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Latest Channel

Channel #107

  • From January 25th - January 27th, Premium Friday quest. The rewards include 300 crystals and a currency that can be exchanged for other items.
  • Npc s 3040071000 01.jpg Andira's FLB will come with a 4th skill. This 4th skill will inflict 3 permanent, undispellable debuffs to the enemy. The debuff names are based on Three Wise Monkeys, Mizaru (See no evil), Kikazaru (Hear no evil), and Iwazaru (Speak no evil).
  • An unexpected person will show up in Chapter 119/120, which will be added this month

Past Channels

Channels Date Information
Channel 106 2018/12/28
Channel 105 2018/12/14
Channel 104 2018/11/30
Channel 103 2018/11/16
Channel 102 2018/10/26
Channel 101 2018/10/12
Channel 100 2018/09/28
Channel 99 2018/09/14
Channel 98 2018/08/31
  • No new information
Channel 97 2018/08/17
  • Unite and Fight/August 2018's Nightmare boss will be Summon s 2040229000.jpg Zaoshen
  • Zaoshen's debuff will be pretty strong, so bringing characters or subskills with veil or clear is recommended
  • For Day 5's Special Battle, the boss will be Summon s 2040080000.jpg Zeus
  • Even though Zeus will still have Light element, but for the purpose of this fight, Zeus will also be weak against Water
  • Npc s 3040122000 01.jpg Scathacha will get her final uncap this month
  • Summon s 2040188000.jpg Thor will get its final uncap this month
Channel 96 2018/07/27
  • From August 17th to August 23rd : Xeno Cocytus Clash Rerun
  • No new weapon will be added for this rerun. The new weapon will be added on the next rerun.
Channel 95 2018/07/13
  • Unite and Fight/July 2018's Nightmare boss will be Summon s 2040173000.jpg Tezcatlipoca
  • Tezcatlipoca will gain a unique buff upon using its Charge Attack
  • If Tezcatlipoca use another Charge Attack while having this unique buff active, the Charge Attack will gain a bonus effect
  • It's recommended to bring Dispel for this fight
Channel #94 2018/06/29
Channel #93 2018/06/15
  • Npc s 3030061000 01.jpg Ejaeli will get her final uncap this month
  • Summon s 2040180000.jpg Typhon will get its final uncap this month
  • Joker is confirmed to be a Dark SSR
Channel #92 2018/06/1
  • Ryuji, Mona, Ann, and Yusuke will appear in the next collaboration event, Persona 5: Thievery in Blue
  • Joker will be the event character
  • The cut-ins animation from the original game will be implemented for this collab
  • The Japanese name for Xeno Ifrit Katana is 焔の太刀, and after uncap the name will be 極まりし烈火の太刀
Channel #91 2018/05/18
  • Unite and Fight/May 2018's Nightmare boss will be Summon s 2040249000.jpg Snow White
  • Summon s 2040249000.jpg Snow White can inflict its unique debuff, Coldblooded, upon using its Charge Attack. This debuff will reduce the character's multiattack rate every turn
  • New event has been announced for May 31st, Handsome Gorilla
  • The story will focus on Lunalu. Several other Harvin characters will also make their appearances
  • The players will help Lunalu finish her Manga. The players can also make their own Manga and share it on Twitter
  • The new difficulty for Omega raid, Hard+, will be added this month. The raid bosses will deal higher damage but will have the same amount of HP as the normal Hard raid
  • The players need to clear the corresponding Impossible raid to unlock its Hard+ raid. Example : To unlock Tiamat (Hard+) the players would need to clear Tiamat Omega (Impossible)
  • New symbols for team organization will be added. These symbols include : Unite and Fight, High-Level raid by element, specific weapon, Arcarum, and Rise of the Beasts
Channel #90 2018/04/27
Channel #89 2018/04/13
Channel #88 2018/03/25
  • New event has been announced for March 31st, Robomi Z. The event will be from March 31st to April 8th
  • Paradise Lost Mini-album will have 5 songs. Paradise Lost, Shiva OST, Grimnir OST, Alexiel OST, and Europa OST. Each song can be bought separately for 250 yen. If the players choose buy all five songs, the price will be 1200 yen
  • The pre-order for April Fools' Vyrn's album, "Black Vyrn's Wing" will be open from April 2nd 12:00 JST to April 13th 12:00 JST on CyStore. For those who pre-order the song, the album will be shipped on May 23rd, which is also the album's official release date
Channel #87 2018/03/10
  • Npc s 3030111000 01.jpg Yaia will get her final uncap this month
  • Summon s 2040167000.jpg Bonito will get its final uncap this month
Channel #86 2018/02/25
Channel #85 2018/02/10
  • A new Granblue Fes exhibition quest will be added on February 16th
  • Npc s 3040019000 01.jpg Arulumaya will get her final uncap this month, her final uncap will come with a 4th skill
  • Arulumaya's final uncap fate episode will have a connection with What Makes the Sky Blue
  • Summon s 2040216000.jpg Aphrodite will get its final uncap this month
  • Final tier of Pandemonium will be added on late February
  • For What Makes the Sky Blue rerun, the players will be able to obtain one free Bahamut Weapons
  • The players who already got the Bahamut Weapon from the original run can still get it again
  • For My First Valentine rerun, the types of chocolates that the players need to farm will be reduced, from six types of chocolates to only one.
Channel #84 2018/01/25
Channel #83 2018/01/10

