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Collection Tracker (Last updated: 2020-08-28) (Shalem, Yggdrasil (Summer))

Eternal Bingo Progress

Npc m 3040030000 01.jpg Npc m 3040031000 01.jpg Npc m 3040032000 01.jpg Npc m 3040033000 01.jpg Npc m 3040034000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040030000 03.jpg Npc m 3040031000 03.jpg Npc m 3040032000 03.jpg Npc m 3040033000 03.jpg Npc m 3040034000 03.jpg
Npc m 3040035000 01.jpg Npc m 3040036000 01.jpg Npc m 3040037000 01.jpg Npc m 3040038000 01.jpg Npc m 3040039000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040035000 03.jpg Npc m 3040036000 03.jpg Npc m 3040037000 03.jpg Npc m 3040038000 03.jpg Npc m 3040039000 03.jpg

Arcarum Bingo Progress

Summon m 2040236000.jpg
Summon m 2040237000.jpg
Summon m 2040238000.jpg
Summon m 2040239000.jpg
Summon m 2040240000.jpg
Npc m 3040160000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040164000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040169000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040163000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040161000 01.jpg
Summon m 2040241000.jpg
Summon m 2040242000.jpg
Summon m 2040243000.jpg
Summon m 2040244000.jpg
Summon m 2040245000.jpg
Npc m 3040165000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040162000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040168000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040167000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040166000 01.jpg

Material Trackers and Google Sheets

Things to fix

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Weapon Skills

See Template:WeaponSkillMod.

Suffix Effect Secondary Effect
Might Attack Up
Aegis Health Up
Verity Critical
Dual-Edge DA Up
Trium DA Up TA Up
Majesty Attack Up Health Up
Tyranny Attack Up Health Down
Celere Attack Up Critical
Restraint Attack Up DA Up
Fandango Attack Up TA Up
Clarity Counter
Healing Healing Cap Up
Mystery CA Damage Cap Up
Stamina Attack Up as HP Increases
Enmity Attack Up as HP Decreases
Garrison Defense Up as HP Increases

Media Viewer Test

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