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Official Profile

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Journal Entry

Eli Ayase
Npc zoom 3991477000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Yoshino Nanjo
NameJP 絢瀬絵里
Voice ActorJP 南條愛乃
ID 3991477000
Release Date 2019-08-12
Love Live! Door to the Skies

A third-year student at Otonokizaka High School and president of the student council. Seemingly able to do anything and everything flawlessly, she often fills organizational and supportive roles for her fellow μ's members. Nevertheless, she has a inquisitive side and will occasionally take part in the others' wild schemes. Her favorite food is chocolate.
Nico Yazawa
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Sora Tokui
NameJP 矢澤にこ
Voice ActorJP 徳井青空
ID 3991476000
Release Date 2019-08-12
Love Live! Door to the Skies

A third-year student at Otonokizaka High School and president of the idol study club. She is a hard-core idol fan, having strived to become an idol even before joining μ's. Even though she often lectures the other members on how to be a proper school idol, she can be surprisingly klutzy herself. Her favorite foods are anything sweet.
Nozomi Tojo
Npc zoom 3991475000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Aina Kusuda
NameJP 東條 希
Voice ActorJP 楠田亜衣奈
ID 3991475000
Release Date 2019-08-12
Love Live! Door to the Skies

A third-year student at Otonokizaka High School and vice president of the student council. Knowledgeable about all things spiritual, including fortune-telling and legends, she often helps out at a local shrine. Although she comes across as nonchalant due to her relaxed-sounding Kansai dialect, she can occasionally be found pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Her favorite food is slow-roasted meat.




  • The Third Years' charge attack, Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki, is the opening theme song for the second season of the Love Live! School Idol Project anime.
  • Khorosho! is the romanization of Eli's catchphrase, хорошо, which is Russian for "good!" or "okay!".
  • Nico-Nico-Ni! is named after Nico's catchphrase.
    • The skill's 25,252 Status DmgUp.pngSupplemental DMGDMG dealt is supplemented
      cap is a wordplay, as it can be pronounced ni-ko-ni-ko-ni in Japanese.
  • How Spiritual! is named after Nozomi's catchphrase.
  • Melody of the Heart is a reference to the title of Season 2, Episode 9 of the Love Live! School Idol Project anime, and is also part of the lyrics to the episode's insert song, Snow halation.

Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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The Ultimate Venue

The girls of μ's notice the stage is looking rough after the joint concert, so they decide to build a brand-new venue for the Tenacie idols. After divvying up the tasks amongst themselves, the third-years enlist the help of (Captain) and Sierokarte and head out in search of stone to use for the stage's foundation.

It's been a little while since the joint concert in Tenacie.
The nine members of μ's pay a visit to the concert venue.
Eli: It was just one day of performances, but this stage really took a beating.
Nozomi: Everyone sang and danced their hearts out on you, stage... Thanks for everything. We couldn't have done it without you.
The idols hunker down to pat the scarred floorboards of the stage as they think back on the event.
At that moment, a pair of young women who performed in the concert happen by.
Tenacie Citizen 1: It was so much fun getting together with everyone to sing. I can't believe we got to perform in such a big venue.
Tenacie Citizen 2: It really was like a dream come true. I still kinda have those butterflies in my stomach.
The two chat about the beautiful memories they made during the concert.
But before long, their bright mood is dampened.
Tenacie Citizen 1: But this stage is so beaten up. Do you think anyone will ever dance here again?
Tenacie Citizen 2: It's a real shame. I was hoping to continue my career as a school idol.
The two young women look sadly at the stage.
Nico: Hey, you two.
Just then, someone calls out to them.
Nico: Did you just say you plan to continue being school idols?
Tenacie Citizen 1: Uh... Well... Yes, we'd like to!
Nico: Then all you have to do is fix up this stage, or build a brand new one. We'll help out.
Tenacie Citizen 2: Thank you... But μ's can't stay here forever, can you?
Tenacie Citizen 1: It was thanks to your know-how that we could build this stage in the first place. By ourselves, I'm not sure we could manage the maintenance.
Nico: ...
Nico: In that case, we need to arrange this so you can handle the upkeep without us.
Tenacie Citizen 1: Is that even possible?
Nico: Of course it is! We'll build a brand new venue! With a stage so sturdy it'll never need to be repaired!
Tenacie Citizens: Whoa!
Nozomi & Eli: ...!
An uneasy feeling steals over Eli and Nozomi at Nico's proclamation.
Tenacie Citizen 1: Build it sturdy, huh? How?
Nico: The first step is to choose a better material to construct it with. It needs to be something more durable... I know! Why not build it out of stone?
Tenacie Citizens: Whoa!
Eli: Now, just a minute, Nico!
Eli tries to leap in before the scale of the project gets any grander, but it may already be too late.
Tenacie Citizen 2: Um, what about equipment and stuff?
Nico: Mm... You can't show off how cute you are without proper lighting, so that's a priority. And the acoustics need to be at least twice as good!
Tenacie Citizens: Whoa!
Nico: Hehe. Just you wait. With our know-how, we'll build you the best concert venue you've ever seen!
Tenacie Citizens: Woooow!
Nico visibly swells with pride as she basks in their admiration.
Eventually the young women continue on their way with stars in their eyes.
Eli: So? How exactly are we going to build this incredible stage?
Nico: Urk!
Eli: Those two bought your spiel hook, line, and sinker. How could you get their hopes up like that?
Nico: ...
Nozomi: Easy, Eli-chi. Let's hear Nico-cchi's side of the story.
Nico: I just don't want their school idol dreams to be crushed so soon after they started!
Eli: I get that, but...
Nico: At this rate, everything they worked so hard to protect could go up in smoke!
Nico: If we build them an awesome venue, they can keep performing here! School idols will get more and more popular!
Nico: The concept could spread throughout the skies! This could be the first step!
Nozomi: Oh, really? 'Cause it looked like you were just getting carried away because those two were so impressed with you.
Nico: Nngh...
Nozomi: Still, I agree with you.
Eli: What? You do?
Nozomi: Putting our heads together to come up with the best possible venue design, then making it a reality... Sounds like fun, don't you think?
Nozomi: It'd definitely be good for the townspeople too.
Eli: ...
Eli: All right. But we can't go building something like that in the middle of town without permission. We'll have to talk to the mayor.
Mayor: An even better concert venue, you say... Haha... I can't think of any possible objection.
Lyria: Your ideas for it all sounded wonderful!
Honoka: Yeah! It'll be the ideal venue, built with our own hands! I can't wait!
Honoka: I think it should be like the Love Live stage! Huge, with all the bells and whistles!
Umi: That would take years!
Kotori: Ahaha... True. But using it as a model isn't a bad idea.
Hanayo: Yeah. That's probably our best point of reference for things like lighting, acoustic design, and seating.
Rin: Kayo-chin has the first Love Live concert memorized, so we're all covered there!
Hanayo: I've watched the DVD so many times, it's getting worn out. I bet I could sketch the venue in my sleep!
Maki: References are all well and good, but how do you plan to actually build it?
Lyria: Mmm... This sounds like a job for Sierokarte...
Sierokarte: Hee hee hee! You raaang?
Vyrn: Wuargh! What in the holy horseradish are you doin' here!
Sierokarte: Well, y'see, I was kinda thinking along the same lines as you all. So I'd like to be the financial backer for the new concert venue.
Honoka: What! You're gonna pay for it? All of it?
Vyrn: That's awful generous of you... What's your angle?
Sierokarte: I'm interested in the world Honoka and the others came from. I want to hear all about it!
Sierokarte: Culture, trends... all sorts of knowledge. You can't put a price on information like that! Whaddya say?
Nico: You've got yourself a deal! I'll tell you whatever you want to know!
Sierokarte: Excellent!
Then let's move right along to selecting the stone for your project! Next, we'll need a way to transport it...
Vyrn: Why're you lookin' at us? You need a ship?
Whaddya think, (Captain)? Wanna pitch in?
  1. If it's good for the town, I'm in.
  2. Building a stage does sound like fun.

Choose: If it's good for the town, I'm in.
Vyrn: They were all havin' a blast at that concert. We should help 'em keep that ball rollin'!
Lyria: Yes! Let's build a beautiful stage, so the townspeople can always keep their spirits up!

Choose: Building a stage does sound like fun.
Vyrn: Haha! It's gonna be a crazy lotta work, but you're right.
Lyria: Yes! I'm so excited about building something this size!
Continue 1
Eli: Thank you, (Captain).
Come on, Nico, where are your manners?
Nico: I appreciate it too, (Captain). Especially since it was my idea...
Nozomi: Me too. For Nico-cchi's sake as well.
Honoka: What's next? Should we all go hunt for building materials?
Umi: No, we need to split the tasks up. Someone has to work on the hall's design too.
The group decides to leave lighting and interior design up to the first- and second-years.
The third-years are assigned to find materials for the stage's foundations.
Nozomi: Okay, so everyone has their assignments. Now as for where to get those materials...
Sierokarte: I know a good spot for quarries. It's an oldie but a goodie. You remember it, don't you, (Captain)?
(Captain) immediately knows which island Sierokarte has in mind.
The captain tells the third-years that the island's resources are currently not being used, and offers to fly them there.
The trio agree, and soon they are on their way.

The Ultimate Venue: Scene 2

(Captain) and company visit a quarry on Sierokarte's recommendation, but they are unable to find the stone they seek. Disappointed, they decide to search the next quarry, but Nico ends up picking a fight with a small monster that summons a swarm of its friends.

