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The Cowardly Hero & The Captive Princess

Stamp16.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Slice of Summer

Stamp16.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Slice of Summer - Opening

Jin approaches (Captain) with a letter inviting the crew to help run the Auguste Isles beach house. The crew agrees, and embarks toward a summer of fun and excitement.

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Jin (Event) is a crew member, Jin (Ronin) is a crew member, Jin (Themed) is a crew member

Jin receives a curious letter at the height of summer.
Jin: (Captain), can you spare a moment?
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong, Jin?
Jin: Now to the matter at hand. Not too long ago, I received a letter through Sierokarte...

Jin (Event) not in crew, Jin (Ronin) not in crew, Jin (Themed) not in crew

Jin pays a visit to (Captain) and the crew during the height of summer.
Jin: It has been some time, (Captain).
Vyrn: It sure has! Last time we ran into you was back at North Vast, Jin!
Jin: I caused you all so much trouble back then. I have no excuse for my behavior.
Lyria: Don't worry about it, Jin! We got to eat delicious crab and soak up the hot springs!
Jin: Thank you for being so understanding. You can rest assured it won't happen again.
Jin: Not too long ago, I received a letter through Sierokarte...
Continue 1
The letter was from Kaz, who had helped Jin back at the Auguste Isles.
Any version of Sara is a crew member

Sara: That's the fisherman who wanted to catch a bonito, isn't it?
Jin: Yes. I owe him my life.
Lyria: Wow! How's he doing?
Jin: Well it seems. He's resting up for now and leaving matters in the Fisherman's Guild to the younger generation.
Jin: So much so that he apparently feels he has too much free time on his hands.
Vyrn: Haha! That's good to hear!
Jin: Indeed. Siero took the opportunity to ask Kaz for his help.
Lyria: Does she want him to find some kind of rare fish?
Jin: Not quite. She wants him to run the beach house this summer.
Vyrn: Why's she want a fisherman like Kaz in charge?
Jin: He thought it strange as well. But it's actually quite appropriate, upon proper consideration.
Jin: Kaz is a thoughtful, caring individual, in addition to a Venera Beach local with tremendous insight into the area.
Lyria: You're right! Plus he's a great chef too!
Jin: Siero certainly knows how to pick the right people.
Vyrn: So, did he accept the job?
Jin: Yes. His letter stated that even at his age, he's eager to tackle whatever new challenges come his way.
Jin: Ahem. Now if I may move the story along a little...
Vyrn: Hm? Did he write something else?
Jin: Indeed. Kaz badly wants you and the rest of the crew to visit him once more.
Jin: He's offering the second floor of the beach house up for as much rest and relaxation as you desire.
Jin: Interested, (Captain)?
  1. Hooray! Summer vacation!
  2. Won't we be in the way?

Choose: Hooray! Summer vacation!
Jin: Indeed, indeed! And it's at Venera Beach, a famous resort area.
Any version of Helnar is a crew member

Jin: I doubt there's another location in all the sky more suitable for a summer stay.
Helnar: Blue waters... white, sandy beaches... and cute girls!
Helnar: This is gonna be the best summer vacation ever!
Any version of Zeta is a crew member

Zeta: Sounds good to me! We should get some downtime in while we can.
Any version of Sara is a crew member

Sara: Summer vacation...
Any version of Sara is a crew member

Go to "Continue 2"

No version of Sara in crew

Vyrn: It's decided, then! Let's get going to Auguste!
No version of Sara in crew

Go to "Continue 3"

Choose: Won't we be in the way?
Lyria: That's true. Kaz will probably be busy keeping the beach house in working order.
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya: Maybe it would be better not to intrude.
Jin: Actually, I was intending to help Kaz out while we are there.
Jin: Might I suggest assisting at the beach house as payment for staying there?
Lyria: That's a great idea! We helped out last year, so we should be able to just jump right in!
Jin: Ah, now that you mention it, I'd very much appreciate it if you provided a few words of advice, (Captain).
Any version of Sara is a crew member

Sara: Lyria, can you teach me how to help out at the store too?
Lyria: You can count on me, Sara!
Any version of Anna is a crew member

Anna: M-me too, Lyria! Hm... I wonder if I really have what it takes?
Any version of Volenna is a crew member

Volenna: I'm not sure how I can help, but I'd be more than willing to lend a hand if presented the opportunity.
Continue 2
Vyrn: It's decided, then! Let's get going to Auguste!
Continue 3
Lyria: Oh, this is going to be so much fun, right, (Captain)?
And with that, the crew decides to spend another relaxing vacation at Venera Beach.
What kind of fun summer hijinks await them? Only time will tell.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 1: The Vacation Begins - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew reunite with Sara and Kaz before changing into their swimsuits for a day at the beach.

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The Grandcypher soars across the azure sky toward Auguste.
Soon enough, the airship arrives at the tropical resort and safely docks in its port.
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya: Great to see you, (Captain)! That luggage isn't too heavy, is it? Want me to help?
Narmaya: You can carry it yourself? Oh, okay... If you need help, just let me know, okay?
No version of Sara in crew, No version of Volenna in crew

Also joining (Captain) on this vacation are Sara, priestess of the dunes, and her bodyguard, Volenna.
The crew arrives early to wait for them at the dock.
Vyrn: So word is they're supposed to be coming in on a passenger airship...
Lyria: Oh! There they are! It's Sara and Volenna! Hey, Sara, over here!
Sara: Lyria!
Lyria and Sara run to each other and lock hands, ecstatic over being reunited.
Volenna: Sorry for the delay. Sara's checkup took longer than anticipated.
Sara: Same here. Sorry to keep you waiting, (Captain). You too, Jin...
Jin: Not at all. Your health comes first. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods in agreement. Sara looks relieved.
Sara: Yawn...
Lyria: Are you sleepy, Sara?
Sara: Oh, n-no! I'm fine!
Volenna: Heh. So excited you could barely sleep, right, Sara?
Sara: Aw, why would you tell them that, Volenna?
Vyrn: Haha, so that's what's going on!
Sara: You see... This is my first time at the beach...
Any version of Zeta is a crew member

Zeta: No use hiding it, then! Just get ready to have some fun!
Any version of Anna is a crew member

Anna: I understand how Sara feels... I could barely contain my excitement when I went to the beach for the first time, too.
Jin: We'll have to walk some distance to get to the beach, but that's part of the fun. Let's get going!
Lyria & Sara: Okay!
Lyria: Good afternoon, Kaz!
Kaz: Oh, hello, Lyria! And (Captain) too? Welcome, welcome!
Sara: H-hello...
Kaz: Oh, are you the Sara I've heard Jin talk about so much?
Sara: Y-yes! N-nice to meet you...
Kaz: How polite! But don't worry. You can relax here. Nice to meet you!
Volenna: Thank you for letting us stay here. This is a little something from us.
Kaz: Aw, shucks, you shouldn't have! Let me go pour you some tea!
Cat: Meow!
Jin: Ah, this is the cat I entrusted to Kaz! How have you been doing, little one?
Vyrn: Remember us, buddy?
Cat: Meow!
Any version of Anna is a crew member

Anna: Friendly, aren't you? That's a good kitty...
Kaz listens to (Captain)'s travel stories with a smile as the crew renews old friendships.
Kaz: Hearing the stories of you youngsters makes an old fisherman feel young again.
Kaz: Don't waste your summer cooped up in here, though. Go drop your luggage off and have some fun!
Lyria: Thank you very much, Kaz!
And with that, (Captain) and the others leave their luggage at the beach house and change into their swimsuits.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 1: The Vacation Begins - Episode 2

Helnar tries his best pickup lines out on the beach, only to be rebuffed again and again.

Watch scene in game

Lyria: Wow, Sara! Your swimsuit is so cute!
Sara: Hee hee... Volenna picked it out for me.
Lyria: Oh, really? Volenna has great taste. It looks wonderful on you, Sara.
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya: I see... So swimsuits are the key... I wish I could have picked out (Captain)'s swimsuit.
Any version of Anna is a crew member

Anna: Aw, I wish I had an older sister to do stuff like that for me. But I'm an only child, so...
Any version of Zeta is a crew member

Zeta: Let's go have some fun!
Any version of Zeta is a crew member

Go to "Continue 1"

No version of Zeta in crew

Zeta: Oh? Is there someone over there?
Lyria: Zeta? Wow, it's been forever!
Volenna: Hm? Do you know (Captain) and the others?
Zeta: That's right. We've beaten primal beasts together!
Sara: Primal beasts?
Zeta: Surprised? Same here. I never expected to see everyone here.
Vyrn: We're here on vacation, but what are you here for, Red? A Society job or something?
Zeta: Nope! I'm on vacation too! Just finished a difficult mission, so I'm here to relax.
Zeta: Still, I can't believe how lucky I am to have run into you, (Captain)!
Zeta: Going to a resort's way more fun with friends, after all.
Lyria: Hee hee, let's go play on the beach together, Zeta!
Zeta: Now you're talking!
Zeta: Let's go have some fun!
Continue 1
Volenna: All right... That's enough stretches for now. Make sure you don't stray too far from the beach house, okay?
Vyrn: Okay! Now let's go hit the water!
Lyria: Ack! Vyrn, that's freezing!
Zeta: My turn...
Helnar: If you've got a sec, wanna join my team in a volleyball game?
Zeta: Hm?
Any version of Helnar is a crew member, Zeta is a crew member

Zeta: Was that supposed to be a pick-up line? You see me on the airship every day!
Helnar: Yes, but sometimes a man just has to stretch his wings and soar a little.
Helnar: You look absolutely stunning in that swimsuit, Zeta. Even moreso than usual.
Zeta: Uh, duh? Do you have any idea how much time I put into this?
Helnar: How about teaming up with me instead of that draph you're always with?
Zeta: Why don't you ask Vaseraga instead of me? He's actually friendlier than he looks. I don't know if he'll play beach volleyball with you, though...
Helnar: I wonder. He's probably good. Assuming we can pry some of that armor off of him.
Zeta: Pft... Ahaha! Now there's an image! What would he even look like in a swimsuit?

