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Template:PageTabs is at the top of all character pages and subpages. It serves a directory for a single character's pages. An exception to this are NPC pages.

Official Profile

Use Template:CharTrivia. Characters sometimes have official profiles with various trivia such as age and interests. Not all profiles have background text.

Age 19 years
Height 158cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, taking walks
Likes People from their hometown, sweet butter cookies
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
During the time of the War the heroes who fought the Astrals in anticipated return in a later age and built a town: Orleans. The people of Orleans spent their days training. Jeanne d'Arc is one of those people. She is serious and, above all, trained with much zeal. She was approved by the others and put in change of a troop at the age of 19. That day she received a revelation from a great dragon that told her: "Save the world." When she felt the same dragon's aura from Vyrn, she decided to travel with him and join the main cast on their journey.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Personality and Background

Personality and background write-ups may be extensive and may use various official sources such as:

  • Fate Episodes
  • Events
  • Light Novels
  • Anime

Inferences are allowed as long as references (<ref>) tags are used. See Referencing for beginners for guidance on usage.


Events that the character appears in. Can be listed as bullets or subsections that detail the character's involvement in that event.


Character trivia/lore that doesn't fit anywhere else.


Etymology related to the character's name, skill names, status effect names, etc.

Fate Episodes

Individual Fate Episodes are archived within the Scenario namespace on the wiki. These are then transcluded and organized with tabs.

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