Nico: So this is the island with all the quarries? It's huge!
Sierokarte: They say this used to be a profitable source of ore and raw stone.
The crew disembarks and follows Sierokarte along a winding road.
After a long walk, they arrive at the yawning mouth of a cave.
Eli: This does look like mining debris scattered around the entrance. What a large mine.
Nozomi: So now we just have to find the right spot to extract the stone we need?
Sierokarte: You got it! We should be able to find a stone here called granite, which is very resistant to erosion.
Sierokarte: You can recognize it by its distinctive speckled pattern. I'll need you all to search!
The group follows Sierokarte into the quarry, scrutinizing the cave walls for any glimpse of granite.
Eli: Besides building the stage out of stone, can you two think of any other improvements to make?
Nozomi: Mm, what's been on my mind is the size.
Nico: Yeah. The wings of the old stage were really narrow. It'd be cramped if a lot of different groups were waiting their turn to perform.
The three idols bring up various points they noticed during the joint concert.
Eli: Since it's an outdoor venue, the floors are an issue.
Eli: We were lucky to have a clear day for the joint concert, but in the rain it would get dangerously slippery.
Nico: Yeah... Remember when we tried to practice on the roof right after it rained?
Nozomi: There's only so much floor-wiping you can do. Is there any other way to prevent slippage?
Eli: Performers could put rosin on their shoes like you do with pointe shoes, or modify their soles for increased traction...
Eli: But really, I think the stage just needs to be protected from the elements.
Nico: Wait, are you telling me we have to build a roof? That's a lot more work.
Nozomi: Hehe. It's starting to sound more and more like the Love Live venue.
Nico: I'm a little scared that Honoka's offhand remark is threatening to become reality.
Nico: But if we're going all out, then I've got some more ideas too. I want them to have the space and setup to put on killer performances!
Nozomi: In that case, we'll really have to think out seat placement. The people in the back need to have a clear view.
Eli: Stone construction will probably make for a lot of echo, so we have to think about how things will sound to the audience too.
Lyria: Um! How about fixtures at the entrance they can use to hang lots of pretty decorations?
Lyria: Adding some bright color around the door would really let people know when there's a concert going on!
Eli: Khorosho! Great idea, Lyria!
Nozomi: Let's write up all these ideas when we get back to the ship.
The four excitedly exchange ideas for the concert venue as they search for granite.
They are interrupted, however, by Sierokarte's disappointed voice from further inside the cave.
Sierokarte: I went on ahead and worked my way back to you, but I haven't seen any granite at all.
Nozomi: All we found were some pure white, powdery rocks.
Sierokarte: Those are no good for construction. They get soft in the rain.
Nozomi: We can't build the foundations of an outdoor stage with that.
Sierokarte: This is so strange... I hadn't heard anything about the quarry being exhausted.
The would-be miners look at one another.
Lyria: Well... What should we do now?
Nico: If there's no granite here, we'll just have to try another quarry! We can't give up so easily!
Nico: C'mon, let's get going!
Nico turns on her heel, prepared to lead the way out.
She doesn't get far.
Nico: Ew... What'd I just step on?
Nico feels an unsettling squish beneath her shoe and gingerly lifts her foot to investigate.
Monster: ...!
She discovers a monster which looks none too pleased at having been mistaken for a doormat.
Eli: A monster! Did we attract it by making too much noise?
Nico: Geez, don't scare me like that, you son of a slug!
Nico grabs a broken pickaxe handle lying nearby and begins giving the goopy creature a piece of her mind.
Monster: ...!
Eli: Nico, stop! Don't make it angry!
Nico: It's his fault for popping out at me like that! I nearly swallowed my own tongue!
Monster: ...!
Nico: What'd you say, you walking slime mold? Are you saying it's my fault?
Monster: !
As if to confirm her translation, the monster hurls itself at Nico.
Nico: Bwah!
Nico trips and lands on her behind.
Nico: Why you little... You've really done it now!
She leaps to her feet, dusts herself off, and launches a redoubled assault on the creature with her makeshift weapon.
Vyrn: Hey, why is she pickin' fights with monsters?
Nozomi: Do you think we ought to stop her?
Nico: Heh heh. No need. This one slimebucket is no match for the power of Nico-Ni—
Monster: ...!
As if summoned by Nico's hubris, another monster pokes its head through a crack in the ground.
Eli: Another one!
Nico: I... I'm sure we can handle two...
Monster: ...!
Nico: Or three...
Monsters: ...!
Soon, the cave floor is carpeted with monsters who seem to bubble up from the rock.
Nozomi: Ahaha... Do you think they're all mad because we were picking on their friend?
Vyrn: Augh, now we gotta clean up this mess! Let's go, (Captain)!

The Ultimate Venue: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew defeat the monsters, but just as they start making their way toward the cave mouth, the entire area begins to shake and crumble. They sprint for the exit at full speed as the cave collapses around them.

It's a tough battle, but the crew manages to drive off the pack of monsters.
Vyrn: Yeesh. Never seen so many of those monsters in one place before.
Sierokarte: They often live near water, but it's unusual to see so many come out at once.
Sierokarte: Maybe the cave's groundwater drew them to nest here.
Nico: Sigh... I thought we were goners for a minute there.
Nico turns around to find two angry friends drawn up to their full height and glowering at her.
Eli: Niiicooo...
Nozomi: Someone needs to be punished...
Nico: H-how was I supposed to know he'd have that many friends! It wasn't my fault!
Nozomi: Mwahaha... No excuses!
Nico: W-wait... What're you planning, Nozomi?
Nozomi: Prepare to be squeezed!
Nico: Anything but thaaat!
Lyria: Ahaha... ha... Um... Don't be too hard on her...
Vyrn: Yeah, we still need her in rock-hunting condition!
Nozomi: I guess you're right. You're getting off easy this time, Nico-cchi.
Nico: Huff... Huff...
I saw my whole life flash before my eyes...
Nozomi's fearsome punishment concluded, everyone returns to the question of their next move.
Sierokarte: There's another quarry a little to the east of here. I think that's our best bet.
Nico: Then let's get going!
Nozomi: Yeah... Right...
Nozomi: I can't shake the feeling we're missing something here though...
Eli: What's up, Nozomi?
Nozomi: Mm... I've been getting a strange reaction here for a while now.
Nozomi holds up the L-shaped metal rods she has in her hands.
Eli: What are those for?
Nozomi: Haha. If you want to find something hidden underground, what else would you use?
Nico: Dowsing? You're dowsing for the granite?
Nozomi: My instincts and these dowsing rods are telling me what we seek is right here!
With that, Nozomi begins walking through the cave, dowsing rods in hand.
However, she doesn't find the stone they're after.
Nico: Are you kidding me? There's really nothing here?
Nozomi: Hmm... That can't be right...
Eli: Haha. I guess your fortune-telling can't be right every time.
Nico: Come on, we can't hang around here all week. Let's just go to the next quarry!
Nozomi: Mm... But I was so sure...
(Captain) and the others head back toward the cave mouth with Nozomi dragging her feet at the back of the group.
As they move, however, they all begin to sense something is wrong.
Eli: Hm? Did you feel a tremor?
Nozomi: Hehe, probably just Nico-cchi stomping her feet because she's in a bad mood.
Nico: Hey, I'm not big enough to make the earth move!
Nico: So what is causing that? I think I still feel it...
Lyria: Yeah... It's definitely moving... The whole cave is shaking!
Everyone looks around in alarm.
Far from subsiding, the tremors become more pronounced.
Nozomi: Wait a minute... Remind me where those monsters came from earlier?
Nico: Out of the ground. Didn't Siero say they probably lived in the groundwater?
Eli: Which means they dug a bunch of tunnels under the floor... And now those tunnels are mostly empty...
Nozomi: Ah... I'm reminded of stories about sinkholes forming when groundwater is extracted...
Eli: Me too. So that means the cave itself... is crumbling?
As if in answer to Eli's question, the tremors increase in intensity, a thunderous sound echoing around them.
The roar becomes deafening as the bedrock deeper in the cave begins to come apart.
Nico: R-r-r...
Nico: Run for iiiit!
As the crew dash for the cave mouth, they hear the quarry caving in behind them.
With the wildly yelling Nico in the lead, they run with every scrap of strength in their bodies.

The Ultimate Venue: Scene 4

(Captain) and company escape the cave to discover that a new rift in the earth has revealed the stone they were searching for. Materials in hand, they return triumphantly to Tenacie. After sharing success stories with the other members, the girls join forces with the Tenacie idols to start building the stage.

Third-Years: Pant... Wheeze...
Lyria: We... We made it...
  1. Is everyone all right?
  2. I never thought it would collapse like that...

Choose: Is everyone all right?
Eli: Yes... All accounted for...
Nozomi: Made it by the skin of our teeth.

