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* [[Eye of the Storm]]
* [[Eye of the Storm]]
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* Albert and [[Freyr]] share the same voice actor, {{va|Hikaru Midorikawa}}.
== Special Cutscenes ==
== Special Cutscenes ==

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Official Profile[edit]

Age 25
Height 174 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Gazing at the twilight sky
Likes His Knights of Levin companions
Dislikes Receiving praise
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1]


Albert is the captain of the Knights of Levin, an order of warriors who (typically) harness the power of Levin's storms to defend their kingdom. He is the wielder of the Skyblade, one of Levin's national treasures and possesses incomparable skill with a sword. He is an intensely strong warrior, but he lacks social awareness, and can be surprisingly immature at times. He also designed the uniforms worn by female recruits, as seen on the Levin Sisters, suggesting that he is a closet pervert.

Albert was a close friend of a man named Yurius, another Levin noble and fellow Knight, who is in fact the illegitimate son of the king. However, Yurius was a scholar at heart, while Albert was the real knight between the two of them, having been given promotion after promotion for his valor and heroics.

Yurius, meanwhile requested that the king entrust two of Levin's national treasures to him; the Skyblade, and the Astral Void Lacrima, the latter of which he believed to be a piece of the Sky Map, so that he could study them. The king, disgusted and taking deep personal offense that his filthy illegitimate son would dare ask for table scraps, much less a pair of valuable treasures that Yurius was far more suited to using than he was, spat in his face, and told Yurius that the Knights were Levin's foundation, insinuating how worthless he considered both Yurius and his work to be. Advancing Levin's society was far less important to the king than being regaled by Albert's stories of his knight's brave exploits. And this was a typical occurrence unfortunately, so when Albert walked in on them arguing after returning from an expedition, Albert had no way to know that things were escalating between the two parties.

Eventually, the king went so far as to rename the Knights of Levin, further damaging Albert's relationship with his best friend, by calling them the Sky Knights, for no other reason than to spite Yurius. Albert saw through the ploy and protested, but he was a soldier loyal to his king first and foremost, and was forced to comply when the king turned and had Yurius himself prepare a celebration for Albert. He was starting to grow suspicious that his king lived for no other reason than to spite his best friend. But it was too late at that point.

Albert was favored by the king for many years, and this led to his best friend growing increasingly resentful of him. Albert was never made aware of this until he was returning to the barracks after a training exercise to hear Yurius cry out in panic from within. He barged into Yurius' room-turned-workshop, only to find his friend looking no worse for wear. Yurius left to see the king, and Albert had peace of mind again... briefly.

This lasted for a matter of hours, upon which he finally couldn't help but feel something was off and hurried to the throne room, only to find Yurius there, carrying the Astral Void Lacrima. Before he could say anything of course, the king made it perfectly clear that Yurius was an evil man who had lied to them all in order to formulate a diabolical plot to kill him. He demanded that Albert execute Yurius immediately, which left Albert dumbfounded, because the Yurius he knew would never even contemplate such a thing. The Yurius the king knew, of course, didn't actually exist and was a product of his self-centered delusions, meaning that the king wasn't actually aware that what he was saying was completely ludicrous and would have been hysterical if it weren't for the fact that Yurius seemed to be corroborating the story.

He threatened the king, told Albert of his heritage, and how for a long time, ever since he started studying the Lacrima, in fact, he had been hearing voices in his head telling him to kill his best friend and the king so that he could finally be given the respect that was his birthright. He also explained that he knew that these thoughts were his own. A part of him had always deeply resented Albert, which if he had been paying attention, would likely have been obvious to him. Though he had finally given in at this point, a part of Yurius's true conscience evidently remained, and without even breaking from his rant, he gave Albert the Skyblade and pleaded he use it to kill him. But first, he had to destroy the Lacrima, because the voices in his head did have another source: They were his own thoughts, but they were being manipulated by a primal beast speaking to him from within the Astral Void Lacrima. Only the Skyblade could destroy the Lacrima, or vice-versa, as their powers cancelled each other out.

Albert however didn't believe him until Yurius began speaking with two voices, now urging him not to do what he had just said, and now telling him that the Lacrima was a prison. Destroying it wouldn't stop the primal beast from controlling him, but would in fact unleash the full extent of its power. The king watched this altercation in a fit of rage, commanding, or rather demanding, that Albert kill him for his treason. Forced to make a choice, Albert smashed the Lacrima to pieces.

Unfortunately, he had once again failed to see the truth even when it shoved itself in his face, as it had several hours prior. Of course, it didn't help that the king was putting extra pressure on him to do the obviously wrong thing, so he cannot be held entirely accountable.

Yurius not only told him that he had made the wrong choice, but that in doing so, he had proven that he believed more in the Yurius who was a deranged killer, the monster he had just met, rather than his closest friend who warned him what smashing the Lacrima would do. He promptly butchered the king, ripping him into pieces, the mad primal beast cackling through his mouth as the Celestial Eye erupted into existence high above the kingdom and unleashed a colossal bolt of lighting directly at Saint Lethan Castle, blasting a massive hole through the building before going inactive.

It is worth noting here that whatever Yurius or Albert thought of the royal swine, he got a lot better than he deserved.

Albert escaped the Castle and ran away, leaving Levin altogether, joining a certain crew on a certain airship, under the premise of finding a way to stop Yurius. It was of course just an excuse to run away from his problems now that he had been forced to learn that he couldn't solve them all by swinging a sword at them, as he had done all his life. It was however, the only thing he knew how to do, being a natural leader and an incomparable fighter, but a near-complete failure at seeing the motivations of others.

Eventually, Albert was forced to return to Levin, when the Celestial Eye that had hung over Levin since antiquity awoke and began firing lightning at the island.

He was made aware of this by Mina, who went off in search of him, and the crew was more than willing to help. Albert finally explained what happened in Levin (though he glossed over the altercation with Yurius itself) and why he ran away to the crew, apologizing for keeping secrets from them. He was about to continue until Mina interrupted, demanding answers from Albert as to why he did nothing to stop Yurius from assassinating the king, only for the Celestial Eye to turn toward the Grandcypher, and loose a lightning storm at it, as well as bringing the ship under attack by sending swarms of monsters from the palace to assault the crew. Under the Eye's relentless assault, the Grandcypher was struck out of the skies and plunged into the wreckage of Saint Lethan Castle.

Escaping from the damaged airship, Albert and Mina found themselves in one part of the castle, while the rest of the crew ended up in another. They began searching for their two missing companions in the eerie, empty castle. After a few minutes they heard footsteps...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the ruined castle, Mina had not changed her focus even as the ship crashed, though she had changed her tone, begging Albert for forgiveness for what amounted to raising her voice to him, much to his embarrassment. Albert answered her by telling her that she had nothing to apologize form and proceeded to explain in detail what happened in the throne room when the king was assassinated. He managed to finish his explanation with only a few interruptions. He finished, conveniently, around the same time that the crew of the Grandcypher found him. However, they weren't alone.

With them, was none other than Yurius, looking just as he did the day before the Astral Void Lacrima successfully used him as its host. Yurius explained that he wasn't actually the man Albert knew, but was in fact merely a part of him, cast off by the vast magical powers of the Celestial Eye, and the primal beast dwelling in his body. The Eye required a user without a conflicted mind, and because the part of Yurius that would never harm a friend was incompatible with the Eye's wielder, it expelled him from his body in a ghostly form. He explained what the Lacrima was: That it was a prison for a vicious primal beast that feeds on peoples' minds.



Special Cutscenes[edit]

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
I'm thrilled to celebrate this auspicious day with you.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Wow, another year has gone by. It's strange to think that you were once so young.
Perhaps it's because you've done an excellent job leading this crew.
Your journey to meet your father on Estalucia isn't over yet.
I don't know if I can stay with you until the very end of that.
But I'm your friend. You can always turn to me if you need help. Never forget that.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It isn't much, but I wanted you to have this gift in remembrance of this momentous occasion.
It's odd. We each have our own goals on the journeys we've set out upon.
But I feel as if no matter where you end up going, I'll be there with you too until the very end.
Yeah, I know. There is an end to the journey. Or that is to say the journey must come to an end.
But for now, can we simply enjoy your birthday together?
Thank you.


(Captain), happy birthday.
We were all preparing for today's party.
Just picturing how much fun you'd have put a grin on our faces. We had a blast putting this all together.
Everyone places their trust in you, (Captain). I see that clearly now.
Though I wouldn't be surprised if the resulting sense of responsibility can be a bit much sometimes.
Your position as captain comes with its own share of worries... I know that all too well.
No need to keep it all in though... Any time you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you.
That goes both ways?
Heh, glad to hear it.
You can bet I'll be relying on you too, (Captain).
You watch my back, and I'll watch yours.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Are you having a nice New Year's, (Captain)?
It'll surely be electrifying.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I hope I can rely on you this year as I did last year.
Oof, my knees... Ah, the view from here is amazing...
Hm? Something on your mind?
What? No, I didn't say anything about my knees. You need to get your ears checked, (Captain).
Geez... We just started the new year. Can you give me break with that old man stuff? I'm hurt...


Hello, (Captain). I'm gazing at the setting sun.
The first sunrise of the year is a thing to behold, but the same could be said of the first sunset, correct?
What's wrong, (Captain)? Come closer.
Come join me in watching as the sky turns a deep, dark blue.


Ah, (Captain)... Happy New Year...
No, nothing major happened. It's just that for my first dream of the year...
Everyone was calling me Old Man Sparky...
From the kids in town to Mina, Mona, Mena, Vyrn, and you...
I know the new year's only just started, but I'm not that old yet, am I?
Huh, you'll let me cry on your shoulder? Er, thanks, but no thanks. You're too kind, (Captain)...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day.
Are these chocolates for me? Hehe, you've just made my day. Thank you.


Now what have we here?
Heh. Chocolates from (Captain)...
I'm so happy I could cry. All jokes aside, these are great. Thank you.


Huff...Huff... What the! Oh, it's just you, (Captain). Don't surprise me like that.
If you must know, all the women in town have been chasing after me. Something about wanting to give me valentines.
I love getting a heartfelt gift... but not when I'm getting swarmed by fangirls. I had to get out of there before it was too late.
Hmm... What's that you're holding behind your back, (Captain)?
It's meaningless to lie to me. You of all people should be well aware of that.
Now show it to me.
This box is for me? Ah, now I get it. Forgive me for my suspicions.
You don't want to burden me with even more chocolates? What are you saying? It's no trouble at all! These are great.
Heh. Any gift from you is special. Thank you, (Captain).


A package for me, (Captain)?
Handmade chocolate... Thanks. You just made my day.
Wait, you've got bags under your eyes... Don't tell me you stayed up all night to make these...
Hoo boy, I must have really hit the jackpot for you to go this far for me.
I'll savor every piece—promise. And thanks again.
You must be exhausted. Why don't you get some rest?
And don't worry about running the crew for now.
I can help out with that until you recover.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

What's so surprising about this? Did you forget it was White Day?
Haha...This is in return for last time. I hope it makes you happy.


Will you accept this from me, (Captain)?
It's my way of thanking you for Valentine's Day.
It's not easy to come up with the perfect gift, you know.
But when I see your smiling face in my head, it fills me with a sense of peace.
Thanks. Hm, that's a weird thing to say, wasn't it?


I'd like to give you a present in return for last month, (Captain)
I thought of your smiling face the entire time I was picking it out at the store.
But being in this position again is still a little nerve-wracking.
Haha... Acting so happy while opening it in front of me. Are you for real?
I guess I was worried for nothing. My heart can rest easy now.
You have my utmost thanks, (Captain). I hope I can continue to count on you.


(Captain), here's a thank-you for last month. Specially made for you.
Heh... It was fun keeping you in my thoughts while baking these sweets.
I hope they suit your tastes...
And... I also have a letter.
At first I wrote down my thoughts on the taste of those Valentine's chocolates you gave me, but...
Before I knew it, I was jotting down every little thing I'm grateful to you for.
If you don't mind... I'd like you to have this too.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
Even when I was with the knights, we all used to get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween.


(Captain)! Don't tell me that you of all people were planning to play a trick on me!
Ah, I see. In that case let me give you the candy you wanted.
No, this can't be! The last of my treats were handed out just moments ago!
I have failed you and must accept your tricks as punishment.
Anything you do to me now is fair game, (Captain).


Put it there, (Captain). I just want to shake your hand. Come on.
Heh, feel your arm tingling a little? That's payback for what you did to me last year... Oh, please. This was just a silly prank.
What did you just say? I could've sworn I heard "Old Man Sparky" under your breath.
I won't allow anyone to call me that. Not even you, [;nickname]!
Hey! You think you can run from me? They don't call me Thunderswift Lord for nothing!


(Captain), I was thinking of an appropriate costume for Halloween.
I don't mean to boast, but the Levin Sisters really love the uniform I designed for them.
Which is why I'm confident about this design too. Here, take a look at the sample.
Well, what do you think? I went with a jack-o-lantern motif while trying to make it appropriately creepy.
The holes in the costume make it look cold?
They're to help with ventilation and mobility.
To allow one to trick others with the swiftness of lightning.
You don't get it?
How about you try the sample costume on and get a feel for it? I think you'll see its merits right away.
Okay, (Captain), keep your arms stretched out!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Tonight's a special night, isn't it? Who will you celebrate it with?
If it's not too much to ask, do you mind if I join you?


Holiday party tonight? Well, guess I should lend a hand. Do you want me to carry this?
I know that feeling of putting yourself on the line for your friends. Danger is an occupational hazard for us skyfarers.
But in the face of those dangers, we can still laugh, even if for the briefest of moments. I wonder if we have you to thank for that, (Captain).
I'm a little jealous of your capabilities and compassion, you know...
Heh. No, I'm just mumbling to myself. Come on, let's get excited for tonight.


It's a blessing to be able to celebrate this holiday night without incident.
Heh. But something's missing.
Take a good look at the tree, (Captain).
What do you think of the lights? We all did our best to hide this from you.
My electricity provides power and changes their colors.
It turned out pretty well considering how anyone could decorate the tree any way they wanted.
The holiday's just getting started. Let's enjoy ourselves at the banquet.


Brr... It's chilly outside. Are you okay with the cold, (Captain)?
Though I sure wasn't expecting to have to go shopping for ingredients during the middle of a party...
But maybe I should just be glad for the chance to tour the town with you.
The people walking these streets, our fellow crew members back at the party, and you...
Everyone's so jolly. What a wonderful night it makes for.
We'll be back to our usual busy routine tomorrow, so we should make the most of days off like this.
All right, let's pick up some fruit and cake along with the ingredients we were asked to bring back!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Lightning Knight[edit]

Caught off guard by monsters, our heroes fell from a cliff, but were rescued by Albert, who suddenly appeared. Even though Albert was thanked by the party, as soon as he noticed Lyria’s power, he took on a stern expression, and brandished his blade. After hearing Lyria’s explanation, Albert realized that he had misunderstood her. He himself explained that he was looking for a friend who had sold his soul a primal beast. Lyria proposed that they all searched together. Albert was Somewhat taken aback, but assented and joined the party.

