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S. Anthuria Ougi Cap Spreading

  • Grid: (heavy enmity to ensure capping, no cap up/seraphic)
  • Summons: (no cap up/seraphic)
  • Support Summon: 4★ Hades
  • Neither buff trial, skills used: Trial Elixir => Miserable Mist => Conjunction => Attack
  • Vikala buff trial, skills used: Trial Elixir => Miserable Mist => Conjunction => Fantasy Festival => Attack
  • Anthuria buff trial, skills used: Trial Elixir => Miserable Mist => Conjunction => Bonfire Dance => Attack
  • Both buffs trial, skills used: Trial Elixir => Miserable Mist => Conjunction => Fantasy Festival => Bonfire Dance => Attack
Character EMP Cap Ups Neither buff Vikala buff Anthuria buff Both buffs
Class 150301 sw square.jpg Chaos Ruler 15% Damage Cap 1,975,043 2,158,192 2,071,053 2,753,754
Npc s 3040092000 01.jpg Zooey (Summer) None 1,715,795 1,899,496 1,816,640 2,495,191
Npc s 3040252000 01.jpg Vikala 10% Ougi Cap 1,880,033 2,060,153 1,978,306 2,659,294
Npc s 3040228000 01.jpg Anthuria (Summer) None 1,701,419 1,880,765 1,796,511 2,471,110
  • Vikala buff should give 10% ougi cap to allies. Anthuria buff should give 5% ougi cap to allies. In the trials with just their own buff those numbers fit pretty well, but in the trial with both buffs we see ~45% ougi cap up which is much higher than the two buffs combined should give, even with multiplicative stacking (expected value 15.5%).
  • If Vikala buff is only on 3 people you see +35% cap up.
  • If Vikala buff is only on 2 people you see +25% cap up.
  • Anthuria appears to cause the CA Cap portion of Vikala's buff to apply to the entire party instead of just the person the buff is on (but only while Status Ardent Dance.pngArdent DanceAll allies' DEF, multiattack rate, and C.A. specs are boosted (Can't be removed)
    is active). So with four copies of Vikala's buff you get 10% x 4 + 5% = 45% CA cap up to party.
  • The CA DMG Up and Charge bar speed up portions of the buff are not spread.
  • The CA cap up is not spread to non-dark allies.
  • Also appears to work with the CA Cap Up effects from:
    • Npc s 3040209000 01.jpg Ferry (Grand)'s Status Freigeist.pngFreigeistDouble attack rate is boosted / Triple attack rate is boosted / More likely to be attacked / Charge attack DMG is boosted / Charge attack DMG cap is boosted / Charge bar gain is boosted / Recovers once from a knockout while in effect (Can't be removed)
    • Npc s 3040198000 01.jpg Eustace (Dark)'s Status Loaded0.pngLoadedWeapon is loaded with lightning power
      (note: Eustace consumes all Loaded levels on CA and it stops being spread as soon as he does).
    • Class 250301 wa square.jpg Nekomancer's Status MP 1.pngMPMagic power is amplified
      (only if MC is in a later party slot than the character??? if MC is in first slot, even if they don't CA to avoid using up the MP it doesn't spread. and presumably has to be dark MC)
    • Class 220301 kt square.jpg Kengo's Ability Rending Flash.png Rending Flash700% elemental damage to a foe (Damage cap: 820,000).
      Gain Status Defiance.png100% C.A. DMG UpCharge attack DMG is boosted
      Strength: 100%Duration: 3 turns
      and Status CA DMG Cap.png20% C.A. DMG Cap UpCharge attack DMG cap is boosted
      Strength: 20%Duration: 3 turns
      (Consumes 60% of charge bar.)
      (when MC is dark)
    • Npc s 3040169000 01.jpg Nier's Status Love's Redemption 1.pngLove's RedemptionLowers by 2 each turn (Starts at 13) / Nier will be knocked out when 0 / DMG taken is lowered while in effect
      levels (but only if Nier CAs first - it doesn't get spread to anyone who CAs before her, and doesn't get spread if she doesn't CA that turn)
    • Npc s 3030180000 01.jpg Luna's Status Shadow.pngShadowCharge attack DMG and charge attack DMG cap are boosted
  • Does not appear to work with: