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About Weapons

Weapons are a primary means of boosting party stats. Each party setup can equip a total of ten weapons, one main weapon for the Main Character and nine Sub weapons.


Equipping a weapon in any slot provides ATK and HP. If their type matches the Weapon Specialty of a party member, they gain an additional 20% ATK from it. The main weapon must match one of the MC's classes specialties and determines the MC's charge attack and element in battle.

Weapon Skills

Most weapons have one or two weapon skills, which provide additional benefits to party members if certain conditions are met (for the most part, the weapon skill element matching the party member's). For more details, see Weapon Skills

Special Weapons

Class Champion Weapons are specialized weapons for specific classes or class lines. Their weapon skills mostly only benefit the MC, and they can only be equipped by the classes they are made for.

Unique Class Mechanics

Some Classes interact with their weapons in unique ways:

  • The Harpist line gains stronger skills if they have a harp equipped.
  • The Lancer line has different effects on most skills and Support Skill effects depending on whether their main weapon is an axe or a spear.
  • The Swordmaster and Glorybringer have different skill effects varying between any sword or katana they can equip.
  • The Gunslinger can equip their guns with various bullets, with the loadout of bullets and types of bullets depending on the gun.

Rank requirements

Each weapon has a minimum Player Rank associated with it. They can still be equipped if the player rank is lower than the requirement, but its ATK and HP values will be reduced.