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Djeeta gbvs chibi crop.png Hello There!
This page is for the Whispering Woods crew. It's a trimmed down version of the main Resources page with just the essentials for players working to get into the game.

Start Here


What's happening in the game?

What characters are good?

What grids should I make?

You should be using Skyleap

Skyleap is essentially just a Granblue Browser for your phone. You get freebies for doing your Standard raids on it including a ton of Rupees and Class Points. It also runs the game much faster than just standard Chrome. You should be doing this or you'll cry over Class Points eventually cuz cygames just kinda forgot about them lol

Important Guides


What do I work on?

How to Replicard Sandbox?

Misc Stuff...

And More!


Check out the main Resources page for more stuff that isn't as crucial.