Choose: I never thought it would collapse like that...
Nico: No kidding... That shaved years off my life.
Vyrn: I thought we were about to be skyfarer pancakes.
Continue 1
Eli: But the quarry is completely caved in...
Nozomi: Even if there wasn't any useful stone left in there, I feel guilty for destroying it.
Nico: Geez... First there's no granite, then the cave tries to eat us for lunch... We've just been wearing ourselves out for nothing.
Sierokarte: Oho... Maybe not!
Third-Years: Huh?
Sierokarte points to where a new rift in the earth has revealed an interesting cross-section of the rock beneath.
They can see layers of speckled stone interspersed with the crumbly white rock.
Eli: That delicate speckled pattern... Is that it?
Sierokarte: Yes! This is the granite we've been looking for!
Third-Years: What!
Sierokarte: I'd be willing to bet this entire area is stratified the same way.
Lyria: Wow... I never knew that could happen!
Eli: If not for that cave-in, we would have missed the granite completely.
Sierokarte: Now we should be able to extract all the stone you need for the new stage. That's one lucky break!
Vyrn: Yeah! We hit the mother lode!
Eli: Haha... A lucky accident, I guess.
Nozomi: All's well that ends well!
Nico: That's right! No use crying over spilled milk that turns into delicious cheese!
Nico: Let's hurry and bring back the good news!
(Captain) and the others set a return course to Tenacie to share the news of their lucky find.
En route, the three idols pore over their rough blueprints, discussing their plans.
Eli: Sierokarte said she knew quarrymen who could handle the granite extraction for us. She said it promised to be a profitable vein.
Nozomi: So we have what we need for the foundations.
Nico: Heh heh heh... We're one step closer to the completion of Nico's Super Stage!
Nozomi: Sure, sure. Anyway, the next major concern will be lighting.
Eli: We left that in good hands. I'm sure they'll have great news for us.
Honoka: Eli, Nozomi, Nico! Welcome back!
When the group arrives in Tenacie, they are greeted by Honoka and the others.
Eli: Hey, everyone! How's the lighting coming?
Hanayo: Some local mages promised to help us improve it!
Rin: They said they'd work on a way to keep the lights burning for long periods of time!
Nozomi: How wonderful. With any luck, the concerts here will be a dazzling affair.
Maki: So? Did you guys find the building materials we need?
Nico: Hehehe... Prepare to be amazed!
Nico: For I, Nico, singlehandedly excavated an entire cave, and exposed a rich vein of the perfect building stone!
Hanayo: Whaaat! You? Mined for rocks?
Rin: Wow, Nico! I never thought you were that tough!
Eli: Let's be clear. She didn't actually dig it up.
Nozomi: It was more like she tripped and fell over just the right thing this time.
Maki: What're you talking about? I don't understand.
Nico: Hey! Don't go cluttering up my story with facts!
Honoka: But this means the stage is a lot closer to completion, right?
Umi: Yeah. There are still a lot of hurdles to clear, but I get the feeling we can do it!
Kotori: Hehe. Then we just have to roll up our sleeves!
The nine idols have a variety of success stories to share, all of which fuel their motivation as they move forward with the next steps.
As they are discussing their plans, the two aspiring Tenacie idols come running up.
Tenacie Citizen 1: Um, excuse us, μ's! Is there anything we can do to help with the stage?
Tenacie Citizen 2: We're hoping to perform here, so we'd really like to help build it with our own hands!
Eli: Oh! That's...
The μ's members look at each other, unable to contain their pleasure at the fledgling idols' enthusiasm.
Eli: Yes, by all means, we'd love to have your help. Let's build you the best venue there ever was!
Nozomi: I'm sure there are many more improvements we can make, so the more hands, the better.
Nico: All right! Let's give it everything we've got!
μ's & Citizens: Yeaaah!
Hand in hand, the μ's members and the Tenacie idols work to create the venue of their dreams.
It's only a matter of time before Tenacie will see school idols spreading their wings on this new stage, poised to take to the skies.

Doing What We Can

Eli, Nozomi, and Nico wake up once more in Tenacie. This time they are the only members of μ's to cross worlds, as Beobachter's power is waning due to numerous people abandoning their roles as school idols. Deducing that the school idols in this world need a goal to pursue, the third-years begin planning a competition.

Nozomi: Mngh... So bright... Is it morning already?
Woken by the sun's rays, Nozomi sits up and stretches.
Nozomi: A nice and warm greeting from the sun...
Nozomi: A soothing breeze carrying the scent of fresh flowers...
Nozomi: ...
Nozomi: But why was I sleeping outside? And here of all places...
Recognizing her surroundings, Nozomi's confusion only grows as she takes in the familiar town.
Lyria: Oh! Nozomi!
Eli: I'm glad to see you got up just fine.
Vyrn: You guys sure know how to give someone a heart attack, poppin' out of nowhere like that a second time.
Nozomi: Eli-chi? Along with the captain and crew... We hopped worlds again, didn't we?
Eli: We sure did. Welcome back to Tenacie.
Nico: Ugh! That primal beast sure has a lot of nerve dumping me in the middle of town! If you're going to call, at least do it privately!
Nico: Nobody wants to wake up in public all exposed! Every time, I swear!
Medusa: You're really noisy for someone who just woke up. Is it really that big a deal?
Nico: I'll have you know that a school idol's sleeping visage is a carefully guarded secret! One bad angle is all it takes for your career to go down the drain!
Medusa: So what, sleep talking's fine then? Mumbling and drooling with your mouth wide open... You made a pretty funny sound too.
Nico: I-I did not! You think you can say whatever you want just to mess with me?
Medusa: Excuse me? Are you calling me a liar?
Nico & Medusa: What is your problem!
Eli & Athena: Nico, stop that!
Medusa, stop that!
Nico & Medusa: Grrr...
Nico & Medusa: Hmph!
Athena: It's been a while since we've witnessed this sort of exchange, hasn't it?
Eli: Ahaha... I feel like I should apologize in advance for all the trouble she's going to cause.
Vyrn: Hey, keepin' things lively ain't a bad thing. 'Specially with the town the way it is right now.
Nozomi: The town...
Scrutinizing her surroundings more closely, Nozomi senses something different in the air.
Nozomi: I'm guessing we were called here for a reason then.
Vyrn: Probably. It'd be faster to show you. Since everyone's awake, you ready to take a look around?
Nozomi: Wait... Where are the other μ's members?
Lyria: About that... I think Beobachter only brought you three over.
Beobachter—a primal beast with the ability to link worlds and summon idolized beings from them.
Though initially at odds with μ's and the crew, Beobachter has since found a better purpose for its powers.
Eli: If it needed us for something, wouldn't all nine members be better?
Lyria: Beobachter probably wanted to, but I don't think it had enough strength left to get everyone...
Nozomi: Aren't primal beasts like gods in this world? Something must've happened if it's not feeling well.
Athena: Perhaps the purpose for its existence has been called into question. Considering the state of the town...
Athena: I believe we shall once again need your help in order to solve this matter. Will you aid us?
Nozomi: I'd never dream of saying no to a divine being. Count me in.
Eli: If there's a problem and people are unable to practice, you know I can't leave well enough alone.
Nico: ...
Medusa: What about you? Not going to help?
Nico: Hmmm, I dunno. What if we run into big, scary monsters again? You expect little ol' me to—
Eli: First we need to scope out the town and see for ourselves what's going on.
Nico: Wow! Just going to ignore me like that!
The idols accompany the crew through the town, taking in the girls practicing their songs and dances.
School Idol 1: One, two, three, four... One... Two... Three...
Eli: Looks like everyone's practicing together, but...
School Idol 1: Sigh... What are we going to do?
School Idol 2: No one's going to come to our concert...
Nico: Practice shouldn't make people this miserable. Last time we swung around, they were having a blast.
Nico: Ugh, I can't stand it! I'll go show them how it's done—
Medusa: Wait. Nico, I think a friend of yours is coming over.
Nico Fan: Nico!
Nico: Oh! Long time no see!
Lyria: This girl is...
Nico Fan: I sure did! I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up!
Nico: That's right: a Nico-Ni fan!
So how's it going? Still working hard at being just like me?
Nico Fan: Yeah! I sing and dance all the time!
Nico Fan: But... Everyone else doesn't want to practice anymore...
Nico: Did something happen? Tell me what you know.
With a small nod, the girl details what happened to the town after μ's departed.
Due to the success of the joint concert, the concept of school idols spread to nearby islands.
In turn, many people came to visit Tenacie and became engrossed in concerts and other related activities. But their attention didn't last long.
School Idol 1: No way! Why... Why won't you come to our concerts anymore?
Visiting Girl 1: Well... It's not like I don't like what you're doing, you know?
Visiting Girl 1: But watching the same performance over and over again gets kinda boring...
School Idol 2: What? You quit being a school idol?
Visiting Girl 2: Me and the other members talked and... we realized our group was going nowhere.
Visiting Girl 2: But we'll still be rooting for all you Tenacie girls!
Nico Fan: Before we knew it, most people gave up... And now there's not many of us left.
A moment of quiet passes as the group processes the new information.
Athena: This must be why Beobachter's power has diminished.
Eli: With the influence of school idols weakened in this world, its connection to them is also weakening...
Nico Fan: Always doing the same thing is boring, but... we don't know what else to do.
Medusa: Hmm... Sounds to me like everyone got stuck in a rut and gave up. Not that I can blame them.
Nozomi: What do you think, Eli-chi?
Eli: From what I've seen...
Eli: Everyone around town seems to be writing new songs and creating more dance routines.
Nico: They've upped their skills since the last time we saw them, even if they aren't too into what they're doing right now. Honestly, a little pep, and they'd get a crowd going.
Eli: Their performance capabilities have definitely improved... But then why are they so demoralized?
Nozomi: And why have so many given up?
Third-Years: Hmm...
The three idols fold their arms and ponder.
Eli: One of those girls thought that her group was going nowhere... Do you think maybe everyone's lost sight of their goals?
Nozomi: If they have, all the fans in the audience would be able to tell. People would start to drift away...
Nico: An idol should always be aiming to make people smile. You telling me they lost sight of that?
Nozomi: Maybe... But it would help to have something more concrete to go after. Something like... a Love Live competition.
Nico: Ah...
Nico Fan: What's a Love Live?
Nico: It's a contest where school idol groups get together and see which one puts on the best show. Kind of like a huge concert festival.
Nico Fan: Wow, everyone all together? I wonder who would win!
Eli: I think we've found our solution.
Nozomi: Facing others may be kind of tough, but this way it'll be easy for everyone to see how much the idols have grown. Fans will want to cheer that much harder too.
Nico: And the girls that felt like they had no way forward... They might wanna try again if one of their favorite groups does well.
Athena: Are you quite sure? The birth of a new battleground does not, at least to me, seem like a sensible idea.
Eli: It won't be the kind of competition you're thinking of, Athena.
Eli: I know it might sound bad in theory, but trust me when I say it's actually about doing your best and giving it your all. Everyone should walk away with a smile.
Athena: I see... A competition where everyone walks away with a smile...
Eli: I can't believe we taught everyone about dancing and singing, but forgot one of the most important things. Leave it to Nozomi to pick up on it.
Nico: H-hmph! I totally noticed a long time ago! I just didn't say anything!
Nico: Anyway, we know what to do now! Kick life back into this town with a school idol festival—it's Love Live time!
Vyrn: A festival, huh? Guess we've gotta spread the word and get people interested.
Nozomi: But before that...
Nozomi draws a single card and holds it up.
Nozomi: The cards tell me that we should host the festival somewhere that isn't Tenacie.
Nico: Seriously? Why? We're in school idol central right now! Why the heck should we pack up and move?
Eli: I agree with Nico for once. It might be hard to adjust to a new place after all this time.
Nozomi: Well, the cards also say that we'll find a light at the end of the tunnel if we aren't afraid of a little darkness first.
Nico: You want to not speak in riddles?
Nozomi: It won't be easy going somewhere else, but it'll be worth the hardship if we take the chance.
Nico: Hmm... Fine by me. We'll find the perfect place with lots of potential attendees and show them what idols are made of!
Vyrn: So where ya gonna find a place like that? If all you want is a crowded town, I've got a couple ideas in mind.
Nozomi: Why don't we leave everything to my trusty dowsing rods?
A glint in her eyes, Nozomi reveals two metallic rods and waves them around.
Eli: Are those what you used back when we needed granite for a new stage?
Nozomi: They sure are. When you need something found, nothing works better.
She begins to focus intently on the rods, eyebrows scrunched together in concentration.
Nozomi: Mmmm...
Nozomi: Hah!
Nozomi: I'm sensing it's... this way!
Nico: Uh, hello? There's only sky in that direction! Are you trying to lead us on some wild goose chase—
Sierokarte: Very interesting... That's Port Breeze you're pointed toward right now.
Nico: Ugyahhh! Where did you come from!
Sierokarte: Hehehe! I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.
Vyrn: You really love to drop in outta nowhere, don'tcha? You here for something?
Sierokarte: About that... I'd be more than happy to pitch in and set this competition up.
Sierokarte: There's a venue in Port Breeze that's been looking for some new entertainment, you see.
Sierokarte: I was in town hoping to recruit the talented people here when I spotted you folks.
Eli: Khorosho! That's some good timing... But are you sure?
Nozomi: I know you came here looking for idols, but we're talking about a pretty huge event.
Sierokarte: As long as the director in charge of the venue gives permission, there shouldn't be a problem!
Sierokarte: She's a big fan of music. With enough convincing, she might even turn it into a town-wide celebration!
Nico: Attention across the whole town... A chance to spread the Nico-Ni signature smile...
Nico: What are we waiting for? Let's go pay this director person a visit!
The rest of the group agrees, and (Captain) begins to plot a course for Port Breeze.
Nozomi: ...
Nozomi: Trouble always follows after a stroke of good luck...

