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Missing reduce

Brought this up on the discord but figured I'd add it here too in case it gets lost in other chatter:

A bunch of pages in Category:Missing reduce are not actually missing reduction mats, they just have nonstandard mats specified either using the reduce1, reduce2, etc parameters, or by their group template defining the wpn_reduce# variables e.g. Template:WeaponGroupCosmos. This includes all class weapons, relic weapons, bahamut weapons, ultima weapons, etc, among others. Can this template be changed to check for those variables before adding the category instead of just looking to see if the reduce= parameter has a value? It'd clean up the category a ton and make it a lot easier to see what's actually missing reduction materials.

Additionally, on unreducible weapons with a forge or a 4* uncap, adding a junk reduce value like reduce=none or reduce=N/A still renders a blank reduction mats box, like this revision of SR Gauntlet of Uriel. So there's no way to get the category off those pages at the moment. --PieFormation (talk) 00:53, 18 March 2019 (UTC)