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local p = {
	['Phalanx'] = {'Knight', 's1'},
['Overdrive Surge'] = {'Knight', 's2'},
['Drive It In'] = {'Lancer', 's1'},
['Double Trouble'] = {'Lancer', 's2'},
['Omnipotent Eye'] = {'Mystic', 's1'},
['Fate Foreseen'] = {'Mystic', 's2'},
['Splitting Spirit'] = {'Mystic', 's3'},
['Third Eye'] = {'Mystic', 'ex1'},
['Ninjutsu'] = {'Ninja', 's1'},
['Fuma Shuriken'] = {'Ninja', 's2'},
['Haze'] = {'Ninja', 's3'},
['Home-Made Bomb'] = {'Ninja', 'ex1'},
['Counter II'] = {'Ogre', 's1'},
['Fighting Spirit'] = {'Ogre', 's2'},
['Pandemonium'] = {'Ogre', 's3'},
['Spirit of Training'] = {'Ogre', 'ex1'},
['Horizontal Solace'] = {'Ogre', 'ex2'},
['Panacea'] = {'Priest', 's1'},
['Grace'] = {'Priest', 's2'},
['Quick Step'] = {'Ranger', 's1'},
['Rain of Arrows'] = {'Ranger', 's2'},
['Panacea III'] = {'Sage', 's1'},
['Blessing II'] = {'Sage', 'ex1'},
['Dispel Deluge'] = {'Sage', 'ex2'},
['Peace of Mind'] = {'Sage', 'ex3'},
['Phalanx'] = {'Sentinel', 's1'},
['Overdrive Surge II'] = {'Sentinel', 's2'},
['Centurion'] = {'Sentinel', 's3'},
['Quick Step II'] = {'Sidewinder', 's1'},
['Rain of Arrows III'] = {'Sidewinder', 's2'},
['Bullseye Run'] = {'Sidewinder', 's3'},
['Steady Aim'] = {'Sidewinder', 'ex1'},
['Change'] = {'Sidewinder', 'ex2'},
['Overture II'] = {'Superstar', 's1'},
['Soul Soloist'] = {'Superstar', 's2'},
['Sky Realm Song'] = {'Superstar', 's3'},
['Sheep Song'] = {'Superstar', 'ex1'},
['Tremor Round'] = {'Superstar', 'ex2'},
['Awakening Blade'] = {'Sword Master', 's1'},
['Resonating Blade'] = {'Sword Master', 's2'},
['Energize'] = {'Sword Master', 's3'},
['Contrablade'] = {'Sword Master', 'ex1'},
['Crack Shot'] = {'Thief', 's1'},
['Bounty Hunter'] = {'Thief', 's2'},
['Drive It In II'] = {'Valkyrie', 's1'},
['Double Trouble III'] = {'Valkyrie', 's2'},
['Resonating Surge'] = {'Valkyrie', 's3'},
['Randgrith'] = {'Valkyrie', 'ex1'},
['Einherjar'] = {'Valkyrie', 'ex2'},
['Full Arsenal II'] = {'Weapon Master', 's1'},
['Rampage'] = {'Weapon Master', 's2'},
['Rage III'] = {'Weapon Master', 's3'},
['Brave Soul'] = {'Weapon Master', 'ex1'},
['Power Raise'] = {'Weapon Master', 'ex2'},
['Aether Blast'] = {'Wizard', 's1'},
['Fire'] = {'Wizard', 's2'},
['Alchemize Green Potion'] = {'Alchemist', 's1'},
['Just the Cure'] = {'Alchemist', 's2'},
['A Little Pick-Me-Up'] = {'Alchemist', 's3'},
['Fury Capsule'] = {'Alchemist', 'ex1'},
['Stall'] = {'Arcana Dueler', 's1'},
['Elemental Focus II'] = {'Arcana Dueler', 's2'},
['Quick Strike'] = {'Arcana Dueler', 's3'},
