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Stamp87.png Disclaimer
This section is still being written, it may be wildly inaccurate or missing significant data.
If you can help please feel free to edit it but please write edit summaries, preferably with sources.

The Manual of Style (abbreviated as MoS) is an instruction manual that addresses the conventions adopted by in writing, titles, articles, and linking. Please read it before you contribute to the The Granblue Fantasy Wiki project.

This manual attempts to address all issues of style in an objective manner, though there are inevitably cases where issues of style are subjective. If there are any unresolved disputes over what best adheres to the style of The Granblue Fantasy Wiki, please join the Discord and discuss in the #wiki_discussion channel.

Character Skills[edit]

The first line is the original skill description taken directly from the game.
The second line is the preferred wiki style based off the original description.
Any extra explanations about conversions are below relevant examples.

Basic Wikicode[edit]


Manual of style/Romanization

Naming Conventions[edit]

Naming conventions in The Granblue Fantasy Wiki have been determined to go by English names of characters unless a character does not currently have an English name. Redirects from Japanese names should be created in order to alleviate confusion. For instance, the page La Fie redirects to De La Fille. As the game has a large fanbase who have assigned nicknames to specific characters, care must be taken when naming articles. Where nicknames exist, redirects will be made to accommodate, but the original article will still use the the English name. For example, Birdman will redirect to Nezahualpilli.

Names of People[edit]

All modern persons should have their name given in Western order. Since the definition of "modern" may vary from culture to culture, for the Japanese, all names from the Taishō period onwards should be given in Western order. Names from the Meiji restoration may be given in Western or Eastern order -- use prevailing convention on a person-by-person basis. Names prior to the Meiji restoration should be given in Eastern order.

When a person has a specific preference for the way their name is rendered, or where convention differs, use that instead. For example, use Hiromoto SIN-Ichi, Ikue Ohtani, and Rica Matsumoto, instead of Shin'ichi Hiromoto, Ikue Ōtani, and Rika Matsumoto.


All disambiguation terms are considered proper nouns, and must be displayed as such.

Names of Element Types[edit]


  • For headings, 1st level heading should be avoided. It is saved for page titles.
  • For backgrounds and templates, obtrusively bright colors should be avoided.
  • Smaller tables are generally considered better, assuming they still have adequate information. Even little things, such as a thin 1px border, are preferred.
  • Category:Navigation templates should aspire to be as useful as possible, not as large as possible. For some reason, several users are fond of trying to put entire articles worth of information on a single navigation template, resulting in gigantic templates at the bottom of articles interconnecting many articles which are only related by a very long tangent. This is tacky and useless; try to keep navigation templates simple but useful.
  • Status Effects should always use the Status template. Items should always use the Item template if possible, etc.


Images are often a helpful visual addition to the content of articles. However, in some cases, it is questionable what images are best used for articles.

  • If there is official artwork, such as the direct game art or from printed material, this is always the preferred image.
  • If there is no official artwork, ones created by the contributing user are preferred over images taken from other sources. There will inevitably be disputes about which user-created image is best, as there is no exact policy on such; however, the image should generally be the highest quality and most informative image.
  • Animated images should be avoided proportionately with how large and distracting the animation is. Small uses, such as a blinking dot on a world map to indicate location, are non-obtrusive and acceptable.
  • Overwriting existing images is acceptable, since The Granblue Fantasy Wiki favors the image with the higher quality, not the greater seniority. However, please avoid disputes by discussing the change with the user who uploaded the former image before uploading the new image.

Status Icons[edit]

Style of Writing; Editing, Bias and Opinion[edit]

Please remember that The Granblue Fantasy Wiki is designed to be accessible to both new fans and old, while containing text understandable and accurate to both, and as such should contain the best possible level of literary style. Also as a formalized wiki, it is suggested to not use the second-person in descriptions, as this is unprofessional: "You can unlock Catalina’s fourth limit break after completing Chapter 36" is incorrect, while "Catalina’s fourth limit break is unlocked after completing Chapter 36" is preferred.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors before entering a page; if you notice factual or spelling errors on a page other than the ones you have created, feel free to correct these problems, as The Granblue Fantasy Wiki is an open project. In order to avoid disagreements over factual accuracy, it is best to cite sources for controversial statements. If presenting one point of view, it is best to also present a contrasting opinion with it.

