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This page provides information about Arcarum: Replicard Sandbox. The information below does not apply to Arcarum: The World Beyond and should be assumed to only be relevant for the Replicard Arcarum mode.


What is Sandbox? What do I do here?

Replicard Sandbox is a mode that allows players to farm materials that otherwise only drop from Arcarum: The World Beyond. It is also the only location to farm unlock materials required for New World Foundation Weapons, Evoker Domains, and Stage 4 Eternals Transcendence.

There are currently three sets of zones in Sandbox:

Here Be Staves: Eletio, Faym, Goliath, Harbinger
Here Be Swords: Invidia, Joculator, Kalendae, Liber
Genesis Creationis: Mundus

What's the difference between Staves, Swords, and Genesis?

Here Be Staves

  • Unlock: clear all three routes of Arcarum: The World Beyond on Extreme
  • Zone Exclusive Drops
    • Verum Proofs
  • Other Notable Drops
  • Zone Mechanics
    • 3 Defenders per Route
    • ++ Defenders
    • Bosses and drops divided by Arcarum (ie. one boss for Sun Idean and one boss for Devil Idean)

Here Be Swords

Genesis Creationis

Which zone should I farm?

Short Answer

First, it's recommended to farm out key Guidebooks as certain books will make general farming more efficient:
Avarice's Guidebook square.jpg Avarice's Guidebook - free Status Bounty.pngBountyItem drop rate is boosted
Demolition's Guidebook square.jpg Demolition's Guidebook - if using charge attack teams
Overflow's Guidebook square.jpg Overflow's Guidebook - if using charge attack teams
Shockwave's Guidebook square.jpg Shockwave's Guidebook - if using normal attack teams
Thunderclap's Guidebook square.jpg Thunderclap's Guidebook - if using normal attack teams
Valor's Guidebook square.jpg Valor's Guidebook - if using normal attack teams
Also consider these Guidebooks for teams with significant skill damage:
Adept's Guidebook square.jpg Adept's Guidebook
Specialist's Guidebook square.jpg Specialist's Guidebook
Here be Staves - only for Verum Proof or possibly Veritas, see What if I specifically want Veritas?
Here be Swords - only for specific tetra elementfire, water, earth, wind Ideans, Olden Primal, or Tier 1 Primal Weapons
Zone Mundus - everything else


  • Mundus
    • Excepting Verum Proof, Zone Mundus has drops available in all other zones
    • Has unique drops that are required for uncapping Evokers and World Weapons
    • Defenders drop Lusters, which otherwise only drop from Route Bosses that require host materials to fight
    • Treasure Boxes can drop Sealed Astra Coffer and Sealed Idean Coffer
  • Swords
    • Best for Olden Primal and Tier 1 Summon weapons purely because Tier 2 and Omega weapons aren't diluting the pool of possible weapons drops like they are in Mundus
    • Best for specific tetra-element Idean because bosses drop specific Ideans. Staves bosses do as well, but Staves has noticeably lower drop rates. For Mundus, all tetra-element mobs can drop both possible Ideans, which means drop rates are split for players that only want one or the other
  • Staves

What if I specifically want Veritas?

Short Answer

Players that want Veritas and nothing else should farm Staves. In all other cases, it depends on each player's individual priorities.


Veritas is most efficiently farmed from Sephira Treasure Boxes, which will almost always contain a Veritas in the first slot. The alternative source is Defenders, which drop a guaranteed Veritas in addition to other valuable loot. However, Defenders are both harder to spawn and to obtain loot from, so as a source of Veritas Defenders are inferior to Boxes.
  • Points to Consider
    • In Staves, the correct Veritas is guaranteed. For example, Devil Veritas will always drop from Devil-aligned Boxes and Defenders and Sun Veritas will always drop form Sun-aligned Boxes and Defenders
    • In other zones, Veritas for the tetra elementsfire, water, earth, wind are split. For example, Fire-aligned Boxes and Defenders can drop Devil Veritas and Sun Veritas, so players only interested in one or the other might not obtain the Veritas they want
    • Spawning Boxes requires killing bosses, with Swords and Mundus bosses having overall higher drop rates and better quality drops
    • The second slot of Boxes can contain zone-exclusive drops (notably AX and Militis weapons). Need a zone-exclusive drop? Consider farming Veritas in that zone over the other


Monk's Distinction square.jpg Here Be Staves Here Be Swords Sword Master Distinction square.jpg
World Idean square.jpg Genesis Creationis
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