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Your first rodeo: Revenant Weapons | Farming Tokens

Frequent flier farmers: Picking Eternals | Farming Valor Badges | GW Cutoffs

How many tokens do you need to farm?

Farming your first GW Weapon

The first 4 boxes (for a single MLB weapon) require more tokens than normal. However, if you get lucky and draw your weapon early you can also reset the box early. In the worst case scenario where you have to clear the entire Draw Box, you will need 8,800 tokens.

You will notice that some of the drop tables for the GW raids say that you can lucksack a Revenant Weapon drop. But bluntly, you have a better chance of getting a Luminiera Sword Omega square.jpg Luminiera Sword Omega from a chest in Arcarum. Don't count on it.


In addition to your desired Revenant Weapon, the Crystal square.jpg Crystals in the token boxes are also highly worth farming. These were added in the April 2019 GW update. 1,500 Crystal square.jpg Crystals is a good chunk of change, and highly recommended for people saving up for Sparks.

Apart from this, you should generally reset the box as soon as you can. You can get some AP and EP refunds from the Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixirs, Soul Balm square.jpg Soul Balms, etc. But it is generally not worth it compared to the actual AP/EP cost needed to farm the tokens to empty the box.

One exception to this is if you have a dire need to obtain the GW-exclusive SR characters Npc s 3040284000 01.jpg Abby and Npc s 3040281000 01.jpg Naoise, or Npc s 3030073000 01.jpg Pengy (Event) and Npc s 3030074000 01.jpg Ceylan (Event). These characters were event exclusive characters who have now been added to GW Draw Boxes to let everyone obtain them. They appear in pairs and alternate appearances between GW. If you want to obtain them, the three recommended approaches are:

  • Focus on drawing them in Box 1 because it has the lowest number of tokens required overall;
  • Just reset as early as possible and see if you chance into drawing them by Box 4, and if not then empty Box 4 for them; or
  • Don't worry about it because GW is a very commonly recurring event. And if you ever start farming GW more seriously than 1 MLB weapon per event, then you will need to fully empty lots of boxes and will naturally pick them up.

Farming a second GW Weapon

If you are exceptionally dedicated, or are a mid-game player who has never done GW before, you might want to farm a second GW weapon. The boxes after the first four require much fewer tokens. However, you must fully empty the box before you can reset. So if you plan to farm a second MLB weapon in a single GW, you will need an additional 8,000 tokens in the worst case scenario.

Don't worry about trying to farm any more than this at this stage. It's a waste of your resources and time compared to just finishing your Omega/Magna grids.

Don't forget your free tokens!

To figure out how many raids you need to farm, you should remember to include the free tokens you get from Badge and Honor rewards. It won't be enough to fully clear a Draw Box, but it's still meaningful!


Some numbers to be aware of:

  • Logging in and visiting the GW page during Preliminaries and the Interlude will give 25 Tokens per day
  • Logging in and visiting the GW page during Finals will give 50 Tokens per day
  • Fully clearing all Gold Badges (e.g. from EX+ spam) gives 570 Tokens
  • 5.5m total honor farmed (or higher) gives 1,070 Tokens
  • 100 bonus tokens per day if you're not in a crew and farm 250k honor (equivalent of solo-clearing five EX+ raids or one NM90 raid)
  • Killing the VH Eyeball fight up to 15 times gives a one-time bonus of 175 Tokens
  • Killing the VH Beast fight up to 15 times gives a one-time bonus of 300 Tokens
  • Killing the NM fight up to 15 times gives a one-time bonus of 600 Tokens (if you are not strong enough then just pub these because the mission only requires that a raid you hosted dies, it doesn't care how much honor you grinded)

Farming strategies

What fight should I do for farming tokens?

