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Current banners[edit]

Ends in 09:59 UTC, May 27, 202018:59 JST, May 27, 2020

Main Page purge[edit]

After updating this template, the Main Page needs to be purged to show changes immediately.

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Countdown timer[edit]

Place below banners. Always use JST and use the date shown in the game's Draw page.

Ends in 09:59 UTC, August 9, 201918:59 JST, August 9, 2019
<center>{{EventCountdown|2019-08-09 18:59 JST|text_after=This banner promotion has ended.}}</center>

Normal banners[edit]

Normal promos with multiple banners use Template:GallerySwapImages. Add more as needed.

|[[File:banner draw 1003.png|450px|link=Draw]]
|[[File:banner draw 1004.png|450px|link=Draw]]

Star Premium with multiple known banners[edit]

Pair each Star Premium banner with the normal draw banner and comment out the rest. Only one pair of banners should be displayed at a time.

Banner starlegend 71 1.png Banner draw 1005.png

[[File:Banner starlegend 71 1.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1005.png|450px|link=Draw]]
<!--[[File:Banner starlegend 71 2.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1006.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:Banner starlegend 71 3.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1007.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:Banner starlegend 71 4.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1008.png|450px|link=Draw]]-->

Element banners[edit]

Banner 456ret1 6.png
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-09 19:00 JST|2019-06-10 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_1.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-10 19:00 JST|2019-06-11 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_2.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-11 19:00 JST|2019-06-12 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_3.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-12 19:00 JST|2019-06-13 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_4.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-13 19:00 JST|2019-06-14 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_5.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-14 19:00 JST|content=[[File:banner_456ret1_6.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--

Star Premium element icons[edit]

Current day's element is 36px. The rest is 20px.

Element changes every day as follows:
Icon Element Light.png Icon Element Dark.png Icon Element Fire.png Icon Element Water.png Icon Element Earth.png Icon Element Wind.png

Element changes every day as follows:<br />
[[File:Icon Element Light.png|{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-04 18:59 JST|2019-11-05 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Dark.png |{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-05 18:59 JST|2019-11-06 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Fire.png |{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-06 18:59 JST|2019-11-07 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Water.png|{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-07 18:59 JST|2019-11-08 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Earth.png|{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-08 18:59 JST|2019-11-09 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Wind.png |{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-09 18:59 JST|content=36px|alt_content=20px}}|link=]]

Outfit banners[edit]

If there are multiple outfit/skin banners, use Template:GallerySwapImages. Banners should link to the appropriate section on that character's base version page.

|[[File:Banner skin_11_2.png|450px|link=Zooey]]

Surprise tickets[edit]

Typically displayed at the top. The image should link to the Surprise Ticket page and have it's own EventCountdown.

Banner special 46.png

Ends in 09:59 UTC, August 9, 201918:59 JST, August 9, 2019
[[File:Banner special 46.png|450px|link=Surprise Ticket]]
<center>{{EventCountdown|2019-08-09 18:59 JST|text_after=This banner promotion has ended.}}</center>

Seasonal Character Periods[edit]

If seasonal characters are available until a certain date, check in-game to verify date and time.

Summer characters available until
02:59 UTC, August 31, 201911:59 JST, August 31, 2019
<div>[[:Category:Summer Premium Draw Characters|Summer characters]] available until {{EventTime|2019-08-31 11:59 JST}}.</div>