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Official Profile[edit]

Age 11 years
Height 154cm
Race Human
Hobbies Bird-watching
Likes Running
Dislikes Having to keep things tidy
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! It's your birthday today, right? I had no idea until someone told me just now.
What? You want to know why I have this present for you if I didn't know?
I-I was... just gonna give it to you for being you. Honest!


Come on, let's do it already!
What? Don't ask me what! We're having a party, aren't we?
With a giant cake, and juice, and a big feast! All the decorations are up already!
I wanna get to the celebrating! Also I'm still kinda tired from yesterday.
Heh heh heh... I guess I must sound pretty impatient, huh?


Hey, (Captain), you know what day it is, right?
No need to play dumb! It's obvious that it's your birthday!
And well... I've got a present for you.
And mine is something real special.
I practiced long and hard to give you a special performance of wind and thunder!
Ready or not, here I go!
Woo-hoo-hoo! You see all those pretty sparks, (Captain)?
Huff, huff, huff, how about it now? Was that awesome, or was it awesome?
Hehe, glad you agree.
I always hated this power of mine, but I've gotta admit the benefits of being able to pull neat stunts like this.
I wanted you to really enjoy yourself today, so I hope you liked it.
Hehe... Here's to a lot more fun and games together, (Captain)!


Happy birthday! Congratulations, (Captain)!
Do you remember that thing from last year?
You know! The performance I did! With fire and thunder!
When I did that I thought to myself, "it really is nice having someone who wants to see me in action."
I'm glad I'm a part of this crew!
Haha... Saying that to you is kinda embarrassing...
I can't wait to celebrate my birthday! We'll have fun, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You know, a year passes by so fast. I bet I'll be all grown-up before I know it.
The thought alone kind of scares me.
When I become a grown man, my powers will probably get a boost too. I wonder what'll happen to me then?
I guess there's no point worrying about it right now.
But there is something I've made up my mind about ever since meeting you, (Captain).
That I'm going to use my powers to help people!
I know how it is to feel like you're all alone in the world... So if I come across anyone like that, I'm gonna be their friend!
Just like you were for me when I needed it most!
Heheh, I hope you'll continue to watch over me, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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New Year's sure is great! Doesn't it get you excited?
It feels like no matter how bad anything was before, something great is definitely coming!
That's why I like it so much. So let's get crazy! Happy New Year!


Heya, (Captain)! I just can't wait to eat!
Eat what? That! That thing! That snack that's white and... squishy.
You know, the one everyone was eating last year!
Rice... Uh... Rice cakes! Yeah! Those were so good. And they were fun to make together.
Well, what are we waiting for? I'll go get everyone in here.
You prep the cooking stuff!


(Captain), play with me!
We're gonna use rackets to swing this feathered ball.
I saw everyone else doin' it—figured I'd give it a shot too! I've got everything ready right here. C'mon, it'll be fun, (Captain)!
Hm? What am I doing wrong? Everyone else made it seem so easy...
Aw crud, you got me good! This is harder than it looks!
Sure was fun though, right? Hey, what's with that smirk, (Captain)?
Loser gets crayons all over their face? Hey, you're supposed to say that beforehand!
Ack, stop it! It tickles...
Humph, I bet you're doodling weird stuff all over my face!


(Captain)! Play with me again! Like last year!
But this time, nothing weird happens to the loser! Got it?
This year we battle with spinning tops! Here we go!
Gotcha! I win this one!
Haha! I win again!
Dang... There shoulda been a penalty for losing...


Whew, worked up a good sweat.
Ah, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Heheh, I just finished up here. Nothing like a morning jog to get you going.
Especially on a New Year's morning. I'm always out of breath after a jog, but it feels so much better afterwards.
Wanna run with me, (Captain)? Then you'll know exactly what I mean!
But just going through the paces can get dull. What say we make it a race?
I'll show you that I can come out on top even in a race!
Okay then... Ready... Go!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What? Those are for me? Are ya sure?
No one's ever given me something like this before. I don't even know what to do now...
Don't be a dummy! I can't just up and eat them like that! But I'll take 'em anyway!


Come on, (Captain). Give me some chocolate already!
Huh? Don't all the good kids get chocolate today?
But everyone's been tellin' me that and givin' me chocolate!
Wait, what? That's not what's going on?
Whaaat? Girls? Giving chocolate to boys? Boys they like? Nooo!
Stop right there! I-I don't...
I don't want chocolate from you anymore!


