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SSR Characters

Name Link Present Text
Agielba* Link #1 #1

Happy Valentine's!
Ardora gave me some chocolates! My little girl's a-growin' up!
Then I start thinking about her giving chocolates to some bum she met somewhere... Sob...

Albert* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Happy Valentine's Day. Are these chocolates for me? Hehe, you've just made my day. Thank you.
Now what have we here? Heh. Chocolates from (Captain)... I'm so happy I could cry. All jokes aside, these are great. Thank you.

Altair #1

A Valentine's Day gift? For me? Then I'll happily accept this token of gratitude from you, (Captain)! You caught me just as I was about to make some tea. Won't you join me? I'll make a delicious cup of green tea just for you!

Anre Link #1 #1

Oh? Are these chocolates for me?
Heh-heh... I see... It actually feels a little strange to get something like this.
As much as I grieve for the plight of the world, I often end up ignoring my own needs.
But no one who loses their humanity will ever be able to bring about world peace.
Thank you. You've given me an opportunity to restore just a bit of who I am.

Aoidos Link #1 #1

Oh, chocolates? It's just like you to be so caring, Captain. It would be best to accept such a gift. Mmm... This sweet flavor, it appeals to the id! All wrapped in the delights of agape... it's chaotic! It's cosmic! Yes, Captain, I have seen your pathos!

Ayer Link #1 You got me chocolates? Don't make me laugh. You're my prey. Besides, I don't like sweet stuff anyway. Give it to someone else... Hey. Why are you laughing? Hey... Don't look at my personal belongings! Most of those chocolates aren't mine to begin with. They're prizes from underground fighting arenas. I'm not interested in answering anymore of your questions. I accept your chocolates. Now leave.
Chat Noir Link #1 Heh heh heh. With this disguise, nobody can tell who I am. Ah, but it's troublesome when (Captain) is unable to recognize me. Hey, What's the matter, (Captain)? Why couldn't you see through this disguise? I've misjudged you! What? You thought that if you ignored me, I'd reveal myself eventually? Heh. Excellent. To entice me into revealing my true colors of my very own volition is nothing short of brilliant. Your senses are terrifying indeed, (Captain). Hm? Chocolates for me? W-well, I shall graciously accept them this time. However, don't assume I'll go easy on you next time we meet. I bid you adieu, (Captain)
Eahta* #1

Valentine's...Valentine's? These fashionable little fad holidays seem to breeding, as of late. But one must be open to the ebb and flow of time. Very well. I shall partake in these sweet treats of yours

Eugen (Grand Series) #1

Hey, it's Valentine's Day! I don't mind havin' a few sweets today! Whaddya got? Hmm, that looks like it'd go well with a drink! Thank ya kindly!

Eustace (Halloween) Link #1 #1

Valentine's Day... I'm not too familiar with this holiday. So what does this valentine from you mean, (Captain)? It means you appreciate me? Really? You all right? Your cheeks look a little red. Just kidding. I know what today is. Thanks. I'm grateful.

Eustace* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Valentine's Day... I'm not too familiar with this holiday. So what does this valentine from you mean, (Captain)? It means you appreciate me? Really? You all right? Your cheeks look a little red. Just kidding. I know what today is. Thanks. I'm grateful.
Thanks... What's wrong? Expecting something more? Come here... Closer... Let me pat you on the head.

Feower* #1

My sister gives me chocolates on Valentine's every year. Just out of obligation, y'know. Just thinking about that curmudgeonly sister of mine making chocolates just puts a smile on my face.


Huh? You got me chocolates again, (Captain)? I wasn't really sure how to express my happiness last year, so I thought you wouldn't bother getting me anything ever again. Really? You didn't get that impression? Um... I guess you might be right. In that case, I'll be sure to savor them. Ah! Almost forgot to properly express my thanks... Thank you so much for the chocolates, (Captain).

Gawain* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Hm? Is that chocolate for me? Oh right, it's Valentine's Day. Don't think that I'm gonna owe you a favor after this, but... Since you're offering, I'll take it.