No version of Helnar in crew, Zeta not in crew

Helnar: So? How about it? We need one more to get a game going.
Zeta: Yeah, uh, I was about to play with some friends. Better luck next time!
Helnar: Have your friends join too! And then we can get some tea. My treat.
Helnar: Even if we lose, with a pretty girl like you on the team, I'm guaranteed to win... at life.
Zeta: Wow, just look at you go!
Helnar: I'm speaking from the heart! The moment I saw you I knew... You're a goddess of the beach!
Zeta: Pfft! That is the cheesiest garbage I've ever heard!
Helnar: Not at all! Your beauty simply can't be expressed in words alone!
Helnar: I just have to keep trying until it gets through. Then we'll really be able to get to know each other better...
Continue 2
Lyria: Zeta, over here! There's tons of beautiful fishies swimming around!
Zeta: Wow, they must be simply dazzling! I'll be right there, Lyria!
Helnar: Huh? W-wait!
Zeta: Sorry about that! We made plans already! Bye!
Helnar: Come on...
Zeta runs off to Lyria with a smile, leaving Helnar in the dust.
Helnar: Rejection happens. But I'm just getting started!
Helnar: Ooh, that girl over there looks cute...
Helnar continues scouring the scalding sands of Venera Beach in search of love. Will he ever learn? No. No, he will not.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 1: The Vacation Begins - Episode 3

Volenna watches over Sara and the others while helping Jin at the beach house. Jin explains his hometown's watermelon splitting festival, while Lyria runs off to play elsewhere.

Watch scene in game

Volenna visits Jin, who is helping out Kaz at the beach house.
Volenna: Is there anything I can do to help?
Jin: Oh, hello, Volenna. I thought you went out with Sara and the others.
Volenna: Yeah, I told them to play nearby. I can keep an eye on them from here.
Lyria: Wow, that's amazing, Graphos! You finished that sand castle in seconds!
Graphos: ...
Sara: You're putting a tunnel through here? Okay, let me try. Here we go...
Vyrn: I'll dig from the other direction with (Captain)! Careful now. Slowly, slowly...
Lyria: Graphos, is it okay if I try decorating this part with shells? I bet it'll look really cute!
Graphos: ...
No version of Narmaya in crew

Zeta: We'll have to gather some more shells, then. Something pretty...
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya: I'll help out too! Let's see, there have to be some pretty ones around here that are still in one piece...
Narmaya: Hmm. This one has a chipped edge... And this one is cracked... No, that's no good...
Jin: Sara seems to be having fun too. I'm just glad to see her smile.
Volenna: Yes. I'm glad we decided to come here.
Kaz: Things are just getting started around here, Volenna!
Kaz: There's plenty more fun in store around here, let me tell you!
Jin: Indeed! You and Sara deserve a truly spectacular summer vacation, (Captain). You've earned it.
Volenna: A summer vacation... Yes, I suppose you're right.
Jin: Speaking of the season, my hometown growing up had a watermelon smashing contest every summer.
Volenna: Watermelon... smashing?
Jin: Long ago, people believed heatstroke and other maladies to be the work of evil spirits.
Jin: In time, a tradition developed. Smashing watermelons became a way to lure such spirits, who were believed to be attracted to the red, juicy interior of the watermelon.
Jin (Ronin) is a crew member

Jin: This tradition soon became a festival of great importance. I myself have participated in an attempt to hone my mind's eye.
Volenna: Sounds like an important ritual.
Jin: It is. I've seen beach patrons here smash watermelons before, but it... lacks the same sense of importance.
Kaz: Now that you mention it, I never saw anyone smashing any watermelons growing up.
Kaz: Guess it lost the ritual part when it made the jump from Jin's hometown.
Volenna: It's probably pretty common for customs to evolve and take on a new meaning on different islands.
Jin: Shall I show you what an authentic version of the ritual looks like then?
Kaz: Hmm, I'm not sure that's going to be possible, Jin. Bad watermelon harvest this year. Local market's barely got any!
Jin: You must be joking! Without a watermelon, I'm afraid I can't demonstrate anything.
Lyria: Hey, Volenna, can we head to that spot over there?
Volenna: Hm... Hold on, Lyria! If you're going that far, I'll come with you!
Volenna: Sorry. I know I promised to help, but...
Kaz: Don't worry about it! Get out there and have fun!
After thanking Kaz, Volenna runs off to meet (Captain) and the others.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 1: The Vacation Begins - Episode 4

Anna finds the cat Jin gave to Kaz, who wanders off to a secluded part of the beach. Curiosity piqued, she gives chase.

Watch scene in game

No version of Anna in crew

Anna: Ugh... There's so many people...
Nightmare: Don't be afraid! You're here on vacation, right?
Anna: T-that's true, but... I've always been alone in the forest, so...
Anna: I figured I should try having some fun, especially since Grandma's friend went to so much trouble inviting me, but I can't handle this...
Dizzy from the crowds, Anna walks to a quiet place to catch her breath.
Cat: Meow!
Anna: Huh? Isn't that the cat from the beach house?
Anna: Where's it going? Maybe I should follow it...

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 1: The Vacation Begins - Episode 4: Scene 2

Anna plays with the cat but is rudely interrupted by a rowdy fish monster when (Captain) and crew appear to save the day.

Cat: Meow!
Anna: What brought you here? I wonder...
While Anna looks on with a blank stare, the cat sticks its tail up and hides behind a rock.
Cat: Meow!
Anna: Huh?
Cat: Meow!
With blinding speed, the cat snatches a fish as it leaps out of the sea.
Anna: Wow, that was incredible!
Cat: Meow!
Anna pets the cat, who purrs in victorious ecstasy.
Anna: Eep! That was some wave!
Fish Monster: Groooar!
Cat: Meow!
Anna: Watch out, kitty!
Lyria: Did you hear that? It sounds like someone needs help! Let's take a look, (Captain)!
Fish Monster: Groooar!
Anna: Aahh! S-stay back!
Nightmare: Get away from us, you miscreant!
Lyria: Oh no, they're surrounded! We have to help them!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 1: The Vacation Begins - Episode 4: Scene 3

Anna worries about her new feline friend, who is sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. (Captain) and the crew bring the cat back to the beach house for some well earned rest.

Vyrn: Geez... Well, those monsters won't be bothering folks any time soon!
Anna: Whew... That was scary. Oh, are you okay, kitty?
Lyria: Kitty? Oh, you mean the one from the beach house?
Lyria: That cat walked all the way out here?
Cat: Meow.
Vyrn: He's acting like he owns the place! And he's clearly well-fed, looking at his belly.
Anna: Well, he just caught a fish earlier, so...
Vyrn: What? He was chowing down on a fish while we fought for his life? Some nerve!
Anna: Maybe so, but... he looks so happy.
Lyria: Heheh, you're right. That's a good kitty cat...
Seeing the cat happily napping prompts (Captain) and the others to take a break.
And with that, the first day of the crew's vacation comes to a peaceful end.

Stamp16.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 2: Lending a Hand - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew rest up after their long and exhausting journey when a strange noise suddenly wakes Lyria. Kaz is watering morning glories and invites Sara and Lyria to help.

Watch scene in game

(Captain) and the crew sleep soundly after a long journey and day at the beach.
At early dawn, Sara wakes in the gloom.
Sara: Hm? What's that sound?
Graphos: ...
Sara: That's right, Graphos. We're near the sea, so that's the sound of the... waves, I think they're called?
Lyria: Mmrm... Sara? Why are you up so early?
Sara: Oh, I'm sorry, Lyria. Did I wake you?
Lyria: No, it's fine... Yawn...
Lyria: Did you hear something just now? It sounded like it came from outside.
Sara: Wait, Lyria. I'll go with you!
Lyria and Sara go around to the back of the beach house, where they find Kaz with a watering can.
Sara: Good morning, Kaz.
Kaz: Oh, hello there, you two! You're up early! Sleep well?
Lyria: Very! What are you doing up so early, Kaz?
Kaz: I'm growing some morning glories for shade. Just doing my daily watering duties before the sun comes up.
Sara: So these plants on the wall are called morning glories?
Kaz: That's right. See the buds? They'll be blooming soon.
Lyria: Wow, you're right! There are buds everywhere!
Sara: Um, Kaz? Would it be okay if I helped you water them?
Kaz: Hm? Sure! The watering can's mighty heavy, though, so be careful.
Sara: Right! Rgh...
Sara nearly falls backward from the sheer weight of the watering can. Lyria quickly jumps in to help.
Lyria: There we go! We have to work together on this one, Sara!
Sara: Yeah! Thanks, Lyria!
Sara and Lyria water the morning glories together.
Sara: Is that enough, Kaz?
Kaz: Yup, that should do it! Keep it up, and they'll be blooming beautifully in no time!
Sara: Really? In that case, I want to help every day!
Lyria: Me too! The more flowers we can help reach their full potential, the better!
Kaz: I'm sure the flowers would love that! See you bright and early tomorrow morning?
Lyria & Sara: Yes!
And so, Lyria and Sara began taking care of Kaz's morning glories...

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 2: Lending a Hand - Episode 2

Narmaya tries her best to help Sara, Lyria, and the others at the beach house, but gets a little carried away. Distressed, Narmaya falls into a pit of self-loathing.