['Quick Step'] = {'Archer', 's1'},
['Rain of Arrows II'] = {'Archer', 's2'},
['Hard Line'] = {'Archer', 's3'},
['Selectively Skilled'] = {'Assassin', 's1'},
['Out of Sight'] = {'Assassin', 's2'},
['Retaliation Reprise'] = {'Assassin', 's3'},
['Conceal'] = {'Assassin', 'ex1'},
['Overture'] = {'Bard', 's1'},
['Angelic Voice II'] = {'Bard', 's2'},
['Bard Song'] = {'Bard', 's3'},
['Panacea II'] = {'Bishop', 's1'},
['Dispel'] = {'Bishop', 's2'},
['Revive'] = {'Bishop', 's3'},
['Veil'] = {'Bishop', 'ex1'},
['White Wall'] = {'Bishop', 'ex2'},
['Stall II'] = {'Dark Fencer', 's1'},
['Miserable Mist'] = {'Dark Fencer', 's2'},
['Gravity Wave'] = {'Dark Fencer', 's3'},
['Quick Down'] = {'Dark Fencer', 'ex1'},
['Blood Sword'] = {'Dark Fencer', 'ex2'},
['Stall'] = {'Enhancer', 's1'},
['Elemental Focus'] = {'Enhancer', 's2'},
['Full Arsenal'] = {'Fighter', 's1'},
['Rage'] = {'Fighter', 's2'},
['Counter'] = {'Grappler', 's1'},
['Taking Chances'] = {'Grappler', 's2'},
['Early Shot'] = {'Gunslinger', 's1'},
['Triple Threat'] = {'Gunslinger', 's2'},
['Lock \'n\' Load'] = {'Gunslinger', 's3'},
['Blitzburst'] = {'Gunslinger', 'ex1'},
['Overture'] = {'Harpist', 's1'},
['Angelic Voice'] = {'Harpist', 's2'},
['Crack Shot II'] = {'Hawkeye', 's1'},
['Bounty Hunter III'] = {'Hawkeye', 's2'},
['Lethal Aim'] = {'Hawkeye', 's3'},
['Extend Break'] = {'Hawkeye', 'ex1'},
['Force Snatch'] = {'Hawkeye', 'ex2'},
['Aether Blast II'] = {'Hermit', 's1'},
['Venom'] = {'Hermit', 's2'},
['Laser Focus'] = {'Hermit', 's3'},
['Bounce'] = {'Hermit', 'ex1'},
['Choke'] = {'Hermit', 'ex2'},
['Phalanx II'] = {'Holy Saber', 's1'},
['Overdrive Surge III'] = {'Holy Saber', 's2'},
['Substitute'] = {'Holy Saber', 's3'},
['Reflection'] = {'Holy Saber', 'ex1'},
['Testudo'] = {'Holy Saber', 'ex2'},
['Crack Shot'] = {'Raider', 's1'},
['Bounty Hunter II'] = {'Raider', 's2'},
['Tricky Moves'] = {'Raider', 's3'},
['Aether Blast'] = {'Sorcerer', 's1'},
['Freeze'] = {'Sorcerer', 's2'},
['Blind'] = {'Sorcerer', 's3'},
['Phalanx III'] = {'Spartan', 's1'},
['Guardian'] = {'Spartan', 'ex1'},
['Centurion II'] = {'Spartan', 'ex2'},
['Hardened Shield'] = {'Spartan', 'ex3'},
['Aether Blast III'] = {'Warlock', 's1'},
['Dark Haze'] = {'Warlock', 'ex1'},
['Aether Bane'] = {'Warlock', 'ex2'},
['Chaser'] = {'Warlock', 'ex3'},
['Resounding Chant'] = {'Warlock', 'ex4'},
['Full Arsenal'] = {'Warrior', 's1'},
['Rage II'] = {'Warrior', 's2'},
['Armor Break'] = {'Warrior', 's3'},
['Knifehand Strike'] = {'Luchador', 's1'},
['Ring Ruler'] = {'Luchador', 'ex1'},