The Land of the Heavenly Sword, where precipitous cliffs ran along the mountain paths. The party had heard rumors of monsters that attack travelers who try to make it through that dangerous territory.
After undertaking a mission to hunt monsters from the people of a village at the base of a mountain, the party climbed a rugged mountain path.
Vyrn: It is an extremely precipitous path... If monsters also show up on it, perhaps it’s best to just not go through it...
Lyria: There is a shortcut going across these mountains into the next country... Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nodded in agreement to Lyria’s words. (Captain) was worried about the huffing and puffing Lyria.
At that instant, (Captain) reached out to Lyria.
Suddenly the shadow of a monster fell in the party’s path.
Lyria: Ack!
(Captain) made his way up from the precipice from which had fallen when protecting Lyria from the monster’s sudden attack.
It had been a close call for our heroes.
Vyrn: Whaaa?! You okay?!
The monsters that (Captain) had repelled in the sky attacked once again.
Lyria: Look out!
Lightning flashed as Lyria cried out.
Lyria turned away as the thunder roared. As Lyria regained her composure, the monsters flew off and disappeared without a trace.
???: Are you hurt?
The man who said that pulled (Captain) up by the hand.
Lyria: Thank you for saving me!
Vyrn: Wh-what the?! This guy appeared as sudden as a flash of lightning...
Albert: My name is Albert.
Albert: What are children doing in a place like this?
Vyrn: We are here to take out the leader of the monsters that attacks people who travel through these mountains!
Albert: What? Just you and your friends alone?
Lyria: Yes! We are Skyfarers!
Vyrn: Yeah! Monster hunting is our specialty!
Albert: Yes, but weren’t you in great danger just a moment ago?
Vyrn: What?! We were merely caught off guard, that’s all!
Albert: So you hunt monsters? It’s either kill or be killed... And of course there are surprise attacks.
Albert: I think you guys are too weak for this and should just head home.
Lyria: But the villagers are in trouble! We can’t just abandon them!
Albert: ...
(Captain) returned Albert’s gaze intensely.
Albert: Good grief... What can I say in response to being stared at like that?
Albert: Fine, fine... I’m in kind of a hurry, but I can’t just leave you like this... I will help you hunt monsters.
Vyrn: Are you sure?! It would be a great help if lightning boy came along!
Albert: My name is not “lighting boy”. It’s Albert!
Lyria: Yes! Welcome aboard! Albert!
The party advanced along the mountain path with the help of Albert.
Vyrn expressed admiration for how Albert was apparently totally nonchalant about any monsters that appeared on the path.
Vyrn: You are amazingly brave, Albert!
Albert: It’s not a big deal.
Vyrn: No, I am truly impressed!
Albert: Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment.
Vyrn: And your humble attitude is also impressive! Right? Don’t you agree, Lyria?
Lyria: Eh... Y-yes! S-sure...
Lyria was unable to hide the ambivalence in her statement. She then carelessly stumbled over a rock.
Albert: Be careful...
Before (Captain) could reach out to her, Albert gently caught Lyria In his arms.
Lyria: Ah, thank you...
(Captain) could feel his heart pounding as he witnessed this.
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria? Is mountain climbing too much for your feet?
Lyria: N-no! I’m all right! Right, (Captain)? Let's go!
Albert: Wait, Lyria...
Lyria: Wha?! W-What is it?!
Master of the Heavenly Sword: Grrrr!
Lyria: Agh!
Albert: Lyria, get back! This one isn’t the same as the ones before!
Lyria: Y- Yes!
Albert: (Captain)... This monster is for sure the master of this mountain!
Lyria: (Captain)! Albert! I will back you up!
After saying that, Lyria unleashed the power of primal beasts.
Albert: What?! The primal beasts...
Vyrn: Hey! Albert! Watch it! Monsters are coming!
Albert: ... Yeah.
With the help of Albert, the party defeated the Master of the Heavenly Sword.
Suddenly, Albert turned his blade toward Lyria with a grim look on his face.
Vyrn: Hey hey... Albert. What happened?
Albert: Lyria... What is this power you wield?
Suddenly, the surrounding still dark, and the sky was filled with black clouds.
Thunder began roaring as lightning flashed through the clouds.
Albert: Did you somewhere, somehow obtain the power of a primal crystal?
Lyria: Wha?! I... Uh...
Albert: You sold your soul to a primal crystal... Are you a monster?
Vyrn: What the hell?! Just shut up and listen and we’ll explain...
(Captain) sensed the change in Albert. (Captain) slowly backed away from him.
Lyria: (Captain)! Vyrn! P-Please wait!
Albert: It’s no good. There is no way you could defeat me. Shut up and then answer my question.
Albert remained cold and attached as he continued to point his blade at Lyria.
While staring fixedly at Albert, Lyria replied with resolve.
Lyria: I’m sorry. What is my power? Why can I use the power of primal beasts?
Lyria: I don’t really know, either. However, there is one thing I understand clearly.
Lyria: It’s that I want to use this power to help someone! I can’t explain it very well, but...
Lyria: I hope I can somehow use this power to help people in trouble and somehow make this world a little bit better!
Albert listen quietly to Lyria's statement without saying a word. Apparently moved by her words, he quietly sheathed his sword.
The dark clouds above then disappeared.
Albert: Sorry for frightening you. You seem to be telling the truth, Lyria.
Vyrn: YOU MORON! Of course! What did you think Lyria was?
Albert: Please forgive me for what I have done.
Albert bowed deeply and apologized for his actions. He began to speak of the goals of his own journey.
Albert: I actually was originally the Captain of an Order in my fatherland.
Albert: However, one day my friends in that Order Were engulfed by the power of the “Star without Mercy” and underwent a strange transformation.
Lyria: “Star without Mercy”...?
Albert: Yes... There seems to be a primal beast that lives parasitically in humans sealed within the primal crystal Crystal fragment known as the “Star Without Mercy”.
Albert: I have been pursuing my friend it has been possessed by that primal beast’s power...
Vyrn: So that’s why you had such a reaction to Lyria’s ability to use the power of primal beasts...
Lyria: So does it seem like you’re going to be able to find your friends, Albert?
Albert: I am looking for that kind of monster, but so far have found no trace of it...
Lyria: In that case! I will help you find your friend!
Albert: Wha?!
Lyria: I actually have the ability to sense the power of primal beasts...
Lyria: Thus I think it would be more efficient for me to help you find your friend than for you to do so all alone?
Albert: R-Really?! Are you saying that you would welcome me into your fellowship even though I pointed my sword at you?
Vyrn: That’s what Lyria is saying. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Well, if Lyria says so...
  2. I'm a little hesitant...

Choose: Well, if Lyria says so...
Albert: Thank you, (Captain). You are very kindhearted.

Choose: I'm a little hesitant...
Albert: That’s... That’s right. Maybe I should just continue with my journey alone after all...
Lyria: Wh-what’s wrong? Saying something nasty like that... It’s not like you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hmph... There was that thing before, and...
Vyrn: Aren’t you worried about Lyria, (Captain)?
Lyria: That’s right! (Captain)...
(Captain) nods deeply in response to what Lyria was saying.
Lyria: But but... I thought you understood, Albert!
Albert: Lyria...
Lyria: I'm fine! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria frantically explained what was going on with (Captain).
Continue 1
His suspicions alleviated, Albert joined our heroes on their journey.
Vyrn: Well, think about it. Albert did help us get rid of those monsters.
Lyria: Exactly! I think Albert is a wonderful person!
Albert: Haha... Me, a “wonderful” person...
Vyrn: Hmm? What's wrong?
Albert: Oh, it’s nothing. I was just talking to myself.
Albert: If I join your fellowship, I will stake my life on protecting you.
Albert: I'm looking forward to our journey together, (Captain).
Thus Albert became a member of the party.
Would he eventually find the friend he was looking for?

Trial By Lightning[edit]

(Captain) and company apologize to Albert for not being able to find information on the person he's searching for. Albert laughs and tells them not to worry, then suggests that they stay at an inn for the night.

As the party follows the rumors of primal beasts, they gather information on the person that Albert is searching for.
However, they fail to find any information regarding the man that was possessed by the power of primal crystals.
Vyrn: Man... It was just a monster again.
Lyria: Yeah... I didn't sense primal beasts nearby, but we couldn't just abandon the mission midway...
Vyrn: Albert... Sorry you had to help us with an unrelated mission.
Albert: Don't worry about it. It's a knight's duty to help those in need.
Lyria: Hehehe... Do you remember how you helped us when we first met, too?
Albert: Heh... Did I?
Albert: Ah... there's the town ahead. Let's rest at an inn for tonight.

Trial By Lightning: Scene 2[edit]

While looking for the tavern, they take on a quest from a town official. He says that several people had been spirited away. Albert and (Captain)’s party accept this quest and join the town night watch. During their patrol, they hear a woman’s scream. Rushing to the scene, they find the woman being attacked by a monster and hurry to go rescue her.

Once in town, Albert and the crew walk down the main street in search of an inn.
Vyrn: Where’s the inn, anyway...?
Albert: Hold on, Vryn. We should ask someone before we start wandering around aimlessly.
Townsgirl 1: Ooh... Won’t you take a look at him? He’s so... dreamy.
Townsgirl 2: Oh my. He’s so handsome. And that beautiful, fine hair. So pretty...
Townsgirl 1: He’s so classy. Just look at him. Perhaps he’s an heir of a noble house. Oh! He’s coming this way!
Albert: Excuse me. We’re looking for the inn. Would you happen to know where it might be?
Townsgirl 2: Oh! Y-yes, of course! The tavern, right? Yes, it’s right along this street. You’ll see it at the end of the block.
Albert: Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me.
Townsgirl 1: Ooooh! Even his voice is wonderful! I’m about to melt!
Vyrn: Oh, that Albert. He’s so good with the ladies, as always.
Lyria: Haha, yeah. He doesn’t seem to realize it though.
Albert: What are you doing there? Let’s get back to the inn.
Just then, a man who had been watching Albert from afar walks up to him.
???: Excuse me, sir. Could you perhaps be Albert the Courageous of the Order of Sky Knights?
Albert: That I am. And you are?
Town Official: I am a bureaucrat who works for this town. I’ve heard about your many deeds, Sir Albert. Would it be possible for me to discuss some matters with you?
Albert: Discuss? With me? Well, this is out of nowhere... Actually, you see, I am with these skyfarers right now and...
Vyrn: Oh, come on. We can listen to what he has to say, at least.
Lyria: That’s right! We would love to be of help!
Town Official: Thank you, kind sirs!
With a look of relief on his face, the town official begins to talk about the problems they are having. He has been receiving many reports of missing people.
Town Official: You see, we suddenly began receiving multiple reports in the past few days to search for missing persons.
Town Official: However, we’ve been unable to find even a hint of the cause. It’s been troubling us greatly...
The official looks pensive as he pleads to Albert to uncover the truth behind the spiriting away.
Town Official: Would it... be possible? Sir Albert. If you can be so kind as to lend us your strength...
Albert: I see now. We can’t ignore that. What say you, (Captain)?
  1. I’m with you on this one, Albert.
  2. Wait just a second...

