it's something to celebrate. Phew, it's been a while since I've celebrated a birthday.
Well... Congratulations anyway, (Captain).

Happy birthday, (Captain).
You look more... mature now. You must've been through a lot this past year.
I can't imagine it being easy to be the captain of an entire crew.
But I think the positive effect it's had is written all over your face.
I feel like there are so many things I can learn if you can tell me how you've been spending your days.

Happy birthday, (Captain).
These occasions always remind me that my final performance as a maiden will come one day...
I know there's still a ways to go, but...
When my day comes, I really want you to be there, (Captain).
Haha, I have to look out for myself too, you know?

Npc m 3990393000 01.jpg Canna

Happy birthday!
Today must be a big day for you, (Captain)!
Is there anything you want to do around the island? I'll help you with anything you want!

Happy birthday!
When we heard you'd be coming, we all got together to put together something really special for you!
Huh? You're worried it was a lot of trouble for us? No, no, not at all! Sure, a lot went into making this happen, but we were happy to do it all!
I mean, to get everyone together to celebrate the birthday of someone so dear to us—what more could we ask for?
I'll be singing happy birthday the loudest! I hope you're ready for it, (Captain)!

Happy birthday, (Captain)! I was wondering what kind of present would suit you best!
Oh, I know! If you're ever feeling under the weather, I'll be there to cheer you up!
Hooray, hooray! You can get through this, (Captain)! Just pull yourself together and fight!
I know it's actually better not to go all-out sometimes, but you won't always have that luxury.
So for times like that, I want you to remember me cheering you on just now.
Also, even when we're far apart, know that my powers are always with you, (Captain)!
Haha... Happy belated birthday, (Captain)!
I hope I get to celebrate your birthday next year too, (Captain)!

Npc m 3990394000 01.jpg Diola

Happy birthday.
It looks like Xolotl wishes you a happy birthday too. How nice.

Happy birthday.
You know, Xolotl was happy to partake in the celebration too. I think he likes birthdays in general.
I hope you'll visit us again next year!

Happy birthday, (Captain).
Xolotl wanted to celebrate too.
Um, I think he said...
Awoon, awoon.
That's his way of saying happy birthday.

Npc m 3990396000 01.jpg Head Priestess

Welcome, (Captain). And happy birthday.
Hm? You would know my name rather than take a present?
I don't mind telling you, but I prefer you call me Head Priestess.
My name's Poppy. Personally I think it's a bit too cute-sounding.
Not that I hate my name, of course.
It's just that having my name called out repeatedly during formal occasions lightens the mood too much, so I have everyone call me Head Priestess.
Hehe, that's enough about my name. Let's go see the delicious meal I've prepared for you.

Happy birthday. Hehe, what speech should I give you today?
Hmm... This is what I always tell the maidens on their birthdays, but I think it'll still apply to you.
Even if I miss being a maiden, putting on my old outfit and standing on the altar wouldn't make my dreams come true.
As you grow older, the things you can and can't do will only increase. So don't live with regrets in the now.
There should be things you can do to leave old regrets in the past. For me, I still have a hand in performances even as a head priestess.
Feel free to come talk if you're ever lost. The divine protection of the maidens and Xolotl will surely be of aid to you.

Happy birthday, (Captain).
Did you know? When one of the maidens has a birthday on the same day as a performance, we celebrate their birthday on stage.
Some might view birthdays as the time that one ceases to be a maiden, but they're days on which one receives the blessings of others.
The maidens are sure to feel motivated by receiving the blessings of Xolotl and the ichnia.
(Captain),would you like us to perform a birthday show on your ship?
I can produce the whole thing, from the stage design to the special guest appearance.