Ghandagoza* Link #1 Link #2 #1

The Day of Valentine is once again upon us! Hm? A confectionery treat? For me? Oh, I don't mind if I do.
My fists require sustenance and this shall do just nicely! I shall partake of this with gratitude! Gahahaha!
Hnnng... (Captain), how jovial you seem today. Did something of fortune occur? Hrm... I see. Valentine's Day, when the hearts of young adolescents grow restless. I too remember those days, when I was young and my bride would bestow unto me various confections. Gahahaha! Indeed my skin was wrought by the woes of chocolate indulgence. Hm? Do you not wish to hear of my skin's affliction? Gwahahaha! Fear not, (Captain)! I merely jest!

Lancelot* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Oh, that's right! Today's Valentine's Day. You got me a gift, did you? Thank you! No matter if it's chocolates or macarons, I've got a real sweet tooth!
Oh! Have you brought another sweet gift for me this year, (Captain)? I'll happily accept it, of course! Wow... The wrapping is quite nice. Do you mind if I open it and have a little bite? Mmm... Mmm... Incredible! I've never had anything so delicious! Where'd you get your hands on these? What! You made them yourself? By the way... have you given chocolate to your valentine yet? Hm? Why are you so quiet all of sudden? I guess there's nothing you can't do, (Captain)! I've a whole new level of respect for you! I see, I see... You're embarrassed to say, right? In exchange for your gift, I'll lend you an ear and some advice if you'd like. Come see me anytime!

Lucio (Grand Series) Link #1 Now then, (Captain). I understand you have something to tell me... Well, you said wanted to tell me in private! It will be thousands of years before any person finds this place, let alone any monster...Oh? Are these... chocolates? Gracious me... This is a real surprise! Thank you, (Captain)! I'm afraid today may be a bit dangerous for me to go out... Another senseless war could erupt, so I shall remain here for a while. But this is a very welcome gift. Thank you, (Captain).
Marquiares Link #1 #1

Fweh heh heh... Hello there, Captain. Busy giving chocolates to the younger members of the crew?
Hoowee? Chocolates? For me?
I see... That's a shame.You're always so kind to me, Captain. I'm afraid I started to get the wrong idea.
Oh, I'm simply going to die of embarrassment. I'm going to just let out a little eruption to conceal my–

Nezahualpilli* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Valentine's Day, you say? Bwah hah hah! Who'd have thought the outside world would engage in such a tradition! Hm? Is that for me? Ah, what a kind gesture! Hah hah hah! Sweets go oh so well with my wine!

Oh? A present for me, you say. I suppose that's what Valentine's is all about.
I gladly accept! What's that? You inquire as to my understanding of Valentine's?
Sure, I accepted your chocolate last year just the same!
Everything you've ever taught me, (Captain), I have it all stored right up here.

Percival (Summer) Link #1 #1

So today is Valentine's... Too bad I don't care for chocolate. Wait. Stop! Don't look at me like that. Fine, I'll take yours... But only this once, okay?

Percival* Link #1 Link #2 #1

So today is Valentine's... Too bad I don't care for chocolate. Wait. Stop! Don't look at me like that. Fine, I'll take yours... But only this once, okay?

Who is it? Oh, it's you, Captain. What are you doing visiting me so early? You wanted to be the first to give me chocolate? Humph. You'll freeze out there. Now come inside. I'll get you something warm to drink. Hm? You made it a little less sweet this year? I suppose I can reward your effort. I'll let you try my special tea. Now we'll just wait for the water to boil. While we wait, how about we ask each other questions to get to know each other better? What's wrong? It's all in good fun. Ahem, I'll go first...

Rackam (Grand Series)* #1

Happy... Valentine's?
Huh? You're givin' me chocolate too? Haha, you're gonna make me blush!

Romeo Link #1 #1

(Captain)? Hmm? This is for me, huh. It smells... sweet. It's chocolate? Ah, this must be for that holiday. I bet you went to a lot of trouble to prepare this. Sorry for that. And thank you. But don't you worry about me. Though my love for Juliet will never fade, not even a bit... Just thinking of her like this brings me great happiness.

