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Your first rodeo: Revenant Weapons | Farming Tokens

Frequent flier farmers: Picking Eternals | Farming Valor Badges | GW Cutoffs

So why should I care about Revenant Weapons?

Revenant Weapons have two purposes:

Please read the wiki page about Revenant Weapons to understand how to upgrade and element-change your weapon.

There's so many weapons! Which should I pick if I need a mainhand?

By now, you probably have an idea about what your Weapon Grid is. You’re also at the point where you keep asking yourself “What are good mainhand weapons to use for my Main Character?”


This is where Revenant Weapons come in. These can be be some of the best mainhand weapons you can use in this game. But it can be overwhelming to decide which weapon to use.

So here’s a very simple tier-list for what you should pick if you’re looking to get some shiny new mainhand weapons.

S-Tier mainhands Highly recommended for new players!
Four-Sky Blade icon.jpg The Four-Sky Blade square.jpg Four-Sky Blade is one of the best mainhands in the game thanks to providing 30% Status DoubleUp.pngDA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
on Ougi. Even end-game players still use this weapon because it’s so good! This weapon is used by basically every single element. Some exceptions apply, but by the time those exceptions matter, you’ll be an end-game player.

When you are starting out, the class you will play the most in solo play will likely be Dark Fencer (and is the Tier III class you should rush for ASAP). So getting a good Dagger mainhand will give you a big power boost.

Nine-Realm Harp icon.jpg The Nine-Realm Harp square.jpg Nine-Realm Harp is the best mainhand Harp weapon for many elements. The Heal on Ougi and extra debuff success make it a very potent weapon.

The Superstar and Elysian classes are also very popular thanks to the ability to provide buffs, debuffs, and Status DoubleUp.pngDA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
support to your team. There are a few exceptions to “best in class” Harp mainhands for some elements. These are:

A-Tier mainhands Good, but niche
One-Rift Spear icon.jpg The One-Rift Spear square.jpg One-Rift Spear is a good mainhand Spear weapon whenever you need one. Not all elements are fortunate enough to have easy access to a Spear mainhand with an ATK skill from Side Stories or events. Some good spears are locked behind HL content (e.g. Weapon s 1040210400.jpg Trident of Brahman), so you won’t be able to get them for a while. This weapon is a good stop-gap measure.

The reason Spear mainhands are so highly prized is because the best raid content classes are Holy Saber / Bishop, and their Tier IV equivalents Spartan / Sage. These are all Spear mainhand classes. Using a Spear also lets you take the Valkyrie extra skill Ability Piercing.png Double Trouble IIIGain Status TripleUp.png100% TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Strength: 100%Duration: 1 turn
Spear: All parties gain Status DoubleUp.png10% DA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Strength: 10%Duration: 3 turnsWithout other buffs
and Status TripleUp.png5~10% TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Strength: 5~10%Duration: 3 turnsMaximum effect at 3 buffs.
Axe: Inflict Status DoubleDown.pngDA DownDouble attack rate is lowered
and Status TripleDown.pngTA DownTriple attack rate is lowered
on one enemy.
to further help the raid.

Ten-Wolf Gun icon.jpg The Ten-Wolf Gun square.jpg Ten-Wolf Gun is for any element where you are struggling to find a Gun type mainhand, but you want to play Mechanic in order to abuse the “instant Strike TimeEnergy Maneuver square.jpg Energy Maneuver ability. The Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted
on Ougi will help the rest of your party maximize damage for that burst turn.
Six-Ruin Fist icon.jpg The Six-Ruin Fist square.jpg Six-Ruin Fist is an easy good choice to use whenever you need a Fist weapon. It may not always be the best min/max choice, but it’s always a good choice for all elements.

The main reason why this weapon is niche is simply because the Ogre and Luchador classes are niche. These are very damage focused classes. For newer or weaker players, you likely want to be using a debuff focused class in order to clear solo-content. For raid type content, you likely want to play a more supportive class such as Holy Saber instead and let the stronger players carry you.

What about all of the other weapons?

When you are starting out, you likely will default to the core classes given how important they are, so the other weapons are less useful to you. Many of the remaining GW Weapons are also not very good, or have highly niche uses and therefore aren’t worth worrying about at this stage. So their main use will just be for recruiting an Eternal character you want.