Doing What We Can: Scene 2

Hearing of an open venue in Port Breeze, the third-years go to meet the director in charge. Though the director has a passion for music, she refuses to acknowledge school idol music and cuts the discussion short. Later, the crew meets an attendant at the inn who explains that the people of Port Breeze are unfamiliar with school idols, which leads the third-years to decide to perform an eye-opening concert.

The crew travels to Port Breeze, hoping to meet with the venue director there and bring their school idol festival to life.
To avoid overcrowding the meeting, only Eli, Nozomi, and Nico make their way to the director's estate.
Eli: Hello, we're μ's. I believe Sierokarte arranged a meeting for us...
Maid: Good day. We've been waiting for your arrival. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to the madam's room.
Granddaughter: Hmph... Eli, Nozomi, and Nico in the flesh, huh?
Granddaughter: I hope you know you're making a big mistake. School idols aren't welcome in this place.
Nico: What? We just got here! What did we even do?
Granddaughter: Hmph.
Maid: Miss, please! You mustn't be rude to the madam's guests.
Eli: So... you know who we are?
Granddaughter: Maybe I do. What's that to you?
Eli: I just find it strange, considering we came to this town only once before. You must have a pretty sharp memory to remember our names.
Granddaughter: I-I just happened to keep them in the back of my mind!
Granddaughter: Anyway, you should turn back before you regret it. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Nico: What was her deal?
Maid: I apologize for the madam's granddaughter. She's been beside herself ever since she heard you were visiting.
Nozomi: Seems like she can't get us off her mind.
Nico: Ugh, I don't like it.
Eli: Nico, people are free to view us however they like. It's not our place to judge.
Nozomi: Kept us in the back of her mind, hmm...
Maid: Pardon the interruption, but if you'll follow me once more...
Nico: Wh-whoa... This is a crazy big mansion... B-but it's not as big as my villa!
Eli: Your villa?
Nico: Y-yeah! A house this size is normal by my standards!
Nozomi: Nico-cchi... Are you nervous?
Nico: Me? Nervous? Pffft, I'm just meeting someone super important. Why would I be—
Nozomi: Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!
Nico: Gaaahh! What are you doing!
Nozomi: Hehehe... I'm just working out the kink in your shoulders.
Nozomi: I get it though. You're trying to keep yourself together. But it's not good to get so worked up, okay?
Nico: Okay! All right! Now get your hands off of me!
Eli: Cut it out, you two. You're making a huge racket.
Maid: There's no need to worry about noise. Our voices may carry down the hall, but they won't be heard in the rooms.
Maid: The madam is a connoisseur of music and often invites musicians into the estate for performances. Thus most areas are completely soundproof.
Eli: Khorosho... That's some dedication.
Maid: Most of the interior design is to the madam's tastes. Take the portraits lining this hall, for example. All are of famous musicians.
Maid: But enough of that. We're here.
The maid opens the door. Inside, an elderly woman with a kind smile greets them.
Director: Sierokarte told me you were coming. You wish to hold a musical festival in Port Breeze, yes?
Director: I'm beside myself with excitement! Come, come, this way.
The director invites the three girls to settle into plush chairs and partake in a host of snacks and tea.
Eli: Thank you very much. We're sorry to intrude like this...
Director: There's nothing to be sorry about. Sweets are better savored while enjoying a conversation, after all.
Nico: (Huh... She actually seems like a nice person.)
Director: I must admit, I'm burning with curiosity. What instruments do you play?
Nozomi: Oh, um, we don't play any...
Director: I see. You sing opera then?
Director: Or do you do ballet? Eli here carries herself much like a dancer would.
Eli: We don't do either. We're school idols.
Director: School... idols...
Eli: Yes. Essentially we sing and dance on stage to spread cheer—put smiles on our audience's faces.
Nozomi: We were hoping to generate some friendly competition among school idols with a big festival, and...
Director: ...
Nico: (Hmmm... Doesn't seem like she gets what we're talking about.)
Nico: (Wait! This is the perfect opportunity for me to jump in and show her what a real idol's all about!)
Nico: Ahem... Let me give you a sneak peak of the famous Nico Yazawa special that's all the rage at our concerts!
Nico: You'll want to pay close attention and keep this phrase close to heart!
Nico: Here I go! Nico-Nico—
Director: How dare you bring up school idols!
Nico: Ni?
The director suddenly raises her voice, her tone livid.
Director: Don't think I haven't seen them parading around town with their discord and chaos!
Director: True music should be classical—orderly and elegant. A sacred ceremony between those who perform and those who listen.
Director: Without tradition and protocol, it cannot be called art. But the lot of you frolicking around without a care in the world wouldn't know the first thing about it!
Nico: Excuse me? We only came because you needed people to fill up your empty venue!
Director: People only of the classical sort, thank you very much! I'd rather have silence for all eternity than allow you to sully that space!
Eli: ...
Taking in the director's harsh words, Eli mulls over her thoughts before calmly opening her mouth to speak.
Eli: I understand that you hold a great appreciation for the classics.
Eli: To someone in your position, our music may sound like children banging on pots and pans.
Eli: But with enough hard work and practice, I know we can put on performances just as stunning as—
Director: Then come back when you've reached that level! The fact that you're not there yet means you're still just children passing the time frivolously!
Nico: Why you...
Eli: Nico.
Nico: ...!
Eli: ...
Eli: A long time ago, I used to think like you. School idols were nothing but amateurs pretending to be professionals—passing the time frivolously, as you put it.
Eli: But my friends... They showed me exactly how wrong I was! This isn't some silly way to pass the time. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Nozomi: Eli-chi...
Eli: Give us a chance to show you just how serious we are. One performance, that's all I ask.
Director: I refuse. I have absolutely no intention of entertaining this farce!
Director: Take your school idols and go somewhere else. This conversation is finished.
Nozomi: Eli-chi. Nico-cchi. I think it's best if we leave.
Nico: But...
Nozomi: The director's a busy woman. It'd be rude to take up too much of her time, right?
Nico: ...!
With stiff bows, the three girls bid the director a solemn farewell.
Director: Sigh...
A moment later, the woman rings a nearby bell.
Maid: Yes, madam?
Director: Could you arrange food and lodgings for our previous guests? I'm afraid I was a bit too callous, considering they are still associates of Sierokarte.
Maid: It shall be done at once. I know just the place.
Director: Very well. I'll leave everything to your judgment.
Maid: If I may, madam?
Director: What is it?
Maid: Will you truly not assist them with their festival?
Director: Of course not. Perish the thought.
Maid: My apologies for asking, madam.
Nico: ...!
Nico: Who does that old hag think she is! She had no excuse to be that rude!
Nozomi: I'm proud, Nico-cchi. You did good behaving yourself in there.
Nico: Wh-why're you acting like I wouldn't have, huh? Not like I could've risked a bad impression anyway! School idols have enough of a bad rep here!
Eli: I'm starting to feel like we won't reach the light at the end of the tunnel for a long while...
Granddaughter: Told you you'd regret it!
Nozomi: You're...
Granddaughter: Grandmother won't ever acknowledge any music other than classical!
Granddaughter: So don't bother trying anything in this town! Pack it up and go home!
Nico: Hmph! Think we're pushovers, do you?
Nico: Well too bad! I became a school idol to put a smile on everyone's faces! Even your grandma's!
Nico: She'll definitely come around once she sees what we're made of!
Granddaughter: Are you deaf or just an idiot? Grandmother's never going to change her mind!
Nico: I'll let you in on a secret: only an idiot would call someone else an idiot!
Granddaughter: Guess that means you're actually an idiot!
Nico: Excuse me? You can forget about ever getting my autograph then!
Nozomi: All right, Nico-cchi, calm down. Remember we've got other things to focus on right now.
Eli: You know what Honoka and the others would do in this situation, don't you?
Nico: I know, I know! Plan a concert or something and liven the town up, yeah? Fine, let's do it!
Granddaughter: B-but why? There's no point...
Eli: Someone who loves music as much as your grandmother might change her mind once she catches us in action.
Granddaughter: ...
Granddaughter: I give up. Do whatever you want!
Nico: Sheesh... Why come bother us when you're just going to walk away anyway!
Granddaughter: Here! This is for you!
Nico: Uh... Are these tickets?
Granddaughter: The maid booked you all an inn! Also my grandmother's sorry for being rude!
Nico: Hey! You think a quick sorry's gonna cut it?
Nozomi: Hmm... Was that really all she wanted with us?
Eli: What do you mean?
Nozomi: ...
Instead of answering, Nozomi silently watches the director's granddaughter walk away.
The three idols meet back with the crew and head to the inn for dinner.
Nico: Munch, chew... And that's how we got kicked out of the mansion!
Vyrn: That's one heckuva breakdown...
Nico: Chomp, swallow, bite... My blood's boiling just thinking about it! Can't believe she said whatever she wanted and—
Nico: Choke! Hack!
Nozomi: Nico-cchi... Here, take a sip of water.
Eli: I understand how you're feeling, but you shouldn't let your emotions get the better of you.
Nico: I-I know that!
Medusa: You still want to do something in Port Breeze, right? But without the director's permission, I'm not so sure that's a good idea.
Nozomi: Yeah... It'd be great if we could convince her somehow...
As the group ponders their next move, a stranger hesitantly approaches their table.
Inn Attendant: E-excuse me... Are you three members of μ's?
The girl introduces herself as the daughter of the inn's proprietress. She explains that she became a fan of μ's after viewing their previous performance in Port Breeze.
Inn Attendant: You lit up the whole area as soon as you started moving!
Inn Attendant: Watching you do Advance→Tomorrow was so much fun!
Overcome with excitement, she starts to sing a phrase from the song and attempts a twirl.
Inn Attendant: Wh-whoa!
Eli: Watch out!
The girl tumbles, caught off balance, but Eli is quick to catch her.
Eli: You okay? That part has fairly tricky footing.
Inn Attendant: Th-thank you, Eli. It's my fault for being so bad at dancing...
Eli: Nonsense. The choreography was correct, but most importantly, you were having fun.
Nico: If you really want to work on your moves though, I'm willing to give you some pointers. The universe's number one idol, at your service!
Inn Attendant: Oh, um, I think I'll pass...
Nico: Excuse me?
Inn Attendant: N-not that I'm not grateful! It's just... I'm not actually a school idol!
Nozomi: Really? You definitely dance like you've practiced before.
Inn Attendant: I've dabbled a little bit, yeah. But I couldn't get anyone else to join me... Nobody really knew what I was talking about so I gave up.
Nico: Why not give a try on your own first? Show everyone how it's done, and they might tag along later.
Inn Attendant: There's no way I can do that... You saw how awful I was at singing and dancing.
Inn Attendant: Everyone else always tell me I shouldn't waste my time practicing either. I'm not cut out for it.
Nico: Forget everyone else!
Nico: Do what you want to do. It's your life, not theirs. Or are you going to let their opinions decide who you are?
Inn Attendant: Well...
Inn Attendant: I guess it wouldn't be so bad to give it another shot... But it sure would be nice if I didn't have to do it alone.
Nico: Just leave that part to us! They won't be able to stay away after they see us perform!
Inn Attendant: D-does that mean you're putting on a concert?
Nozomi: That's right. We plan to spread the word about school idols, and then host a big competition after.
Eli: With enough attention and people enjoying themselves, even the director won't be able to turn a blind eye...
Nozomi: Which means we've got to make some noise and give the town everything we've got!
Inn Attendant: O-oh... That's quite the grand plan you've got in the works...
Nico: Hey, this is your chance too, you know? Once we get our festival set up, you'll be able to kick your career off in style!
Inn Attendant: You really think I've got what it takes to be a school idol?
Nozomi: Of course. But you don't have to take my word for it. Look here.
Nozomi draws a tarot card. With a deft flip, she reveals a picture depicting bright stars in the night sky.
Nozomi: Stars of premonition will fall... Surely, and without fail.
Nozomi: Just like they once fell for us...
Inn Attendant: Stars?
Eli: Let's wrap things up for now. Tomorrow's looking to be a long day!
Lyria: Sounds good to me! We'll help you with whatever you need!
Nico: All right! Full speed ahead—this town won't know what hit them!
When one door closes, another opens. The group begins in earnest to plan a Port Breeze concert.