Choose: I’m with you on this one, Albert.
Albert: Heh, a waste of time for me to ask, huh? I knew you’d feel the same. Thanks, (Captain).

Choose: Wait just a second...
Albert: What’s wrong, (Captain)? Is there a problem?
  1. I’m just kidding.
  2. There’s something in my eye...

Choose: I’m just kidding.
Albert: Oh, you’re such a jokester. But remember, I’m counting on you, (Captain).

Choose: There’s something in my eye...
Albert: What? Are you okay? Here, let me take a look.
Albert seems worried for (Captain).
He then brings his face very close and peers into (Captain)’s eye.
Albert: Oh. It looks like you had an eyelash in your eye. There, that should make you feel better.
With the source of discomfort removed, (Captain) expresses full cooperation to resolve this missing persons case.
Albert: Haha... You’re so silly sometimes, (Captain).
Continue 1
Town Official: So then, would you be so kind to accept this quest?
Albert: Yeah. Fill me in on the details.
After receiving more details about the case, they decide to join the members of the town’s night watch.
It is a dark night without any moonlight. (Captain)’s party take up their positions to patrol the town.
Lyria: It’s pretty dark around here. Kinda scary to be walking alone...
Albert: Hey, Lyria. Don’t stray too far away from us.
Vyrn: So this whole spiriting away deal... How are we supposed to find any clues about it anyway?
Albert: It seems many of the victims are girls in this part of town.
Albert: Make sure to keep an eye out, especially for any ladies walking around alone.
Just then, a woman screams from somewhere in the alley.
Lyria: Over there!
Albert: C'mon, we'd better hurry! (Captain)!
When they rush to the scene, they find a lady being attacked by a monster.
Lady: The guy... The monster, he...
The panicked lady mutters a few words and then faints.
Monster: Grrrr! Get... Out of... My way...
Albert: (Captain)! We have to rescue the young lady first!

Trial By Lightning: Scene 3[edit]

They were able to rescue the lady but the monster had escaped. When the lady woke, she explained to them that the monster they just saw came up to her as a human man. With that information, the town official narrowed the suspect down to three people. Albert begins his interrogation with sword in hand. After some questioning, he figures out which man was actually the monster. The crew fights the monster alongside Albert.

The monster defeated by (Captain)’s party disappears into the darkness.
Vyrn: Damn it! He’s quick to run! (Captain)! We have to go after him!
Albert: Don’t go too far! We have to take care of this lady first!
(Captain) and company stay back to tend to the lady’s wounds.
The lady calms down and begins to explain that the monster had taken on a form of a human man.
The next day, the injured suspects were gathered in the town courtyard under the town official’s orders.
Town Official: Miss, do you recognize any of these men? One of them might be the man who attacked you last night.
Lady: I’m very sorry. It was dark and so sudden... I don’t remember his face.
Not knowing what else to do, the town official proposes a suggestion.
Town Official: Although I do feel kind of bad, perhaps we’ll put them all the cells for now to prove their innocence.
Town Official: We can see if the spiriting away stops.
Injured Man 1: What?! You better be joking! That shouldn’t ever be considered humane!
Injured Man 2: B-b-but I...! I didn’t do it! I-I-I swear!
Injured Man 3: Excuse me, gentlemen. I still have work to do. Can you please let me go? If you detain me any longer, I’m going to have to press charges.
The suspects, now gathered in the courtyard, each begin to complain.
The town official doesn’t know what to do. Just then, Albert steps towards the suspects.
Town Official: S-sir Albert?
Albert: There’s no need to put these men into any cells. Leave this to me.
Albert points his sword straight up towards the sky. Suddenly, a shadow casts down on the town courtyard and dark clouds begin to form above.
Albert: Listen. I’m going to ask you a question. I just want you to answer truthfully.
Albert: First, you.
With a cold look on his face, Albert points his sword at the man.
Injured Man 1: What the? What’s with you being all bossy!
Albert: Don’t make me repeat myself. If you want to live, just answer my question.
Uneasy tension falls upon the suspects as Albert stands there sternly.
Injured Man 1: F-fine, what is it?
Albert: Last night... Did you attack this young lady?
Injured Man 1: It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it. I’m telling the truth!
Albert stares into the man’s eyes. Without changing his expression, he then points his sword at the next man.
Albert: Next...
Injured Man 2: Ah...!
Albert: Were you the one who attacked this lady last night?
Injured Man 2: I-I-I said...! I-I-I don’t know anything!
Albert stares straight into the panicked man’s eyes and without saying a thing, turns his sword to the next man.
Albert: Next.
Injured Man 3: Hmph. You really ought to step off that high horse. Who do you think you are?
Albert: Look, there’s still more to do. I can’t waste my time chatting with you.
Albert: Was it you who attacked this woman last night?
Injured Man 3: How many times do I have to say it? I didn’t do it.
As soon as the man finishes speaking, Albert jumps high into the air.
At the same time, a blinding lightning strikes his sword he had pointed straight up.
Albert: Did I not tell you... to answer truthfully?
With the lightning of judgment sparking around his blade, Albert slides through the air and swings his blade.
Injured Man 3: Gaaahhhhh!!!
Hit by the strike of the Sky Knight, the man’s transformation is undone.
Monster: Grrrr! You... You dare...
Lady: Ahhhh!
Albert: Now, all we have to do is to put him away!
Albert: Ready? (Captain)!
Vyrn: Oh... Right! Follow Albert’s lead!

Trial By Lightning: Scene 4[edit]

Although the townspeople praise Albert for defeating the monster, he slips through the crowd with a clouded look on his face. Once (Captain) and company catch up to him, Albert simply smiles and says that he’ll tell you about it eventually. Just then, a child appears and calls Albert “Uncle Sparky” to which Albert flusters like you’ve never seen before.

Albert reveals the monster’s true form in front of the town crowd and strikes it down.
Albert is cheered on by the town crowd.
Lyria: Ooh, look at that Albert. You’re so popular!
Vyrn: Oh! I meant to ask. How did Albert know that guy was lying?
Albert: Heh... No one can lie when I ask the question. That’s all.
Vyrn: Boo. But we want to know more in detail! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Well, speaking of which... There was that time Albert pointed his sword at me and believed in what I said.
Lady: Ah, Sir Albert... I can’t thank you enough.
Albert: I’m glad your injuries weren’t serious.
Town Official: Sir Albert! If I may... Please allow me to express my gratitude for this ordeal. I would like to welcome you to my home...
Albert: No, um... I... I need to get going.
With that, Albert slips through the crowd.
Vyrn: Hey, wait! Albert! I said wait!
Lyria: (Captain)! We have to go after him!
Once everyone is caught up to Albert, they ask him why he doesn’t seem happy.
Albert: I’m not worthy of it... I shouldn’t be receiving such words of praise.
Lyria: But you saved the people of this town! You’re like a hero to them!
Vyrn: She’s right. No matter what anyone else says, I think you were amazing out there!
Albert: Haha... Thanks. I’ll tell you about it eventually. When the time comes...
Albert then looks at (Captain).
Albert: (Captain)... You have to promise me. Don’t ever lie to me, please...
There must be some meaning behind those words but Albert just smiles.
As (Captain) is thinking of a response, a child appears in front of them.
Child: Um...
It seems the child wants to tell Albert something.
In an effort to ease the child’s timidness, Albert squats down to talk to the child.
Albert: What is it?
Child: Um! Thank you! For beating the bad monster...
Child: Uncle Sparky!!!
Albert: Wha?! Uncle...? Sparky...?
Child: Yeah! Your sparky thingies were really cool, mister!
Albert: I-I’m not anyone’s uncle! I’m not that old! You can’t-... Don’t call me that, please!
Vyrn: Oh, come on. You can’t get all upset with a kid. Let him call you Uncle Sparky.
Lyria: I mean, now that you mention it... You are pretty formal and mature. I could see you being an uncle type of guy!
Albert: W-what?! Wait, what do you mean?! No, no... You can’t! Just, no!
Albert: I can’t let anyone bring my title of Sky Knight down to a nickname like “Uncle Sparky!”
Albert seems quite panicked. It’s a rare sight to see him flustered at all.
Albert: Please! Can you change that name to something else?
Vyrn: Come on, calm down a little. The kid’s gone already.
Lyria: You know, “Uncle Sparky” isn’t that bad. Slips off the tongue, you know?
Albert: Can we drop that already? I’m making my stand. I will not go by that name!
Albert can’t seem to calm down as he begins walking away, trying to get away from the group.
After seeing Albert’s rare moment of anxiety, the excited group quickly rushes after him.

