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The information on this page is incorrect and outdated. For latest update on this topic, please see Lockout instead.


Have you ever tried refreshing the game in the middle of a fight? If your refresh speed is fast enough, you might encounter this thing called Lockout which causes you to be unable to attack and use skills or summons for a few seconds. This is lockout, the period of time in which you are unable to act after an action. Every action has a corresponding lockout -- whether it be taking a turn, using skills, or using summons. Potions can be used even during lockout though and is an efficient use of the lockout time.

All of the information here come from both my undocumentedIt was supposed to be for my personal use. tests and Yomisolov-Geek[1]

Estimating Lockout

Turn Lockout

Provided here is a simple equation for estimating your turn lockout in seconds.

Lockout = 1 + (ATK * 0.35) + (OUGI * 0.35) + CHAIN
  • ATK is the total amount of normal attacks your characters did that turn
    • i.e. 2 characters dealing double attacks and 2 characters dealing triple attacks would have ATK = 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 = 10
    • Multi-strikeStatus Routine Step.pngDouble StrikeAttacks twice each turn

      Status Routine Step.pngTriple StrikeAttacks 3 times each turn

      Status Lord-Sword.pngLord-SwordTriple attack rate is boosted / Attacks 3 times each turn (Can't be removed)
      effects are also counted for ATK.
    • There is a cap to this number in such a way that 7 triple attacks would have relatively the same lockout as 4 triple attacks. (The exact cap however still needs further testing)
  • OUGI is the total amount of charge attacks your characters did that turn.
    • Damaging and non-damaging charge attacks are both counted.
  • CHAIN is a value that depends on what OUGI is. It is determined by the following the table:
0~1 0
2 5
3 7
4+ 9
  • As additional information, my old test data suggest a 0.3 second lockout per attack which is close to 0.35.

Enemy Lockout

Similar to our team, enemies also contribute to the turn lockout. This can be experienced by fighting the Test Turret Beta trial battle. This is also made apparent by LV200 Ultimate Bahamut's form change when it reaches 30% HP -- causing players to experience the Waiting animation.

However, I do not have exact numbers to provide in regards to how much lockout enemies add under normal circumstances. Only that they exist.

Putting turn lockout and enemy lockout together, the total turn lockout is then

Lockout = 1 + (ATK * 0.35) + (OUGI * 0.35) + CHAIN + ENEMY

with ENEMY as the additional lockout added by an enemy action.

Other Lockout

Skills and summon calls also have their own lockout when used. However, most of the time this is irrelevant because the lockout is only around 1 second. I believe that summon lockout is slightly higher than skill lockout and that skill lockout also varies depending on the skill's bonus effects such as buffs and debuffs. This can however be taken advantage of by skills such as Ability Tag Team.png Tag TeamAll allies instantly perform a normal attack without using up a turn. on order to reduce a high turn lockout (~6s) into a low skill lockout (~1s). Due to the difficulty of examining these extra lockouts, I do not have any exact values nor equations for them -- simply that they are around 1 second.