As Granblue's translation team uses American English, the writing style on the Granblue Fantasy Wiki should also mimic the official translation.

Digit Groupings[edit]


Article Titles[edit]

The conventions for titles dictate that all proper nouns are capitalized, as are all locations, and names unless specifically not capitalized. Titles are not written like book titles with most words capitalized (unless the article is about a book); note the title of this page as Manual of style, not Manual of Style.

Uniformity in the titling of pages is much appreciated in that it makes for a much more professional appearance with regards to the public perception of The Granblue Fantasy Wiki. Any page title that includes a name should not be stored in a biographical format. In most cases, titles referring to a specific group should be kept singular. However, some exceptions are allowed when the group name is plural, such as Celestial Beasts rather than Celestial Beast. Also, only link to an article once within a given portion of text; if you say "Katalina" more than once in a paragraph, only link it the first time. Instances further apart may be linked to more than once, it is up to you how far apart to place repeated links. For consistency, if most elements of a list are links, then link to an article as many times as needed in that list. Japanese titles should be romanized in titles, but see the following sections for details.

Battle Articles[edit]

Raids are the meat of Granblue Fantasy - as such, special care is taken regarding the creation and structure of these pages.


All raids should have their own bossname_(Raid) page, with navtabs to separate the fights. The navtabs will fetch the information from the Raid namespace fights to keep everything organized.


To ease page creation, all images use the same file name scheme, as follows:

BattleRaid_[Raid].jpg   - the raid's picture in the quest select screen.
BattleRaid_[Entity].jpg - the character's portrait in the fight
If the enemy's portrait changes during the fight or there are multiple entities with the same name, then use the following naming scheme:
[Raid] - The raid name.
[Entity] - The entity's name.
[#] - the number of the entity.

Filling Templates[edit]

Filling out BattleRaid and BattlePhase is fairly simple.

  • edit_title should be where ever the fight data is stored. It should always be [fight type]:[boss name] [difficulty].
  • name is the name of the raid instance (we haven't talked about this yet, though).
  • image will always be where the picture of the fight instance is stored. It should always be BattleRaid [raid name].jpg
  • location determines where you find the raid. #s are based on where chapters are.
  • cost_host is the rank requirement, AP cost and resource costs, if any. Always use {{Itm|name|quantity}} template for the items.
  • cost_join is the rank requirement and EP cost.
  • unlock are the unlock conditions.
  • tweetdeck is always the English name first, followed by the Japanese name.
  • loot should always have {{ItmLst}} template tags, pendants nonwithstanding.
BattlePhase / BattleEnemy[edit]
  • phase should always have the phase name as "Boss" if it's a single phase raid. Otherwise, give them appropriate names.
  • ca_desc follows very specific styling conventions. It will always be the following:
* '''Ability Name''' {{template here}}
:[formatted description]

The description is pretty easy to dissect. [Damage quantity] [properties] to [an|all] all(y|ies) [, # times]. Inflicts {{Status|(%) stuff|status icon}} (duration) [other properties]

  • Damage quantity is the rough damage number done.
  • Properties includes the following things: Damage Variance (Static, null or % of Max/HP) and Damage Type (Element type damage / Plain damage).
  • Use plurals as needed.
  • Use discretion when using [other properties]. Keep it as concise as possible. Do not break the flow of the writing.

An example BattleRaid can be found below.

