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Zeze (talkcontribs)

Is there a way to show that the SD art for Retainers of the Flame and Royal Cuirass Violet uses their regular versions' second sprites? The template is currently set so if New Art = No, no SD art is shown at all.

For players who are interested in the skins but only have their event versions, the lack of SD art might make them think the sprites don't change at all, not that it's reusing their regular version's sprite.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

I originally showed the sprite when I first created the template back on Wikia. However, an old wiki admin that is no longer here disagreed with showing the sprite for those art-only TCG rewards since he thought it would "confuse" people. Since we're revisiting this topic again 2 years later, do you think it would be less confusing to show the sprite? What do you think are good ways to avoid possible misconceptions and/or ambiguities for showing the sprite?

Zeze (talkcontribs)

Because of the new Story Pose outfit update, I think it would be less confusing to show the sprite for TCG outfits. TCG outfits can be applied to any version of a character, but use their original versions' uncapped sprites.

On the other hand, the Story Pose outfits can only be used on a specific version of a character, and can use any of that version's sprites instead of being locked to a specific one.

Reply to "Outfits"
Kuzuriha (talkcontribs)

Hello, I recently added transcribed (and translated) voice lines to Olivia's voice page. It seems that some lines are missing from the Japanese wiki, but I believe my Japanese is enough to pick up what she actually says. Is it fine to add the missing lines directly or should we wait for the people at the Japanese wiki to transcribe the missing lines? Also, please feel free to check out my translations and correct any mistakes found. Thank you!

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Hi there. I can't verify whether your transcriptions are correct. Thankfully, this is a wiki. If anyone sees something that is incorrect, they can go in and fix it.

What I would suggest to you personally is to check Olivia's JP wiki page roughly every month or two to see if lines are eventually added there. This would not only help the wiki, but also let you personally know if your Japanese transcription is accurate.

Also, thank you for filling some voice lines. There haven't been much quality translators contributing to the voice pages and they still need a ton of work.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 02:15, 24 August 2018 (UTC) (talkcontribs)

I saw the "Curse Bringer" monster in the Ejaeli's fate episode, and I was like, "Wow, I might want to collect a high quality version of that image! Turns out that the journal entry doesn't collect battles anyways. Luck runs out for me. I would like to have a wiki section viewing the monsters. This is a wiki after all, right?

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Monsters in this game are composed from sprite sheets, sometimes multiple different sprite sheets. There's simply no easy way display them as you see them in game unless you manually piece them together or find a way to automate it.

Here's one example of a sprite sheet from this game.

Enemy 8100183 b.png

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 01:42, 10 July 2018 (UTC) (talkcontribs)

There's a way to retrieve the image files via Chrome's developers tool sub-options label. However, there's the low, medium, and high definition quality. I myself am just interested in the static image set.

Here's an example of my lo-fi findings. Wished I got the hi-fi quality. (temporary image with time limit).

Anyone interested in the animated set can go ahead and make a mugen mod out of it! lol

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

You're welcome to spearhead a monster images wiki project yourself. I can tell you that we are so understaffed that I'm doubtful anyone currently on wiki staff will start this project any time soon, myself included. I'm already working on multiple projects.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 05:42, 12 July 2018 (UTC) (talkcontribs)

Just found both and

Should I inform the public about my request? Will photoshop eat away the pixel edges? This, I worry about.

Myrdana (talkcontribs)

Hello AdlaiT, why did you change my contribution to the SSR Arcarum summons? Your changes are now missing the info about the dmg cap numbers for 3* and 4*. It's not clear anymore, alone from the summon description. My edits to the SSR Arcarum descriptions went like this: "Aura: *Wind allies gain 7% damage cap up against water foes at 3* and 10% at 4* uncap.". What was wrong with that?

Also here is a complaint: I held off with making contributions until yesterday because of one thing: I get the feeling that whenever someone makes a contribution you just go over it and change it or remove it so that it suits your liking. Why don't you just let it stay as it is unless it's wrong information or missing details? I mean if someone adds info that the wiki was missing before and then a moment later it's changed it gives them the feeling that it was not correct or appreciated, don't you think? Thus driving people off. At least a little note would have been nice, why it was changed.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

I changed your edits because it was simply redundant. The percentage is already stated in the aura. It doesn't need to be re-stated in the Gameplay Notes. You pointed out that the aura also boosts the damage cap which is important and helpful to note which I intentionally left intact. I also added your notes to the appropriate SR Arcarum summons, which I'm not sure why you skipped them.

The edits I made to your contributions were mainly for style reasons and eliminating redundancy. Go to any other popular wiki and you find that they have editors that do the same thing. It is simply the nature of wikis.

While I do have a bad habit of not leaving edit notes (which I will try to work on), the intention of your edit is left intact.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 08:44, 19 July 2018 (UTC)

Myrdana (talkcontribs)

I skipped the SR summons to see if my SSR edits stay. I would have done the SRs later. It's 3% cap up for the first star at least.

Btw. I don't see your changes on the SR summon aura description here:

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Added, thanks. continue post

2 (talkcontribs)

Sorry about making another topic relating to Can you merge this post to Then delete this topic. I swear it is relevant.


Crab Grab. ( Nevermind those big crabs. I found at least two little ones at the "Auguste's Specialty" side (not free, in AP cost at least) quest. I know it's a tiny fraction to plow through the battle trophy 'Oh no! Sebastian!/Crusty Crabs/Crab Vanquisher'. I believe that this trophy will eventually reward you the 'Crab Grab' trophy weapon. It will take some time, but the weapon is almost superb to 'Banana Bunch'. Also, it's constantly within reach regardless of time.

