Twin Elements (Raid)

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This article is about the tier 2 raid. For the summon stone, see Twin Elements.

Twin Elements.png

Twin Elements is a tier 2 raid who can be summoned from Valtz Duchy at the southern area, Kushathra Works, Underground Factory. If you own the Twin Elements summon, hosting and defeating Twin Elements will unlock the summon's blue star.

After hosting and defeating Colossus Omega (Impossible), you will be able to summon the 6-man raid Twin Elements (Impossible) from the same location as the Extreme version, Valtz Duchy, Kushathra Works, Underground Factory. Twin Elements (Impossible) always drops a Fire Urn square.jpg Fire Urn, which are required to 4* uncap Colossus Omega weapons.

Stats Host Join

220,000,000 HP
Diamonds: 3;2;2
Prestige Pendants:
40 (host), 20 (join)

Rank 101
80 AP
True Fire Anima square.jpg True Fire Anima x1
Rank 101
5 EP
Gold Flip Red

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