|edit_title=Raids:Tiamat Hard
|name=Lvl 50 Tiamat
|image= BattleRaid Tiamat (Hard).jpg
|cost_host=15 AP
|cost_join=Rank 20+, 2 BP
|unlock=Rank 20+, Host [[Tiamat (Raid)#Normal|Tiamat Showdown (Normal)]]
|tweetdeck=Lvl 50 Tiamat;Lv50 ティアマト 
|loot_wood= {{ItmLst|Satin Feather|Wind Orb|Green Tome}}
|loot_silver={{ItmLst|Zephyr Feather|Flying Sprout|Tiamat Anima|Gale Scroll}}
|loot_gold={{ItmLst|Tiamat Omega Anima|Tiamat Amood|Tiamat Blade|Tiamat Bolt|Tiamat}}
|loot_red={{ItmLst|Soul Berry|Tiamat Anima|Tiamat Omega Anima|Cyclone Orb|Gale Scroll|Tempest Whorl|Flawless Prism|Tiamat Amood|Tiamat Blade|Tiamat Bolt|Tiamat}}
| {{
  | {{
* '''Crippling Storm''' {{N}}
:Wind damage to all allies and inflict 30% {{Status|ATK Down|AttackDown}} for 3 turns.
* '''Wind Torrent''' {{N}} {{OD}}
:3-hit Wind damage to random allies.
* '''Cyclonic Destruction''' {{OD}}
:Large Wind damage to all allies.
[[Category:Hard Raids]]

Fight Strategies[edit]

  • Use bullet-point notes to quickly summarize how to deal with mechanics. Baha HL's Strategy guide is a good point of reference.
  • Divide the points into phases. Anything that needs to be known before hosting/joining should be put at the top. Any reoccuring notable mechanic should be listed in the phase it starts in.

Character Articles FIX ME[edit]

Characters are part and parcel of the world of Granblue Fantasy - as such, special care is taken regarding the creation and structure of these pages.

This page is currently outdated relative to current wiki standards and will be updated in the future.

Characters are part and parcel of the world of Granblue Fantasy - as such, special care is taken regarding the creation and structure of these pages.

As characters appear in different rarities and variants, the article order is dependent on the date of introduction of specific character rarities and variants; e.g. Rosamia is the character's R form, which was introduced first; her SR form, Rosamia (SR) has a disambiguation segment in its title. Lamretta, though she has a R form, was first introduced with an SR form, such that the rare form is entitled Lamretta (R).

Over time, special variants have been made for various characters; the Granblue Fantasy fandom refers to them by several titles but for the purposes of uniformity, the following conventions are considered best practice:

  • For alternate element variants, the segment (element) is to be used, where element is the specific element (Light, Dark, Earth, Wind, Fire or Water) for the variant. Sutera (Fire)
  • For all swimsuit variants, the segment (Summer) is to be used in the title. Katalina (Summer).
  • For holiday variants covering Halloween, the segment (Halloween) is used in the title, e.g. Cagliostro (Halloween).
  • For holiday variants covering Christmas or the end-of-year holiday season, the segment (Christmas) is used in the title, e.g. Fastiva (Christmas)
  • For unique variants, follow the GBF JP wiki's prescribed title, or use the segment (Event) to disambiguate. For multiple event variants, use a best approximation of the Japanese disambiguation, e.g. Jin (Ronin).


If multiple variations exist for a particular character, the About template is to be used at the very top of the page to allow access to other articles.

Otherwise, the very first element (topmost) on a character page should be the Character template. The Character template contains all the primary information for a character and contains all the major character images (all the full-size character art plus SD images).

Below the Character, sections may be added following this order (please note that all of these are optional in an article; the Character is mandatory):

  • Background - This should contain the background blurb for the character. Text here is taken directly from the game (Journal > Field Notes) and displayed in italicized, centered text.
  • Notes - This contains any additional notes for a character.
  • Skins - Cygames will from time to time release limited outfits for certain characters. For such cases, display the skins here using the Charskin template.


To ease character page creation, all character images* use the same file name scheme, as follows:

[Cha]_([Distinct])_A.png    - initial character image
[Cha]_([Distinct])_B.png    - character's limit break image
[Cha]_([Distinct])_C.png    - character's max limit break image
[Cha]_([Distinct])_SDA.png  - initial character SD sprite
[Cha]_([Distinct])_SDB.png  - character's limit break SD sprite
[Cha]_([Distinct])_SDC.png  - character's max limit break SD sprite
[Cha] - the known English name of the character, in proper case, with no spaces (i.e. Noa, Rin Shibuya)
[Distinct] - the character's variant or distinctive (if any) in proper case, with no spaces (i.e. Summer, Halloween, SR)

Special Characters[edit]

With regards to romanized Japanese titles, omit macrons and apostrophes in the title (but create redirects from the accurate romanization if you so desire). Technical limitations include mandatory capitalization of the first letter of titles and the identical treatment of space, + and _ as spaces. Use Template:Wrongtitle to make a note of any wrong titles due to technical limitations. Also note that formerly & was not an acceptable character, but now it is acceptable to use up to two ampersands in a title - more than two ampersands in a row will cause problems. Special care must be taken with ?, though usually things will work as expected.