Doing What We Can: Scene 3

Preparations complete, the third-years put on a concert in Port Breeze. Many people gather and crowd around the park stage, including the director's granddaughter, but the congestion begins to cause issues for the merchants in the area. The director arrives to put a stop to the chaos and announces that all school idol concerts are henceforth prohibited in Port Breeze.

(Captain) and company begin preparing a concert, hoping to introduce the concept of school idols to more Port Breeze citizens.
In order to perform that afternoon, the group splits into two teams: one to set up the stage, and the other to hand out flyers.
The stage prep team makes steady progress under Eli's guidance.
Athena: Phew... That's the last of the chairs. I believe the aisles are now finished?
Eli: They are, thank you. Sorry we had to put you through so much manual labor...
Athena: No need to apologize. It was a good learning experience. Though I must admit, I'm curious about the sheer number of seats you had me prepare.
Eli: This park is right next to a busy street, so I'm hoping we'll draw in a decently large crowd.
Athena: I see... You're hoping to have more than enough space to accommodate. That's quite clever.
Eli: Y-you think so? I'm flattered to hear it.
Athena: ...?
I was merely stating the truth.
Nozomi: Sorry to keep you waiting! I brought boxed lunches packed with meat!
Eli: Thanks, Nozomi.
Eli: Did you get that other errand done too?
Nozomi: I did everything I could. The rest will be up to her.
Eli: All right. In that case, we better focus our attention on making this concert a success.
Vyrn: Heya! The equipment check's all done!
Eli: Appreciate it! That about wraps up the preparations on our end.
Eli: Hmm, hmm, hmmm...
Humming to herself, Eli spins atop the stage to the melody.
Eli: Hey, (Captain)? I'd like to try out a new dance. Would you mind taking a seat in front and letting me know what you think?
(Captain), while eager, doesn't know much about school idols, and suggests that someone else might be a better judge.
Eli: I'm not too concerned about technique. I'm more curious about your general opinion.
Nozomi: The three of us had a little meeting yesterday and decided it might be better to simplify some of our choreography. That way it's more accessible to everybody.
Eli: So actually, your opinion is more valuable than an expert's. Wait here a second. I'll get everything ready!
Vyrn: Haha, they sure dashed backstage real fast, huh?
Lyria: I know I'm just as excited for the concert! Let's keep doing our best to help out!
Meanwhile, the flyer team works hard in another part of town.
Nico: Did you see that? I already finished handing out a stack!
Medusa: I did too! Actually, I went even faster than you!
Nico: As if!
Medusa: Oh yeah? Let's time the next batch then!
Nico: Fine by me! We'll settle this once and for all!
Athena: Good grief... Since we finished early, I thought I would check on you all... And of course those two are at it again.
Inn Attendant: ...
Athena: ...?
Is something the matter?
Inn Attendant: I was just thinking that everyone's really something else... Eli too...
Glancing down at the nearly untouched pile of flyers in her arms, the girl sighs.
Inn Attendant: I almost feel like... Why bother trying when people like μ's already exist?
Athena: From what I've seen... The world of school idols is vast, and anyone can be accepted, regardless of faults or differences.
Athena: You will be welcomed so long as you have the courage to forge ahead. Nico has shown me that.
Inn Attendant: She has?
Athena: Indeed. She persists bravely forward at all times, using her "Nico-Nico-Ni" as a shield.
Inn Attendant: At all times... You really believe I can do the same?
Athena: Of course. Anything is possible if you can face your fears and stand when you are knocked down.
Inn Attendant: O-okay, I'll see what I can do...
Inn Attendant: E-excuse me! Would you be interested in attending a school idol concert today?
Maid: A school idol concert?
Granddaughter: Hey, this is for μ's, isn't it? Those three are still at it?
Inn Attendant: Oh! You've heard of them already? Are you a fan?
Granddaughter: Hardly.
Inn Attendant: In that case, you definitely have to come!
Granddaughter: What... Did you not hear what I just said?
Inn Attendant: I wasn't really interested in them at first either. But then I saw them perform live, and it completely changed my life!
Granddaughter: ...
Granddaughter: Well good for you. I'm still not going. Have fun with those flyers.
Inn Attendant: Ah... Wait!
Granddaughter: (I was at that exact performance too.)
Granddaughter: Wow... I never knew music like this existed...
Granddaughter: I also...
Director: What is all this racket? Come, let's hurry back to the estate.
Granddaughter: B-but... Can we stay a little longer?
Director: Don't waste your time on this drivel. Besides, we'll be late for your piano lesson if we don't leave now.
Granddaughter: ...
Granddaughter: Yes, Grandmother.
Granddaughter: There's nothing I can do anyway...
Soon, the beginning of μ's concert draws near.
The three idols ascend the stage, greeting the gathered audience with bright smiles.
Nico: Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to see us!
Eli: We're the school idol group μ's! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Nozomi: There's actually nine of us in μ's, but due to some special circumstances, the others couldn't make it...
Nozomi: But to make up for our missing members, we're going to sing and dance that much harder! We hope you'll have fun!
Spectator 1: It's the girls from before! Heeey! Can't wait to see you perform again!
Spectator 2: A school idol group, huh? Wonder what they're about to do.
Vyrn: People are tricklin' in pretty slowly... The empty seats are standin' out like sore thumbs too.
Inn Attendant: Even though Nico and Medusa handed out so many flyers...
Medusa: Nothing to worry about. Once the concert hits full swing, there won't even be room left to stand.
Inn Attendant: But...
Medusa: ...
Medusa: If you're still feeling antsy though, why not go out and advertise once the music starts?
Inn Attendant: That's... actually not a bad idea! Okay, let's do it!
Medusa: Huh? Wait, what? Why're you dragging me into this?
Medusa: Ugh, fine!
Nozomi: Without further ado, please listen to our first song...
Townsperson: What's that sound? Music?
Medusa: There's a concert going on in the park over there. A group called μ's is performing.
Inn Attendant: Th-they're amazing! Like nobody else you've seen before!
Medusa and the inn attendant's efforts, combined with the echo of the concert's music, draw in person after person.
Spectators: ...!
The seats and surrounding area are quickly filled to overcapacity, just as Medusa predicted.
Nico: (The crowd's spilling over into the other side of the park... There's no way this concert isn't going down in history now!)
Eli: (Yeah, no doubt about it. But...)
Nozomi: (Eli-chi? You sound worried about something.)
Eli: (I'm not sure why, but I've got a bad feeling about this...)
Eli: (I hope I'm wrong though.)
Inn Attendant: Wow... So many people went to watch, the town's completely empty...
Inn Attendant: I guess I should head back too—
Inn Attendant: Wait, is that...
Spotting someone in what was supposed to be an empty street, she approaches the lone straggler.
Granddaughter: What was the point of giving me this?
The director's granddaughter grips a card with twinkling stars painted on one side.
Heaving a big sigh, she recalls the moment she received it.
Granddaughter: ...
Granddaughter: So they're holding a concert... Too bad Grandmother won't ever...
Nozomi: Looks like today's going to be a cloudy one. It would've been nice to have the sun's blessing.
Granddaughter: What are you doing here?
Granddaughter: Surely you're not going to try to talk to Grandmother again.
Nozomi: No, no. I happened to be in the area buying lunch and thought I'd stop by.
Nozomi: I wanted to give you this.
Granddaughter: What? A card?
Nozomi: Think of it as a good luck charm—one that'll show you the way forward.
Nozomi: I just can't leave well enough alone, especially with someone who can't be honest with herself.
Granddaughter: What are you playing at?
Nozomi: When we first met, you warned us about your Grandmother, remember?
Nozomi: You were looking out for us, weren't you? Wanted to spare us the disappointment.
Granddaughter: N-no, that was just...
Nozomi: But you know... I think what you really wanted was to spare yourself the disappointment.
Granddaughter: ...!
Nozomi: No matter how cloudy it gets, the stars still sparkle on the other side.
As much you try to hide your feelings, you'll never be able to make them disappear.
Nozomi: Come to our concert. I'm certain you'll find the star you're looking for if you do.
Granddaughter: The star I'm looking for...
Inn Attendant: Hey, you! You're here to watch μ's, right?
Granddaughter: Ah! You're that flyer girl.
Inn Attendant: Let's head there together! We need to hurry though, or else we'll miss it!
Granddaughter: I-I am not here to attend! I came to see if anyone was really going to watch this silly display!
Granddaughter: You shouldn't go either. Associating yourself with school idols is only going to spell trouble, especially once my grandmother catches wind of this.
Inn Attendant: So what? I'm not afraid!
Inn Attendant: You shouldn't be either! Do what you want to do! It's your life, not hers!
Granddaughter: ...!
Inn Attendant: That's what Nico said to me before... I'm still working on being as brave as her though.
Eli's Voice: I'm sorry to have to say it, but the next song will be our last.
Inn Attendant: Come on! No time to hesitate now!
Granddaughter: Hey! Wait, don't pull me!
Third-Years: ...
Inn Attendant: W-we made it! It's The Door to our Dreams!
Granddaughter: The Door to our Dreams...
The lyrics of the girls' last song speak of the strength to chase after dreams even while lost.
Filled with emotion, their song washes over the crowd.
Eli: (It's okay to be lost, so long as you believe in yourself.)
Nico: (Not just yourself either. Trust in the people by your side too.)
Nozomi: (Do so, and the stars of premonition will fall upon your chest...)
Granddaughter: ...!
A memory unbidden suddenly comes to mind.
Granddaughter: ...!
The scene remains vivid despite all the time that has passed.
Granddaughter: Wow... I never knew music like this existed...
She recalls the day that all nine members of μ's visited Port Breeze for the first time.
Granddaughter: I also...
Granddaughter: I also want to give it a try!
The words that escaped her so naturally were surprising, even to herself.
Maid: Quite a performance. I can see why they captivate you so.
Granddaughter: Wha... Are you spying on me for Grandmother?
Maid: Not at all. I merely came to observe the activity which you so desire to do yourself.
Granddaughter: ...!
Maid: Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you along. My job as a maid wouldn't allow for less.
Inn Attendant: They're so incredible... I hope I can be like them someday.
Inn Attendant: Those "stars of premonition" though...
The inn attendant glances toward the girl by her side.
Inn Attendant: U-um...
Granddaughter: Huh? Do you want something?
Inn Attendant: Yeah! If... you wouldn't mind... do you want to be school idols together—
???: That's enough! Cut the music and get off the stage! This concert is over!
Confused murmurs ripple through the throngs of people as armed soldiers burst onto the scene.
Nico: The heck? What's the big idea?
The cheerful music is quickly shut off.
As the soldiers clear out the audience, the perpetrator behind the interference reveals herself.
Director: What a shame. To think this disorderly display is what you call your true music.
Nozomi: Are you the one who ordered those soldiers here?
Director: Of course. Only my private army can get the job done right, after all.
Nico: Hey! Who gave you permission to rain on our parade, huh?
Director: I should ask you the same thing. Your disturbance has clogged the way to the surrounding businesses.
Puzzled, the idols watch as an enraged figure squeezes through the crowd.
Merchant: What is the meaning of this commotion! Can't you see I'm trying to put food on the table here!
The merchant gestures at the cargo-bearing wagons that litter the street, all stranded among the waves of people.
Director: I'm afraid you've forced my hand by causing trouble for the local economy.
Eli: I'm sorry... I should've accounted for the congestion.
Athena: No... The blame lies with us. You had your hands full on stage, but we couldn't move fast enough to deal with the issue.
Director: The mayor and I had a little chat, and we've come to a decision to prevent further incidents.
Director: Henceforth, all school idol concerts are banned from this town!
Lyria: No way... All of them?
Director: Of course. They brought this upon themselves.
Eli: ...
Eli: Our sincerest apologies for the trouble we've caused. I understand the gravity of the mistake we've made, and I am truly sorry.
Eli: But this is our mistake, and our mistake only. Please, reconsider the ban! Other school idols don't deserve to be punished too!
Director: Reconsider? Don't make me laugh. You should be grateful you weren't thrown in jail.
Eli: B-but...
Director: You've proved to me that school idols are nothing but a nuisance—children playing at the performing arts.
Director: Do yourself a favor and leave this town. Farewell, μ's.
Nico: A concert ban... What're we going to do about the competition then?
Nozomi: We'll have to pack up and go elsewhere, but news of what happened here is going to spread.
Eli: So... Anyone have any ideas?
Silence answers Eli's question as the group watches the director walk away.
Third-Years: Find out what happens next time on Our Way Forward! Level 100 edition!

Our Way Forward

The crew brings the third-years back to Tenacie, where they brood over their failed Port Breeze concert. However, their moods slowly begin to brighten as they watch Tenacie school idols earnestly practice in preparation for the competition. At the behest of their peers, the third-years put on an impromptu performance and come to a realization of what they must do to move forward: take it up a notch.

