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There is a certain charm to numbers with a specific pattern. Some people (me included) might feel compelled to apply this to their Unite and Fight honors for aesthetics, boredom, or some other reason. This is intended to help people in figuring out how to beautify their honors.


XXYY Ranking, Palindrome Battles, Repeating Honors
  • GBF's in-raid honor tracker is NOT exact. The honors gained will likely be slightly higher than displayed.
    • Rounding numbers would add around 1~20 honors depending on which actions you did. (Mostly 1, extras are only if you participate actively)
    • Hosting the raid will add a static honor bonus that is different for each raid (e.g. Viridian Horn (EX) has a ~1,200 bonus for being the host).
      • Make sure you have around 100 honors as the margin of error when considering the in-raid honor tracker to avoid overshooting.
  • If your honors in the honor tracker goes over (or is exactly) your goal, you can retreat in order to avoid taking the honors.
  • Plan ahead if the goal is achievable or if you will need to farm more for your crew's battle.
  • Use the Random, Varied, Approx values in the table below to approach your goal (i.e. Get close but do not aim for an exact honor).
    • Do this until you can easily use a combination of Exact values to reach your goal.
    • You can do raids normally until you approach your goal and then ask friends / crewmates / pubs to finish off your host.
  • Use the Exact values in the table below to fine-tune your honors (i.e. Going from 1,999,995,998 to 2,000,000,000 by doing two 1s and one 4000)
    • Crew Raids give more honours than the listed values. Be careful when fine tuning.
    • Once you only need a multiple of 4000 or 6000, you can go proceed with clearing Oglers

Honor Table

Exact1Crew / PubsUse a skill that does NOT:
  • Deal damage
  • Inflict a debuff
    • Even if it misses / has no effect
  • Affect other players in the raid
    • Buff / Heal / Field Effect
Multiple skills will not add more honors
(Honor gain is: 0 per relevant skill + 1 honor)
OK: Ability Burst.png Full ArsenalGain Instant ChargeInstantly sets Charge Bar to 100%
Unaffected by Charge Bar Gain status effects.
No effect when afflicted by Shorted debuffs or when Charge Bar is above 100%.

Not OK: Ability Rage.png RageAll parties gain Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Strength: SmallDuration: 3 turns
Exact11Crew / PubsCall a summon that does NOT:
  • Deal Damage
  • Inflict a Debuff
    • Even if it misses / has no effect
Honor gain is: 10 per relevant summon + 1 honor per battle
If you cross-chain another summon: the chained summon must conform to the conditions.
OK: Summon s 2040290000.jpg Nobiyo
Not OK: Summon s 2040034000.jpg Colossus Omega
Exact21Crew / Pubs

Bring Npc s 3030182000 01.jpg Lyria (Event) and call 2 summons that do NOT:

  • Deal damage
  • Inflict a debuff
    • Even if it misses / has no effect
Exact4000SelfClear OglerEyeball (Normal)
Exact8000SelfClear OglerEyeball (Hard)
Random10~200Crew / PubsUse the 1000 Rupie Ability RupieFlip.png Rupie FlipPlain damage to one enemy.Per usage
Varied10~??,???Crew / PubsAttempt to apply any debuffPer usage and based on what the debuffs are and whether they land or not
Approx.21,400SelfSolo the VH Meat Beast
  • Use as little raid-wide effects (buffs / debuffs) as possible.
    • Includes effects gained from normal attacks and charge attacks.
    • These increase the honors gained by a varied amount even if no other player is affected.
  • Base honors gained might change.
    • Refer to the current UnF's Wiki Page.
Approx.51,000SelfSolo the EX Meat Beast
Approx.80,800SelfSolo the EX+ Meat Beast
Approx.260,000SelfSolo the NM90 Boss
Approx.910,000SelfSolo the NM95 Boss
Approx.2,650,000SelfSolo the NM100 Boss
Approx.4,100,000SelfSolo the NM150 Boss
Approx.13,200,000SelfSolo the NM200 Boss
ExtremelyVariedAnyUse a skill or summon that do not conform to the Exact setups