Game Tab[edit]

Strategy Tab[edit]

Lore Tab[edit]

Voice Tab[edit]

Anime Tab[edit]

Gallery Tab[edit]

Weapon Articles[edit]

External Content Integration[edit]

It is against The Granblue Fantasy Wiki's policy to directly copy text from other websites without permission. If other sources consent to allowing their text to appear on The Granblue Fantasy Wiki and be subsequently edited and expanded upon to better fit The Granblue Fantasy Wiki's style and standards, then and only then editors can directly copy their text into The Granblue Fantasy Wiki. In this case, the source must be credited.

Integration is not the same as replacement, however. If The Granblue Fantasy Wiki already has information written on a subject and it is not directly copied from any other source, then it is better to edit and expand that text than to completely replace it with another source's words, even if the other source has allowed their text to be used and has more information. This may not violate The Granblue Fantasy Wiki's policy, but it does clash with The Granblue Fantasy Wiki's style, which prefers original content directly provided from its contributors over content taken from another website.

The following is a list of game terminology. How they are used is strictly enforced across all wiki pages.

Combat Terminology[edit]


The ATK abbreviation always refers to the ATK stat that all battle characters and enemies have. This abbreviation should not be used for anything out-of-reference to the ATK stat. For example, "Charge ATK" is not acceptable usage.

The term "attack" (capitalized or uncapitalized) is used to refer to the action of attacking or any other appropriate case. Normal attack, Charge Attack, multi-attacks, and double attack are acceptable usage.


The DEF abbreviation always refers to the DEF stat that all battle characters and enemies have. This abbreviation should not be used for anything out-of-reference to the DEF stat.


Stylistically, "damage" is preferable over the game abbreviation DMG on the wiki. However, DMG is still acceptable to use.


"White damage" and "true damage" are not acceptable substitutes for plain damage on the wiki. Plain damage is not considered an element, therefore does not need to be capitalized as if it were a proper noun.

Linking to the glossary listing for plain damage is optional, but helpful.


"Lv" and "Lvl" are acceptable abbreviations, except where otherwise stated.


"Parties", specifically in plural form, is a key term that is used to signify a skill that affects all parties in a raid battle. The Main Character has skills that affect all parties, but recruitable characters may have them as well.


  • discuss

"Main members" and "sub members" are the official game terms used for party positions. "Front line" and "back line" are used interchangeably with these terms respectively.


  • discuss

"Foe" is the official game term for a battle enemy.

Charge Attack[edit]

"Ougi" is not an acceptable substitute for Charge Attacks.

The abbreviation "C.A." is acceptable, but "CA" is not. This is consistent with the abbreviation used in game which is "C.A."

Charge Bar[edit]

"Charge bar" does not need to be capitalized. The full term "charge bar" is preferred rather than simply "charge."

"Ougi" is not an acceptable substitute for charge bar.


The abbreviations "DA" and "TA" are acceptable, but "Double Attack" and "Triple Attack" are preferred in skill descriptions.

Some in-game skill descriptions use the term "multiattack", though, this is an ambiguous term.

Mode Bar[edit]

Mode refers to the enemy-exclusive Break and Overdrive states. The terms "Break" and "Overdrive" are capitalized on the wiki. "Mode" does not need to be capitalized.

The abbreviation "OD" is acceptable, but the full name "Overdrive" is preferred.


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Big
  • Massive

Reoccuring Statuses[edit]

In general, some status effects that reoccur on multiple characters, such as Substitute, do not need an explanation. Instead, readers should be able to read what it does from the Status Effects page. There are exceptions to some status effects to help with clarity.


