A Granblue Carol

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Event duration: 10:00 UTC, December 15, 201719:00 JST, December 15, 2017 - 14:59 UTC, December 25, 201723:59 JST, December 25, 2017
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A Granblue Carol is the 2017 Holiday event. It replaces the Holiday-themed Unite and Fight events that had been held annually in previous years.

Play through stories and meet characters in holiday costumes! Clear challenge quests with the holiday characters to get event-exclusive weapons.

For new players

  • This event consists of challenge battles that cost no AP. These challenges can be cleared by players of any rank.
  • All weapon rewards are fully uncapped when received.
  • Each quest also awards a trophy for additional crystals

Notable Rewards

Challenge Battles

Santa's Little Helpers

Challenge A Granblue Carol 1.png

Operation Ornamentation

Challenge A Granblue Carol 2.png

Underneath a Tree of Lights

Challenge A Granblue Carol 3.png

Event Rewards


Title Category Step Description Reward Notes
Santa's Little Helper Battle Clear the challenge quest Santa's Little Helpers Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×30
Abombinable Snowman Battle Clear the challenge quest Operation Ornamentation Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×30
I Just Found Us a Real Big One! Battle Clear the challenge quest Underneath a Tree of Lights Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×30
A Granblue Carol Battle Complete the event story A Granblue Carol Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50