Phew, check out all this chocolate I got!
Hey, (Captain), you mentioned that chocolates are something you give to someone you like, right?
So does that mean... everyone likes me?
No? So giving 'em to friends is a common thing nowadays, huh...
You call it buddy chocolate? Well, you learn something new every day...
But if I got chocolates, I could also be that person's special someone?
Pfft. How do I even find that out?
Huh? I'd have to ask the person directly?
As if I'd ever do that! Stop teasing me, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain)... Lend me an ear...
In some of the chocolate I got... was a heart-shaped one!
L-look! Remember I asked you how to tell if someone likes you!
I dunno who gave this to me, but I can't stop thinking about it...
Why are you grinning like that! Do you know who sent this to me? Hey!
Gasp! It was you! You just wanted to see how I would react!
Grr... Say something! Don't just stand there grinning!

White Day Cutscenes
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This is thanks for last time. I picked out some chocolates I've been dyin' to try.
But I don't mean it like that!
You're crazy. Anyway, here ya go. Eat the whole thing. Happy White Day.


(Captain), here.
I gave you some last year. So I figured I better do it again.
And that's the only reason! Don't try and make something out of it! It's hard enough to give you this already!
You made me realize something strange during Valentine's, so...
Huh? I'm not being shy! Quit teasin' me, you big dummy!


(Captain), gimme some advice on what to give back for White Day.
I'm new to this sorta thing, so I could use a few pointers.
Of course I worry about this stuff! I want them to be happy with whatever I give 'em!
That's what counts? What do you mean?
You're saying my thoughtfulness is the real present and any ol' chocolate'll do?
So that's how it is, huh? The heart is where it counts, you say... Meh, it's all lost to me.
I've heard enough. Give it to me straight, (Captain)—what do you want?
Huh? You don't need anything? But why?
Me being your friend is enough? You're not making any sense! That's not what I'm askin!
Gah, look what you've done! Now I'm even more confused! You blockhead of a captain!


Here! Take these cookies, (Captain)! For what you gave me on Valentine's Day!
Haha. Cute, right? They're heart-shaped! I made 'em myself!
I asked you last year what you wanted. remember?
And then I thought... what's important is not the thing but the thought.
These might not be as good as something you could get in the store, but...
If they taste okay, let me know, would ya? I'll make 'em next year too!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Give me treats or you're getting a trick!
What! You mean you want me to play a prank on you? Come on, just give me the candy!


You're wide open, (Captain)!
Trick or treat. Don't you cheat!
Ahaha! Gimme your candy or get ready for a reckoning!
Whoa, (Captain). Hold it! Stop!
Hahahaha, that tickles!
Hey, I'm the one playing tricks here, not you!


Trick or treat!
Heheh! Surprised you, huh?
Good, I got you back for last year!
Oh shoot, I've gone and done it! Fact that I went with the trick means I won't be getting a treat...
Huh? You'll still give me one? You sure about that, (Captain)?
All right! No holding back then...
Give it here! Mm, chomp, chomp...
Cough, cough... Wh-what the? It burst into a puddle!
No fair, (Captain)! What kind of a trick is this?


Happy Halloween! Boo!
Haha! How you like dem apples? Scared ya, didn't I?
Huh... You're gonna give me candy? Even though I just played a trick on you?
I-I... I don't want it!
I know you're up to something! You won't get me this time!

To prove that the candy is okay, (Captain) takes a bite of one.

Really? This time the candy is safe to eat?
Huh? Wait... Is this another trap?
Rrg... Now it feels like it's missing something!


Whoo! Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Heheh, you see all those jack-o'-lanterns hanging?
I made them with everyone in the crew. Pretty neat, don't you think?
I was so excited when it came to lighting the candles in them that I set a few on fire...
But hey, something good did come out of it.
I gathered the edible parts and made candy out of them! And they turned out really good!
You ought to try some of it, (Captain)! Come on, follow me!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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To be honest, all of my memories of this season involve being cold and lonely.
I don't know how to handle being so warm and welcome like this.
Thank you, (Captain). Happy holidays.


You've got presents for me, don't ya? Hand 'em over!
What do I want?
Huh? Hmm... Now that you mention it, what do I want?
Ah, well...
I guess I already have everything I want.
Heh heh heh... If I bug you about it any more, you might hit me on the head or something.
But that's not fair! You're supposed to give me a present today!
If you got mad at me for askin', then I'd... I'd... Shut up! I'm not gonna cry!


