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Show multiple items as a single item element.

Example[edit source]

SSR Premium WeaponsFire Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moon ×30 Weapons:

{{ItmGSI|title=SSR Premium Weapons|header=Fire {{itm|Gold Moon,30}} Weapons:|Asura|Bird Eye|Crimson Finger|Eurytos Bow}}


{{ItmGSI|title=Centrums|Galbinus Centrum|Rubeus Centrum|Indicus Centrum|Luteus Centrum|Niveus Centrum|Ater Centrum}}

Island Treasure

{{ItmGSI|title=Island Treasure|Satin Feather,3|Fine Sand Bottle,3|Rough Stone,3|Falcon Feather,3|Slimy Shroom,3|Zephyr Feather,3|Untamed Flame,2|Soothing Splash,2|Coarse Allivium,2|Spring Water Jug,2|Hollow Soul,2}}