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Class Data
Class line Class 200201 kn icon.pngAlchemistClass 200301 kn icon.pngDoctor
Description Distill alchemical potions and rejuvenate allies.
Style Label Type Heal.png Specialty Label Weapon Dagger.png Label Weapon Gun.png
Prerequisites 500 CP, Mage Creed square.jpg Mage Creed x1
Trophy: Unmasking the Mystery - host and clear the coop quest Claw-Carved Path.
Claw-carved path.jpg
Level BonusesLevel bonuses are earned with levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20. HP +20, Healing +2%; total HP +100, Healing +10%
Master Bonuses Healing +5%
Release date ? Other sites
Support Skills
Alchemical Expertise Boost to green and blue potion effects.
Inspired Knowledge Boost to A Little Pick-Me-Up.
Base Multiattack Rates
Base DA RateIncluding Support Skills/Level Bonuses Base TA RateIncluding Support Skills/Level Bonuses
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Recommended Subskills


Icon Skill Name Effect C/DCooldown in Turns DurDuration in Turns or Seconds SubSubskill usable on other classes LVLClass level required Notes
Ability Potion.png Alchemize Green Potion Create a cure potion. 7T - No 1
Ability HealAll.png Just the Cure Heal all allies. 7T - Yes 5 ~25% heal, up to 1500 HP.
Ability Morale.png A Little Pick-Me-Up Increase all parties' charge bars. 10T - Yes 15 Affects all players in a raid.

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/DCooldown DurDuration EMPCost in EMP Notes
Ability Steroid.png Fury Capsule Big boost to all allies' ATK after 3 turns 6T 3T 10