['Mic Hype'] = {'Luchador', 'ex2'},
['Tag Team'] = {'Luchador', 'ex3'},
['Evasive Maneuvers'] = {'Nighthound', 's1'},
['Tactical Relocation'] = {'Nighthound', 'ex1'},
['Frequency Jam'] = {'Nighthound', 'ex2'},
['Twilight Zone'] = {'Nighthound', 'ex3'},
['Judicious Shot'] = {'Nighthound', 'ex4'},
['Time On Target'] = {'Nighthound', 'ex5'},
['Thunder on the Water'] = {'Apsaras', 's1'},
['Swan Song'] = {'Apsaras', 'ex1'},
['Dance of Zeal'] = {'Apsaras', 'ex2'},
['Springwater Robe'] = {'Apsaras', 'ex3'},
['Crestfallen Flower'] = {'Apsaras', 'ex4'},
['Lightning Strike'] = {'Apsaras', 'ex5'},
['Concludere'] = {'Elysian', 's1'},
['Dirge for the Dead'] = {'Elysian', 'ex1'},
['Voice Unveiled'] = {'Elysian', 'ex2'},
['Call of the Abyss'] = {'Elysian', 'ex3'},
['Oratorio'] = {'Elysian', 'ex4'},
['Drum Roll'] = {'Drum Master', 's1'},
['Never Miss a Beat'] = {'Drum Master', 's2'},
['Resounding Rhythm'] = {'Drum Master', 's3'},
['Resonate Rhythm'] = {'Drum Master', 'ex1'},
['Spellbound Salsa'] = {'Dancer', 's1'},
['Classical Lead'] = {'Dancer', 's2'},
['Two to Tango'] = {'Dancer', 's3'},
['Pas Seul'] = {'Dancer', 'ex1'},
['Activate'] = {'Mechanic', 's1'},
['Customized Action'] = {'Mechanic', 's2'},
['Refuel'] = {'Mechanic', 's3'},
['Actuation'] = {'Mechanic', 'ex1'},
['One with the Blade'] = {'Kengo', 's1'},
['Eagle Reversal'] = {'Kengo', 'ex1'},
['No More Doubt'] = {'Kengo', 'ex2'},
['Rending Flash'] = {'Kengo', 'ex3'},
['Blade Swap II'] = {'Chrysaor', 's1'},
['Dual Arts'] = {'Chrysaor', 'ex1'},
['Diptych'] = {'Chrysaor', 'ex2'},
['Aurum Flow'] = {'Chrysaor', 'ex3'},
['Execute'] = {'Tormentor', 's1'},
['Devotion'] = {'Tormentor', 'ex1'},
['Recursive Nightmare'] = {'Tormentor', 'ex2'},
['Barbed Wire'] = {'Tormentor', 'ex3'},
['Rising Force'] = {'Rising Force', 's1'},
['Mosh Pit'] = {'Rising Force', 'ex1'},
['Jet To Jet'] = {'Rising Force', 'ex2'},
['Unleash the Fury'] = {'Rising Force', 'ex3'},
['Panacea'] = {'Cleric', 's1'},
['Clarity'] = {'Cleric', 's2'},
['Blessing'] = {'Cleric', 's3'},
['Full Arsenal III'] = {'Berserker', 's1'},
['Armor Break II'] = {'Berserker', 'ex1'},
['Rage IV'] = {'Berserker', 'ex2'},
['Rampage II'] = {'Berserker', 'ex3'},
['Ulfhedinn'] = {'Berserker', 'ex4'},
['Glory Arts'] = {'Glorybringer', 's1'},
['Espada'] = {'Glorybringer', 'ex1'},
['Al Doble'] = {'Glorybringer', 'ex2'},
['Colmillos'] = {'Glorybringer', 'ex3'},
['Crack Shot III'] = {'Bandit Tycoon', 's1'},
['Bounty Hunter IV'] = {'Bandit Tycoon', 'ex1'},
['White Smoke'] = {'Bandit Tycoon', 'ex2'},
['Rupie Flip'] = {'Bandit Tycoon', 'ex3'},