Watch scene in game

No version of Anna in crew

Anna: U-um, excuse me...
(Captain) and crew are helping open the beach house when Anna comes over to join them.
Lyria: Oh, you were with the cat yesterday!
Anna: Y-yeah... My name's Anna, and... I'd like to help out here, if it wouldn't be too much trouble...
Jin: Kaz has told me about you. You're the granddaughter of an old friend, if I'm not mistaken.
Lyria: Oh, really? My name's Lyria, and we could definitely use your help!
Anna: N-nice to meet you, Lyria...
And with that, Anna joins (Captain) and the crew to help out at the beach house.
Any version of Anna is a crew member

The crew is here to help out as thanks for Kaz allowing them to stay there.
Volenna: Take this plate to table five. Watch out. It's hot.
Sara: Okay! Let's see here... Table five... Table five...
Tourist: Oh, that's probably us! Are you helping out? And at such a young age? That's mighty impressive!
Sara: Um, thanks... Here's your fish kebab...
Tourist: Thanks!
Youngster: Excuse me! I'd like to make an order!
Lyria: Of course! What would you like today?
Youngster: Let's see... I want some fried noodles. Got any recommendations besides that?
Lyria: Recommendations? Oh, the fish on a skewer is really good!
Youngster: Really? Then I'll take three!
Lyria: Sure! Thanks for the order!
Anna: U-um, er... W-what should I do?
Volenna: Anna, can you clean up table three for me?
Anna: S-sure!
Nightmare: Leave it to us!
Anna: Eep!
Anna hurries to the table, but stumbles and starts to wobble precariously.
Anna: Huh? A-are you hurt?
Narmaya: I should ask the same of you! No injuries, dear?
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya helps Anna up after catching her at the last second.
No version of Narmaya in crew

A beach house customer helps Anna to her feet after catching her at the last second.
Anna: S-sorry I'm so clumsy...
Nightmare: You're so careless, Anna!
Narmaya: Don't worry about it. Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?
Anna: I-I'm fine, thank you...
Narmaya: Glad to hear it!
Anna thanks Narmaya and begins cleaning up the table.
Narmaya: Say, Anna. Want me to carry this cup back for you?
Anna: Huh? But...
Narmaya: Sorry, I should mind my own business...
Anna: N-no, that would actually help me out a lot. Thank you very much.
Narmaya: I just thought it would be hard to clean up on your own, and besides, I like helping!
No version of Narmaya in crew

Anna: (Is this okay? She is supposed to be a customer...)
Lyria: Okay, this plate is for table four, and that bag is for the customer who ordered take out.
Narmaya: I bet you must be having a hard time carrying that by yourself, Lyria!
Narmaya: That bag is for the customer waiting outside, right? Want me to take it for you?
Lyria: Oh, sorry to impose, Narmaya.
Narmaya: It's okay! It looked heavy, and I wanted to help you anyway, Lyria!
Volenna: Sara, take this to the customer waiting outside.
Sara: Sure!
Narmaya: Oh, let me handle that!
Volenna: Sigh... Narmaya.
Narmaya: W-what was that sigh for, Volenna?
Volenna: I appreciate the help, but you're actually impairing others from doing their jobs. Sara and the others aren't going to learn if you keep doing their work for them either.
Volenna: They're motivated to work right now. Let them.
Narmaya: I-I see... You're right. My apologies.
Volenna: Narmaya?
Narmaya walks away with her head hung low, deciding to reflect on her mistakes alone.
Narmaya: What did I do wrong? I guess I got carried away and got in the way of everyone else's work...
Sara: Um, Narmaya?
Narmaya: I'm not reliable like Volenna, and everyone is too kind to say anything...
Volenna and Sara exchange glances. They're both worried about Narmaya.
Volenna: Sara, take this out, please.
Sara: O-okay...
Volenna: (Maybe I went too far. No, that can't be...)
Narmaya: I cause problems for everyone all the time... No wonder they don't like me...
Narmaya continues to chastise herself in a corner of the beach house, but Volenna isn't sure how to make things better.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 2: Lending a Hand - Episode 3

Jin attempts to console Helnar after being rebuffed by some pretty girls on the beach. Helnar nearly loses it when he sees Jin approached by some of the women he was interested in earlier.

Watch scene in game

Any version of Helnar is a crew member

Meanwhile, Helnar and Jin are busy at work with customers and the kitchen.
No version of Helnar in crew

A young man named Helnar has come to the beach house, lured by a help wanted poster. The crew welcomes him aboard.
Cheery Resortgoer: Excuse me! I'd like to get something to drink!
Helnar: Right away, miss!
Cheery Resortgoer: Wow, you're quick! Here's your money! And a little tip for such fast service.
Helnar: If I wasn't working right now, I'd be pursuing more than just tips from you...
Cheery Resortgoer: Heheh, is that so? Well, that's too bad! See you later, handsome!
Helnar: Sigh... It really is too bad. It really is.
Jin: What's the matter, Helnar? You look down.
Helnar: There are too many cute girls! They just keep showing up, one after the other!
Helnar: And all I can do is get their orders and engage in some idle chitchat. Gah, talk about a waste...
Jin: Hm, you really do value meeting other people, don't you?
Jin: Just remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.
Helnar: Sigh, you're a real stick in the mud, Jin. I'm glad you're helping me out with the customers, but still...
Jin: Hm, am I? Volenna always tells me I need to take things a little more seriously.
Helnar: Yeah, Volenna seems like she can be pretty demanding.
Playful Beachgoer: Um, I wanna order something to eat, but I want something fast. Got anything like that?
Helnar: Welcome! Something quick? We've got curry, but—
Jin: We actually just sold out of curry. I can get you a roast squid special right away though.
Playful Beachgoer: Roast squid! Is the sauce sweet?
Jin: If you so desire, I can request Kaz, our cook, to make the sauce extra sweet.
Playful Beachgoer: The way you talk is really weird! Where are you from?
Jin: I come from an island far east from here. Where are you from, little miss?
Playful Beachgoer: I live near here, in the Auguste Isles! We catch lots of squid there! I love squid!
Jin: Haha, I see, I see. Kaz is quite the accomplished chef himself. Feel free to compare the squid here to what you have back home.
Playful Beachgoer: I will!
Jin heads into the kitchen to tell Kaz the customer's order.
Playful Beachgoer: Are both of you gonna be cooped up in here all day and night?
Helnar: Nah, we'll be done by the evening. Though to be honest, I want to quit and go out with you right now.
Playful Beachgoer: Haha, oh really?
Jin: Thank you for waiting. Here is your roast squid with sauce, extra sweet.
Playful Beachgoer: Yay, thanks! Hey, wanna go out after you're done with work?
Helnar: Buh?
Jin: Thank you for your invitation, but I'm afraid I already have plans.
Playful Beachgoer: Aw, really? That's too bad. Bye bye now!
Helnar: What a waste! She was totally into you, man!
Jin: Hm, that may be, but I already made plans to spend time with Sara and the others. Perhaps I should have asked her to come along...
Helnar: Are you serious? I can't believe what I'm hearing!
Jin: ?
Helnar: Why are dense doofuses like you always popular? It's so unfair!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 2: Lending a Hand - Episode 4

With foot traffic to the beach house slowing down, (Captain) and company take turns eating Kaz's cooking. When a customer finds their fried noodles under attack, however, the crew springs into action to save the day.

Watch scene in game

Anna: Here are your fried noodles. Be careful not to drop any!
Playful Boy: Wow, these look delicious! Thanks!
Nightmare: Come again soon!
Lyria: Whew... Things seem to have calmed down after that last wave of customers.
Jin: It's already the afternoon, so foot traffic should ease up.
Kaz: You all need to take turns going on lunch! I'll cook something up in the meantime.
Vyrn: We're getting lunch from Mr. Fisherman himself? That's awesome!
(Captain) and the crew take turns eating lunch. Suddenly, they hear a scream from outside.
Playful Boy: Ahh! No! This is mine!
Anna: What was that? Let's go take a look, (Captain)!
Monster: Grrr!
Playful Boy: Stay away! I'm saving this to eat with Mom and Dad!
Anna: O-oh no! That monster's after his fried noodles!
Nightmare: That's horrible! We should teach it a lesson!
Sara: Let's go help him, (Captain)!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 2: Lending a Hand - Episode 4: Scene 2

The boy is saved, but his fried noodles are ruined. Kaz makes him a new batch, and the crew finally has time to enjoy their lunch.

Zeta: That should do it. All the monsters on your end taken care of too?
Anna: U-um, are you okay?
Playful Boy: You're from the beach house! Sob... My fried noodles...
Lyria: Aw, you dropped them, huh?
Playful Boy: Sob... Waaah!
Anna: There, there. Bet you were scared, huh? It's okay now. And we'll make you some fresh noodles.
Playful Boy: Sniff... Really?
Nightmare: That's right! Let's head back to the beach house!
(Captain) and the crew take the boy by the hand and return to the beach house.
Once there, Kaz quickly makes another plate of noodles for the boy.
After the unexpected battle with the monsters, the crew licks their lips, ready to finally sit down for a late lunch.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 3: The Legend of Watermelon Island - Episode 1

Sara and Lyria wake up early to help Kaz water the morning glories, which are getting ready to bloom. The two girls can hardly wait.

Watch scene in game

(Captain) and the crew are enjoying their summer vacation relaxing by the sea and helping out at the beach house.
Early in the morning, Lyria, Sara, and Kaz care for the morning glories.
Sara: There we go...
Lyria: Kaz, I got some water!
Kaz: Oh, thank you! Now then, let's water the plants together.
Lyria: Right!
Kaz: The buds are coming along quite nicely. See?
Lyria: You're right, they're all way bigger than yesterday!
Kaz: No pests either. Give 'em a few more days, and they'll start to bloom.
Sara: Wow, I can't wait!
Kaz: Best part is we won't know what color the flowers will be until then.
Kaz: But they come in all kinds of colors. Blue ones, red ones, purple ones...
Lyria: Heheh, I can't wait to see them! What color are you hoping for, Sara?
Sara: Hm. Maybe blue ones like your hair? They'd probably make things a lot cooler around here too.
Lyria: Oh, right! Kaz said he was growing them for shade!
Sara: Yeah. Whatever color they end up being, I bet they'll be beautiful.
Lyria: Yup! We've been taking real good care of them after all!
The girls exchange smiles, anxiously awaiting the day the flowers bloom.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 3: The Legend of Watermelon Island - Episode 2

(Captain) and the crew are unexpected celebrities at the morning market. Their adventures reeling in the bonito and saving innocents from monsters brings them lots of warm conversation, and plenty of freebies from shopkeepers.

