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What this is[edit]

A template that should be used to show buff/status.


{{Status|Status Name|t=#T|a=#%|c=Comment|icon}}

Status Name = Name of the buff/status

Optional parameters:
t = Duration, use 'T' prefix for turns, and 's' for seconds
a = Amount or strength of the buff
c = Comment to be added to the tooltip
icon = Shows only the icon, moves the name to the tooltip.

Old template[edit]

Depreciated status template. This should only be used if a status is not listed within Module:StatusList

{{Status|Status Name|Icon File Name}}

Status Name    = Name of the buff/status. If this is the only parameter given, it will use a "Status_<Status Name>.png" image from the wiki if it exists.

Optional parameter:
Icon File Name = Name of the file that will be used as the icon. File names must be preceded by "Status_" and be png file type.


{{Status|Fire Resistance DOWN|FireResDown}}
Status FireResDown.pngFire Resistance DOWN


Status Burned.pngBurnedHP is lowered on every turn

{{Status|ATK Boosted|t=3T|a=25%}}

Status AttackUp.png25% ATK UpAttack is boosted

Strength: 25%
Duration: 3 turns

{{Status|Fear|t=60s|c=Cygames should have called it Fear, and they do!!!<br />...in the help...}}

Status Petrified.pngFearStops enemy's charge diamonds from filling.

Duration: 60 seconds
Cygames should have called it Fear, and they do!!!
...in the help...