Treasured_Talisman/Cherished_Flip_Charm/Reputable Red Relic. ( Does the Notes section quoted in 'Treasured Talisman', "This weapon can not be sold for rupies, reduced or used for upgrading.", applies to the 'Cherished Flip Charm', 'Reputable Red Relic', and 'Crab Grab'? I know that trophy weapons are not likely to be destroyed, but I would like a ease of mind.

Also, I never got these SSR trophy weapons, but I am sure that you have to uncap them as there's only one copy for you!


AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

You can post your questions on the appropriate talk pages: Talk:Crab_Grab and Talk:Reputable_Red_Relic

No Rank EXP Stacking in Neptune's Trident?

2 (talkcontribs)

Another question, for "Neptune's Trident" SSR weapon (, the Notes section say that the Rank EXP does not stack.

I was wondering if I enabled the "Morning Calm of Tiamat" wonder (, would the weapon work with the wonder? Wanted a total of 15% increase with the combination. Was asking since the Rise of the Beasts event is arriving soon.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Tridents won't stack with other Tridents. That's all it means. (talkcontribs)

Flohrenberk. ( How helpful is 10% increase to honor gains?

Treasured_Talisman/Cherished_Flip_Charm/Reputable Red Relic. ( How can one inflict 9,999 times to one foe? That's like staying in one battle. You absolutely need a healing enemy for sure! Does missed shots count? You only get up to level ten in Bounty debuffing. How long can a battle of 9,999 bounties take? Or how many turns? I know for sure that timed battles that times out won't be helpful. Can I stick the chest weapons in the gird with their weapon skills intact? Awesome stuff.

Crab Grab. ( Where are the applicable crabs? Crab-of-War? "The Swimming Crabs 5"? "The Saucy Mr. Crabs"? How often? I admit that it's not good/frequent as a maxed out Banana Bunch axe/hammer weapon, but those with quick full charges would not mind too much about the inconveniece. I must be really lucky to snag at least one Banana Bunch!

By the way, I can't ask the questions on the discussion page for each weapon. Maybe someone can copy the block there?

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

How helpful is 10% increase to honor gains?

It depends on how helpful it is to you.

How can one inflict 9,999 times to one foe?

It's the total from all battles you successfully inflict Bounty, not just one battle.

Where are the applicable crabs?

Anything that looks like a crab.

By the way, I can't ask the questions on the discussion page for each weapon. Maybe someone can copy the block there?

You need to register a wiki account. Only registered users at least 24 hours old may create a new conversation page if the discussion page is still "empty". (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the answer.

I just checked out "Crab-of-War" (, it's a rare monster type so chances are rare. "The Saucy Mr. Crabs" ( is much harder than "True Connoisseur" ( True Connoisseur). "Somnika the Delicacy" is the name of the monster for both battles, but definitely different monsters.

Probably easy question. Should I just go scum "True Connoisseur" because it's more readily available? I doubt that harder crab battles of one crab increases the count of crabs defeated.

First Snow (talkcontribs)

Hello, I would like some advice on changing crews. Apparently, my current crew's play-style is no longer one I prefer. The crew has a few ships as well as a few crew skills; however none of the resources are put to use. Therefor it is giving my a hard time get through HL content as I do not possess a power grid or that any characters so I would like to rely a bit on crew skills and the leader doesn't really bother to read the messages. I already found quite a few crews that look like they would be pretty nice, however I am afraid that it would be disrespectful toward my current crew. Therefore is there any advice that you can provide me with? I'm also not so sure what to do as I don't really know what to do about the 24 hour penalty for leaving or getting kicked out of a crew. Thank yo very much.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Just leave. If they're not even putting up buffs daily then it's the same as being crewless anyway. May as well join another crew and don't even bother thinking about your old crew again.

First Snow (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the advice. I'll wait until unite and fight is over and then leave. And I have another question, if there is the 24 hour penalty for joining a new crew, does that mean I can't send a request or does it mean the recieving end can't accept my request. I also am curious about is are there any other down sides in being temporarily crewless besides the crew skills. And is are there any criteria I have it cover in order for some other crew to accept my request to join thanks alot.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

You can't create a crew, but you can receive crew invite during the 24 hours. You just can't accept the invite until it's over.

24 hours is not a long time. Just deal with it.

First Snow (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the advice it really helped me out. Though I wonder if I had unintentionally annoyed you by asking? I so then I would like to apologize in advance. Thanks a lot.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

No, I'm not annoyed. You specifically asked me for advice and I gave you an answer in a way I'd normally give to a stranger over the internet. My delivery may have been blunt, but it was an honest answer.

First Snow (talkcontribs)

Thank you so much for your help. I have already joined a new crew and it is working out really well. If anything it made a huge change to my gaming experience. And will it be okay if I ask for advice on a few other things. Thanks a bunch.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

I'm glad you found a crew that fits your needs.

Granduck (talkcontribs)

uhhh.. So I was trying some template stuff out in my userspace and I got a fatal error. I can't even edit the page to clean it out. Can someone with higher access try deleting the page at User:Granduck/test ?

I'm really sorry.

step_flag Zooey (Promo) ID redirects to Zooey with the gun

Granduck (talkcontribs)

ID 3040078000 is used in the variant check and should link to Zooey (Promo). But it links back to Zooey (ID 3040150000), to whom this fate belongs. I doubt anyone would notice, but it's kinda funny. And I give up on trying to get a linebreak to work in here.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

I noticed this with certain other character fates. I'll look into it some more.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Sorry, still not able to pinpoint why the name hasn't changed. How some of the Zooey pages were moved may have something to do with it, but I'm at a brick wall. I also talked to the other admins about it and they don't know.

Reply to "step_flag Zooey (Promo) ID redirects to Zooey with the gun"