Watch scene in game

Kaz has requested (Captain) and company to pick up a few things at the morning market.
Zeta: Ahh, okay! So they open all these shops up in the morning, and beachfront visitors come by!
Jin: There certainly are a lot of locals here!
Volenna: Kaz already ordered what he wanted yesterday. We just need to pick up the order.
Volenna: We're from the beach house. Do you have the items we ordered yesterday?
Seasoned Fisherman: Oh, there you are! We've got everything Kaz asked for ready to go!
Kindly Fisherman: Hm? Are you the young ones from Kaz's place?
Jin: That's right. We're helping out at the beach house.
Kindly Fisherman: Uh-huh! So you must be the fella who reeled in that bonito! Very impressive!
Seasoned Fisherman: Hey, you. Don't get competitive and challenge him to a fishing match or anything.
Seasoned Fisherman: These guys even wiped out the monsters on the beach the other day. They wouldn't bat an eye at a fishing contest.
Market Girl: I saw it too. There was one young skyfarer who took out the fiends in the blink of an eye!
Vyrn: That's gotta be (Captain)!
Market Girl: Right! You were so cool back there!
Lyria: Heheh, you're getting complimented left and right, (Captain)!
Kindly Fisherman: Here's some fresh fish. A token of our thanks for defending the beach!
The fisherman hands a bag filled with fish over to (Captain) and Lyria.
Lyria: Are you sure? There's so much in here!
Kindly Fisherman: It's fine, take it! I just hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoyed catching it!
Lyria: Thank you! Augustian fish are super delicious, so I'm sure we'll enjoy them. Right, (Captain)?
Seasoned Fisherman: That's nice of you to say. Now eat up so you can grow big and strong!
Helnar: Good fish, beautiful women... Auguste really is a wonderful place, don't you think?
Market Girl: You're quite the charmer, aren't you? Here's a small discount.
Helnar: Whoa, you're a hottie on the inside too! Thanks, but we can't just take all this stuff practically for free. Here, let me buy a few things!
Market Girl: You know what they always say! There's nothing hotter than a man with an open wallet! Here, try some of this dried fish. It's delicious!
As auctions begin, things get even more hectic, overwhelming Sara and Anna.
Sara: ...
Anna: Everyone is so fully of energy... It's overwhelming...
Sara: It sure is...
Market Matron: Oh, what are you darlings doing here? Looking for something?
Sara: Um, we're here to pick up an order for the beach house...
Market Matron: Beach house, beach house... Oh, you mean Kaz's place? He did say he was having visitors...
Sara: Y-yes, that's the one!
Market Matron: Most of the men who work in the market are big, lumbering guys, so I was a little surprised to see you here. Here's a treat. It's on me.
The old woman hands over some fruit, causing Anna's eyes to widen into the size of grapefruits.
Anna: Um, isn't this merchandise? Let me get my wallet...
Market Matron: Now, now, just eat it! Think of it as a token of our friendship.
Anna: Thank you, ma'am. Wanna split it, Sara?
Sara: Yes! Thanks so much! You too, ma'am!
Market Matron: I like good kids who know how to thank others. Kaz has always been all on his own, so I'm sure he's glad to have you around!
Volenna: They didn't just give us discounts, but gifts too...
Helnar: Those boxes I packed everything in are gonna be tough to carry. Maybe I should borrow a cart?
Narmaya: If I help carry a few things, I think we'll be fine!
Narmaya then picks up three of the heavy boxes.
Seasoned Fisherman: That's incredible! How do you carry so much with such a slender figure?
Market Girl: Amazing skyfarers have amazing crew, it seems.
Narmaya: O-oh, really? This is normal, I'm pretty sure...
Jin: I can't let you do that, Narmaya! My pride's on the line. Let me carry the rest!
Helnar: Whew... It's go time!
Market Matron: You'll be staying at Kaz's place for a while, right? Come again, now!
Anna: We will! Thanks so much!
After being seen off by the people of the morning market, (Captain) and the crew head back to the beach house.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 3: The Legend of Watermelon Island - Episode 3

Zeta hears rumor at the market of a Watermelon Island. Jin, eager to recreate the watermelon splitting ceremony of his hometown but lacking the watermelons to do it, suggests heading to the island at once.

Watch scene in game

Vyrn: Mr. Fisherman, we're back!
Kaz: Ah, looks like you picked everything up! I already made breakfast, so let's eat!
(Captain) and the others all share breakfast.
Zeta: Actually, we heard about this strange island from the people at the market.
Vyrn: Scarf... Munch... What island?
Zeta: They said it's called Watermelon Island. A mystical place where wild watermelons grow.
Volenna: Wild ones? As in nobody's responsible for growing them?
Zeta: Yeah, word is they grow naturally there. One of the fishermen said the whole island is deserted.
Helnar: Speaking of which, I still haven't had any watermelons this year! What gives?
Kaz: Bad watermelon crop this year, so you can't find any around these parts.
Lyria: Aw, that's too bad...
Kaz: From what I hear, the ones from Watermelon Island are a different breed.
Zeta: The fisherman said the same thing.
Jin: Watermelon... smashing...
Sara: Smashing? I thought you're supposed to slice up watermelons before eating them.
Volenna: Jin's hometown has a religious ceremony where you smash watermelons to ward off the summer heat.
Jin: To me, such a custom is a profound, time-honored summer tradition.
Jin: I had already given up on performing the ritual this year, but we may just be able to do it if we go to Watermelon Island.
Kaz: If that's what you want to do, I'll lend you a ship. Go, Jin! Strike while the iron is hot!
Narmaya: But we have to help out here, and there are so many customers...
Kaz: Don't worry about it. The young ones from the Fisherman's Guild will be helping me today.
Anna: But will Kaz and the fishermen really be able to handle it by themselves?
Sara: Um...
Sara: We have to go by ship to Watermelon Island, right? I really want to ride on a boat, so...
Jin: Hm... If Sara wishes it, then so be it!
Jin: Kaz has granted us a day off. The perfect opportunity to travel to Watermelon Island!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 3: The Legend of Watermelon Island - Episode 4

The crew borrows a boat from Kaz, and Zeta offers to take the helm. Things seem to be proceeding smoothly when a sudden storm and the rising sunfish's attack threaten to capsize the boat.

Watch scene in game

(Captain) and the crew board Kaz's fishing ship, lunchboxes in hand.
Vyrn: We've sure come a long way from Jin not being able to steer a boat at all!
Jin: Indeed. During the incident with the Bonito, I had Siero steer and... Rgh?
Jin: Gah, I forgot! I still don't know how to steer a boat!
Volenna: Seriously? We can't afford to have Kaz accompany us at this point!
Volenna: He's busy with the beach house, and he already went to the trouble of making those lunchboxes, lending us the ship...
Jin: I have no excuse...
Zeta: Wait a sec. I think I can steer this kind of ship!
Anna: Really? You're amazing, Zeta!
Nightmare: Good job!
Zeta: Ahaha! Leave it to me! I went through training back at the Society!
Helnar: Oh yeah? What doesn't this Society do...
Zeta: Anyway, don't worry about the ship! Now let's go!
Lyria: Right!
Zeta follows the chart Kaz gave them, steering the fishing ship out into the open sea.
Zeta: So um, if I do this... and then this...
Vyrn: Hey, Red, everything okay? You've been mumbling to yourself for a while.
Zeta: Quiet! I'm trying to concentrate here!
Vyrn: O-okay...
Zeta: It was a three day crash course, okay? And it was on a lake, not the sea. Whatever. Practically the same thing!
Vyrn: I'm starting to get worried, (Captain)...
Sara: Wow, this is like being in an airship, but something about it feels totally different!
Lyria: The smell of the seawater is really different from being in the sky, isn't it? Oh, look! Birds!
Sara: You're right! I wonder if they're a family?
Lyria: I'm sure they are! Maybe they're all trying to catch some fish!
Volenna: Careful now. Don't lean too far over the railing.
Sara: Right!
(Captain) and the others are enjoying the trip out to sea, but Helnar looks troubled.
Helnar: Hmm... I see dark clouds ahead for us.
Volenna: A bit of a shower? No. From the way those clouds look, we're in for a storm.
Volenna: Hopefully nothing that will interfere with Zeta's steering.
Narmaya: ...!
Helnar: What's wrong, Narmaya? Did you see something?
Narmaya: I sense a presence! Something is heading towards us!
Anna: Huh?
Jin: Is that... the rising sunfish?
Rising Sunfish: ...!
Anna: You're right! Hey... Why is that huge fish coming our way?
Sara: Aiee!
Graphos: ...!
The ship lurches to the side. Sara and Anna go flying, but Graphos catches both of them and returns them safely to the ship.
Sara: Thank you, Graphos... But why did that fish attack us?
Volenna: It must see us as intruders.
Zeta: What was that just now?
Jin: Well, er...
Rising Sunfish: ...!
Zeta: A giant fish?
Rising Sunfish: ...!
Narmaya: Prepare for battle, (Captain)! That goes for the rest of you too!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 4: Shipwrecked - Episode 1

Slammed by a sunfish, the boat capsizes, catapulting the crew into storm-ravaged waters. Luckily, the crew washes up on a deserted island unharmed.