Cordelia's Shield Stance

Receive one-ally attacks in place of an ally
Gain Substitute.

Other Self[edit]


Danua's Scapegoat

Partial reflection for 1 hit
Gain 50% Repel.

If the Repel value is unknown, use Gain Repel.

Defiance/Salted Wound[edit]

Tanya's Backstab

Sharp boost to ATK for 1 hit against a foe in break
Gain Salted Wound, sharply boosting ATK against an enemy in Break for 1 hit.

For clarity, state what the buff does in the description whenever this effect occurs. Break and Overdrive should be capitalized.

Overdrive Surge[edit]

Farrah's Showtime!

400% earth DMG to a foe in overdrive
400% Earth damage to one enemy in Overdrive.

Although Surge-type skills have a damage ratio when used on non-Overdrive targets (typically 200%), adding this to the description is not necessary unless there is a significant deviation.


Uncap refers to increasing the maximum level cap of characters, weapons, and summons. "LB", "MLB" and "FLB" are not acceptable substitutes.

Weapons & Characters[edit]


Skills are always written in the order of damage and then de/buffs, in the order they appear.


Single Enemy[edit]

Suframare's Freeze

Small water DMG to a foe
  • discuss
Small Water damage to one enemy.
Small Water damage to a foe.
Multiple Enemies[edit]

Ryu's Senpukyaku

Wind DMG to all foes
  • discuss
Wind damage to all foes.
Wind damage to foes.
Wind damage to all enemies.
Random Enemies[edit]

Feather (SR)'s Bolting Blitz

10-hit DMG to random foes
10-hit Light damage to random enemies.

The original description does not state the element. Include it if applicable.

Chosen Ally[edit]

Herja (SR)'s A Friendly Push

Boost to an ally's attack / Give Uplift
  • discuss
Target ally gains ATK Up and Uplift.
Grant ATK Up and Uplift to one ally.
ATK Up and Uplift to one ally.

Johann (Event)'s Vaito Rishnam

Restore an ally's HP
Heal target ally up to 1000 HP.

If the healing cap is unknown, use Heal target ally's HP.

All Allies[edit]

Jeanne d'Arc's Encouragement

Medium boost to all allies' ATK
All allies gain 20% ATK Up.

Replace quantifying adjectives with exact values if known. Otherwise, leave the quantifier intact. (e.g. All allies gain medium ATK Up.)

Cagliostro's Reinforce

Restore all allies' HP
Heal all allies up to 2000 HP.

If the healing cap is unknown, use Heal all allies' HP.



Cagliostro's Reinforce

Restore all allies' HP
Heal all allies up to 2000 HP.

If the healing cap is unknown, use Heal all allies' HP.

Percentages / Multipliers[edit]

Ryan's Brute Force

100%-150% fire DMG to foes
  • discuss
100%-150% Fire damage to all enemies.
100%-150% Fire damage to foes.

The game's English language option uses percentages (100%-150%) for damage ratios. The Japanese language option uses multipliers (1x-1.5x). The wiki prioritizes percentages. Don't use a tilde (~) for ranges.



Feather (SR)'s Bolting Blitz

10-hit DMG to random foes
10-hit Light damage to random enemies.

The original description does not state the element. Include it if applicable.


Clarisse's Atomic Resolution

Plain DMG to a foe based on its current HP / Remove 1 buff effect
Plain damage to one enemy based on 1%-5% of its current HP and remove 1 buff.

Replace current with maximum when applicable.

Cap Known[edit]



Abby's Raging Arm

Massive boost to ATK
Gain 100% ATK Up.

Replace quantifying adjectives with exact values if known. Otherwise, leave the quantifier intact. (e.g. Gain massive ATK Up.)

Elize Lutus's Dread Wings

Dark DMG to all foes / Boost double attack rate of all allies
Dark damage to all enemies. All allies gain Double Attack UP.
Single Status[edit]

Sutera's Aimed Shot

Wind DMG to a foe / Blind
  • discuss
Wind damage to one enemy. Inflict Blind.
Wind damage to one enemy and inflict Blind.

The description implies that the enemy is the subject of Blind, not the user.

