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This page is a personally curated, easily searchable archive of useful Granblue Advisor posts. If you have anything you'd like to know about the game, consider sending in a question to the blog, and it'll soon find its way here.

Content Types

The Granblue Advisor Blog hosts three main types of content:

  • Game Tips - small to medium size tutorials on various parts of the game
  • Asks - user submitted questions, that given enough depth can turn into Game Tips styled guide
  • DYK - "Did You Know?" - tiny tips and tricks for everyday play

Pages with the "Good deal" icon next to them are my recommended reads for anyone browsing this archive.

Post Archive

February 2024

Weapon s 1040618400.jpg Game Tips: Exo Corow Crucible TL;DR
Ultimate Memory square.jpg Ask: Starting Super Ultimate Bahamut
Ability m 1305 1.png DYK: Fast Refreshing
Victory Certificate square.jpg Game Tips: Dread Barrage TL;DR
Sunlight Stone square.jpg Game Tips: Spending Limited Resources Lyria Good Deal chibi.png

January 2024

Empty party square.jpg DYK: Empty Party Slots
New World Quartz square.jpg Game Tips: Tales of Arcarum TL;DR
Apocalyptic Black Feather square.jpg Game Tips: Dark Opus Transcendance (Part 1)
Gold Spellbook square.jpg DYK: Find Underleveled Characters
Lazuline Vessel square.jpg Ask: Setting Auto Reserve
Chain of Restoration square.jpg DYK: Chain of Restoration for Magna Wind
Extinction Vestige square.jpg Ask: Kengo in Mugen
Weapon s 1040414200.jpg Game Tips: How to ACTUALLY Farm Weapons Lyria Good Deal chibi.png
Eternity Sand square.jpg Ask: Eternity Sand Farming for weak setups
Weapon s 1010000800.jpg Ask: Do Character Weapon Specialities matter?
Automagod Plating square.jpg Ask: Starting Revans / Hosting Diaspora
Valor Badge square.jpg Game Tips: Spending Valor Badges
Citrine Awakening Orb square.jpg Game Tips: Character Awakening Choices
Summon s 2030016000.jpg Ask: What Sub Summons to take for manual content
Weapon s 1040415800.jpg Game Tips: Raw Damage vs Damage Cap Lyria Good Deal chibi.png

December 2023

Npc s 3040348000 01.jpg Ask: Water Teams without Poseidon
Legendary Merit square.jpg Ask: What Ultimate Masteries to Prioritize
Champion Merit square.jpg Ask: Ideal Ultimate Mastery Resources
Sunlight Shard square.jpg Game Tips: FP Farming
Ws ex skill whole.png Ask: AX Weapon Selection
Weapon s 1040414600.jpg Ask: What to get from the 9th Anniversary Weapon Trade
Summon s 2040408000.jpg Game Tips: Main Summon Choices Lyria Good Deal chibi.png
Emblem of Divinity square.jpg Game Tips: Class Champion Weapons
Amber Maul square.jpg Game Tips: Earth Proving Grounds TL;DR
Intricacy Ring square.jpg Game Tips: When to use Intricacy Rings
Ability m 44 4.png Game Tips: DEF Down Stacking Lyria Good Deal chibi.png
Half Elixir.jpg Game Tips: Easy Monthly Elixirs
Ability Tag Team.png Game Tips: Faster Battles
Sephira Evolite square.jpg Game Tips: What to get from the Rising code
Weapon s 1040118000.jpg Game Tips: Exo Ifrit Crucible TL;DR

More Resources


If you're looking for more resources on Granblue Fantasy to study, check out my Resources page for my personal collection of useful links.