Watch scene in game

Following a fisherman's advice, (Captain) and crew head to a lonely island where wild watermelons are said to grow.
Unfortunately, a sudden storm sends them on a collision course with the rising sunfish, which mistakes the boat for an enemy.
Ultimately, the crew has no choice but to discourage the rising sunfish by force.
Rising Sunfish: ...!
Anna: Whew... Looks like it's leaving.
Nightmare: And don't come back!
Narmaya: No! It's actually—
The rising sunfish suddenly veers toward the boat at high speed.
Jin: It's going to slam into us!
Volenna: At that speed, he's not going to survive either!
Lyria: Aiieee!
(Captain) quickly grabs Lyria's arm to keep her from being thrown overboard.
The rising sunfish's assault, however, causes the boat to capsize.
Lyria: Ooh... Oogh...
Narmaya: (Captain)! Lyria! Hang in there, you two!
Volenna: Out of the way, Narmaya! We need to get the water out of their lungs!
Lyria: Cough! Cough! Huh? Where are we?
Jin: Thank goodness you came to! How do you feel?
Lyria: Jin? Um, I'm fine, but...
Sara: Whew... Lyria, (Captain)... I'm glad you're all okay.
Vyrn: Holy smokes, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack back there!
(Captain) comes to, surrounded by friends and unsure of what just happened.
Helnar: We capsized after that huge fish tore a hole in the side of the boat.
Helnar: And if that wasn't bad enough, we got slammed by the storm and washed away.
Zeta: It's just good that we all ended up in the same place. The ship's in one piece too... Well, except for the giant hole. Look.
Zeta points towards the boat as it washes ashore.
Narmaya: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! If only I'd noticed the fish sooner...
Volenna: Heh, we wouldn't have been able to do anything. That fish was moving too fast.
Narmaya: But—
Helnar: It's all water under the... bridge? Boat? Anyway, don't worry about it.
Helnar: Right now we should be thinking of a way to get home.
Jin: That's right. Let's not worry about things we can't change.
Jin: We need to find some way to fix the boat and get back to Venera Beach.
Anna: B-but what are we going to do? Nobody's shown up yet, even after we washed ashore and everything...
Sara: Oh!
Sara: Auguste is supposed to be full of people visiting the beach this time of year, but I don't see anyone...
Zeta: Er, um... Wait a sec.
Zeta: Did... Did we wash up on a deserted island?
The crew exchanges silent glances with each other. Nothing needs to be said.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 4: Shipwrecked - Episode 2

Volenna leads a search for clean water, aided by Narmaya's sharp sense of hearing. Praised by her friends, Narmaya's spirits improve as she leads the crew to a nearby river.

Watch scene in game

Volenna: Humph. We need to repair the boat if we're going to make it home. Being stranded on an island doesn't change that.
Volenna: It does add a few extra errands for us to take care of. Let's secure a water supply first.
Anna: Water? Oh, right. Seawater's too salty to drink, huh.
Volenna: Starting a fire shouldn't be a problem, but making drinkable water could take some time.
Volenna: And even if we find a freshwater source, we'll still need to filter it.
Zeta: You seem used to this kind of thing, Volenna. Have you been stranded before?
Volenna: Just part of my training.
Helnar: Between Zeta's piloting skills and Volenna's survival training, looks like our ladies got it under control.
Narmaya: You need water? Just a moment...
Narmaya walks to a sandy area near the beach, puts an ear to the ground, and closes her eyes.
Narmaya: ...
Narmaya: Hm, there's water flowing from over here. It might be an underground stream we can dig up, or maybe even a river.
Vyrn: How'd you figure that out, Butterfly Girl?
Narmaya: Huh? Why, I just listened for the sound of running water, that's all.
Jin: Through the ground? Your ears are truly impressive, Narmaya!
Narmaya: I mean, I wouldn't be able to train properly in the forests and mountains otherwise.
Anna: I-I grew up in the forest, but I could never dream of doing something like that! You're seriously amazing, Narmaya!
Narmaya: B-but I... I mean...
Volenna: Humph. I suspected you were capable of such a feat. Thanks for the help, Narmaya.
Narmaya: ...!
Volenna: All right, let's find that water. Lead on.
Narmaya: Yes, absolutely! Leave it to me!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 4: Shipwrecked - Episode 2: Scene 2

The crew finds the river, which turns out to be a popular monster watering hole. They attempt to avoid confrontation by heading upstream, but the monsters attack first.

With Narmaya as their guide, (Captain) and the crew head deeper into the deserted island.
Narmaya: Over here, everyone! I found the source of the water!
Sara: Wow... It's a river, just like Narmaya said!
Helnar: I never doubted her for a second, but still, talk about surprising!
Jin: Good thing there was a bucket on the ship. Let's bring some water back.
Volenna: Shh! Look over there.
Zeta: Monsters everywhere. This must be their local watering hole.
Lyria: Oh, right... We're not the only ones who need water...
Anna: Think we should go a little farther upstream?
Sara: If we don't, we're going to have to fi—
Monster: Groooar!
Narmaya: Look out, Vyrn!
Narmaya protects Vyrn from a sudden monster attack.
Vyrn: Whoa! Guess they noticed us!
Narmaya: This water must be precious to them too.
Narmaya: Talking this out isn't an option. Sad to say, (Captain), but we'll just have to knock them out for a spell!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 4: Shipwrecked - Episode 3

Water secured, the crew considers camp sites, and settles on an uninhabited cave. Volenna begins purifying the water from the river while Zeta, Jin and Helnar head back to the boat to retrieve important tools.

Watch scene in game

Monster: Groar...
Narmaya: Take a nap, okay?
Volenna: All those aggressive monsters seem to have vanished for now. Let's get some water while we can.
(Captain) and crew fill their bucket with water and leave the river.
Helnar: That reminds me. Where do we sleep? The boat near the beach?
Volenna: Too open. We won't be able to keep watch over the entire area. Someplace more secluded would be preferable.
Narmaya: How about a cave then? I saw one on the way here.
Helnar: You managed to find a cave even while you were busy guiding us?
Volenna: Let's check it out on the way back. Worst case scenario, we'll go back to the beach.
Jin: Sara, Lyria, Anna... You've walked quite the distance already. Are you up for a little more?
Sara: Yeah! I'm not carrying the water anyway.
Lyria: I'm fine!
Anna: M-me too... I'm used to walking through forested areas.
Narmaya: If you get tired, I'd be more than happy to give you a piggyback ride!
The crew heads for the cave, with Narmaya acting as their guide once more.
Narmaya: What do you think? There doesn't seem to be anything living here.
Volenna: Indeed. I'm not seeing any monster tracks or droppings nearby.
Jin: And with all this space, we won't have to worry about smoke when we light a fire.
Volenna: It's halfway between the river and the beach too... All right, let's make camp here.
Helnar: I'm just glad to be out of the wind and rain... Can I put the bucket down yet?
Volenna: Yes, let's get the water filtered as soon as possible. In the meantime, we should go back to retrieve useful tools from the boat.
Jin: Understood. Allow me.
Zeta: I'll tag along. How about you, Helnar?
Helnar: I can't let you guys hog all the manual labor. I'm coming too.
Jin: (Captain), you and Narmaya stay here and keep a lookout.
Anna: Sara, Lyria, and I will help with filtering the water! Let's go, you two!
Lyria: Right!
Vyrn: Now that was delicious! Thank goodness Mr. Fisherman's lunches made it out okay!
Zeta: Hm, we're going to have to start thinking about acquiring food starting tomorrow though.
Volenna: Let's save our strength for then. We've got a big day ahead of us.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 4: Shipwrecked - Episode 4

Lyria, Anna, and Sara can't sleep after everything that's transpired, and Zeta attempts to calm them down with a story. Unfortunately, a monster attack interrupts halfway through, forcing (Captain) and company to spring into action.

Watch scene in game

Anna: ...
Anna: Hey, Lyria. Still awake?
Lyria: Yeah, I just can't sleep for some reason...
Sara: Me too...
Jin: A lot happened today. After everything you've been through, it's not going to be easy to calm yourself.
Helnar: Talking always helps when you can't sleep. Before you know it, you'll be dozing off.
Sara: ...
Zeta: Hm, I could start by telling a story, I suppose.
Lyria: Would you please, Zeta?
Zeta: Your wish is my command! Now then...
Zeta: This all happened before I joined the Society, back when I was still a knight.
Zeta: I had just enlisted, so I was mostly assigned odd jobs, chores and the like.
Zeta: My colleagues and I were stocking the armory, and I had been assigned to weapon maintenance.
Zeta: There were too many weapons to count, but I eventually settled into a groove.
Zeta: Just was I was getting bored, a colleague told me something. "A well-worn weapon has a mind of its own."
Zeta: That got me thinking. There were weapons in the armory that had been used for executions, way back when.
Zeta: Criminals, traitors, and worse... Those weapons had spilled a lot of blood.
Anna: Gulp...
Zeta: "What do you think happens to a weapon like that?" he asked me. When suddenly—
Lyria: Aiee! Wh-what was that sound?
Jin: I see something moving in the bushes... Monsters!
Narmaya: Here it comes, Jin!
Monster: Groar...
Narmaya's warning comes just as the monster leaps out of the nearby foliage and heads for the cave.
Volenna: Doesn't seem to be scared of the fire. What a pain.
Vyrn: Let's send this guy packing and get to sleep, (Captain)!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 4: Shipwrecked - Episode 4: Scene 2

Lyria comments that the monster they just fought seemed like it was fighting against its will. Suspecting the leader to be nearby, Lyria finds a thicket where monsters are lying in wait.