(Captain), you'd better have a present for me this year too!
Just kidding! I've pretty much outgrown presents!
I'm not a kid anymore, you know?
I'd be the laughing stock of the crew if I didn't stop pestering you for presents.
Hm? You thought the same? Hey, what's that supposed to mean?
What! You didn't prepare anything for today?
Aw, c'mon now... I mean, it's not like I was expecting anything, but would it have hurt to have something on hand?
Aha, you do have a present! Grr, sure had me fooled, (Captain)!
Rgh... I guess the joke's on me this year too!


Yay! Happy holidays!
Hey, hey, (Captain)! Gimme presents!
Huh? You're just giving them to me this time? No strings?
Haha! Whad'ya get me! What will this year bring...
What the! Something came flying out!
Why'd you scare me! It ain't Halloween you know!
Sigh... What kinda crap is this... I shouldn't have got my hopes up...
Huh? There's something else in the box?
Oh! This is the real present!
Dang it! You always get me real good!


Heheh! Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Everyone was calling me over to warm them up with a fireball or two. It wasn't easy getting to them all.
But I guess it wasn't too bad.
Though I wonder if they asked me specifically because they know what I can do. Can't say for sure, but it's nice to be needed.
Aw, this is so embarrassing. My body's getting all hot...
Hey, keep this a secret from everyone, 'kay?
This is between you and me only! Promise me, won't ya?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Fated Child[edit]

They flew down the alley to find a boy, his hands wreathed in crimson flame and crackling with lightning of the deepest blue.Alec was sick and tired of being used by adults.(Captain) and company’s warm welcome helped to bring him into the fold.

On a mid-journey sojourn to a certain town. As our heroes passed by a back alley, a scream pierced the air.
Ruffian 1: Gaaah!
Ruffian 2: Urk?!
Ruffian: Wah! He’s a m-m-monster! Run for it!
Katalina: What? Is it monsters?!
Vyrn: Say what?! I've got a bad feeling...let’s go, (Captain)!
???: Hah...hah...
Katalina: Are you ok-whoa! You... you’re...
Vyrn: Geez!

What’s up with you, kid?

Your hands...they’re on fire and...uh...lightning?
Strange Boy: Damnit...still more, huh?! C’mon! Keep on trying to ice skate uphill!
Strange Boy: I’m tired of following your stupid orders! Eat this!
Katalina: Wait! Wait! Calm down! We’re here to help!
Strange Boy: Shutup! How stupid do you think I am?! I...I?owch!
Katalina: Hrm? Now look at what you done. Quit being silly and come here.
Strange Boy: What?!’re not scared of me?
Katalina: Hehe...maybe a little surprised. But there’s nothing to be scared of.
Strange Boy: Sorry about that. I shouldn’t have tried to attack you.
Vyrn: So, uh...what’s the deal with the power? If you wanna talk, we’ll listen.
Alec: I’m Alec. The power...I dunno. I’ve had it ever since I was a baby...
The power Alec possessed was supremely powerful and all his own. He had no need for spells and incantations.
Despite their fear, the adults in Alec’s life had tried to turn him towards their own purposes. They clashed, and he chose a life of solitude instead.
Alec’s power was no small burden. But in it, he said, he’d found a reason to live.
Alec: This is why I live. No grownup’s ever gonna tell me what to do.
Alec: It’s my way or the highway. And if I do down, I’m gonna go down fighting!
Lyria: Wait! Wait just a minute! Are you really okay with that?
Alec: What did you say?!
Alec: Wait. Where did you come from?
Lyria: Wha? Where... from (Captain), of course?
Alec: ...?! Wha...what is going on?!
Vyrn: Haha! You let a thing like that scare you? You got a way to go, kid.
Alec: What was that?!
Lyria: Vyrn’s’s a big world. There’s probably a lot of stuff out there you have no idea about.
Lyria: So...why would you want to end it here when there’s so much left to see?
Alec: ...! I...I...
  1. It’s a big world. Wanna see it?
  2. We could use that fire

Choose: It’s a big world. Wanna see it?
Alec: The world, eh...
Alec: Heh. This town’s too small to hold me, anyway.

Choose: We could use that fire
Alec: You mean my power? You think it’ll be useful?
Katalina: Why wouldn’t it? You’ll probably stop hurting yourself once you learn how to control it better.
Alec: Heh... There’s no one left for me here, anyway.
Continue 1
Alec: All right. I’m with you guys.
Lyria: That’s great! That power of yours sure is strong. But it’s honest...and warm.
Lyria: Hehe...I’m so happy you’re coming with us!
Alec: Hm?
Katalina: It is great isn’t it, Lyria?