Npc m 3990510000 01.jpg Queen Orchis, Erste Kingdom

Happy birthday, (Captain).
You were born in Zinkenstill, right?
It's not a big island, but all the greenery sure is beautiful.
So that's where you started out, before you went on so many adventures, and assembled your own crew...
And saved us... Saved this whole skydom.
I wonder what other grand feats the years have in store for you, (Captain).
I don't think even the Island of the Astrals is beyond your reach.
You might even strive for more impossible goals. I believe you could realize them.
I want to see you make all your dreams a reality, (Captain).

Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm glad I have the chance to visit you in person to celebrate this year.
I don't have that many opportunities to leave Erste, but this is the special day of a very special person, after all.
You've changed, (Captain). You seem more mature. Your face, your build... and the way you carry yourself.
I'm sure you've had all sorts of incredible adventures over the past year.
You're another step closer to achieving your dream. I hope you'll fill me in on all the details during the party.
It always bucks me up when you talk about chasing your dream.
You're a font of motivation for everyone. That's why your crew would follow you anywhere.
You say you'll work hard to be worthy of your role as captain? Haha... Again, happy birthday, (Captain).

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Npc m 3990585000 01.jpg Leona

Why, it's your birthday today, isn't it, (Captain)? Happy birthday!
The world seemed so tiny when I was around your age. It's embarrassing to think about how little I used to know.
You probably don't need me for anything, but I've still got experience. Think of me as the big sister you can come to for whatever problems you might have.
Sister Leona wields the hammer of resolution! Er...
That got kind of awkward. Look, just forget everything you heard about "Sister Leona".

Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's a little embarrassing to think that I'm always so flustered, even though I'm the older one.
Hopefully you'll catch up to my age soon enough.
Haha, I guess that's a silly thing to ask.
Huh? Of course I was just joking! I didn't mean anything vile by it!
Anyway, let me spoil you to bits today!
Starting with this birthday present! Enjoy!

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Npc m 3990616000 01.jpg Pholia

Today is your birthday, is it not! What a wonderful day!
Given my position, I am unable to involve the country in any celebrations.
However, though it may be meager, I have prepared a special birthday celebration for you.
And as for catering, I helped prepare it myself!
Well, to be honest... It was mostly Bai Ze...
In any case today I want to celebrate your life not as a sovereign but simply as myself.
Today we can forget about ranks and formalities. Do enjoy it!

Happy birthday! How old are you now?
It's a good idea to accumulate lots of experience from a young age.
Experience is a treasure. What you hear, see, and feel is what shapes you as a person.
Although adulthood draws closer, that doesn't allow you to be conceited. Make the most of each day!
With that said, I must be on my way.
I'm preparing an exquisite experience for you that will surely impart wonderful memories.
I do hope you look forward to it!

Happy birthday!
You're really coming into your own, (Captain). Making steady improvements with each passing day is a remarkable feat.
But it can also be a fearsome thing... For power too great can also beckon destruction.
Never fail to neglect to learn more about the world and to train your mind alongside your strength.
Of course, in no way is it my place to tell you what's right or wrong...
But there is not a single person who would wish to see you bring pain unto this world.
So I'm going to give you very special treatment today to expand your horizons!
Just lie back and allow yourself to be pampered, (Captain)!

Npc m 3990788000 01.jpg Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva

Today is your birthday, is it not! What a wonderful day!
Given my position, I am unable to involve the country in any celebrations.
However, though it may be meager, I have prepared a special birthday celebration for you.
And as for catering, I helped prepare it myself!
Well, to be honest... It was mostly Bai Ze...
In any case today I want to celebrate your life not as a sovereign but simply as myself.
Today we can forget about ranks and formalities. Do enjoy it!

Happy birthday! How old are you now?
It's a good idea to accumulate lots of experience from a young age.
Experience is a treasure. What you hear, see, and feel is what shapes you as a person.
Although adulthood draws closer, that doesn't allow you to be conceited. Make the most of each day!
With that said, I must be on my way.
I'm preparing an exquisite experience for you that will surely impart wonderful memories.
I do hope you look forward to it!

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