Helnar: Geez, at least wait until morning, monster! C'mon!
Narmaya: Are you okay, (Captain)? Nothing hurts? Oh, I'm so relieved to hear that!
Lyria: That monster just now...
Sara: Something wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Hm, I'm not sure I can explain this properly, but... there was something strange about that monster.
Lyria: How do I put this... It was almost like it had been bullied into attacking us.
Lyria: Like a bigger, meaner monster told it to attack us, and it was just following orders.
Volenna: It was probably forced to fight by the pack leader.
Lyria: Yeah, that's what it felt like...
Lyria continues staring at the thicket, worried that more monsters might leap out at any moment.
Will (Captain) and crew be able to survive and make it back to Venera Beach? Only time will tell.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 5: Summertime Survival - Episode 1

The crew splits up to find materials to repair the boat, only to realize they lack the necessary tools to fix the hole. Sara hits upon a solution, however, by using Graphos's sand to hold the wooden planks they've assembled in place.

Watch scene in game

The next day, the crew splits up into two groups: one to repair the boat, and the other to look for food.
Jin, Volenna, Sara, Zeta, and Helnar stay on the beach to repair the boat.
Jin: Hm, the hole's big enough for a person to walk through. We're not going anywhere until that's fixed.
Volenna: Getting wood's going to take some time, but the real issue is that we don't have any way to affix that wood to the ship itself.
Helnar: Sure wish we had some nails or something. It's going to be tough to make proper repairs without access to tools.
Helnar: I wonder if there's anything around here we could use as glue...
Zeta: Glue, eh? Hm...
Sara: Um, excuse me...
Jin: What is it, Sara?
Sara: Graphos says you can probably use sand instead of glue.
Zeta: Sand? But how?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: If Graphos uses sand to plug the hole, it's probably going to come undone once we return to sea.
Sara: But he thinks it should be possible to keep any planks you make locked in place with sand.
Volenna: Now I get it. We can use his sand instead of glue or nails.
Sara: Right. He won't be able to fight in the meantime though...
Zeta: So it goes. If any monsters show up, we'll just have to handle it ourselves.
Helnar: Wow... Things are starting to look up.
Jin: Thanks, Graphos. Sorry to impose, but we're all counting on you!
Graphos: ...!
Zeta: All right, let's go find some trees to chop down!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 5: Summertime Survival - Episode 2

The crew heads into the forest in search of food, where Narmaya uses her sword skills. Meanwhile Anna places fish traps, and Gran fights off monsters.

Watch scene in game

Meanwhile (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, Anna, and Narmaya search for food in a nearby forest.
Narmaya: I think we should be able to catch some fish from the river we saw yesterday.
Lyria: We should be able to get a net from the boat, right?
Narmaya: That won't be necessary. Just leave it to me!
Narmaya confidently wades directly into the center of the river.
Narmaya: ...!
A fish leaps out of the water, which Narmaya cuts out of the air with her sword.
Vyrn: Whoa, that was incredible, Butterfly Girl!
Lyria: Oh my gosh... She did it again!
Nightmare: If Narmaya's the only one catching fish, this is going to take a while.
Lyria: Well, maybe we should go search for other things while Narmaya handles the fish.
Anna: Um, if you could just wait a moment, please...
Anna: My grandma once taught me a method for trapping fish. Maybe we could try that?
Lyria: Wow, that's great, Anna! Can I help you?
Anna: Y-yeah, it's not that difficult. And once we set the traps, we can look for other food!
Anna goes with (Captain) and Lyria to set traps in the grassy area at the edge of the river.
Anna: And that should do it... We won't catch anything right away, so let's come back later.
Lyria: Right! Oh, and before we forget, we should store the fish Narmaya caught somewhere.
While (Captain) and crew gather the fish, Narmaya returns to the riverbank.
Narmaya: If the traps are set, we should go look for some other food in the meantime!
Vyrn: Good idea! Let's go, (Captain)!
Narmaya: I thought we'd find fruit, but there doesn't seem to be any...
Lyria: I've seen a few mushrooms, but...
Anna: We can't tell if they're poisonous, so it's probably best not to eat them.
Narmaya: We should probably stick to fish for today. There's still a lot of work to do tomorrow, so let's not tire ourselves out.
At Narmaya's urging, (Captain) and company return to the river.
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Oh no! Monsters are going after the fish we caught!
Anna: H-how can this be? A-after we went to all that trouble?
Nightmare: Not on our watch! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 5: Summertime Survival - Episode 3

Jin and company transport wooden planks back to the boat, where Helnar uses his model-building skills to fit them into place.

Watch scene in game

Zeta: Whew, I'm beat! Wasn't easy hauling all that wood from the forest to the beach, that's for sure!
Jin: Hmm. That should be enough wood for now.
Volenna: Now we need to prep the hole in the boat and start cutting the wood into planks.
Sara: Thanks for all the help, Graphos. Huh? What are you drawing, Helnar?
Sara notices Helnar drawing in the sand and goes to take a closer look.
Helnar: Just trying some diagrams to figure out the best way to fit all the planks together.
Helnar: The better we plan, the easier it'll be for Graphos, right?
Sara: Wow, this looks like something a carpenter would make, Helnar!
Zeta: Nice work, Helnar. Color me impressed!
Helnar: Eegh! Give a warning before you slap my back like that!
Zeta: Haha! Sorry.
Volenna: Well, that's surprising. I had no idea you could do this kind of thing.
Helnar: Eh, making models is one of my hobbies. It's just something I enjoy.
Helnar: I've never worked on something this size before though. Don't get mad if I mess something up, okay?
Jin: If I had to do something like this, I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start.
Jin: I'll leave the planning to you, Helnar.
Helnar: Roger that! Now then, first things first...
The crew begins prepping the lumber according to Helnar's instructions.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 5: Summertime Survival - Episode 4

Anna notices their campfire bending in strange directions, leading the crew to investigate the possible existence of another cave exit.

Watch scene in game

(Captain) and crew complete their work as the sun begins to set and retire to the cave to preserve their strength.
Volenna: If we're done eating, we should probably get to sleep as early as possible.
Lyria: Kaz must be worried about us... I wonder how the morning glories are doing...
Sara: And after we said we'd help him too...
Jin: I must apologize. We finally get a vacation, and then this happens.
Jin: If only I hadn't mentioned watermelons...
Vyrn: Nah, don't beat yourself up, Jin! Roughing it has been pretty fun!
Zeta: And besides, I was the one who suggested going to Watermelon Island.
Jin: But Zeta, I—
Volenna: Humph. No use talking about it. Save your energy and get to bed.
Anna: ...
Sara: Is something wrong, Anna?
Anna: Yeah... Have you noticed that the bonfire sometimes seems to sway in odd directions?
Anna: Is it possible there's a breeze coming from within the cave?
Volenna: As in there's another entrance? If so, we might have more monsters on the way...
Narmaya: Right. We should check it out before we go to sleep.
(Captain) nods to Narmaya. The crew readies their weapons and prepares to explore the cave.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 5: Summertime Survival - Episode 4: Scene 2

The crew heads deeper into the cave, and discovers a bat roost. (Captain) and company run past the angry bats, fending them off all the while.

Anna: Look! The torch flame is bending away from us!
Lyria: Wow, you're right... It's really moving!
Helnar: Where do you think it's leading us to? We've been walking for a while now.
Lyria: Aaah! Wh-what was that sound? Ghosts?
Volenna: No, just bats. They must have a nest farther in...
Bats: ...!
Zeta: Do they seem... angry to you?
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Look out, (Captain)!
The torch reveals a swarm of bats that suddenly assaults the crew.
Jin: There are so many! (Captain), run! We have to get out of here!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 5: Summertime Survival - Episode 4: Scene 3

After escaping from the bats, the crew finds another cave exit, which leads to a field filled with watermelons. Drawing the crew's attention in particular is a massive watermelon next to a small shrine.

Sara: Huff... Huff.. I don't think the bats are chasing us anymore...
Lyria: Thank goodness... Oh, look! There's the exit!
Narmaya: Wow, look at this huge field it was connected to!
Jin: Hm? What's that in the middle of the field?
Jin: Is this... a shrine? Whatever is it for?
Jin: Is this sphere in the back the object of worship? What the?
Gigamelon: ...
Jin: I-is this... a watermelon? It's almost bigger than I am!
Lyria: Did someone make it? I mean, it's not like there are real watermelons this size...
Vyrn: Hey, everyone, look! There are watermelons everywhere!
Helnar: You're right! A little on the small side, but they're watermelons all right!
Jin: Unbelievable... Watermelon as far as the eye can see! Were we on Watermelon Island all along?
Anna: Huh? That's an incredible coincidence if so!
Volenna: We got lucky. With this much watermelon, we should be able to stave off hunger for a while.
Narmaya: And it's all thanks to Anna! Good work!
Anna: Wait, what do you mean?
Jin: Anna, if you hadn't noticed the bonfire moving, then we never would have come here.
Jin: Truly an observation for the ages!
Anna: Ah, er, well, you know...
Nightmare: Just take the compliment already!
Volenna: Well then, shall we grab a few watermelons to take back? Taking care not to annoy the bats, of course.
Vyrn: Hear, hear!
The crew begins gathering some of the smaller watermelons.
Lyria: ...!
Lyria: Uh, (Captain)? I think I just saw something move...
Lyria: I'm sensing anger... But we're the only ones here, right?
Lyria: Strange... I hope it's not a ghost or anything...
(Captain) looks over the area, but doesn't see anything out of the ordinary.
The crew finish gathering watermelons and return to the campsite with the fruits of their labor.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 6: To Split a Watermelon - Episode 1

The crew places the wooden planks according to Helnar's specifications, and Sara uses Graphos's sand to lock them in place. After a series of test runs, (Captain) and company decide to leave Watermelon Island the following day.

