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Most of the time, I browse. Sometimes I translate things.

I do not claim that my translations are 101% accurate to the writers' intent by any means. Errors and difference in interpretations/opinions happen. If I've made any mistakes/typos, I usually go back to fix them whenever possible, unless I've missed them and/or someone else gets to them first.


Gotta keep in mind that Japanese is a lot more "high-context" than English is (the latter requires more contextual information), so there may be some awkwardness in deciphering certain things like single-word lines (eg: voiced battle lines etc), the tone the character is using, situational words (すみません does not always mean "sorry", はい/うん does not always mean "yes"), idioms (which sometimes don't have a 1:1 equivalent in English), puns (which almost always don't have an equivalent in English and is mostly likely to be substituted entirely), etc.

JPN ENG Comment 
X: これ不味いよね?
Y: うん、不味いね。
X: This isn't tasty, is it?
Y: Nope, it's not.
Y is agreeing/disagreeing (うん/いや) with X's opinion rather than talking about the taste of the food itself in JPN. The typical response in ENG, however, would usually be about the taste instead.
X: これ不味いよね?
Y: いや、うまいよ!
X: This isn't tasty, is it?
Y: Yes it is!

There are probably better examples out there but, well.