All for My Kingdom[edit]

Albert and Yurius rush back to their kingdom after attending a gathering for various kingdoms as representatives of Levin. On their way to deliver the good news to the king, they are stopped by Mina who has news of her own.

Yurius left the Kingdom of Levin, seduced by the power of a primal beast sealed within the Astral Void Lacrima.
Meanwhile Albert continued his search for Yurius.
But one day Albert received an urgent message from the acting captain of the Sky Knights, Mina.
Mina: You have to come back at once! Levin... Levin is on the brink of destruction!
Once Albert arrived at Saint Lethan Castle, he learned the dark truth about Yurius.
He learned also that the king wanted Yurius killed.
Albert and crew were then forced to fight the Celestial Eye, which had begun to take control of Yurius.
The primal beast in the Celestial Eye then transformed Yurius into a monster that sought only to destroy.
Once defeated, Yurius regained control of his mind, and Lyria restored his body to its original state.
After the incident Albert protected Yurius.
He claimed that the late king had died in an accident relating to the Eye, clearing Yurius of any suspicion.
The cover-up story spread among the Levin people and was widely accepted as truth.
Yurius was named the Disaster Operations Planning Executive responsible for the restoration of the kingdom.
Even in a government dominated by prominent lords, Yurius and Albert became central figures in the Levin restoration efforts, bolstered by popular support.
Albert: Friend, who would have thought you were a natural salesman?
Yurius: Making amicable relations with other kingdoms while showing them what we have to offer will give them more incentive to work with us, will it not?
Albert and Yurius attended a gathering for various kingdoms as representatives of Levin.
While there, they succeeded in convincing other countries to invest in their famous hot springs and burgeoning wine industry.
Albert: Our work here is over. Let's go home.
Yurius: You want to leave right now? In the middle of the night?
Albert: I want to deliver the good news to the new king as soon as possible.
Yurius: The Thunderswift Lord is as devout as ever.
Albert: You and me both.
Albert: I didn't think things would go so smoothly, but I have you to thank for how well it turned out.
Yurius: So long as we're together, we can accomplish anything. Your words.
Albert: So they were.
And so Yurius and Albert walk along the mountain path, guided by the moonlight.
The two approach Levin territory when someone makes their presence known.
???: Captain! Yurius!
Albert: Mina!
Yurius: For you to be here at this time of night... What urgent news do you have?
Mina: I'm sorry if I startled you... but... I have something I need to tell you...
Albert: Mina, calm down. What's wrong?
Mina: For now... Don't return to Levin. Please...
Albert: ...
Yurius: ...
Yurius and Albert exchange concerned looks but urge Mina to share her worries with them.

All for My Kingdom: Scene 2[edit]

The three head to a mountain lodge where Mina explains that Galia, a lord in Levin, has spread rumors of the two throughout the kingdom. These rumors have sparked an extremist group into action. While listening to Mina's report, something causes Yurius to cry out in pain.

The panicked Mina guides Yurius and Albert to a mountain lodge.
Mina: I'm sorry that we're forced to use such a place, especially considering you've only just returned...
Albert: That's all right. Just tell us what's going on.
Mina: Of course.
Mina displays clear unease but bends a knee before Yurius and Albert.
Mina: Within the kingdom of Levin, rumors are beginning to spread.
Mina: Many are saying that Yurius killed the late king.
Albert: ...!
Yurius: Humph. The truth always comes out, as they say.
Mina: That's not all...
Mina: Some are also saying that Albert purposefully hid this information from our people...
Albert: I see...
Yurius: Apologies, friend. My mistake is now a stain upon your name...
Albert: I admit I'm surprised... But you don't need to worry about me.
Albert: Anyone who looks at what we're doing for Levin will forget those rumors quickly.
Mina: I wish... things were so simple...
Yurius: If they were, we wouldn't be here, would we?
Mina, sensing now that her sadness is legible on her face, hangs her head to hide it.
Mina: From what I have uncovered... This is a result...
Mina: Of a plot by other lords in Levin conceived during your absence.
Mina: And someone behind this has made sure the entirety of the kingdom is aware of these facts...
Mina: That someone... is the influential Lord Galia.
Yurius is a crew member

Albert: ...
Yurius: Even though we were able to resolve our prior differences, he still holds a grudge...

Yurius not in crew

Galia had previously contested Albert and Yurius's proposal to finance a natural hot spring resort.
Despite Galia's attempts to sabotage the plans with his private army, the three were able to reach an agreement before the dispute got out of hand.
Albert: ...
Yurius: Even though we were able to resolve our prior differences, he still holds a grudge...
Continue 1
Yurius: And you're sure we're in danger?
Mina: Yes. After the rumors spread, an extremist group began violently storming the castle town.
Mina: They... want both of you to be punished for your treason against the crown.
Mina: If you were to return now, I would fear for your safety...
Albert: Damn it! I was naive to think all this would blow over...
Yurius: Steady yourself, friend. Now that we know who our enemy is, the path ahead is clear.
Albert: That's true... We need to speak with Lord Galia.
But just as Albert decides their next step, Yurius gasps in pain and puts his hands to his temples.
Yurius: Agh!
Albert: Yurius!
Mina: Yurius!
Yurius: Huff... Huff...
Yurius: Leave me. I'll be fine soon...
Albert: All right...
Seeing that Yurius's symptoms have abated, Albert begins to speak.
Albert: Friend, I've waited for you to share what causes your illness, but I don't think I can wait any longer.
Albert: Let me bear your burden, won't you?
Yurius: ...
Yurius folds under the pressure of Albert's stern expression.
Yurius: I can't hide anything from you... The wielder of the Skyblade lives up to his reputation...
Yurius: I didn't want to cause you unnecessary worry, but not speaking would do just that...
Yurius begins to share what is happening to him.

All for My Kingdom: Scene 3[edit]

Yurius explains that a remnant of the primal beast sealed within the Astral Void Lacrima still exists within him, causing pain when it lashes out. He asks Albert to cut him down should it take control of him again. As they speak, Galia's men surround the lodge.

Under pressure from Albert, Yurius shares the details of his condition.
Yurius: As you have deduced...
Yurius: A remnant of the primal beast that was sealed within the Astral Void Lacrima still exists within my body.
Yurius: And at times it tries to take control of me, compelling me to release its power.
Yurius: My sudden migraines occur during those moments.
Albert: ...
Yurius: Rest assured. I'm able to control it now.
Yurius: And even if it were to completely take control of me, I have measures in place to take my own life.
Albert: Yurius!
Yurius: I did say "if."
Yurius: I can't allow that dark power to consume me ever again.
Yurius whispers these words bitterly.
Yurius: I haven't found a way to liberate myself yet. But I am a researcher. I will find something.
Yurius: I have a responsibility to Levin. I cannot allow anything to get in my way.
Yurius: Should my measures fail me and the primal beast once again begin its rampage...
Yurius: I will need you, Thunderswift Lord... And your Skyblade.
Yurius: The Skyblade and the Astral Void Lacrima share the same power...
Yurius: There may even be hidden secrets in both that we have yet to awaken.
Albert: Hidden secrets...
Albert strokes his gleaming sword.
As if the Skyblade understands, it shakes ever so subtly.
Yurius: Hm... Whatever I do, I do for the good of the kingdom.
Yurius: No matter what happens, that is what I've decided.
Even though the beast within him threatens his life, he worries about his kingdom first and foremost.
Albert promises himself that he will never allow Yurius to be harmed for the crimes committed by the monster within.
Albert: First we should have a word with Lord Galia. From there we'll have a better idea of what to do.
Yurius: Agreed.
The three ready themselves to take their leave in the dead of night.
Albert: Wait! There's someone here...
Mina: That's not—
Mina peeks out the window to see something that startles her.
Galia's Troops: ...
Extremist Group: ...
Galia's personal troops and some extremists have banded together and now surround the lodge.
Mina: I was followed...
Yurius: So they are serious...
Albert: We have to avoid fruitless battles. We'll break through their lines and fly to Levin!
Mina: Yes, sir!
The three burst out of the mountain lodge, attempting to catch the mob off guard and run past them.
They succeed and use the cover of darkness to reach the kingdom.

All for My Kingdom: Scene 4[edit]

Initially Albert plans to make his way to Levin to speak with Galia directly, while Yurius and Mina distract the men surrounding the lodge. However, in the end they surrender themselves to Galia's men in the hope of securing more favorable speaking terms.