And Alec?

You promise you’ll be more careful?
Alec: ...
Vyrn: What’s with you? You’re all red...are you blush?
Alec: Gah! Shutup!

I’m not blushing, damnit!

Stop staring at me! Geez!
Katalina: H-Hey! You’re going the wrong way!
And so Alec, a boy of fire and lightning, joined (Captain) and company.
Nothing melts loneliness better than a power strong, honest, and warm, and now it would have a purpose in the service of friends.

Flames of Friendship[edit]

As (Captain) and party head back to the airship, they notice a man following them. They confront the man, but suddenly monsters interfere.

In the quiet corner of the town, the party finishes resting and heads back to the airship. However, they sense an ominous presence.
Alec: Hey, (Captain). Did you notice? There’s someone following us.
Alec: My mana is tingling... I don’t like this feeling.
Rackam: Yeah, I don’t like people snooping around, either. Let’s ask this guy what he's up to.
Rackam: Hey! What do you want? What are you snooping around for...?
Suspicious Man: Eek!
Rackam: Wait! Get back here!
Alec: ...! He’s...
Rackam: Whoa!
Rackam: Hey... Why are there monsters here?! How can they be here?!
Katalina: Let’s go! We’ll think about this later! We need to deal with this first!

Flames of Friendship: Scene 2[edit]

The suspicious man is a researcher of magic who used to tag behind Alec, wanting to research his mana. Learning how to manipulate monsters, the man sends monsters at (Captain) and company.

Rackam: Hm... Assuming that man did release the monsters... He didn’t seem all that strong.
Alec: He’s... a researcher of magic.
Katalina: You know him, Alec?
Alec: Yes. In the past, he came to me wanting to research my powers.
Alec: I've chased him away multiple times, but he keeps coming back...
Katalina: Hmph... Monsters being controlled by magic... This is bad... We should leave this place...
Suspicious Man: Heh heh heh... I’m not going to let my test subject escape that easily!
Suspicious Man: And I’ve succeeded in controlling the monsters! All to obtain your powers!
Vyrn: Wow... He’s a persistent one...
Alec: It’s the same no matter how many times you chase after me! I will never do as you say!

Flames of Friendship: Scene 3[edit]

The man taunts Alec to make him release his mana. Taking advantage of Alec’s opening, the man takes Lyria and (Captain) hostage. However, this only angers Alec more. The man receives a painful punishment from (Captain) and party.

Alec: Hmph... You got that? Just give it up!
Suspicious Man: Geez... What happened...? When did you start fighting like that?
Alec: What?!
Suspicious Man: Back then, you emitted so much mana, but now it's obvious how much weaker you have become... You are like a shadow...
Suspicious Man: It seems that you playing around with your little friends have made your weaker. How pitiful...
Alec: What did you say...?!
Katalina: Alec, don’t! Don’t let him taunt you!
Suspicious Man: Oh, this is so unfortunate... Just kidding!
Lyria: Ahh!
Vyrn: Lyria! (Captain)!
Suspicious Man: Heh heh heh... Come any closer and these two will be attacked by the monsters.
Suspicious Man: Hm. You are very interesting, but these two are also...
Alec: Why, you...! Take your dirty hands off of Lyria and (Captain)! Or else...!
Katalina: Stop it, Alec! Calm down!
Suspicious Man: Hahaha! That’s the spirit! More anger! Show me your mana...! The power that shortens your life...!
  1. Snap out of it, Alec!
  2. Don’t worry!

Choose: Snap out of it, Alec!
Choose: Don’t worry!
Alec: ...!
Katalina: That’s right. It’s just as (Captain) said.
Rackam: Geez. Don’t overdo it. You’re not the only one mad at having your friends made fun of!
Suspicious Man: Wha...?! W-Wait! I have hostages!
Suspicious Man: Damnit... Even hurting the girl won’t... Huh? Where’s the girl?
Lyria: (Haha... Right in front of you. )
Suspicious Man: Whoa! W-What’s going on?!
Katalina: Hmph... Of all people, you took those two as hostages? You have such bad luck...
Rackam: Come on, Alec! You don’t need to shorten your life for this idiot!
Alec: Hmph! I’ll go easy on you and make sure you’re only half dead!
Suspicious Man: Eek! W-Wait... No...
Alec: Shut up! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Flames of Friendship: Scene 4[edit]

Alec forces the man to promise to never come close to his friends ever again. The kind boy releases his mana at the risk of his life not for himself, but for his friends. The airship with Alec flies to the skies and to new adventures.