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The deserted island where (Captain) and crew washed ashore turns out to be Watermelon Island itself.
Hard at work on repairs to the boat, the crew subsists on fish and watermelon while eagerly awaiting their return to Venera Beach.
Helnar: So, if we put these pieces together like this... Ta-da!
Jin: Incredible... The hole in the ship is fixed!
Helnar: All that's left is for Graphos to fill in the gaps with sand to hold everything in place.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: He says you can leave it to him. Take it away, Graphos!
Graphos: ...!
Volenna: Ready for a quick test run?
Zeta: Okay! I'll take the rudder this time. Let's go, (Captain)!
Vyrn: We're pretty far away from the island. Everything good with the boat?
Helnar: Not really...
Vyrn: Huh?
Volenna: It... seems like water's leaking through the sand.
Sara: G-Graphos, are you okay?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Oh no! It sounds like we need a lot more sand than I thought!
Lyria: Water's leaking through! Oh no, it's getting worse!
Jin: Take us back to the beach, Zeta! Everyone else, grab a bucket and start bailing!
Sara: Hold on until we get to the beach, Graphos!
Graphos: ...!
The crew ends up spending half the day making test trips back and forth between the beach and sea.
Helnar: Looks like it's not leaking water anymore. Getting the hang of things now, Graphos?
Graphos: ...
Sara: Yes, he knows how much force to distribute to hold the wood in place now. He should be able to hold everything together for a few days at sea.
Volenna: Is that so? How about we leave the island tomorrow then? The sooner the better.
Volenna: We're only going to lose strength the longer we stay here.
Narmaya: That's right... And we have worry about monsters when sleeping in the cave too.
Jin: I know this isn't easy for you, Graphos, but please do your best!
Graphos: ...!
Sara: You can do it, Graphos!

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 6: To Split a Watermelon - Episode 2

The crew gathers supplies for the long return trip to Venera Beach. (Captain) leads the crew back to the watermelon field while remaining wary of monsters.

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Volenna: Water's looking good. Now we just need to load the food.
Jin: I've made some dried snacks, just in case. It shouldn't take more than a day or two to get back to Venera Beach.
Narmaya: And we can always load up on watermelon, of course.
Narmaya: They're mostly water, so they're perfect for quenching thirst.
Anna: We'll need to head back to the watermelon patch and carry them all the way back here though...
Helnar: Wish we had a wheelbarrow at a time like this... Not much we can do it at this point though.
Zeta: Monsters might attack on the trips back and forth too.
Vyrn: Either way, we're in the home stretch, (Captain)! Just a little more!
And with that, (Captain) and the crew begin taking trips back and forth between the watermelon patch and the beach.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 6: To Split a Watermelon - Episode 3

Jin suggests splitting the massive watermelon in the center of the field for good luck before leaving the island. While enjoying their last night on the island, Lyria senses a terrifying presence from the massive watermelon.

Watch scene in game

The crew have finish loading watermelon and other supplies on the boat and make one last trip back to the cave.
Jin: Ah, that's right. It occurs to me, (Captain)...
Jin: What do you think about the idea of splitting that huge watermelon? It should bring us good luck on our trip!
Zeta: Haha! Jin, you just want to smash watermelons, don't you?
Zeta: Honestly, I think it's a good idea. Should cheer us all up too.
Lyria: ...
Sara: What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Well, um... There's an unsettling presence over by the watermelon...
Lyria: Heheh, but that's probably just me being scared of ghosts again.
Sara: If splitting the watermelon will drive away bad spirits, that should get rid of the scary presence you're feeling too.
Lyria: Hey, you're right!
Volenna: All right. Once the fish are done steaming, we'll return to the watermelon field.
Narmaya: Here's three fish fillets for you, Lyria!
Lyria: Thank you, Narmaya! Let's see, first we wrap the fish in leaves...
Lyria: Then put it in a hole beneath the bonfire...
Sara: Then pile dirt on top. Whew. That should do it.
Vyrn: Heh, we're getting pretty good at open-air cooking!
Volenna: Circumstance is a good teacher. I'm going to think of this whole trip as a learning experience.
Volenna: All right, once the fish is done steaming, we'll return to the watermelon field.
Helnar: I just hope the bats aren't attracted by the smell...
Jin: We're the intruders here. Let's take care not to provoke them.

A Slice of Summer - Chapter 6: To Split a Watermelon - Episode 4

(Captain) is assigned to split the massive watermelon, donning a blindfold and trusting the crew to guide them to the correct location. At the moment (Captain) strikes the watermelon, however, it transforms into a hulking behemoth and attacks.

Watch scene in game

Jin: Well then, ready to split this watermelon?
After their final dinner on Watermelon Island, Jin leads the crew in a watermelon splitting ritual.
Jin: I would like to call on (Captain) as our representative, to be our agent in splitting this watermelon and casting out evil.
Jin: Close your eyes and take this stick in hand, (Captain).
Jin: We humbly request that you not open your eyes until after you've split the watermelon.
Jin: Listen to us for guidance... You may begin!
At Jin's prompting, (Captain) turns toward the massive watermelon and takes a step forward, eyes closed all the while.
Helnar: Just like that, (Captain), just like that! Straight ahead!
Zeta: You're off! Right! Right! Go right!
Anna: Now you're too far to the right! Take, um... one step to the left? Roughly?
Sara: A little more to the left! About... Hm, how far, exactly?
Volenna: Too far! Take a half-step back and to the right!
Lyria: Yes, just like that! Now walk straight forward, (Captain)!
Vyrn: That's it! Go, (Captain), go!
(Captain) brandishes the stick Jin bequeathed to them.
But at the moment the stick is about to strike the watermelon, (Captain) is overcome with a vicious bloodlust.
(Captain) opens their eyes. The only thing they can see is the massive watermelon in front of them.
Gigamelon: ...!
Lyria: Oh... my gosh...
Jin: This murderous rage I sense... is coming from the watermelon?
The massive watermelon begins to shake violently.
Gigamelon: ...!
???: ...!
Volenna: Wha... What in the world is that?
Narmaya: Oh no! Look out, (Captain)!
Baffled at what they've just witnessed, (Captain) comes under attack by the massive, transforming watermelon.

A Slice of Summer - Ending

Lyria suspects the massive watermelon attacked because they took too many watermelons from the field. After returning home, Lyria and Sara finish watering the morning glories, which bloom beautifully before their eyes.

Watch scene in game

???: ...!
Jin: We won... I think! But... what in the world was that monstrosity?
Volenna: When we were splitting it open, it just looked like a big watermelon...
Lyria: I was wondering about that while we were fighting...
Lyria: I sensed anger the first time we came here.
Lyria: That anger seems to have come from this watermelon. Which means...
Lyria: Maybe the big watermelon got angry at us taking so many of the little ones?
Jin: Impossible... Could the shrine be here to assuage the watermelon's anger?
The crew mulls over Lyria and Jin's explanations. No one has a more suitable answer for what just occurred.
Volenna: Well, we beat it. I just hope we don't run into another one.
Jin: There's one last ritual remaining before we can call this ceremony over.
Vyrn: Huh? We split it open, didn't we? Can't we call it good?
Jin: The final ritual is to eat the watermelon and absorb its life force.
Jin: Our lives have been intertwined with the watermelon up to this point. Let us give thanks as we partake of its juicy goodness.
Helnar: Are you... sure it's okay to eat that thing?
Sara: We split it open, so we can't just let it rot there...
Jin cuts up the massive watermelon and distributes pieces to (Captain) and the crew.
Jin: I humbly receive this watermelon! Munch...
Anna: Chomp...
Sara: ...
Lyria: Huh. This... isn't very good.
Narmaya: It's vinegary, and the red parts taste like the white parts...
Jin: How can this be?
To fulfill his responsibilities to the watermelon, Jin eats piece after piece.
Feeling remorseful, the crew joins in as well.
The next day, (Captain) and crew leave Watermelon Island and to return to Venera Beach.
Lyria: I can't see Watermelon Island anymore...
Vyrn: That's great! Keep up the good work, Graphos!
Graphos: ...!
Zeta: Huh?
Vyrn: What's wrong, Red? And don't tell me it's another bonito!
Zeta: No, look over there! That's a boat, isn't it?
Helnar: It is! We can ask them how to get back to Venera Beach from here!
Jin: Hold on. The flag that boat is flying... Is it from the Venera Beach Fisherman's Guild?
Vyrn: What'd you say?
The boat turns and heads straight toward the crew.
Kaz: Howdy, everyone!
Jin: Kaz?
Seasoned Fisherman: Oh, everyone's here! We were worried you weren't coming back!
Anna: Oh, you're the man we met back at the market!
Kaz: I was worried half out of my mind! Just glad to see everyone's safe.
Sara: Sorry we made you worry, Kaz.
Kaz: Don't mention it. Now let's head home!
(Captain) and crew join Kaz, returning safely to Venera Beach.
Once home, the crew distributes watermelon from the boat among the fishermen in town as a token of their appreciation.
Sara: Lyria... Wake up, Lyria...
Lyria: Yawn... Oh, good morning, Sara...
Sara: Good morning, Lyria. Ready to go tend to the morning glories?
Lyria: Oh, that's right!
As the exhausted crew sleeps, Sara and Lyria head for the morning glories.
Lyria: Good morning, Kaz! Wow!
Sara: Amazing! The whole wall is covered in blooms!
Lyria: They're so beautifully round!
Sara: And so many colors... Oh! This one is the same color as your hair, Lyria!
Kaz: Morning, you two! Seems like they were waiting for you to come back!
Sara: Really? So they hadn't bloomed yesterday?
Kaz: That's right. I think they wanted to thank you for all the help.
Lyria: They waited for us! Thank you so much, morning glories!
Lyria and Sara look at the morning glories with smiles on their faces.
Despite the storms and the drama, (Captain) and company will remember this summer vacation fondly.
A Slice of Summer
The End.

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard

Stamp16.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Opening

An idol-loving group of friends is suddenly assaulted by one of their own, who happens to spout nothing but the word "piña."