Albert, Yurius, and Mina flee the lodge.
They are then pursued by the roaring cadre of extremists and Galia's private troops.
Galia's Captain: Don't let them escape!
Extremists: Aye!
Albert: We're almost near the castle town. Just a bit further!
Mina: Captain! Yurius!
Albert: Mina? What's wrong?
Mina points, and Albert is stunned by what he sees.
A separate group of extremists led by one of Galia's platoons reveals their presence.
Yurius: A pincer movement...
Albert: We need to hide in the mountains.
Albert: Huff...
Albert: The irony of being hunted by the kingdom we're trying to protect...
Yurius: All because I was weak... I'm sorry my failures have put your lives in danger.
Albert: Don't apologize.
Albert: We've always done everything we could for our kingdom, right?
Yurius: We have. Sadly, now we have to waste our time defending ourselves from it...
Albert: We'll weather this storm no matter what it brings.
Albert: I know you feel the same way, friend.
Yurius: I do.
Albert: Humph... To do what needs to be done, we'll have to get through this first.
Albert: We'll lead our people to a full restoration of Levin. We have to.
Mina: And I humbly offer to do everything I can to help.
As the three come to a resolution, a terrifying fire catches their eyes.
Albert: How could they!
Yurius: They're trying to smoke us out...
Albert: Mina, extinguish these flames before they spread even further!
Mina: Yes, sir!
Mina races to the source of the fire using water magic to clear her path.
Albert: I'll distract them. Yurius, you must go speak with Lord Galia...
Yurius: Friend... I'm sorry, but I must entrust that role to you.
Yurius: I have to stop the pyromaniacs who've endangered a precious resource.
Albert: Yurius...
Yurius: I can do this. I won't engage in meaningless warfare.
Yurius: Old friend, leave this to me!
Yurius: Huh... I may have stolen that line from Foudre...
Albert: From the Saint Lethan Tales... Calm enough to make a joke, are we?
Albert: Then... I leave the fire-starters to you!
Yurius parts with Albert and exposes himself to Galia's men.
There is hate in their eyes. They make their move instantly.
Galia's Captain: Capture him for the Kingdom of Levin!
Galia's Trooper: Aye!
Extremist 1: Damn it! He just dodges all of my attacks!
Yurius: ...
Galia's Trooper: Is this a game to you? We know what you are, monster!
Yurius: You swing too broadly. Evading your attacks doesn't even require a swift move.
Galia's Trooper: Tch!
Galia's Captain: ...
The leader of Galia's troops in charge of capturing Yurius begins to feel uneasy.
No matter how many strikes the soldiers level at him, Yurius does not unsheathe his sword.
The captain begins to wonder if there is hidden meaning in Yurius's restraint.
Galia's Captain: Do you really think you can get past all of us?
Yurius: Pitiful... You still don't understand what's going on. I'm a distraction.
Galia's Captain: What!
Galia's Captain: Tch... Well played.
Mina: Yurius! I've stopped the fire around the mountain.
Yurius: Thank you, Mina.
Yurius: There was no way she could have done that if I had not forced you all to pursue me.
Yurius: And I did that because Levin is not blessed with many natural resources. What little we have should be protected.
Galia's Captain: Don't be stupid. Resources can be stolen from other kingdoms!
Yurius: Is that really what you all believe?
Galia's Captain: All?
Yurius: If that is what Lord Galia is preaching and you believe him, I will treat you all as traitors to the crown.
Galia's Captain: Are you finding fault in something as trivial as that? What a pitiful soul you are.
Yurius: ...!
Galia's Captain: You've committed patricide and ended a king... Yet you, a criminal, parade like a hero while you attempt to throw our great kingdom into chaos! You are the traitor!
Extremist 1: Yeah! You tricked us! And tried to take Levin for yourself!
Extremist Group: ...
The group begins jeering.
Yurius: ...
Galia's Captain: Do you remember what I asked you before?
Galia's Captain: But they'll know the truth sooner or later. And then what leg will you have to stand on?
Galia's Captain: Will anyone call a kingslayer a hero?
Galia's Captain: Now look at yourself.
Galia's Trooper: Die, traitor!
Yurius: Tch...
Insults accompany each attempt to injure. Yurius manages to evade each strike.
Extremist 1: You and Albert are nothing but criminals! You're ruining our homeland!
Yurius: No! He hasn't done—
Yurius: Agh! My head!
Mina: Y-Yurius?
Yurius: Aaaggh!
Meanwhile, Albert has begun making his way down the mountain.
The wind delivers a howl that is by no means natural.
Albert pauses and memories of Yurius flash before his eyes.
From behind him rises the shadow of a tentacle.
Albert: What is that!
Albert: (Yurius is going to lose control and transform...)
Albert: (If that happens, there will be no time for any discussion to occur.)
Albert doubles back immediately and races to Yurius's side.
Albert: Move!
Extremist 1: Ah!
Galia's Trooper: The Thunderswift Lord!
Albert: Yurius!
Yurius: Why! Why have you returned?
Albert: We need to submit to them. We can't fight anymore. Let them restrain us.
Albert: Once we get back, we'll have a civil discussion.
Galia's Captain: A civil discussion with Lord Galia? You mean you'll beg for your lives.
Galia's Captain: Our mission is complete. We have the renegades.
And so the three are restrained and led towards the castle town by troops and extremists.

A Legend Rises Again[edit]

Albert, Yurius, and Mina are bound and taken to the castle town where they are met by the treacherous Galia. Galia appropriates Albert's sword and whispers to him that all of his actions are simply political.

Albert, Yurius, and Mina are brought into the castle town like prisoners.
One man waits eagerly for their arrival.
Galia: Heh heh...
Albert: Lord Galia...
Galia: I see you're still kicking...
Galia: I bet even in your wildest dreams, you'd never have imagined to be here like this.
Albert: ...
Yurius: Humph...
Albert: You must be proud. Your enemies fell right into your trap.
Galia: Trap? Enough with the jokes...
Mina: Just stop pretending already. I know you're behind th—
Galia: Hold your tongue. It was you who attempted to pull the wool over our eyes, was it not?
Galia: You have let us all down.
Galia: We believed in you. We thought you were trying to rebuild Levin. But it was all a lie!
Albert: (What a ridiculous act... His smile betrays his words...)
Albert: (But Galia alone couldn't have arranged for all of this...)
Albert: (That means there are a number of powerful lords pulling the strings...)
Albert: (But... who would betray us like this?)
Albert is disappointed in the other lords. He believed that they had settled their differences amicably.
Albert: Lord Galia, will you give us an audience to explain ourselves?
Galia: I am not authorized to do any such thing. Try begging the new king.
Albert: ...
Galia looks upon the three with contempt and condescension.
Then he takes the stolen Skyblade and raises it into the air.
Galia: The late king believed in you, Thunderswift Lord. He bequeathed you with the Skyblade...
Galia: Yet, oh, how you have betrayed him!
Albert: ...
Galia: Take this to the royal treasury.
Galia's Trooper: Sir!
Albert watches in anger as his sword is taken away by Galia's troop.
Galia draws close to Albert and whispers into his ear.
Galia: Oh, Thunderswift Lord. I can only imagine how you must feel.
Galia: But... this is politics.
Albert: Bastard!
Galia: Bahahaha!
Galia: Take these sham heroes to the new king!
Galia's troops follow their orders and drag the enraged Albert away.

A Legend Rises Again: Scene 2[edit]

In front of Saint Lethan Castle, the people of Levin hunger for the truth behind the rumors surrounding Yurius and Albert. Without a proper trial, the two—along with Mina—are declared guilty and sentenced to death. Yurius loses control of the primal beast inside him and changes form.