Nico: Last time on Love Live! Third-Years final uncap edition!
Nozomi: We were transported to this strange world again. Except this time, only me, Eli-chi, and Nico-cchi were brought over.
Eli: It turned out that the world was losing its connection to school idols.
Nico: To inspire more people to become school idols again, we decided to host a competition on Port Breeze. But things didn't go as planned.
Director: Henceforth, all school idol concerts are banned from this town!
Eli: We ended up being barred from the area!
Nozomi: With everything that's happened, I hope we'll be able to host our school idol festival eventually...
The crew retreats from Port Breeze and returns to Tenacie. There they share news of what occurred with the town's mayor.
Mayor: That's certainly an unfortunate series of events.
Eli: I'm so sorry. We tried to help, but all we did was make things worse...
Mayor: ...
Mayor: Never forget that it was μ's who brought school idols to our town when we had nothing else to our name.
Mayor: So please don't blame yourselves. You've already done more than enough for us.
Nozomi: Miss Mayor...
Mayor: Thank you for trying your best. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like and rest up.
The three idols exit the mayor's home and, instead of joining (Captain) and the others, go for a walk around town by themselves.
Nico: I know the mayor meant what she said, but...
Eli: There's no sugarcoating it. We made a huge mistake, and everyone knows it.
Director: You've proved to me that school idols are nothing but a nuisance—children playing at the performing arts.
Director: Do yourself a favor and leave this town. Farewell, μ's.
Nozomi: There has to be something we can do about that ban.
Eli: We can't afford to leave it alone either. The reputation of school idols everywhere is on the line.
Nico: Sigh... It's going to be hard to look everyone in the eyes until we fix things.
Dragging their feet, they wind up near the town's stage.
Nozomi: Oh. Looks like they're all practicing.
School Idol 1: Hmm... I think we should make sure we're in sync during this step.
School Idol 2: Okay! One more time from the top!
Nico: Huh... They seem surprisingly chipper.
Nico Fan: It's all thanks you guys! As soon as I told them we're going to have a big festival, they perked right up!
Nico: O-oh. That's, uh, great to hear.
School Idol 1: Hey, it's μ's! Good timing! Can you give us any pointers?
School Idol 2: We're kinda having trouble keeping the same tempo. If we want to beat the competition though, we're gonna have to fix that!
Eli: Actually, about that... The competition—
Nozomi: Is going to be great! But if you really want an edge up on everyone else, I hope you're prepared for some strict instruction.
Eli: N-Nozomi?
Nozomi: The festival's not cancelled for certain, right?
Nozomi: And a bit of exercise might be just what we need to relax and get our ideas flowing again!
Nico: Nozomi, you...
Nico: You know what? You're not wrong. Beats standing around feeling sorry for ourselves at any rate.
Under Nozomi's guidance, the school idols are rounded up for a special practice session.
Nico: Turn here and pose! Then give a Nico-tastic smile!
Nico Fan: Wow... You're so awesome, Nico!
Nico Fan: My turn now. Hup!
Nico: Yeah, you're getting the hang of it! Now for a hundred more reps.
Nico Fan: One hundred? You're such a hard worker!
Nico: I'm not doing it alone! Follow my lead, and we'll be making the whole world smile in no time.
Nico Fan: So cool too... I hope I can be like you one day...
Nico: You're welcome to try, but not many people can keep up with the universe's number one idol!
Nico Fan: Well... You're super talented, but it's not just that either!
Nico: Huh? What do you mean by that?
Nico Fan: I never knew how fun music could be until the first time I heard you sing!
Nico: ...!
Eli: Fun... You really enjoyed it that much?
School Idol 1: Yeah! Your concert changed my life. I knew I had to give the school idol thing a try after!
School Idol 2: It was hard to keep going when everyone was saying all those things and quitting, but I love this too much to give it up.
School Idol 2: Besides, I can't retire before I've poured my heart out into a performance and inspired a crowd like you guys have!
School Idols: So please, teach us as much as you can!
Nozomi: Well, Eli-chi? I don't think we can afford to disappoint them now.
Eli: Nozomi...
Eli: You know, this reminds of the time when Honoka and the others came to ask me for dancing instruction.
Nozomi: Hehe, I was just thinking about that myself. They were all so earnest and eager, exactly like these two here.
Eli: I guess if they're that serious about learning, we can't say no, huh?
Eli: I hope you're all prepared for the coaching of a lifetime!
School Idols: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Vyrn: Hey, you think those three're doing okay? They looked pretty bummed out when we dropped 'em off...
Athena: I would like to hope they're doing better now, but that may be wishful thinking.
Medusa: Ugh, they better cheer up soon. Things are pretty boring when that brat doesn't give me lip back.
Lyria: Huh... That sounds like a μ's song, doesn't it? I wonder who's singing.
Curious, (Captain) and crew search for the source of the music.
Third-Years: ...
What they find is a breathtaking performance—the three idols singing and dancing to bright instrumentals.
The lyrics, fitting as they are, speak of pushing forward no matter what obstacles stand in the way.
It's clear it's a heartfelt song made from μ's own challenging experiences.
Nico Fan: You're the best, Nico! I love you, μ's!
School idols from every part of town gather to watch the impromptu concert unfold, drawn by the energy and emotion in the air.
  1. You're the best!
  2. We love you too!

Choose: You're the best!
Choose: We love you too!
Before long, everyone in the crew joins in the cheering as well.
Vyrn: You guys knocked it outta the park! And just look at how many people came to watch!
Nozomi: We only meant to coach a few girls, but one thing led to another...
Eli: We ended up totally absorbed in the music.
Nico: Thanks to that, though, I feel alive again!
Medusa: Looks like everyone's back to normal, huh? Sheesh... You had me worrying for nothing.
Nozomi: Hehe...
After a cheerful laugh, Nozomi gazes thoughtfully at the stage.
Nozomi: We're not causing a commotion or making a scene. I'm certain now, more than ever, that our songs mean something—they reach people's hearts.
Eli: We've still got a long ways to go, but that doesn't make our music any less valid.
Eli: As for what we do moving forward...
Seeming to come to a conclusion, the third-years look at one another with determination.
Their next move is soon decided.

Our Way Forward: Scene 2

Some time later, Eli, Nozomi, and Nico ascend the same Port Breeze stage as before and apologize to the townspeople. The director offers to revoke the ban so long as the idols are able to hold a concert for the entire town without causing traffic issues, believing it to be an impossible task. However, the idols agree and hop onto the Grandcypher for a concert in the sky, where the inn attendant and director's granddaughter join them. Moved by her granddaughter's smile, the director finally revises her opinion on school idols.

