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Story Release Date
Festival of Falling Flame/Story 2014-03-31
The Cowardly Hero and the Captive Princess/Story 2014-04-30
Priestess of the Dunes/Story 2014-05-31
Song of Serpent Island/Story 2014-06-30
Dark Giant of the Blue Sea/Story 2014-07-31
The Sleeping Island Giant/Story 2014-08-31
Blade of the Young Champion/Story 2014-09-30
Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~/Story 2014-10-14
Phantasm Banquet: Unite and Fight/Story 2014-10-24
Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope/Story 2014-10-31
Defender's Oath/Story 2014-11-30
Winter Nights, Stardust Memories/Story 2014-12-16
Footprints on Sacred Ground/Story 2014-12-31
Cinderella Fantasy ~Keep Dreaming in the Sky~/Story 2015-01-16
Teardrop in the Sand/Story 2015-01-31
My First Valentine/Story 2015-02-13
Scattering Magic/Story 2015-02-28
Detective Barawa and the Jewel Resort Incident/Story 2015-03-31
Rise of the Northern Beast/Story 2015-04-16
The Inner Light/Story 2015-04-30
Cinderella Fantasy ~The Newcomers~/Story 2015-05-11
So Close and Yet So Far/Story 2015-05-31
Rise of the Eastern Beast/Story 2015-06-10
Robomi (Side Story)/Story 2015-06-30
A Tale of Intersecting Fates/Story 2015-07-10
Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep/Story 2015-07-31
Rise of the Western Beast/Story 2015-08-07
Cinderella Fantasy ~Peace for Lost Souls~/Story 2015-08-22
Fall of the Dragon/Story 2015-08-31
Rise of the Southern Beast/Story 2015-09-15
Villa de Siero ~Come One, Come All~/Story 2015-09-17
Hero's Return/Story 2015-09-30
SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons/Story 2015-10-07
Phantasm Banquet/Story 2015-10-23
The Girl Who Leapt Through Mountains/Story 2015-10-31
Granblue Fighter Ultra/Story 2015-11-13
Four Knights of a Fallen Land/Story 2015-11-30
Winter Duel Tournament/Story 2015-12-18
Auld Lang Syne 2015/Story 2015-12-26
Gripping Freedom/Story 2015-12-31
Slayers Omega/Story 2016-01-22
THE FREEZE/Story 2016-01-31
Five Flowers of Fate/Story 2016-02-29
Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~/Story 2016-03-11
L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G./Story 2016-03-31
Granblue Fighter V/Story 2016-04-15
Boots & Blades/Story 2016-05-02
Sakura Wars: Skyblazing Maidens/Story 2016-05-13
Miscolored Memories/Story 2016-05-31
A Tale of Skyborn Bonds/Story 2016-06-13
Robomi: Generations/Story 2016-06-30
A Slice of Summer/Story 2016-07-31
Detective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune/Story 2016-08-31
Order of the Lord/Story 2016-09-01
By Any Other Name/Story 2016-09-30
Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~/Story 2016-10-14
Phantasm Banquet: Carnival of Whimsy/Story 2016-10-24
A Peace of the Pie/Story 2016-10-31
Between Frost and Flame/Story 2016-11-30
Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl/Story 2016-12-18
Auld Lang Syne 2016/Story 2016-12-26
Platinum Sky/Story 2016-12-31
Granblue Shodown/Story 2017-01-13
Eye of the Storm/Story 2017-01-31
Shadowverse: Duelist of Eternity/Story 2017-02-22
What Makes the Sky Blue/Story 2017-03-01
Table for Six/Story 2017-04-01
Alchemist Astray/Story 2017-04-30
Little Skyfarer a la Sacre Blumiel!/Story 2017-05-31
Cinderella Fantasy: Piña Hazard/Story 2017-06-09
Ranger Sign: Bravo!/Story 2017-06-30
Poacher's Day/Story 2017-07-31
Lonesome Dragoness/Story 2017-08-31
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon/Story 2017-09-09
Violet Violence/Story 2017-09-30
Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey/Story 2017-10-10
Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre/Story 2017-10-20
Forgiveness and Gratitude/Story 2017-10-31
Divergent Knighthoods/Story 2017-11-30
Titanic Yeager/Story 2017-12-08
A Granblue Carol/Story 2017-12-15
Auld Lang Syne 2017/Story 2017-12-28
Right Behind You/Story 2017-12-31
Auld Lanxiety/Story 2018-01-31
What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost/Story 2018-02-28
Robomi Z/Story 2018-03-31
Detective Conan: Gears of Conspiracy/Story 2018-04-08
A Thousand Reasons/Story 2018-04-30
Handsome Gorilla/Story 2018-05-31
Persona 5: Thievery in Blue/Story 2018-06-18
Together in Song/Story 2018-06-30