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Water is cool, it kinda sucks at time but hey, I don't know where I'm going with this. Some stuff about water I guess. this is just practice for wiki editing dont mind me and dont take it too seriously either just some rambles!!

Water weapons

Let's talk water weapons!! Even the arguably trashy ones!!!


  • Leviathan Gaze Omega square.jpg Leviathan Gaze Omega: the basic grid weapon and core of M1. Once M2 starts you kinda bench most of these. Safe to uncap one of these to 4* but that's about as far as it could get.
  • Tyros Zither square.jpg Tyros Zither: is a good weapon. The entire water meta and trademark basically revolves around this weapon for Magna. You can run 5 of these even!! dont do that Rising Force already is strong with 4. A standard grid would run either 2 or 3 (Though i find 3 kinda pushing it) . you can get away with 1 (or none even wooo) if C.A. based teams ain't your thing. There is more weapons for Magna water that allows for more flexibility that you don't need to run some boring C.A. comp all the time. Those C.A based comp isn't going to save you when the enemy dishes out like 20k normal attacks now would it.
  • Ancient Auberon square.jpg Ancient Auberon: using 3 of this with double ULB levi plus Weapon s 1040111300.jpg Winter's Frostnettle allows for near 100% crit. It also increases your HP which is actually going to help you in hard fights so farm this and uncap it
  • Weapon s 1040020500.jpg Aquamarine Hatchet: this is a progression weapon. It gives elemental attack. Double Levi + this is strong. With this plus Auberon builds you can destroy the people who say double levi crit is bad probably best reserved for longer fights though
  • Tyros Bow square.jpg Tyros Bow: this weapon is interesting. Its technically considered bad by other people and they aren't entirely wrong, Medium attack is meh at best and the Fandango skill is really small. Normally you would not pay this weapon too much mind but I've seen motocal calculations with a grid based on this weapon entirely and damage isn't that bad actually. The quartz, omega anima required and other more flexible grids kinda makes this weapon obsolete and not that worth it but it could be interesting trying to build this grid for fun or something (only if you have really nothing better to do just secure Tyros Zither and the Auberons and you will be good)
  • Weapon s 1040614100.jpg Spirit of Mana: Wow this weapon is cool actually. Enmity in water?!? Well yeah this weapon allows that but its also good for hard fights where you get beaten up often. That enmity is medium so you don't need to run some kind of jank 6 claw grid like in dark and can just get away with one. Just one (or two if up for it). Don't do 3 like what Kamigame suggest because:
    • Farming this weapon is horrible
      • No grid space probably
        • Enmity is interesting and all but water is a little complicated with that(for now at least)
  • Tyros Scepter square.jpg Tyros Scepter: This weapon has teams based around this weapon and is basically the kinda core(?) of staff-team water. You would actually just keep to 2 at best really because other weapons like Tyros Zither kinda is more flexible and strong already. Also the other weapons mentioned above affects all as contrast to this weapon which only affects staff proficiency characters and while there are numerous in water especially Npc s 3040007000 01.jpg Lily, it makes team compilations more narrow honestly and with other more nicer characters that don't have staff proficiency, Its not really worth it to build a grid/team purely around this weapon in my opinion.
  • Weapon s 1040111300.jpg Winter's Frostnettle: This good as a mainhand, this is good as a grid weapon. Its AES for water what else needs to be said of course it will be good pair this with 3 ancient auberons and double 5*Summon s 2040028000.jpg Leviathan Omega and you have near 100% crit
  • The other Levi weapons Leviathan Bow Omega square.jpg Leviathan Bow Omega, Leviathan Spear Omega square.jpg Leviathan Spear Omega and all aren't worth keeping really. The bow seems to have some use as HP padding back then (even then, really terrible at that, there isn't even an attack skill!), but ancient auberons plus double levi grids are now cool so just fodder these for something else

PRIMAL aka Varoon

You know that people say that Summon s 2040100000.jpg Varuna is bad because it doesn't have a Weapon s 1040207000.jpg Eden or Weapon s 1040200700.jpg Gisla equivalent? Well they ain't wrong but I've already invested in Varuna knowing that I will eventually regret it one day so I don't know either. Everything gets powercrept eventually so don't get too antsy or be so hell-bent worried I guess.