Some time has passed since μ's three-idol performance in Tenacie.
Port Breeze is once again awash in commotion.
Director: Explain to me what this flyer is!
Maid: As you may have already noticed, it is an advertisement for μ's. Many of them were posted around town last night.
Director: The nerve... Haven't they learned their lesson yet?
Director: Just what are they planning? There's nothing written on this scrap of paper besides a time, a place, and the ridiculous symbol for their name!
Maid: All the flyers have already been removed from the streets. However, it is too late to stop the news from spreading by word of mouth.
Director: Are they planning to attempt another farce of a performance?
In any case, have everyone available on standby to intercept whatever they have planned.
Maid: At once, madam.
Inn Attendant: μ's is coming back! They haven't given up!
Inn Attendant: We have to do what we can to help too...
The date written on the flyer eventually arrives.
Townsperson 1: Does anyone know what those girls are planning? All their concerts are supposed to be banned, I thought.
Merchant: A bunch of hooligans they are! Starting trouble whenever they feel like and interrupting my business!
Curious townspeople crowd the familiar park, eager to watch the coming event unfold.
Director: If any of you hear a single peep of music, put a stop to it immediately.
The director addresses her private army and commands them near the stage.
Before long, several footsteps approach the raised platform as the clock ticks down to the promised time.
Eli: ...
Nozomi: ...
Nico: ...
Director: They're here.
All eyes are on the idols.
Eli: Hello, everyone. I'd like to start by saying... Our sincerest apologies for the disturbance we caused last time!
Nozomi & Nico: We're truly sorry!
Director: ...!
As the idols bow their heads, the people gathered begin to discuss among themselves.
Townsperson 1: Did they only come here to apologize?
Merchant: Hmph. Guess they have some manners after all.
Eli: We realize that our actions caused trouble for a lot of people.
Eli: And of course, it's no surprise that you might not think very kindly about school idols after that... But please, hear us out!
Nico: There are people in Port Breeze that want to be school idols too! It's not fair for you judge them by our actions!
Nico: And you know what? You can't judge us either! Not until you see what a real μ's concert is like and walk away with a smile!
Director: These girls still want to keep trying?
Maid: ...
Nozomi: We've got a plan in place to perform without causing the same issues.
Nico: We know we're asking a lot, but we're still going to ask it. Give us one more chance!
Nozomi: Please!
Eli & Nico: Please!
Townsperson 1: From an apology to this...
Merchant: They've certainly got guts.
Third-Years: ...!
Merchant: They seem mighty serious about this... Look ready to eat any tomatoes thrown their way too.
Townsperson 2: What do you think? Should we give them one more chance?
Merchant: If they can really pull it off without interfering with my business, well... What's a little noise anyway?
Maid: Madam, what do you think? The citizens appear to be in favor of forgiving the members of μ's.
Director: Of course I don't approve! But if the people wish to give their approval, I can't ignore their expectations.
Director: I know just what to do.
With a calculating look in her eyes, the director climbs onto the stage.
Merchant: Whoa, that's the director, isn't it? You think she's here to stop the gals again?
Townsperson 1: Surely she's going to give them a chance after that apology!
Director: ...
Nozomi: Ma'am...
Director: Thank you for your sincere apology.
Director: However, considering the circumstances, certain conditions need to be met before I can lift the restrictions.
At this, the director's lips curve into a crafty smile.
Director: Firstly, you must promise to never again cause traffic problems with your performances.
Eli: Of course. That's a given.
Director: Then indulge me: how exactly do you plan on gathering people without blocking the roads?
Director: Surely it isn't possible to put a smile on everyone's faces if you have to limit the number of people in your audience.
Nico: So... you'll give your approval so long as we can perform for everyone without making a fuss. Is that it?
Director: Indeed. If you can somehow manage it, then I have no complaints.
Third-Years: ...!
The three idols glance at one another, then stretch their arms toward the sky.
Nozomi: You heard her! Let's get this party started! Spiritual power at max!
Director: ...!
As soon as the girls leap up, they vanish from view.
Immediately, confused murmurs break out among the crowd.
Townsperson 1: There! Look up!
Director: ...!
The Grandcypher breaks through the clouds, (Captain) and crew on top of its deck.
Below them, the idols dangle on a rope ladder.
Vyrn: Phew... I was worried for a sec there, but we pulled it off without a hitch!
Eli: Thanks, guys! Your timing was perfect!
Director: They transported themselves away on an airship? How absurdly dangerous!
The girls quickly scramble up the ladder and join the crew on deck, Once there, they gaze excitedly down at the town.
Eli: Hello, everyone in Port Breeze! I hope you're ready for a concert in the skies!
Director: In... the skies? Did I hear that correctly?
Nozomi: This way everyone can see us from all directions!
Nozomi: No more traffic jams! Plus, we have the added bonus of flying around like music goddesses! Pretty cool, right?
Merchant: I take back what I said. They're more than serious about this—they're downright crazy!
Townsperson 1: Incredible! I wonder what else they're about to do.
Across the entire town people pause their activities to gaze up at the curious spectacle.
Time seems to freeze as everyone waits for the performance to start.
Nico: Here's a song from us to you, straight to your hearts!
Eli: Please listen... to The Door to our Dreams.
Excited cheering accompanies the music throughout the town.
Director: ...
Stunned, the director stares dumbly at the sky as the sounds fill her ears.
Director: This cacophony of noise... It's a disgrace to music everywhere!
Director: As if I would ever stamp my approval on this charade...
Granddaughter: Are you going to go back on your word then? Look around you. Everyone in town is smiling, just like Nico promised they'd be.
Director: ...!
Child, what are you doing? And who is that girl next to you?
Inn Attendant: Please give us a chance, ma'am! We're going to have our first performance ever!
Director: Your first what?
A familiar shadow falls overhead in that moment as the Grandcypher pulls to a stop and drops the ladder down. The two girls grab on without hesitation.
Maid: Hold still for a moment. I'll tie you both to the safety tethers.
Director: You...
Maid: No frayed ends—check. Ties secure—check. Everything looks to be in order. I'll signal that it's safe to take off.
Granddaughter: Thanks!
Director: Now wait just a moment! I will not have my own granddaughter join those—
Maid: Madam, I would advise you to see them off with grace. She is serious about this.
Director: You... How dare you allow this! What gives you the right?
Maid: The young miss has practiced every day alongside her friend in order to be ready for today. I only ask that you give her the opportunity to show the result of her efforts.
Director: The result of her efforts?
While the maid blocks the director's way, the two girls slowly rise away and into the sky.
Director: Don't tell me you knew they were planning this all along!
Maid: I sincerely apologize for my silence on the matter. But the members of μ's sent me a letter ahead of time asking for my assistance.
Maid: I could not refuse. Not when the young miss so clearly feels a passion for the world of school idols.
Director: She feels that strongly about it?
Director: How... No, that's impossible! I refuse to believe it!
μ's first song finishes right as the young girls climb onto the deck.
Eli: Thank you very much for listening! For the next song, we have something a little special planned.
Nozomi: A couple of cute new stars will be having their debut!