Watch scene in game

A crackling bonfire burns in a remote village.
Some young men sit in a circle around the fire, discussing their favorite idols.
Idol Otaku: Man, today's concert was just fantastic.
Idol Fan: Yeah... After meeting those idols, I feel like I can do anything.
Idol Otaku: Where'd our buddy go anyway? He's been gone for a while now.
Idol Fan: Knowing his small bladder, he's probably off relieving himself again.
A young man suddenly stumbles through the bushes toward the group.
Idol Maniac: ...
Idol Otaku: There you are. Took you long enough. Where've you been?
Idol Fan: Haha... We figured a bear mauled you!
Idol Maniac: S-sorry... Piña...
Idol Fan: Piña? What's that supposed to mean?
Idol Otaku: Oh, just forget the piña-ing and sit down already!
But the strangely ominous young man suddenly starts shaking, his teeth rattling like he's freezing.
Idol Maniac: Huff... Huff...
Idol Maniac: I'm f-fine... Piñaaa...
Idol Otaku: Eep! What's with the creepy voice?
Idol Fan: Haha... Cut it out with the cheesy jokes
Idol Maniac: Cough... Cough... Gasp...
Idol Maniac: Piñaaa!
Idol Fan: Aahh! S-stop it!
Idol Otaku: Someone help us!
As the young men frantically try to flee, a faintly sweet aroma wafts from them.
It's hard to see, but a pink spirit drifts through the air.
???: Piñan...

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Ending

Realizing that it's time for the concert, Minami rushes out of the dressing room. Shiki stays behind a while longer, muttering "piña, piña" to herself.

Watch scene in game

Shiki: Poke, poke...
Minami: Ahaha... Hey, not there! That tickles...
Shiki: Pokey, pokey, pokey!
Minami: Wha... Sh-Shiki-chan? What are you doing?
Shiki: Huh? Oh, you just seemed so defenseless while you were sleeping, Minami-chan. I couldn't help myself—so I helped myself!
Minami realizes that Shiki has been tickling her side and quickly gets up.
Minami: What do you mean you couldn't help yourself? What about the piñombies?
Shiki: Piñombies?
Minami: Yeah! We need to hurry up and use the elixir you made to restore them!
Shiki: I see... Sounds like you had a fun dream. You okay, Minami-chan?
Minami: Huh? Y-you mean I was asleep this whole time?
Shiki: Yep! Like a baby! It looked like it felt goood.
Shiki: I'd say the super trippy aroma I whipped up is a smashing success.
Minami: Hm? Aroma? I guess I do remember something about smelling a relaxing fragrance...
Shiki: That's right. And then off to dreamland you went. Guess I really outdid myself, huh?
Minami: How dare you use me like some kind of lab rat!
Shiki: Well, excuse me! But you obviously don't have the pre-concert jitters now, right?
Minami: Concert?
Minami looks at the clock set up in the dressing room.
Minami: Aahh! Look how late it is!
The flustered Minami darts out of the dressing room.
Minami: Don't just stand there, Shiki-chan! Hop to it! I'll see you there!
Shiki: Okay, okay! No need to yell!
Shiki is left all alone in the dressing room.
Shiki: Ah, that really was a blast.
Shiki: But I suppose I should get going too.
Shiki stretches, then smiles triumphantly as she checks out how she looks in the mirror.
Shiki: Piña, piña? Piñaña? Piñaña piñañan?
Shiki: Piñami...
Minami: What's taking you so long, Shiki-chan? We're gonna be late!
Shiki: Loud and clear, Minami-chan. Hold on, I'll be right there!
Shiki: Piña.
Shiki follows Minami, a spring in her step.
According to their co-performers, a faint scent of something sweet wafted off Shiki and Minami during their performance that day.
Piña Hazard
The End

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 1

Minami: Good morning!
Hm, looks like no one's here yet.
Minami: I guess I'm all right being in costume already, but what to do in the meantime... Maybe I can do some voice training.
Minami: Huh? What's this?
Minami picks up a strange pink aroma diffuser from the table.
Minami: I wonder who put this here...

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 2

Minami: Urgh! Yaah! Aargh!
Minami: Aiiee! Yeow! Gyaargh!
Vyrn: Oh, there you are! Whatcha up to, Minami?
Minami: I'm practicing how to use a spear. I have to show everyone I can hold my own too!
Vyrn: Hehe! You really take your training seriously!
Vyrn: Let's have a snack later when you're done!
Minami: Of course! I appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 3

Girl: Shiki-chan, how's the experiment going?
Shiki: I'm almost there! Just one step away now!
Girl: What's wrong with the perfume you sprayed on me last time?
Shiki: Well... That does help safeguard against piñombification, true.
Shiki: But it's useless for people who've already been infected.
Girl: So the medicine you're making now will revert all the piñombies back to normal?
Shiki: Bingo! Nothing's impossible for chemical idol Shiki-chan!
Girl: That's amazing! Anything I can do to help?
Shiki: Hehehe... Okay then! I'm giving you the mission of grinding these herbs into a fine powder!
Girl: I'm on it!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 4

Piñombie: Piña!
Skyfarer: Huff... Huff... Cripes! What's gotten into the villagers in this town!
The skyfarer looks on curiously from the shadows.
Skyfarer: I'll be back safe—I swear it! Just wait for me!
He tightly grips a locket engraved with his family's portrait.
Skyfarer: Graaargh!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 5

Shiki: That's it... Just a little closer...
Shiki observes the piñombies, laying traps along their trail.
Piñombie: Piña?
She sets it up so that when the piñombies trip over a rope, a whiff of medicine bombards them from above.
Piñombie: B-biña!
Shiki: (Heheh, I knew the scent in these herbs was the missing link!)
Shiki: Now to just add a little of this and that... All right! That should do it!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 6

Piñombie: Piiñaa!
The piñombies prance about the town in a lordly manner.
A young man watches them intently from his bedroom window.
Shy Youngster: Huff... Huff... No way in hell am I gonna become piñombie bait!
Shy Youngster: The food here'll last me for a bit... I'm not going out there and that's that!
Shy Youngster: There's no way I'm throwing in the towel before I've seen an idol concert live!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 7

Shiki is holed up in her laboratory, where she continues her experiments.
The piñombies who have taken a whiff of her new creation are gradually returning to normal.
Shiki: (Hmm... Interesting.)
Shiki: (Looks like the citrus scent of the kitami herb is what's really stopping their piñombification.)
Shiki: (If we can just find a place where kitami herbs grow naturally... My Amibo elixir would be complete in no time!)
Shiki: Except I don't have an airship. If only someone with an airship could come and save the day...

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 8

Pink Creature: Piña, piña.
Piñombie: Piñaña!
Pink Creature: Piñañan!
Piñombie: Ñañapi!
Pink Creature: Piñapipi!
Piñombie: Piiiñaa!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 9

(Captain) finds Minami on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Minami: Ah, (Captain)-san! Good timing!
Minami: If you've got a bit of time, can you help me with my training?
  1. Sure!

Choose: Sure!
Minami: Hooray! It's very much appreciated!
Minami: Ready or not, here I come! Haaah!
Minami and (Captain) engage in a friendly sparring match.

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 10

Shiki: Hey, what's it feel like to be piñombified?
Minami: Erm... Well...
Minami: It felt like I was converging with a really warm and powerful force. Didn't feel all that bad to be honest.
Shiki: Really? Now you're making me jealous! I want to be piñombified too!
Minami: What are you saying! You worked so hard to fix this problem, and now you're saying you actually want to turn into one of those things yourself?
Shiki: Ahaha! Kidding, kidding, no piñombie time for me!
Minami: Ahh... Well, that's a relief.
Shiki: But maaaybe just for a few moments, I'd like to see what it's like. I'm sure you could fix me right up in an instant anyway.
Minami: No, no, no! Absolutely not!
Shiki: Mwahaha! Only kidding again!
The lighthearted banter continues for a short while after.

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 11

A skyfarer tries to remain calm and collected while opening the door to his home.
Skyfarer: Guys... I'm back.
Wife: Sniff... Welcome back, dear!
Son: Papa! Welcome home!
Skyfarer: Aah... Thank goodness you two are safe!
Wife: Just when everything looked bleakest, an elixir was handed out to everyone. I'm glad I never gave up hope.
Son: Those girls were really cool!
Skyfarer: Minami and Shiki, right? Aren't those two skyfaring idols?
Skyfarer: I can never thank them enough. We should go to one of their concerts and thank them in person.
Wife: I heard they'll be holding a memorial concert right here in town. That would be the perfect opportunity.
Son: Yay! I can't wait to meet them again!

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 12

With the unprecedented crisis dealt with, peace returns to the town.
A young man is at the town's bulletin board, eyeing the notices with intense curiosity.
Shy Youngster: So it was Minami Nitta and Shiki Ichinose who solved this entire incident...
Shy Youngster: Whoa! They're gonna be holding a memorial concert right here in this town? I'll be the first to line up!
Shy Youngster: Says here there'll be a special guest too... I wonder who it might be? Oh well, guess I'll find out on the day.

Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard - Day 13

The dream stage of Minami, Shiki, and the pink creature ends on a fantastically high note.
Minami: Pant... Wheeze... Good job, you two!
Pink Creature: Piña... Piña... Piña, piña, piñaan!
Shiki: Hehe! What a blast that was!
Pink Creature: Piñaan!
Minami: Hahaha... Looks like our little friend here loved it too!
Shiki: Oh, that reminds me!
Minami: Of what?
Shiki: We need to talk to the producer when we get back.
Shiki: About forming a group between you, me, and this little girl!
Minami: Really! But how?
Shiki: I'll use my medicine—or rather this little girl's powers to charm the producer!
Pink Creature: Piñaaan!
Minami: No way!
Shiki: Ahahaha! You always take me too seriously!
Shiki: Really though, I think the producer'll agree after seeing how good we are!
Shiki: Totally!
Pink Creature: Piña!
Minami: Ehehe... Someone's evidently into the idea.
Minami: It's all settled then. Now let's get on with practicing for our next performance!
The tightly knit trio rocks on for the rest of the day, a good time to be had by all.