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retired try-hard making questionable decisions

i started my account some time in 2016 and i have never known peace since



Npc sd 3040247000 02.pngNpc sd 3040345000 02.pngNpc sd 3040347000 01.pngNpc sd 3040357000 02.pngNpc sd 3040339000 02.pngNpc sd 3040410000 02.pngNpc sd 3030224000 03.png

Little Meow Meows

Npc sd 3040261000 02.pngNpc sd 3040255000 02.pngNpc sd 3040300000 01.pngNpc sd 3710063000 01.pngNpc sd 3040286000 01.pngNpc sd 3040224000 02.pngNpc sd 3040356000 01.png



Most Wanted

these are my white whales... if i don't get them, i will perish

Npc m 3040373000 01.jpgNpc m 3040412000 01.jpgNpc m 3040409000 01.jpgNpc m 3040224000 01.jpg

Ability m 1269 3.png Rainbow Kanabo Display Case

Weapon m 1040417200.jpgWeapon m 1040417300.jpgWeapon m 1040417400.jpgWeapon m 1040417500.jpgWeapon m 1040417600.jpgWeapon m 1040417700.jpg


Rainbow Kanabos Completed: 09/02/2022

Eternal & Evoker Bingo

Eternals Recruited: 10/10

Eternals 5★ Uncapped: 1/10 (sad i know)

Evokers Recruited: 6/10

Short-Term Goals

in no particular order

  • 5★ Six
  • 5★ Water Opus
  • SSR Temperance

vazkii was here lol