Nico: Make sure you give them a warm welcome and show 'em lots of love!
Inn Attendant: H-hi, Port Breeze!
Inn Attendant: It's pretty nerve-wracking, being able to stand on the same stage as μ's...
Granddaughter: But as nervous as we are, we're even more excited to show you what we've got!
Director: ...!
Granddaughter: No holds barred! We're going to pour our souls into this!
Beginner Idols: So please, give us your full attention as we perform START:DASH!!
The music starts, and the girls expertly step to the tune.
As the instrumentals shift, they start to sing of new beginnings, almost as if to support themselves going forward.
Beginner Idols: ...
Director: Th-this is...
Though the girls sing and dance with unwavering confidence, the level of skill on display is nothing impressive.
Despite this, they remain smiling all the while, their happy energy infectious and radiant.
Director: I don't understand... This is the level they've achieved after so much practice? It doesn't even come close to the arts...
Director: And yet...
Beginner Idols: ...
Director: I've never seen that child smile like this before.
Director: What makes these school idols so special?
Sierokarte: I'd say it's the natural result of putting passion into something you love.
Director: S-Sierokarte? You're here too?
Sierokarte: Just take a gander at how absorbed everyone is. I can already see a school idol craze taking the town by storm.
Sierokarte: And if you care enough to nurture the culture, who knows how the music world might change? The trailblazers of this phenomenon could have their names go down in history too.
Director: ...
Sierokarte: I get why you'd be wary, of course. But if you think about it, there's no real harm in giving it a chance.
Director: Yes, well, the development of a new industry would be of interest to you, wouldn't it?
Sierokarte: Hehehe! Sharp as always, I see!
Director: ...
The cheery singing of her granddaughter and her friend fills the silence as the director ponders Sierokarte's words.
Soon, another round of cheering from the audience resounds throughout the town. After it passes, the director finally speaks.
Director: Perhaps you may be correct. Giving them a chance might not be a bad idea, so long as they don't overstep their boundaries.
Director: Very well. I'll consider your proposal, Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: Thank you very much!
Director: Good grief... What a racket.
Maid: (So you say, madam... If only I could hand you a mirror right now.)
Maid: (You're sporting a wonderful smile. Bright enough to rival the one on the young miss's.)
Unaware of the curve of her own lips, the director stares up at the sky.
Her gaze is firmly fixed on her granddaughter's spirited performance.

Our Way Forward: Scene 3

With the ban lifted, the third-years are able to proceed with setting up their competition. They receive many entries, including the inn attendant and the director's granddaughter. Now confident that school idols are there to stay for many years to come, the third-years are returned to their own world.

Some time has passed since Port Breeze's exciting concert in the skies.
In accordance with the agreed terms, the ban on school idols was lifted.
Now the crew works hard alongside Sierokarte and the director to bring a grand school idol festival to life.
Eli: Wait, really? We actually got permission to use the opera house stage?
Nozomi: We sure did. The director manages the place, remember? Plus she's been letting other school idols use it too, so no reason to say no to us.
Nozomi: But we've already got a host of other options to choose from. Maybe we should keep it on reserve.
Vyrn: Can't believe she was so against you guys at first, and now she's offering up all this help.
Athena: It's strange, isn't it? She appears to be actively encouraging the girls' endeavors.
Medusa: Mortals sometimes have a hard time being honest with their feelings, you know?
Medusa: Besides, that last concert was pretty impressive. It wouldn't surprise me if she changed tunes because of that alone.
Nico: I'll say! How many other sky-borne idol concerts have you ever seen, huh?
Nico: None, I bet! Because nobody else came up with the idea before me! Gosh, I'm so smart, sometimes I'm scared of my own genius.
Nozomi: Nico-cchi, didn't you say that you based the concept off of the tower-top idol performances you've seen?
Nico: D-did I? Sorry, I don't recall!
Medusa: Ugh, I wasn't even talking about that part!
Eli: You're referring to the director's granddaughter and the girl from the inn, right? Their dancing and singing certainly hit our message home.
Nico: Yeah, well, I'll admit they did good too! Could use some work on their technique, but their smiles were on point!
Before they can dive into a deeper discussion, the door opens for a new arrival.
Lyria: I've got mail here for μ's! It's from the folks in Tenacie!
Nico: Huh... Wait, don't tell me. Did we get fan letters?
Eli: No, it's the entry sheets for the festival! Guess we've got more competition on the way, huh?
They sort through each envelope, jotting down participants as they go. Some even have personal messages included.
Nico: Hey, that fan of mine is joining in! Seems like she's been keeping at it!
Nozomi: Hm? This one isn't from Tenacie...
Nozomi carefully opens the mysterious envelope and retrieves the insides.
Nozomi: This is...
Nico: The heck? A card with stars on it?
Eli: Isn't that one of your tarot cards, Nozomi? Why'd it come with someone's entry sheet?
A closer look gives them the answer: written on the sheet are the names of the director's granddaughter and the inn attendant.
At the bottom, the director herself has signed on as their guardian for the event.
Medusa: So those two are coming, and with the director's blessing no less.
Nozomi: Hehe, with all the stars coming to gather here, we'll have enough to make our own constellation.
Eli: The light at the end of a long tunnel, right? Just like you predicted.
Nico: Gosh, that tunnel was way longer than I wanted it to be. Can't wait to get this festival going and have a bit of my own fun for once!
Eli: Maybe another time, Nico. We're supposed to be organizing and watching from the sidelines, you know?
Nico: Wait. Say what?
Nozomi: ...
That evening, Nozomi lays in bed, her mind restless.
Nozomi: The initial fortune I told about struggling through darkness to get to the end of the tunnel...
Nozomi: We managed to find the light on the other side, and now our task in this world is done.
The rest is up to the school idols of this world.
Nozomi is confident they will be up to the job.
Nozomi: If we ever get the chance to come here again...
Nozomi: I get the feeling all nine of us will be along for the ride.
Nozomi: It'll sure be nice to sing and dance with everyone together.
Nozomi: ...
Relaxed and content, her eyelids grow heavy, and sleep soon claims her.
Nozomi: Mmm...
Her eyes slowly flutter open.
Taking in the hard wood pressed against her cheek, she realizes she had fallen asleep at her desk.
Nozomi: Mmph... Feels like I was sleeping for a while.
Nozomi: Must've had a really good dream.
She pushes away from her desk, gets up, and stretches.
From her open window, a breeze blows into the room and gently flips the top card of her tarot deck.
On it is a picture of sparkling stars dotting a beautiful night sky.

Side-scrolling Quotes

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どんな地味な練習も気を抜かないことが大切よ Always apply yourself in practice, no matter how trivial it may seem.
ちょっと希!わしわしはやめて~! Nozomi, stop squeezing me!
(主人公)さんの今日の運勢は…… Here's your fortune for the day, (Captain)!
さ、次のメニューに行きましょう Okay, let's move on to the next practice item.
(主人公)さん、にこの頑張り見ててね☆ (Captain)! I'll be going all out, so don't miss it!
こっちの世界の占いにも興味あるんよ I'm interested in how they tell fortunes in this world.
希とにこは、どこにいても変わらないわね…… Nozomi and Nico never change, no matter what world they're in...
にこにも仕事を頂戴! I'm ready for any job you send my way!
にこっち~?ふざけてるとお仕置きしちゃうよ~? Nico-cchi... If I catch you goofing around, I'll have to punish you!
μ's、ミュージックスタートっ μ's music start!