Galia pompously leads the three toward the king's great hall.
But the group stops at the castle gates where they are met by citizens.
Gathered Citizens: ...
Boy: Everyone is saying you're a bad man, Captain Albert...
Boy: But that's not true, right? I don't believe it for a second! Everyone's lying!
Albert: ...
Man: Are the rumors true? Captain Albert... Master Yurius...
Man: If they are, you better be ready to pay!
Yurius: ...
Mina: ...
The citizens have gathered to find out whether the rumors are true.
Though many emotions cross, blind faith reigns.
The extremists thirst for blood, and their cries of outrage are louder than anything else.
Extremist 2: My king! Give them the guillotine!
Extremist 1: Ahaha! Kill the traitors!
Although words do not hurt them, the stones being thrown at them do.
Extremist 1: Traitors!
Mina: Agh!
Albert: Mina!
Albert: Agh... Mina, are you okay?
Mina: Yes... but, Captain... you're bleeding...
Albert: It's just a scratch. Forgive them.
Mina: I can't!
Albert: You must!
Albert is able to pacify Mina, who at that moment was making her way toward the extremists.
Albert: I thought once we explained everything, they'd find us innocent.
Yurius: That doesn't seem likely now.
Albert: No...
Yurius: I had prepared myself for the day they learned everything...
Yurius: But...
Albert and Yurius finally comprehend the danger they are in.
Just as they are about to enter the castle, the powerful Lord Mallow shows himself.
Mallow: ...
Galia: To what do we owe this honor, Lord Mallow?
Mallow: I bring news...
Albert: (Lord Mallow has always shown us favor... Maybe he can—)
Albert moves past Galia's troops and comes before Mallow.
Albert: Lord Mallow! I beg you, tell the new king we're innocent.
Mallow: Captain Albert... I'm very sorry, but there is nothing more I can do...
Mallow's eyebrows furrow together and sadness covers his countenance as he bows to Albert.
Mallow: The king has just delivered his sentence...
Albert: Sentence?
Gathered Citizens: ...
Galia: All of you! Silence!
Mallow waits for the public to calm themselves and then begins to speak.
Mallow: Albert, Yurius, Mina... You are accused of not only murdering the former king...
Mallow: But also conspiring against the crown to take the land for yourself.
Mallow: You have been declared guilty on both counts... And as traitors...
Mallow: You are sentenced... to death.
Extremist 1: Aye!
Albert: ...
Mina: How could...
Yurius: Tch! Not only a puppet king... but a fool as well...
Once the sentence has been given, Galia begins the second part of his act.
Galia: Oh my goodness... Who could have guessed that the new king would order your deaths...
Galia: But that decision... was correct. You never know when a traitor will try to stab you in the back again, do you?
Yurius: There will be neither discussion nor trial. We are simply given death...
Yurius: Is this what the kingdom of Levin has become?
Mallow: I sympathize with your anger, but this is what the new king has decided...
Mallow: I am terribly sorry that I could not do more.
Yurius: ...
Albert: Lord Mallow! Please! Grant us an audience with the new king!
Albert: This all began because the old king tried to murder Yurius! How is it fair, to decree death without—
Extremist 1: Kill them!
Extremist 2: Kill these traitors!
Albert's pleas are drowned out by the murderous voices in the crowd.
Galia: Heh heh...
Albert: (So Galia manipulated the new king...)
Albert: (All of this was planned. No matter what I do, nothing will change.)
Albert: (So this... is politics...)
Albert: (We're dispensable... Just pawns...)
Albert: (The other lords prioritized colluding against us instead of restoring the kingdom...)
Albert: The corruption...
Albert's blood boils as he contemplates the selfishness of the actions of the other lords.
Albert: We don't care about power!
Albert: We just want Levin to prosper again! That's all!
Albert: So please! Don't hurt us!
Yurius: ...
Yurius: Haha... Hahaha...
Yurius: Bahahaha!
Albert: Yurius...
Yurius: You are absolutely correct! No matter the reason, I am a kingslayer!
Yurius: If you wish for my head, come for it.
Yurius: But to punish those who only want what is best for this kingdom?
Yurius: What fools the masses truly are!
Yurius: Yes, you!
Galia: ...
Yurius: And you!
Mallow: ...
Yurius: And you!
Gathered Citizens: ...!
Yurius: You would kill those who devote their lives to your prosperity and instead worship at the altar of those who would enslave you.
Yurius: You turn off your minds, dance for your puppet masters, and you call that justice!
Yurius: This kingdom...
Albert: Yurius, stop!
Yurius: Should burn!
Yurius strikes back.
He breaks the shackles on his arms, sending Galia's troops flying back and onto the ground.
Galia's Captain: Agh!
Yurius: Hahaha!
Albert: Yurius...
Mina: Yurius...
Boy: Ahhh!
Man: Monster!
Yurius transforms and sends the crowd into a frenzy.

A Legend Rises Again: Scene 3[edit]

Albert wishes for the only thing that can stop Yurius—his sword. And from the clouds above comes a crashing light and with it the weapon Albert needs to subdue Yurius.

Some run. Others are paralyzed with fear. Some stand by and watch with awe.
Yurius's transformation ultimately spreads panic.
Yurius: Run if you like—there is no need to stay in a kingdom that will be brought to ruin!
Albert: ...
Yurius: Friend, why the face? Let us annihilate this kingdom and start anew.
Albert: This is our home! You can't just destroy it!
Albert: Yurius... Help me fix this place... That is what we were born for, right?
Albert: Right?
Yurius: Hahaha!
Yurius: After all that's transpired, you still hold onto to your silly ideals... A loyalty only a hero could have!
Albert: I am a knight of Levin! My loyalty is everything!
Yurius: Humph. Then...
Yurius: We have nothing more to discuss, Thunderswift Lord.
Yurius: Haa!
Albert: ...!
Yurius blows past Albert and sets his sights on the lords.
Yurius: Die!
Galia: Ahh!
Mallow: ...!
Albert: Ack!
Albert rushes to the aid of the lords and intercepts Yurius's attack.
Yurius: Protecting your enemies now...
Galia: This won't help you, Albert!
Galia: You've already been given a death sentence!
Albert: What does that matter!
Albert: I am the captain of the Sky Knights! I don't need any other reason to protect citizens of Levin!
Galia: ...
Mina: Lord Galia, Lord Mallow, please leave!
Mallow: Thank you, Albert.
Mallow: Lord Galia, we must not get in their way!
Galia: All right...
Albert and Mina hold off Yurius as Galia and Mallow flee the scene.
The crowd left watching is confused by Albert's actions.
Extremist 1: But... what about the rumors? He's supposed to be a traitor... What am I supposed to believe now?
Extremist 2: Does this mean that the Thunderswift Lord really is our hero?
Boy: I told you so! Captain Albert isn't a bad guy!
Extremist 1: ...
The citizens of Levin begin to change their view of Albert in that moment.
Just then, Mona and Mena make their way through the hysteria.
Mena: Come on! Move!
Mona: Captain Albert! Mina! You can't really protect anyone with those restraints on you, can you?
Mona: Haa!
Mona frees the two, allowing them to fight back properly.
Albert: Mona, Mena... Thank you.
Mona: Captain... Is Yurius possessed by the primal beast again?
Albert: Yes...
Albert: Mina, Mona, Mena... I need you all to get our people somewhere safe.
Mina: But...
Albert: Don't worry about me...
Mina: Let's go!
Mona: Right!
Mena: Okay!
The three go separate ways to lead the citizens out of danger.
Yurius: You would stop me?
Albert: Yes...
Yurius: Then this is goodbye...
Yurius: Gaaah!
Tentacles: ...!
Yurius: Haaa!
Tentacles begin sprouting from his body, grabbing things around him and destroying them.
Albert: Yurius...
Lyria: I don't know if it'll work right away, but I'll see if I can absorb the primal beast inside Yurius!
Albert: (This time I don't have (Captain) and Lyria to depend on...)
Yurius: Bahahaha!
Albert: (If I don't stop him there will be countless casualties... But how can I?)
Albert loses himself in thought. How will he protect everyone in Levin?
Then it hits him. Yurius has already given him an answer to that question.
Yurius: Should my measures fail me and the primal beast once again begins its rampage...
Yurius: I will need you, Thunderswift Lord... And your Skyblade.
Yurius: The Skyblade and the Astral Void Lacrima share the same power...
Yurius: There may even be hidden secrets in both that we have yet to awaken.
Albert: (Old friend... The only way to stop you is with the Skyblade...)
Albert: (I have to go get it from the royal treasury...)
Albert decides what he needs to do. But his plan requires time which the rampaging Yurius will not give him.
Tentacles: ...
Albert: Damn! One thing after another...
The vicious attacks, which Albert can only defend against, begin to take their toll on him.
Albert: Huff... Huff...
Albert: (If only I had the Skyblade...)
Albert's wish is heard.
A flash of lightning rips through the dark clouds above.
The sound of thunder follows the blinding light.
Once the light fades back into the dark, Albert takes a deep breath.
Albert: ...!
Like the sword of legend, the Skyblade has pierced the land and awaits its master.
Gathered Citizens: ...
Yurius: ...
Albert: (Could it be...)
Albert steps up to the blade and claims it with great force.
And from it comes a surge of lightning.
Albert: Humph...
The people of Levin look on at the events transpiring before their eyes and are reminded of the Legends of the Skyblade.
Extremist 1: Didn't the story go... that the Skyblade would come down from above and be used to beat the Celestial Eye?
Extremist 2: The legend is happening again right in front of us...
Extremist 2: Captain Albert really is our hero!
The tune of the masses quickly changes and now they claim that the man who summoned the Skyblade, Albert, is their champion knight.
Mina is relieved to hear the people have finally come to their senses.
Mina: ...
Mona: What good news.
Mena: Sure is! Now we just need to worry about Yurius!
Mina: All right, you two! Let's clear this area so our captain can fight without worry!
Albert smiles thinly and readies his blade to strike Yurius.
Albert: This time... I'll remove the last traces of that beast residing in you, Yurius!
Yurius: Hahaha! Show me your power!
Albert: Hyaaah!
Albert grasps the Skyblade firmly and begins his onslaught.

