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Isaac's voice page

MegaLuxray (talkcontribs)

Hi, asking if there's a reason as to why the order of the characters under the banter subheader got swapped around? nbd though just asking out of genuine curiosity since the other Society members seem to have Zeta up on top :O

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

I'm not aware of any specific reason why they were set up this way. If you were to ask me, I'd place them in whatever order as well before. However, just few days ago I updated Meta:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Voice and the character banter specifics now explicitly say to use alphabetical order. It seemed like the most logical order to me that is also easy to follow, and I have yet to receive any comments from the admins that this order shouldn't be used, so I'll assume it's good enough. I haven't gotten to updating older voice pages yet, because there are few specific things I want to add to the manual that I need to think about a bit more. If you're willing to update the subsection order on the other pages then you're free to do.
I strongly recommend reading the updated manual. And, once you're familiar with it, I'd certainly want to hear your thoughts on what else could be added in there or if there's anything that would have to be changed for clarity.

MegaLuxray (talkcontribs)

Oh okay, it looked like... release order or something before, but will take note since it is to be in alphabetical order moving forward.

Looked through the manual and I think something that will be worth clarifying is if a specific formatting should be used when any banter lines (or journal/battle for characters like Morrigna which are a trio) are said in sync/together (JP wiki has those indicated with double quotation marks 「「」」 usually, but that doesn't work in ENG)


Character X & Character Y: Go!


Both/All: Go!