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Example for Proving Grounds method, you can see Jeanne d'Arc (Summer)'s quotes inside.

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The lines should never be written by hand. There are two known ways to get them from the game. For either method you should have dev tool console ready (open by pressing ctrl + shift + i) with Network tab open. The lines will match language chosen in the game settings so to get lines for the other language, you will need to change your options and re-do either process.

Method 1: Place up to 3 characters whose lines you want to get in a party (lines of sub allies won't show up). Then, start any non-raid quest that costs AP—main quests' story-only missions won't work—and search for a file starting with init_quest. Clicking it should open Preview tab. While inside, scroll down until you find serifs. There, you will find numbers that match characters' IDs (Character ID can be found on character's wiki page under Extra Data), once expanded, they should show all 10 quotes character has, numbered from 0 to 9. Select the text with your mouse and copy&paste it into the template while removing <br> it had and replace your name with (Captain) for English lines and (主人公) for Japanese.

Method 2: During Proving Grounds, it is possible to get side-scrolling quotes of all 5 characters placed into sorties party.
After selecting a sortie and choosing a support summon, you will be able to find files matching your party's number, e.g. file starting with 2?_= will contain lines of characters inside party 2. The serifs can be found inside navi. This time the lines are numbered from 1 to 10. Rest of the process is the same as above.

Note: Should the translation contain incorrect information, use {{tt}} template to note it. See Sandalphon (Event)/Lore for example of use.

Template with section header (for copy and pasting)

== Side-scrolling Quotes ==


JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
失せろ Beat it.
人間とは良き友になれるだろうか… I wonder if we can be friends with mortals...
ピアノが得意なんだ今度演奏会を開こう I'm quite good at the piano; I'll play for you next time.
ヴァンパイア達は滅びの道を捨てた We vampires have given up our old ways.
今度メドヴェキアに行かないか? Do you want to visit Medvecia?
外界は新鮮で中々いいな… The outside world is pleasantly refreshing.
少しメドヴェキアが心配だな… I'm a little worried about Medvecia...
人間は…色々いるんだな… Hm, there are all kinds of mortals.
(主人公)、僕の眷属になるかい? Will you be my bloodkin, (Captain)?
(主人公)…ふふ、信頼しているよ I trust you, (Captain).