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This guide hopes to cover some commonly seen or used Omega II (Magna II, M2) grids for each element. Farming Omega II weapons requires a lot of effort and dedication. However, Omega II grids do provide undeniable improvement to either firepower or survivability or both over the Omega I grids in most cases. Statistical analysis may be done some time in the future if I am free.

IMPORTANT! The grids provided are by no means the perfect grids. You should treat them as references and adapt the grids based on the characters and weapons you own. Adaptability is very important in mid-late game as different high-level raids require different approaches.

  • Some weapons have alternatives, their trade-offs will be added in the future.
  • Some grids require specific party member(s) are marked by a (!) next to the grid title.

Before you tweak your grids or transition from M1 to M2, it is always wise to use simulators (e.g. motocal, GBF Grid Simulator) to evaluate the theoretical expected damage output of your grids. It is even better if you have basic understanding of how damage works in GBF, please refer to Damage Formula if you are interested. In general, you would like to include different types of Damage Up (Omega, Normal, EX, Elemental) in your grids to maximise damage output.