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There are lots of guides. I plan on making a dedicated page for each guide if they don't already exist

Twitter Leeching Farming Guide


Chances are, if you have stumbled upon here, you are someone who is learning that you need a crap ton of weapons or materials to uncap your summons/weapons. For the most part, farming from twitter requires a website like GBF Raiders or Aikats Raid Finder (these sources are called raid finders and are self explanatory on how to use them). From there, you add the raid that you want to farm.

Or at least I would say that. Some raids are harder to Twitter leech than others so I'm going to separate by categories on difficulties and each section as some are harder to farm than others.

Low Level/Standard Raids

These raids are relatively easy to farm with an exception. It is fine to leech all these raids as they all clear due to the relative ease it is to kill them

  • Magna One Raids (M1s): These raids are easy to farm, but beware. These raids don't often appear on twitter with the addition of EX+ and the fact that they have no hp compared to the other raids. You farm these for mainly beginner Magna grids
  • Tier 1 Summon Raids (T1s): These raids are rarely farmed for their weapons out side of Twin Elements' Ancient Ecke Sachs and Nezha's Nalakuvara (Ancient Nalakuvara for Magna). These don't appear as often as their High level variants but are ran for their animas for Grand Order Hosts.
  • Tier 2 Summon Raids (T2s): These raids often run especially during Mag Fest as they drop lots of materials needed for upgrading Revenent Weapons and the needed anima for Ultimate Bahamut Hosts. Most of these raids also drop good weapons that late game players use (except for Lich. Lich is absolutely hated on due to lots of debuffs and terrible weapons).
  • Primarch Raids: These raids are ran often due to their need for anima for every late game weapon. You will find these very often so just hop into one and leech. Do note that these raids have Blue Chests which means that you can get extra mats from them if you reach a certain amount of honors. Currently, these raids are the only Low Level Raids with Blue Chests.
  • Proto Bahamut: This raid is mainly farmed for rusted weapons and host mats for its HL counterpart. Clears pretty quickly depending on the demand of it. Also this is probably the first raid where you will be overloaded with the fact that there are so many raids being tweeted at once (This can happen sometimes with Primarchs).
  • Haunglong and Qilin: Appear often after a Rise of the Beasts event and are farmed for their summons.
  • Grand Order: This raid is farmed a lot. You will be able to find Grand Orders all the time especially in middle game and late game due to the need of Silver Centrums. There will always be some on twitter to farm. Feel free to leech on this because only host can get silver centrums (though you might want to get blue if you can because getting horns is better than getting feathers).
  • Ultimate Bahamut: This raid by farm is the hardest to farm on twitter. If you do not have JP ping, it will be close to impossible to farm efficiently out side of trains. So please just do this raid in trains for heavens sake.

High Level/Impossible Raids

These raids are mostly upgrades to their Low Level counter parts with some new raids being added. These raids are very often ran and almost every single of the raids have a blue chest which means you should put in some effort instead of leeching.

  • Magna One HL: Very often these raids are ran. Perfectly fine to leech and you will be visiting these raids a lot if you haven't been due to the need of host crystals for M2 Raids and the needed centrums.
  • Tier 1 HL Raids: Same thing as the T1s, but with a higher difficulty. Often ran due to Omega animas dropping more often. Also due note the Rose Queen Raid. Its not ran often but if you join, contribute to the raid because it can fail if everyone leeches.
  • Tier 3 Raids (Buncle Raids): Yeah they just skipped tier 2 HL and made a new set of raids. Get used to it. Due note that these raids clear very quickly and have nothing of interest outside of red and blue chests. Try your best to get blue chest.
    • Anubis: Anubis is very hard to farm in the way that if you don't have JP ping or don't have a 2 click blue chest team, you won't be able to farm the raid outside of trains. As of 2/5/2020, it is ran very often for the weapon, Scales of Dominion.
  • Magna 2 Raids: You can find these raids any time on twitter. Only problem about these raids is if you can't often reach the blue chest before others clear the raid, then its better to hop into trains and get the blue chest that way.
    • Guild Wars: IF THE NEXT GW IS SAY WIND ADVANTAGE, THERE WILL BE A CRAP TON OF GRIMNIRS AS EVERY ONE IS FARMING. Farming outside of JP rush time is recommended as these raids almost get instantly cleared during JP rush time.
  • Malice Raids: Often easy to find (Tiamat Malice more than Levi Malice) due to the ever ending need to host Akasha or uncapping your Lucifer or Bahamut. Even though there is no blue chest, try your best to contribute as it occasionally doesn't clear (very rare for this to happen though.)
  • Lucilius N: Pretty normal to for people to leech as there is a common desire of the community wanting to get their dark opus weapons upgraded
  • Akasha: Often ran as Hollow Sky weapons are strong currently and are used in many end game grids. Also needed for ULBing opus (which if you are here sitting on a flb opus and you are farming for ulb, idk why you are even here). Leeching is often not acceptable due to the cases of this raid not clearing fast enough (sometimes 20 minutes if people don't contribute). Its best to do these in trains instead of twitter farming. Do note that blue chest has blue
  • Proto Bahamut HL (PBHL): Often ran because of brick chance in both Host and MVP chests. It is not acceptable to leech this raid as if too many people are leeching it, then it will not clear which means no bricks. This raid is also the raid that is the most active in GBF so find that you will see a tweet at minimum every 5-10 seconds (if you don't see 2 in 1 second, idk what you are doing lul).
  • Grand Order HL (GOHL): Currently ran very often due to brick in blue and the Cosmic Weapons uncap update. Even though that these raids clear almost all the time, its best to not leech and try your best to contribute as much as possible because there has been cases where the raid failed.
  • Ultimate Bahamut HL: Don't join if you can't solo just a general tip.
  • Lucilius HL: First of all. Why? Second of all. If you are at this point, you should not be reading this guide. this is for people who don't know how to leech. Third thing. If you see this raid pop up on twitter, send a screenshot to the wiki salts. I want to see this