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Zeze's dumping grounds for GBF lore. Important references: Archive

Important Terminology

Term Description Type
Abominations A type of monster that existed over 70,000 years ago. The repulsion fields they generate can only be destroyed by certain technology long lost to time. Eventually, some point after the creation of Robomi, humanity discovered how to control them and effectively neutralized their threat.[1] Race
Astrals A race created by the Astral God, as opposed to the skydwellers created by the Sky God. Boasting superior technology and magic to the skydwellers of the time, they conquered the Sky Realm. Around 2,000 years ago, they began creating primal beasts to reign over the skies. In the 200-year War that ended 500 years ago, they were driven out and largely disappeared. They were led by a High Council.[2]

Although Astrals are believed to be immortal, the Astrals that remained in the Sky Realm after their defeat have all died save for Loki and the ones on the Edgelands—from both (seemingly) natural causes and supernatural causes.[3]
Crimson Horizon (Otherworld) Home of the Otherworldly Beings. It is the world literally beneath the Sky Realm, on top of which the Omnipotent created the world.[2] Filled with chaos, a substance fatal to primal beasts[4] and can cause Moondweller technology to malfunction.[5] Location
Elements There are six elements in the Sky Realm: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark. A seventh element once existed, but disappeared for reasons yet unknown and any contact with its remains is severely harmful to skydwellers.[6] World
Girl in Blue A vessel that for the power of the Sky Realm, obtained by absorbing the powers of primal beasts. This vessel can fuse once with a skydweller to tap into the Sky Realm's power.[7] Once the vessel is filled, it is absorbed by the Astral God.
The Girl in Blue is the counterpart to the Red Dragon (Vyrn). Lyria is the current Girl in Blue; the vessel takes a different form with each incarnation.[8]
Moondwellers A group of human-like beings who live on the moon. The largest organization overseeing the moondwellers is the Central Axis. They refer to the Sky World as the "fossil world" and its inhabitants, the "fossildwellers".[9] Race
Otherworldly Beings (Precursors) A group of creatures claiming to be the original inhabitants of this world. Bear a grudge against the Omnipotent and seek to conquer the skies. Race
Primal Beasts Concepts given physical forms and purposes by the Astrals. Normally, they cannot be permanently killed; the only known ways to do so are by reverting it to its pre-primal state,[10] or by killing them with chaos matter.[4] Race
Red Dragon Vyrn's other name. He has the ability to absorb the power of the Astrals, reverting primal beasts into their pre-primal state (effectively returning them into formless concepts). He can also suppress Astral essence.[11] Title
Singularity Also called the Singular One and referred to as the singular pigment. An entity capable of changing the world in defiance of the gods.

MC's father, who serves the "god" of the Sky Realm, apparently had the goal of preventing the appearance of a Singularity (whomp whomp). The Six Dragons seem to dislike the existence of a Singularity but do not feel particularly threatened by one.

True Dragons Dragons of great power that are also largely sentient and can speak human language. (Fafnir is the only known exception right now.) Most True Dragons act independently and have little contact with each other. Some True Dragons sided with the skydwellers during the War, while others were neutral.

The blood of a True Dragon is said to imbue miraculous powers when consumed, but may also cause various side effects such as insanity. One Astral created Sylph with the ability to refine Fafnir's blood into the elixir alma, but doing so also creates the poisonous byproduct karmide.


General History

Unknown Point in the Past

  • The Omnipotent created the world and created Helel ben Sahar (Lucio), the Dawn Speaker, and Helel ben Shalem, the Dusk Speaker, to spread its word across the skies.[2]
  • The Ancient people sought self-determination and successfully led an uprising against the Omnipotent. Afterwards, the Omnipotent split into two halves: the Sky God (Bahamut) and the Astral God. Both halves seek to become whole once more,[2] by using the girl in blue and the red dragon as vessels that contain each others' power, then consuming them to absorb that power.

70,000 Years Ago

  • Humanity came under attack by abominations. Megumi turned herself into Robomi to successfully counteract this threat. After humanity learned how to control the abominations and quelled its threat, Robomi deactivated herself and was buried in the mines at Fremel Island.[1]
    • Kenji calls himself "one of the ancients."[1] Unclear whether the people of Robomi's time are the same ones that led the uprising against the Omnipotent, or if Kenji is simply referring to how long he has been around.

10,000 Years Ago

  • 7,000 years ago: War between the Moondwellers and the dial-tone blob monsters begins. (Spaghetti Syndrome)

2,000 Years Ago

  • Cagliostro invents alchemy with the help of her sister. (Cagliostro's Lvl Cap +1 episode)
    • Because Cagliostro predates the creation of primal beasts, she is likely closer to (but not yet) 3,000 years old.[2]
    • Cagliostro also fought off Astrals that came to recruit her to their side. She implies that she also fought off their primal beasts, so this likely occurred some time after the archangels' creation. (Cag's Max Lvl episode)
  • Creation of the first primal beasts (Primarchs).[2]
  • Sariel fought off the following invaders: Otherworldly horde, "that clan and their ancient weapon", and Moondwellers.[2]
  • Fallen angel rebellion occurs; Lucilius is killed, Beelzebub is thrown into the Crimson Horizon, fallen angels are thrown into Pandemonium. Others were absorbed into Avatar.[2]

700 Years Ago

  • The War between skydwellers and Astrals begins. (Needs verification)

500 Years Ago

  • The War occurs between skydwellers and Astrals.[12]
  • The War concludes with most of Astrals ultimately retreating to the Astral Realm. Loki and his brother remained in the Sky Realm, while some others remained on The Edgelands.

100 Years Ago

  • Several decades ago: Sephira Island is claimed by the Menean Empire.
  • Astrals that remained in the Sky Realm slowly die out until only Byleistr (Orchis' father) and Loki are left.
  • MC's father meets a priestess and her sister on Zinkenstill. The priestess accompanies him on his journey, while her sister is forcibly taken away by the True King.

10 Years Ago

  • Akasha's awakening results in the deaths of the Erste royal family, while Orchis becomes an emotionless "doll".
  • Siegfried joined the Royal Knights of Feendrache.[13]

5 Years Ago

  • The Torhid Kingdom is destroyed for trying to rebel against the True King.
    • Abel loses his life in the conflict to protect Hal, the 19th heir to the throne.
    • Pholia becomes the sovereign of Idelva, created to take the place of the Torhid Kingdom, to make up for her involvement in Torhid's destruction.


Akasha's Awakening

From Chapter 40 Story: The Plot Thickens - Episode 4 .

  • Orchis: I request, under protocol of Arcus, the activation of the primal beast Akasha.
  • Lyria: Administrative authentication complete. Request to activate the primal beast Akasha accepted.
    Transferring full administrative privileges from Byleistr Arcus...
    Activating the primal beast Akasha.

Deus Ex Machina's Awakening

From Chapter 63 Story: Boundless Joy .

  • Orchis: I, in the name of Arqus, call upon you, Deus Ex Machina, to activate.
  • Lyria: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina, activation request acknowledged...
  • Orchis: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina... Leave your transitional state...
    And dwell within me!

Proto Bahamut's Rampage

From GBVS.

  • Beelzebub: There are no facts, only interpretations.
    O winged destruction, if thou preachest distortion, then bend the light of thy conflagration to my will—


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