Suspicious Man: Eek! I-I’m sorry! S-Spare me!
Alec: Don’t you ever follow us again! You got that?!
Suspicious Man: Eek! I-I’ll never come near you again!
Lyria: Thank you! Alec!
Alec: Huh?
Lyria: Haha. You got so mad when me and (Captain) were caught. I knew you were really kind.
Alec: I-I only did what was right...
  1. You saved us. Thank you.
  2. You looked really cool back there.

Choose: You saved us. Thank you.
Choose: You looked really cool back there.
Alec: ...!
Vyrn: Haha! Hey, bro! Your face is still red...
Alec: S-Shut up! You stupid lizard! Stop looking at me!
Vyrn: What did you say?! I'm not a damn lizard!
Katalina: W-Wait, you two! The airship is this way!
The kindhearted boy with a special power, Alec, unleashes his power to protect his friends.
He heads off to a new adventure in this vast world. The party heads out to the sky once more...

A Child's Determination[edit]

The clashing of blades rings out on the deck of the Grandcypher. Alec is taking on Katalina with a sword, a weapon he is unaccustomed to using, in order to learn the art from her. She scolds him, sensing the fear in his strokes. However Alec believes he has good reason for hesitation due to the nature of his usual fighting abilities, which shorten his own lifespan every time they are used. Angry at Katalina's rebuke, Alec leaves the ship and runs off. Soon after, he happens to hear the scream of a girl being attacked by monsters in a nearby forest.

The Grandcypher was docked at an island. On the deck, the sound of swords clashing was accompanied by cries of rebuke.
Wielding a sword, a weapon he was unfamiliar with, Alec charged at Katalina.
Katalina: What's wrong, Alec? Is this all you have?
Katalina: Poor! Your approach lacks conviction. Come at me again!
Alec: Yaaaahhhh!
Alec: Ugh!
Katalina: All right, that'll do for today.
Sprawled on the deck in defeat, Alec stared bitterly up at the sword tip pointed at his throat, muttering to himself.
Alec: …Why is it? Why can't I land even one blow on her?
Katalina: Well… That would be because there's something you're lacking….
Alec: Something I lack?
Katalina: Yes. Courage.
Alec: That's impossible. Are you calling me a coward?
Katalina: It's not that. Rather, I can sense a fear of death in the motions of your blade. And a timid blade will never reach the opponent.
Katalina: Well? Have you grasped my meaning?
At Katalina's words, Alec sunk into a haughty demeanor.
Alec: Hah! Of course you would understand… Nothing less to be expected of Katalina.
Alec: You're right, of course. It's all thanks to this power I'm cursed with.
Alec: Every time I take down an enemy, it eats away at my very life force…
Alec: Recently, I've become afraid of using my power, so… so… I…
Katalina: I see. So that's why you've taken up training with the sword.
Alec: …………
Alec said nothing, but stood silently and raised his weapon.
Katalina: What is it? I believe I said training was over for today?
Alec: I don't have the time to wait… Not while this is suckin' away at my life every single day. I need to learn the sword now!
Katalina: No. If you overexert yourself, you'll only sustain pointless injury.
Alec: What's a few scratches when my own life is being drained away?
Katalina: Oh dear… That's precisely your problem, Alec.
Katalina: You yourself are not cowardly. You're exactly the opposite, in fact. You have too many reckless qualities.
Katalina: But until you realize for yourself, there's no point in my teaching you the sword any further.
Alec: What's wrong? Why don't you get it?
Alec: All I want is to become strong so I can protect everyone…
Katalina: It's you who needs to understand. How can you possibly protect the lives of others, if you treat your own so wantonly?
Alec: Enough already. I can't rely on you. I'll grow stronger by myself!
Alec: What's Katalina's problem? She doesn't understand me at all…
Alec: I told her I just want to get stronger…
Alec: Get stronger, and then continue on the journey with everyone…
Alec: Why doesn't she get it?
It was at that moment that a scream from inside the forest pierced the air.
???: Eek! Someone, help me!
Alec: What? Why is there a person all the way out here?
Katalina: Huff… Pant… Wait up, Alec!
Alec: …Katalina.
Katalina: I'm sorry. I fear I overstepped the mark when I scolded you. Let's return to the ship. This area is rife with monsters.
Alec: Watch me now, Katalina. I'll prove to you I'm not a coward!
Katalina: Wait, Alec! Where are you going?

