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Icon Id Rarity Element Type Name JP Name JP Title Released 4★ date Obtain Obtain text
Weapon b 1020999000.png 1020999000 r light katana Angel Katana 天使刀 天使 3/3
Weapon b 1020900100.png 1020900100 r water katana Mythril Katana 霊銀刀 蒼銀刀 3/3 2015-03-10
Weapon b 1020900200.png 1020900200 r earth katana Mythril Sting 霊銀針 蒼銀針 3/3
Weapon b 1020900000.png 1020900000 r fire katana Nodachi 野太刀 豪刀 3/3 2015-03-10