A Legend Rises Again: Scene 4[edit]

Yurius flees, and Albert is pardoned for his crimes against the crown. After the dust has settled, Albert begins to suspect that the primal beast inside Yurius did not take control, but that it was all Yurius's ruse to protect his friend. To learn the truth, Albert vows to find him one day.

Albert: Yaargh!
Yurius: Agh!
Albert: Huff...
Albert strikes with all his might, and Yurius collapses.
Slowly, Yurius begins to revert to his former self.
Albert: Yurius?
Yurius: Ghh...
Albert draws near his writhing friend.
Yurius: Stay back!
Albert: But...
Yurius: Agggh!
Albert: ...
Yurius: ...
Yurius lets out a cry that could part the skies and immediately begins to transform once more.
Yurius: Goodbye, hero of Levin.
Yurius throws a piercing stare at Albert, and then uses the last of his energy to flee the scene.
Albert: Yurius... Why...
Albert: We were supposed to rebuild Levin together...
Albert's whispers are taken by the wind and vanish into the void.
Just like his companion.
And so, Albert is pardoned by the crown for his heroic action against Yurius.
Some days have passed since Yurius's disappearance.
Albert is hard at work trying to rebuild the kingdom of Levin.
Albert: (Yurius... After you lost control...)
Albert: (The new king and the lords declared me a hero and even decorated me...)
Albert: (Humph... What nonsense. I'm no hero.)
Albert: (All we wanted was what is best for Levin. We just wanted to rebuild it...)
Albert reminisces over the man who left him behind.
Yurius: Die!
Galia: Ahh!
Mallow: ...!
Albert: Ack!
Albert rushes to the aid of the lords and intercepts Yurius's attack.
Yurius: Protecting your enemies now...
Albert: That's right...
Albert: When I protected the lords, Yurius was smiling just a little...
Albert: But why?
Albert: (Did Yurius... predict what I would do?)
Albert: (And... was it my imagination or was his rampage a bit too controlled?)
Albert's mind begins to fill with doubts.
Albert: (Did the primal beast even take control of Yurius?)
Albert: (If that power truly had taken him prisoner, there should have been more chaos.)
Albert: What if...
Yurius: Hm... Whatever I do, I do for the good of the kingdom.
Yurius: No matter what happens, that is what I've decided.
Albert: (What if he were trying to redirect...)
Albert: (All the hatred of the people to himself?)
Yurius: Goodbye, hero of Levin.
Albert: So... that was his plan all along... He wanted to make me a true hero of Levin.
Albert: Then... I...
Albert holds his head in defeat.
In a room with no one else in it, Albert lets out a small cry.
Some time passes, and Mina enters the room.
Albert doesn't notice her and continues to stare blankly into the air.
Mina: Captain, are you okay?
Albert: Y-yes... I'm fine, Mina.
Mina: You don't have to pretend with me...
Albert: Who's pretending? I was just taking a break.
Mina: Are you really... okay with not going to look for Yurius?
Albert: I can't say I am...
Albert: But for now...
A strong will and a great smile meet Mina's concerned look.
Albert: I have a promise to keep to a friend.
Albert: Things are going to get busy around here!
After his earnest words, Albert looks out the window at the grand blue sky.
He knows that someday, somewhere, he will meet Yurius once again.

Jolts, Sores, and Groans[edit]

The crew finds Deliford sore from head to toe and calls Albert in to try some relieving electrotherapy. Midsession, Vyrn says something that upsets Albert, who then gives Deliford a real shock.

The crew gathers to depart on a new mission one day but finds that Deliford is nowhere in sight.
Concerned, they head to his room, where they find him in pain from head to toe.
Deliford: My muscles ache... Ouch, ouch!
Lyria: Are you okay, Deliford? You're pale, and you're sweating all over...
Deliford: Ack... Ah. Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry to make you worry, Lyria.
Vyrn: What's your plan here, gramps? It's time to head out on our mission.
Deliford: Hmm. Is that so... Well then, I guess I'll just have to get up and—Ow!
Rackam: Oy, Deliford! Don't strain yourself.
Deliford: But I could never forgive myself if you had to turn down that mission because of me...
Rackam: Well, I did hear about this electrotherapy that's supposed to relieve muscle pain.
Vyrn: Huh. How 'bout that. I'll bet we could try that out right now!
Albert: Hmm? What's going on here, (Captain)? It's just about time to go, isn't it?
Rackam: Hey, nice timing, Albert! Help us out here, would ya?
Albert: Ugh... What is it this time? You better tell me what's goin' on!
Rackam explains the situation with Deliford and how electrotherapy might be able to help.
Albert: Gimme a break. How did he strain himself that bad? Unbelievable...
Rackam: Come on, don't talk like that! All we can do now is help him!
Albert: Jeez. And what do you want me to do, exactly?
Rackam: Well, from what I've heard, you should be able to stimulate his muscles by sending a small current through his body.
Albert: Humph. Fine.
Deliford: Hey, wait a second! You can't just make this up as you go along! We'd better look into it more first.
Rackam: Oy, quit your blabberin'. I thought you were sore.
Deliford: Well, I am, but...
Albert: Don't worry. It won't hurt a bit. Just relax.
Deliford: ...!
Aaah! The juice is loosening my muscles!
Deliford: Ah, ack! It does... feel like... it's working!
Deliford: Ack! Hey, Albert. Could you maybe turn it up a little?
Albert: Humph. Just tell me if it hurts.
Deliford: Ah! Ah, ack! That's... That's...
Albert: Humph. Too much for ya?
Deliford: No, that's just right. Ack! Oh...
Vyrn: Wow! It looks like it's really working! Hard to believe Albert's fixing up that geezer with electricity...
Vyrn: Haha! You'd never have imagined you'd grow up to be Old Man Sparks!
Albert: Don't call me an old man!
Deliford: ...?
Rackam: Albert! What are you doin'!
Albert: Huh? Oh, sorry. I guess when I got mad I increased the power... Are you all right, Deliford?
Deliford: ...
Rackam: Hey, he's not dead, is he?
Albert: The voltage wasn't that high... At least I think not.
Rackam: Oy, oy, are you okay?
Albert: Ugh. You know, Vyrn is as much to blame as I am!
Vyrn: What! I didn't even do anything!
Albert: Yeah, right! If you wouldn't have called me an old man, then this never would have happened!
Deliford: ...!
I... I feel...
Rackam: Hey, Deliford, are you feelin' all right?
Deliford: Hmm. I feel kinda numb, but other than that I'm fine.
Albert: I'm really sorry, Deliford.
Deliford: It's fine, Albert. It was just because of what Vyrn said.
Deliford: I don't blame you.
Albert: I appreciate that, Deliford...
Lyria: Umm, well, I guess everything's okay now.
Rackam: Ah... Yeah, I guess so.
Deliford: About that... Why do people call you an old man?
Deliford: What could be the reason? You don't look the part...
Albert: Hmm. You don't think so either huh. To be honest I'm not sure why anyone does!
Vyrn: Your conversations are always too serious! That's why they call you an old man!
Albert: Hey! I said cut it out!
Deliford: Aaah!
Albert: Ah! Sorry. Looks like I did it again...
Deliford: Ack. That lightning worked like a charm, Albert.
Albert: But, Deliford, I...
Deliford: ...
Albert: Hey! Wake up, Deliford!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to help him!
Rackam: Crud... Deliford's completely fried now.
Vyrn: Oops... My bad, gramps.
Rackam: Great... Looks like we're gonna have to turn down that mission.
The next day Deliford wakes up and his soreness has completely gone away. He now feels better than ever.
Albert's electrotherapy becomes popular among the crew. They all start to think maybe they'd like to give it a try someday.

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage Of Bahamut[edit]


  • Appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Swordcraft class.
SV Albert, Levin Saber.png SV Albert, Levin Saber E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (9) - Can attack 2 times per turn. Reduce damage received to 0 this turn.

From this day forth, our order will be known as the Sky Knights! May justice and honor forever be our comrades in arms!


We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Albert, Levin Saber
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Albert, Levin Saber 2.png SV Albert, Levin Saber 2 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (9) - Can attack 2 times per turn. Reduce damage to 0 until the end of the turn.

From this day forth, our order will be known as the Sky Knights! May justice and honor forever be our comrades in arms!


We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Prebuild Decks Set 2
SV Portal Albert, Levin Saber
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Albert, Levin Saber 3.png SV Albert, Levin Saber 3 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (9) - Can attack 2 times per turn. Reduce damage to 0 until the end of the turn.

From this day forth, our order will be known as the Sky Knights! May justice and honor forever be our comrades in arms!


We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Albert, Levin Saber
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dragalia Lost[edit]


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