['Spring\'s Gate'] = {'Bandit Tycoon', 'ex4'},
['Counter'] = {'Kung Fu Artist', 's1'},
['Taking Chances II'] = {'Kung Fu Artist', 's2'},
['Chi Channeler'] = {'Kung Fu Artist', 's3'},
['Blade Swap'] = {'Gladiator', 's1'},
['Twin Coil'] = {'Gladiator', 's2'},
['Decimate'] = {'Gladiator', 's3'},
['Cross Guard'] = {'Gladiator', 'ex1'},
['Chase Blade'] = {'Gladiator', 'ex2'},
['Drive It In'] = {'Dragoon', 's1'},
['Double Trouble II'] = {'Dragoon', 's2'},
['Battle Scar'] = {'Dragoon', 's3'},
['Stall III'] = {'Chaos Ruler', 's1'},
['Uprising'] = {'Chaos Ruler', 'ex1'},
['Unpredictable'] = {'Chaos Ruler', 'ex2'},
['Chaos'] = {'Chaos Ruler', 'ex3'},
['Absorption'] = {'Chaos Ruler', 'ex4'},
['Potion Refinement'] = {'Doctor', 's1'},
['Nutrients'] = {'Doctor', 'ex1'},
['Maddening Vitality'] = {'Doctor', 'ex2'},
['Adrenaline Rush'] = {'Doctor', 'ex3'},
['Cat\'s Meow'] = {'Nekomancer', 's1'},
['Black Cat\'s Path'] = {'Nekomancer', 'ex1'},
['Moonshadow'] = {'Nekomancer', 'ex2'},
['Paws of Power'] = {'Nekomancer', 'ex3'},
['Finishing Touch'] = {'Samurai', 's1'},
['Self Reflection'] = {'Samurai', 's2'},
['Quiet Strategy'] = {'Samurai', 's3'},
['Into Thin Air'] = {'Samurai', 'ex1'},
['Three-Round Burst'] = {'Soldier', 's1'},
['Open Fire'] = {'Soldier', 'ex1'},
['Fortitude'] = {'Soldier', 'ex2'},
['Guerrilla Tactics'] = {'Soldier', 'ex3'},
['Woodcutter\'s Song'] = {'Lumberjack', 's1'},
['Laughing Logger'] = {'Lumberjack', 'ex1'},
['Leaf Burning'] = {'Lumberjack', 'ex2'},
['Dappled Sunlight'] = {'Lumberjack', 'ex3'},
['Horseman\'s Duty'] = {'Cavalier', 's1'},
['Dragphract'] = {'Cavalier', 'ex1'},
['Battering Ram'] = {'Cavalier', 'ex2'},
['High Command'] = {'Cavalier', 'ex3'},
['Ascetic Stance'] = {'Monk', 's1'},
['True Strike'] = {'Monk', 'ex1'},
['Unyielding Form'] = {'Monk', 'ex2'},
['Rock Crusher'] = {'Monk', 'ex3'},
['Opening Shot'] = {'Robin Hood', 's1'},
['Acrobatic Volley'] = {'Robin Hood', 'ex1'},
['Emerald Fog'] = {'Robin Hood', 'ex2'},
['Return of the Fox'] = {'Robin Hood', 'ex3'},
['Runeweaving'] = {'Runeslayer', 's1'},
['Mana Burst'] = {'Runeslayer', 'ex1'},
['Dragon Break'] = {'Runeslayer', 'ex2'},
['Spell Boost'] = {'Runeslayer', 'ex3'},
['Bait Step'] = {'Masquerade', 's1'},
['Bounce Chasse'] = {'Masquerade', 'ex1'},
['Non-Sequence'] = {'Masquerade', 'ex2'},
['Shall We Dance'] = {'Masquerade', 'ex3'},
['Engage Augments'] = {'Relic Buster', 's1'},
['Tactical Shield'] = {'Relic Buster', 'ex1'},
['Limit Burst'] = {'Relic Buster', 'ex2'},
['Blitz Raid'] = {'Relic Buster', 'ex3'},
} return p