Societte's Pastoral Dance: Bizen

Hit to ATK and DEF for all foes
Inflict ATK Down and DEF Down on all enemies.

The preposition "on" is preferred when a debuff is inflicted on a target or targets.

Multiple Statuses[edit]

Lancelot's Wogenstrom

Water DMG to all foes / Hit to all foes' ATK & DEF
Water damage to all enemies. Inflict 10% ATK Down and 10% DEF Down.

The description implies that all damaged enemies are the subject of the status effects.

Buffs and Debuffs[edit]

Nezahualpilli's Adamant Solace

Big boost to ATK / Hit to DEF
  • discuss
Gain 30% ATK Up. Self-inflict 20% DEF Down.
Gain 30% ATK Up and 20% DEF Down.
Status Removal[edit]

Mode-based Skills[edit]

Yuisis's Suppression / Unfettered

Boost to critical hit rate Deal multiattacks while in effect
Gain 50% Critical Hit Rate UP. Starslayer mode: Gain 100% Double Attack UP.

Suppression and Unfettered are two separate skills which swaps depending on Yuisis's mode. Both skill descriptions are combined into the same same description field. The name of mode should be bolded.

Skill Costs[edit]

HP Cost[edit]
Charge Cost[edit]
Status Cost[edit]

Charge Attacks[edit]

Charge Attack descriptions generally follow the same conventions as damage skills with some exceptions.

Damage Unknown[edit]

Katalina's Blades of Frost

Big water DMG to a foe
Big Water damage to one enemy.

Damage Known[edit]

Yuisis's Skyblade Starslayer

Massive wind DMG to a foe
1000% Wind damage to one enemy.

Replace quantifying adjectives with exact values if the damage ratio is atypical relative to other character's Charge Attacks. Otherwise, leave the quantifier intact.

Charge Attacks damage ratios are typically the same between characters within a rarity. However, it is inadvisable assume a damage ratio without a source. In Yuisis's case, she has two Charge Attacks with significant damage differences. The data is also sourced.

Damage Enhanced[edit]

Katalina's Blades of Frost +

Big water DMG to a foe (DMG enhanced)
Big Water damage to one enemy.

Charge Attack damage is enhanced when any character is uncapped enough. However, it is unnecessary to add this note to the description. Exceptions are Charge Attacks that do no damage and uncap enhancements that grant a bigger damage than normal.


Level Up Enhancements[edit]

Skill Cooldown Cut[edit]

Walder's Camouflage +

Dodge all attacks from foes (Skill cooldown cut)
Gain Other Self.

"Skill cooldown cut" is redundant and unnecessary in the skill's description. There is already a Cooldown column with that data.

Effect Enhanced[edit]

Level enhancement descriptions are handled within Template:InfoDes.

Enhancement Known[edit]
Enhancement Unknown[edit]
Enhancement Implied[edit]

Robomi's Blaster Missile +

Light DMG to all foes (Effect enhanced)
Light damage to all enemies. Level 45: Damage increased.

This skill only deals damage. Thus, it is implied that the enhancement increases the skill's damage. If the enhancement is even slightly ambiguous, leave it as Effect enhanced. until the upgrade is confirmed.


Flavor Text[edit]


Drusilla's I'm a VIP!

Let's go someplace extravagant!
Let's go someplace extravagant! (More likely to buy expensive items with Shopping Spree)

If a skill has no explanation on what it does, provide one alongside the original description.


Chat Noir's Phantom Thief

Massive water DMG to a foe (Forewarning or Riddle gives 'em a show they'll never forget!)
Massive Water damage to one enemy. (Forewarning or Riddle gives 'em a show they'll never forget!)

In this particular case, the flavor text vaguely states there is an added effect. Since the added effect requires a relatively long explanation, the flavor text links to the Gameplay Notes section below the character template.


Ambiguous Descriptions[edit]

Gameplay Notes[edit]


We at The Granblue Fantasy Wiki are here to create, provide, and upkeep an enormous database filled with Granblue Fantasy information. Your help is appreciated more than you know; contributions extend beyond just The Granblue Fantasy Wiki to the entire online Granblue Fantasy community.