The Freebies:

F2P Varuna huh... there's a whole lot of things to take into before contemplating that but If you really want to go Summon s 2040100000.jpg Varuna without the use of Grand Weapons its technically possible. Just don't be too surprised if the damage is lower and/or more expensive than a Water grid with Grand Weapons in it or a standard Omega Water grid.

  • Fimbul square.jpg Fimbul: This weapon. Its a big classic and the (used-to?) core of F2P Varuna. The reason I got interested in going Varuna was partly due to this weapon. Its surprisingly really strong and easy to get weapon for a primal grid so that an instant plus in my book. Big Stamina and HP??? Though nowadays people like to rag on this weapon because 'no ATK skill bad' and more strong weapons have come out that makes F2P Varuna grid based on Fimbul entirely pretty questionable. Having one or two is still pretty nice for your grid but any more, even for HP padding purposes is not really recommended. The aforementioned 'No ATK skill' thing means your damage will be pretty bad to non-existent in hard fights where you're in constant red HP. (Unless maybe you use Lily + Europa or something even then its not really worth it) so yeah.
  • Auberon square.jpg Auberon: Oh hey this is here too and its....okay in primal??? Its mostly if you are trying some sort of F2P Varuna Crit thing or want more HP padding but don't want to use Fimbul square.jpg Fimbul (or Vergilius square.jpg Vergilius even) without sacrificing your ATK too much.
  • Wilhelm square.jpg Wilhelm: It goes pretty hand-to-hand with Auberon square.jpg Auberon, Its part of the Crit squad, this thing lowers HP while giving you ATK and Auberon gives you HP. Since this thing and Auberon square.jpg Auberon is Melee it could be pretty decent with Weapon s 1040605000.jpg Cosmic Gauntlet. I'd recommend just having 2 or 3 at best though.
  • Weapon s 1040415700.jpg Savior of Hallowed Ground: This thing is pretty meh in my opinion. It works a lot more better if you are running some kind of Weapon s 1040407600.jpg Cosmic Rod grid, and/or mostly if you lack Multi-attack for your team and have enough staffs in your grid to make it worth space.
  • Weapon s 1040112300.jpg Kris of Hypnos: This is strong defensive mainhand weapon. As for grid, eh...? Its not the worse with its Excelsior skill or Primacy skill for that matter. But I wouldn't really go out of my way to farm 2 for purely grid purposes.
  • Weapon s 1040704800.jpg Dark Thrasher: I hate this weapon. I hate how good it is. It's Garrison and HP so its an incredible weapon but farming this is terrible. As I am typing this, I am current full-autoing a Phronesis (Raid) right now. Now while it may not be a fantastic as say Weapon s 1040414600.jpg Majestas is to dark due to Dark's synergy with Enmity (for now at least), Its still incredibly good for tough-as-nails raids and HP padding. Farming this is not fun or as accessible though.
  • Vergilius square.jpg Vergilius: It's for HP padding without relying on Fimbul or Auberons (or without that cursed weapon mention above)! You don't want to sacrifice like 2, 3 or more spaces for some cursed small HP padding weapon? Then rely on this!
  • Xuanwu Shellfists square.jpg Xuanwu Shellfists: This weapon is not that bad if you want some source of Bonus Damage on your fourth ally for some reason while being able to compromise the 30% charge bar hit gain. In terms of Bonus damage sources though, Class 130301 wa square.jpg Warlock already has teamwide Status Bonus Damage.png20% Bonus DMGDeals bonus DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks
    Strength: 20%Duration: 3 turns
    though Chaser so getting this weapon is somewhat iffy in my opinion.
  • Gleipnir square.jpg Gleipnir: I don't know why I bother including this but yeah its pretty terrible. Don't get this.