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Friend Summons Guide

Last Update: September 10, 2023
This guide is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0, a permissible license for futureproofing. (more info)
(What does this mean??)Essentially, this gives you the right to make your own versions of the guide. If I stop maintaining the guide one day, you're welcome to pick it up and continue it as long as you give credit, so that it can live on and help players even after I leave.


This is a simple lookup on what summons should be included in your Friend/Support Summons tabs for your friends to use. Essentially, it lists what sees regular use nowadays, and aims to help clean up messy friend summon lists to make grinding more relaxed for us all.

What you need to know

  1. If it's not listed here, don't include it. No one's gonna take a useless summon as their pick for a fight. Because of this, open slots are better than filling every space with something random.
  2. If a specific uncap level is mentioned in the lists below, do not slot any lower.
  3. If you have no summon that would go on Slot 1, you can put the Slot 2 summon in Slot 1. Do not swap their order otherwise.
  4. Misc 120%/140% elemental summons (eg. Summon s 2040261000.jpg Grimnir (Summon), Summon s 2040302000.jpg Poseidon, the Tide Father, etc) can be used in the empty slots if you're low rank, but should be phased out the moment you realize you're not taking them yourself (generally when you start making M2 grids).
  5. Unless you intend to use the summon yourself, do not use Sunlight Stone square.jpg Sunlight Stones for friend summon purposes, it's not worth it.
  6. Please for the love of god don't use this page to be an elitist jerk over a video game I beg you.


Fire Best Option Second Best
Slot 1 Summon m 2040094000 02.jpg Summon m 2040034000 02.jpg

Agni 5★ or Colossus Omega 5★

Summon m 2040094000 02.jpg

Agni 5★

Slot 2 Summon m 2040185000.jpg
Summon m 2040034000.jpg
Colossus Omega


Water Best Option Second Best
Slot 1 Summon m 2040100000 02.jpg Summon m 2040028000 02.jpg

Varuna 5★ or Leviathan Omega 5★

Summon m 2040100000 02.jpg Summon m 2040028000 02.jpg

Varuna 5★ or Leviathan Omega 5★

Slot 2 Npc m 3040486000 01.jpg
Summon m 2040290000.jpg

Notes: Your XP summon goes in slot 2 even if it's not Kaguya to keep consistency for everyone and make it easy to find them.
Summon s 2040290000.jpg Nobiyo is free from side stories, which renders Black/White Rabbit entirely defunct.


Earth Best Option Second Best
Slot 1 Summon m 2040084000 02.jpg Summon m 2040027000 02.jpg

Titan 5★ or Yggdrasil Omega 5★

Summon m 2040084000 02.jpg

Titan 5★

Slot 2 Summon m 2040285000.jpg
Summon m 2040027000 02.jpg

Yggdrasil Omega 5★


Wind Only Option
Slot 1 Summon m 2040098000 02.jpg

Zephyrus 5★

Slot 2 Summon m 2040020000 02.jpg

Tiamat Omega 5★


Light Best Option Second Best
Slot 1 Summon m 2040080000 02.jpg Summon m 2040047000 02.jpg

Zeus 5★ or Luminiera Omega 5★

Summon m 2040080000 02.jpg

Zeus 5★

Slot 2 Summon m 2040056000 03.jpg Summon m 2040188000.jpg

Lucifer 6★ or Thor 4★

Summon m 2040047000 02.jpg

Luminiera Omega 5★

Notes: Non-4★ Thor can be slotted if you intend to do SUBHL in co-op groups which may have a player doing the "Thorbot" role.
When it comes to picking between Lucifer and Thor, Lucifer is the best overall at level 250 due to the HP bonus. If you have no 210+ Bahamut, it's also good. Otherwise, Thor allows for powerful bursting due to its echo on call.


Dark Best Option Second Best
Slot 1 Summon m 2040090000 02.jpg Summon m 2040046000 02.jpg

Hades 5★ or Celeste Omega 5★

Summon m 2040090000 02.jpg

Hades 5★

Slot 2 Summon m 2040003000 03.jpg

Bahamut 6★

Summon m 2040046000 02.jpg

Celeste Omega 5★

Notes: Bahamut Transcendence level is irrelevant for this table. Bahamut 250 is better than 210, but 210 is enough for it to be the best pick already.
For friend summon purposes, levels between 210 and 250 provide no tangible benefit.


Misc Average Player Max Rank
Slot 1 Summon m 2040158000.jpg
Summon m 2040158000.jpg
Slot 2 Summon m 2040157000.jpg
Summon m 2040056000 04.jpg

Lucifer Lv.250

Notes: Qilin slot 1 and Huanglong slot 2 is done purely for convention and consistency between players to minimize misclicks when grinding in a flow state - this specific order was picked because HL sees more use in this situation, so it was set closer to the confirmation button. Make sure yours are in this order - only you can prevent fatal Qilin in OTK incidents.

On Summon s 2040056000.jpg Lucifer, using Lucifer 250 in Misc is a meta that has recently emerged among Max Rank players. If you are Rank 350 and want to add friends that are as well, you should put him in Misc slot 2, otherwise stick with Huanglong and keep Lucifer in Light. Lucifer lower than 250 should not be considered for this.



If you have any questions, or want to suggest an improvement, you can get in contact with me at the GBF Wiki Discord Server - my Discord username being vazkii.

Thank you to:

  • Tabibito/Belú for reviewing picks and keeping me up to date with meta shifts
  • Umikin for formatting help


September 10, 2023

  • Added Shiva 4★ to Fire

Previous Changelogs

July 10, 2023

  • Added Lucifer 250 as a Max Rank recommendation for Misc

June 28, 2023

  • Added note to not use sun stones on friend summons
  • Fixed incorrect Lucifer description that states HP boost exists at 230

March 29, 2023

  • Removed Shiva with a note on why
  • Replaced Grand Order with 6 star Lucifer