Sarunan (Dark)* Link #1 Link #2 #1

This chocolate's for me? Gee, thanks.
I hope you understand that this doesn't mean anything, Honey. I have eyes for you and you only.
Are you pouting, Honey? Oh, I'm so sorry! Won't you please look at me again, my dearie?
I hope you're not really angry. You're kidding, right? Nooo... Sniffle... Please don't leave me alone, Honey... Aaahh...
Oh my... Today is that Valentine's holiday. And for this special day, you've pulled out all the stops and prepared something great. You bear great love within you. You must truly understand how I feel. Thank you for the chocolate. It might take a little extra time, but I'll savor each and everyone piece.

Sarunan (Light)*
Seofon* Link #1

Link #2


Today's Valentine's Day, yes? Get any chocolates, (Captain)? Me? I've already received about three thousand... Huh? No, that's not a joke. Hahaha!

That joke I made last year about receiving three thousand chocolates didn't seem to go over very well with you. How to fix this, I wonder... What's that? How many chocolates did I get this year? Well. About that... Ten thousand! (Well? There's no way that joke's getting misinterpreted!) As you might expect, I hardly need any more. But my dearest (Captain) deserves something special. So... here! I already gave those chocolates away to those who helped in my search for swords, so consider this a token of my everyday thanks! Here you go. Hahaha! You're just trying to see how I react today, aren't you, (Captain)?

Seox* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Valentine's? What are you talking about? You're giving me... chocolates? Is this part of one of your little schemes? You want to show how much you appreciate me? In that case... I'll give you chocolates of my own in return!
Valentine's, eh... I remember this. I received chocolates last year as a show of thanks. ... ... Hey! Are you teasing me? D-don't you dare make fun of me!

Seruel* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Hm? These chocolates... are for me? That's so very caring of you. Munch, munch... Yes. I think that gets passing marks. Rudimentary as they may be, the fact that you possess an awareness of the confectionary arts is... surprising. Your weaknesses stand out, however. I wish to guide you from square one the next chance you have. That... and to partake in some of Naoise's tea. With you, of course.

Siegfried* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Happy Valentine's Day. Today is the day you give sweet tokens of gratitude to others. Hm? Only the female crew members are giving gifts today, you say?

I kind of messed up last year's Valentine's Day, didn't I, (Captain)? For this year, I practiced what to say a few days ago. I'm prepared for any present you give me. So go ahead, (Captain), and give it to me whenever's convenient for you. Hm? Ah, I see... I'm supposed to be spontaneous, not rehearsed. Shoot... I failed again! Wait, wait, give me another chance. Just come in from the door and start over. Is that okay, (Captain)?

Vaseraga* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Hm? You're here to give me chocolates? Ah, for Valentines's Day...
That's mighty kind of you to give gifts to all the crew members.
You've really gone all out for Valentine's Day, (Captain).
I've seen you running all over the airship since this morning. Take it easy and I'll be on the watch for today.


Is that chocolate... for me?
I see...
Thank you, (Captain). I'll be sure to savor each bite.
Did you get up early to prepare for Valentine's Day?
If so, then take the day off to rest. I'll take care of your duties in your stead.
Leave it to me! You know I used to be in a crew before this one. And handling business with the Knickknack Shack is my forte.

Veight Link #1 #1

Happy Valentine's Day.
Thank you, (Captain).
I knew you wouldn't let me down. Hehe, and that's because I'm special to you, aren't I, (Captain)?
What is this feeling? It's not a bad feeling at all. In fact, I quite like it. I'll be sure to return the favor.

Yngwie Link #1 Chocolates? You went out of your way to get these? Shoot. Shouldn't have.

You're really that into me? Rest of the guys aren't going to like that. Anyway, thanks. I don't care what they think. This means a lot to me.

Yodarha* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Oh my, is that chocolate for me? A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk! I'm gonna have to make a real big catch for White day!