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Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

If you feel the need to mention how X character is useful in very specific fights, make a strategy subsection on the raid's page (see Proto Bahamut (Raid)) and explain how certain utility they posses can be useful rather than mention these raids on the character's strategy page. Or make a compilation of characters that can be useful in such fights (how they might make dealing with certain effects easier etc) and then add it in resources (see Lucilius (Raid) Hard tab, below the table).
Strategy pages are meant to be a guide for players new to the character, without looking too deep at how far in the game they've progressed so far.

Taking your Clarisse as example, many players might end up never facing the Hard version of Faa-san raid. Her plain damage being useful in removing labor is useless for them (just like it is for people who don't remove it) and the people who want to know more about how to deal with it will look up guides specifically about the raid, rather than scavenge all character pages in order to find something useful. Plain damage is pretty much great in many kids of fights because of its nature and not just specifically great in Faa-san.

What you wrote is overall really great and will certainly be appreciated. Just keep in mind who these pages are mostly meant for and try to be more general.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Last thing - if you think any character composition works really well with a character, use Synergy subsection to explain that rather than Overview or How to Play (referring to your mention of grand Ferry and H. Cag).

KonatsuSV (talkcontribs)

Most of what you wrote are pretty on point, and thanks for taking the time in bringing up this topic. It is indeed very important to keep things simple and basic to guarantee the accessibility of these pages for all players.

I do however somewhat disagree about the "never mentioning hard raids" thing. When I was a new player at the game, I was very interested in reading about potential uses of a character I currently own and find to be not useful, or I don't own but is considering sparking/ticketing and want to see its long term value. Making broad and vague statements such as "this character is useful for difficult fights" makes a boring read; personally, I would like to see one or two examples of things that actually justifies it. Knowing how something is life-saving in a certain situation makes me appreciate a character much more, even if I ended up never using that application. I don't think that mentioning iconic triggers of important raids (as an example of many other similar triggers) digresses from the generic tone too much to be a problem. This might just be a personal thing, though, and I'm not claiming that it applies to the majority or anyone at all. But yes, if it does deserve to be included, I agree that it should be probably be under a section like special interactions, similar to a "foe version" of "Synergies".

Once again thanks for proofreading my stuff and help fixing the mistakes I made.

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