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Unite and Fight rank cutoff logs[edit]

This page is a backup of the data available on Individual and Crew rankings tiers at, as it is purged before every Unite and Fight.
If you're looking for data on Unite and Fight before the 48th, or predictions, please consult EmiFox's Guild War Cutoffs page.

How to read[edit]

The numbers for crew rankings are Totals rankings, which up to Unite and Fight 49th includes Seeds crews. Because of that, numbers for Top 7,000 and so on are slightly higher than the actual cutoff for their corresponding Tier574 Seed crews had a score higher than the actual Tier A cutoff during U&F 49th..

Each vertical grid line correspond to the end of each Unite and Fight period. In order from left to right: end of Prelims, end of Interlude, and end of each Finals Day.

The color of each line is based on the Element of the boss of the U&F it represents: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark


Top 2,000: "Unite and Fight Hero"[edit]


Top 50,000[edit]

Top 70,000[edit]

Top 100,000[edit]

Top 120,000[edit]

Top 160,000[edit]


Top 250,000[edit]


Top 350,000[edit]



Top 300[edit]

Top 1,000[edit]

Top 2,000[edit]

U&F Prelims Interlude Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
48 860,790,869 860,790,869 2,182,921,331 3,411,560,751 5,261,158,699 7,467,734,188
49 1,203,999,174 1,203,999,174 2,768,805,413 4,499,189,192 7,222,299,084 10,531,023,637
50 1,245,173,113 1,245,173,113 2,712,596,793 4,442,498,364

Top 5,500[edit]


Top 7,000[edit]

Top 8,000[edit]

Top 9,000[edit]


Top 14,000[edit]


Top 18,000[edit]


Top 19,000[edit]

Top 30,000[edit]