Channels Date Information
Channel #81 2017/12/12
Channel #80 2017/11/25
Channel #79 2017/11/10
Channel #78 2017/10/25
Channel #77 2017/10/10
  • For this year, instead of a Unite and Fight with seasonal boss, there will be a special event to celebrate Halloween which will begin on October 20th
  • New Side Stories, Blade of the Young Champion with Juri (Event) will be added this month
  • Along with the addition of Blade of the Young Champion, the previously announced change where they will increase the number of weapons you can get from Side Stories' Treasure Trade will be increased to 4, will also be implemented
  • The first Granblue Fes exhibition quest will be added this month
Channel #76 2017/09/25
  • New event has been announced for September 30th, Violet Violence
  • Ezecrain (Event) will be the event character
  • Granblue Fantasy Manga Volume 3, which will be released on September 29th, will come with a serial code which will give : 1 SR/SSR Weapon Premium Ticket, 30 Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixir, and 60 Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berry
  • Buying Volume 1 to 3 will give a serial code for a Damascus Ingot square.jpg Damascus Ingot
  • Volume 2 of the Manga about the Four Dragon Knights, "Bond of the Twin Blade", will come with a serial code which will give : 1 Siegfried voiced stamp and 1 2017 Guaranteed Character Weapon Ticket
Channel #75 2017/09/10
  • The Extra Class Dancer will be implemented on September 14th. The weapon proficiency for this class is Dagger
  • Dancer will increase their multiattack rate the more they successfully dodge an enemy's attack, and the more they do multiattack the higher their dodge rate will be
  • Npc s 3040021000 01.jpg Lennah will get her final uncap this month
  • Rage of Bamahut: Virgin Soul Blu-ray Disc Volume 1 will include a serial code for SSR Npc s 3040133000 01.jpg Nina Drango
  • Nina will have a unique mechanic called Blush Lvl. When this Blush Lvl reach Maximum, Nina will transform into her dragon form
  • The Blush Lvl can be increased by male characters, the value varies based on Nina's taste
  • In order to implement Nina's mechanic, a hidden status will be added to all the male characters, Handsome Lvl
Channel #74 2017/08/25
Channel #73 2017/08/10
Channel #72 2017/07/25
  • New event has been announced for July 30th, Poacher's Day. Template:Itm!Carren (Event) will be the event character
  • Ultimate Bahamut (Raid) will be implemented on July 28th, you have to clear Chapter 92 to challenge it
  • Normal will be a 30-man raid, and will require Rank 80
  • Hard will be a 6-man raid, and will require Rank 101 (Changed to 130 on July 27th)
Channel #71 2017/07/10
  • For Fenrir and Cerberus Rerun, one new Cerberus Gun and Fimbul will be added to the Shop Stock
  • Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep will be added to Side Stories on Mid-July
  • Main Story Chapter 90-93 will be added this month
  • Information about Ultimate Bahamut (Raid) : Normal will be stronger than Grand Order, and Hard will be for HL Players
Channel #70 2017/06/25
Channel #69 2017/06/10
  • No new information
Channel #68 2017/05/25
  • Along with the Main story update on 29th, Cain will join the story by clearing the latest chapter
  • SR Charlotta for the next event will be wind
  • Deremasu Collab will begin on June 9th
Channel #67 2017/05/10
  • New stickers will be added
  • New EX Job, Drum Master, will be implemented this month. Djeeta will be wearing a loincloth
Channel #66 2017/04/25
  • New scenario event Alchemist with event Cag
  • Beginner support, beginner will receive bonus HP and ATK based on their rank
  • Bronze will be removed from event
  • Murgleis FLB will be released on 30th
Channel #65 2017/04/10
  • FLB Silva 21st
  • Main story chapter 86 24th
  • Clear and Dispel stickers will be added