  • EX and EX+ is the general recommendation because it is a simple fight, and has a good token gain to AP cost.
  • If you aren't too worried about honor, you can MVP your EX/EX+ fight and then pub it. The hordes of people looking for raids to kill will then very quickly finish the fight off for you!
  • If you can't kill or MVP EX/EX+, then it's then about finding a good balance between time, AP cost, and effort.
  • For example, if you are time poor and are willing to burn a massive pile of Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixirs then you can spam VH Eyeball fights with a 1-click method to instant kill it (e.g. Npc s 3040032000 01.jpg Threo Ability Ground Zero.png Ground ZeroSacrifice 99% of caster's current HP to deal plain damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~820,000).
    Damage dealt is based on HP consumed.
    Gain Status Shield.pngShield (3000)Next ATK received will be ineffective for a fixed amount
    Strength: 3000Duration: Indefinite
    At level 95:
    Also inflict Status EarthResDown.png25% Earth DEF DownDEF is lowered for earth DMG
    Strength: 25%Base Accuracy: ≥100%Duration: 180 seconds
    Damage cap increased to ~1,230,000.
    At level 130:
    Damage increased and damage cap increased to ~2,040,000.
    When HP is below 25%: Also gain Status Routine Step.pngTriple StrikeAttacks 3 times each turn
    Duration: 1 turn
    ) and farm multiple VH Eyeballs in the same time it takes for a single EX/EX+ fight. This WILL cost a crazy number of Half Elixirs though.
  • At this stage, you are unlikely to be strong enough to be able to clear the NM fights yourself. What you can do instead is spend AP to use your Bait Chunk square.jpg Bait Chunks and pub the raid to let other players kill it. Your raid will probably explode very fast and let you pick up a good number of tokens.
  • Hosting each NM fight also lets you pick up the Crystal square.jpg Crystals from the first time host. The first time host crystals reset every Guild War, so there is literally no downside to doing this.

Boosting token gain by leeching NM raids

Don't forget that you can leech fights while you farm your own raids! If you're playing on a computer then open up a second browser window, find a NM fight, wanpan leech, and go back to farming your own stuff. Leeching up to 3 NM raids at a time can help speed up your token gain per hour. If your crew members are doing their NM raids in groups and sharing them, maybe jump in and throw a Phalanx or debuff to help them out while you wanpan.

Stamp19.png The fact that this sticker is voiced just makes it even better!

If you are extremely weak however, leeching raids might be the only way for you to farm tokens. In general, the strategy is to leech the highest level NM raid you can and wanpan leech it. When leeching, NM90s gives 20 tokens, NM95s gives 30 tokens, and NM100 will give 48 tokens per leech.

Let's assume the following:

  • You're a fairly unlucky player and you need 7,500 tokens to farm your single MLB weapon.
  • You want to spread the token farming across the entire GW equally. This means you have 6 days to farm 1,250 tokens a day.
  • You don't receive any of the free tokens described above.
  • You leech 3 raids at a time.
  • You're not farming anything with AP so it's 100% leeching.
  • Pubbed raids will die faster than the times listed below, but you might need some time to find raids in your public feed or on a Raidfinder list. Depending on the time of day, even the hardest raids can blow up in under a minute.

So what does your leeching strategy look like?

Day What to leech Number of raids Time for raid to die Time spent leeching
Prelims NM90s 63 2 min 42 min
Interlude NM90s 63 2 min 42 min
Day 1 NM95s 42 3 min 42 min
Day 2 NM95s 42 3 min 42 min
Day 3 NM100s 26 4 min 34 min
Day 4 NM100s 26 4 min 34 min

As you can see, even an extremely weak player can farm one MLB GW weapon with under 1 hour of leeching a day. Remember that this assumed a pretty unlucky player who needed 7.5k tokens and excluded all the free token bonuses. Realistically speaking, someone leeching this many NM raids would probably max out on the Gold Badge rewards at a minimum.

1 hour may seem like a lot of time, but this is also wanpan leeching (i.e. show up and do nothing leeching). This requires almost zero actual effort spent. If you do take this slightly more seriously and solo farm some fights yourself at the same time while waiting for pub raids to die, then the time spent will likely go down. If you also choose to farm up materials to host your own NM raids, the Host Token bonus offers nearly 3x the farming speed as well.

If you don't need to spread your time evenly across a GW event, it's also clear that Day 3 and 4 are the best days to grind. The fact that pubbed NM100 raids still explode very fast but give you so many more tokens per leech helps significantly.

Do this, and that shiny new GW weapon will be yours!