A Child's Determination: Scene 2[edit]

Alec saves the girl from the monsters, but when she subsequently asks him to show her his powers one more time, his expression darkens, and he vanishes into the forest. Eugen explains the nature of Alec's power to the girl, who is understandably confused. After realizing that Alec's ability to manifest fire and thunder affects his lifespan, the girl becomes upset by her actions. As she worries about him, the sound of Alec's fire and thunder becomes audible deep in the forest.

Girl: Oh! Thank you so much for saving me!
Girl: Hey! You were really amazing! What was that, magic? It was so pretty!
Alec: Errm… Well, kind of…
Girl: Wow! Real magic! That's incredible, um… er…
Alec: Alec.
Girl: Hee hee, Alec!
Girl: Hey, could you show me that magic just one more time?
In contrast to the girl, whose face is beaming like the sun, Alec's expression rapidly clouds over.
Alec: …Sorry, I'm really tired. Maybe another time.
Girl: Oh, Alec! Please wait!
Girl: Sigh… He left…
Girl: Hmm, I wonder if I said something wrong…
Eugen: Sorry 'bout that, Miss. I wonder if ye couldn’t let him be?
Girl: Eh, why's that?
Eugen: Well… That power ye were just talkin' about… It's not somethin' he chose himself.
Girl: Huh? Not something he chose himself? What do you mean by that?
Eugen: How t'say it… He has possessed it since birth, y'see.
Eugen: It's an excessively great power, but he can't keep it'n check with that small body of his.
Eugen: So y'see… well, that little guy has it pretty rough… Even his own lifespan's influenced by his power…
Girl: What? His lifespan is?
Eugen: Uh oh… Think that was a word too far.
Girl: Listen! You have to tell me, please!
Eugen: I'll right, I'll spill the beans, jus' calm down a little.
Eugen: Thing about Alec's power is… The more he uses it, the shorter his life becomes. Guess ye could call it a cursed power.
Girl: Huh? A cursed power?
Girl: How… how awful… And I had no idea…
Girl: Sigh… I asked him to show me it without a second thought… I've been so inconsiderate…
Girl: I'm so sorry… Sniff… What shall I do?
Eugen: Don't worry yerself. Alec knows ye didn't mean him any harm, at least.
Girl: But, but still, I?
Katalina: Hm? That sound… Could it be the sound of Alec's…
Eugen: Let's go, Katalina!

A Child's Determination: Scene 3[edit]

Following a fight with monsters, Alec overuses his power and loses consciousness. Carried to a bed in the nearby village and made to listen some truths, he regrets being a burden to everyone. At that moment, a flustered villager enters. It transpires the girl they encountered in the forest, who is his daughter, has gone to pick medicinal herbs for the exhausted Alec, disappearing into the forest. When Alec rushes off to save her, the party attempt to stop him. However, they come to realize it is not out of recklessness, but out of concern for the girl he has met, that he is risking his life.

As Alec came to, he became aware of (Captain) and the others, watching over him.
Alec: …Why… why am I in a… bed?
Eugen: Well, about that… Y'kind of… Used yer powers too much n' collapsed, see.
Katalina: Yes. It's unfortunate, but it would be best not to exercise your power for the time being.
Alec: …No way. Have I gone and caused trouble for everyone again?
Eugen: Can't be helped. No need t' get so gloomy about it. A little rest, and you'll be able to use them again, right?
Eugen: Hey now, say somethin', why don't ya?
Villager: Skyfarers! I live in a village around here. I have something to ask of you!
Katalina: What's wrong? You're pale as a ghost.
Villager: Yes. It's about my daughter… Have any of you seen her? It's dark, and she hasn't come back yet!
Eugen: Well, that sure came out o' the blue. Afraid that's not much t' go on, how do we know who she is?
Villager: Ohhh! My humble apologies!
Villager: The thing is, she told me she had made the acquaintance of some skyfarers at lunch, so I assumed it was…
Katalina: Lunchtime, you say? Then, the girl who was with Alec must be…
Villager: Yes, that's her. That's definitely my daughter! Do you know where she went?
Katalina: Hmmm… I'm sorry, but I haven't any idea where she might have gone…
Eugen: Let's see… Can I ask you one thing?
Villager: Yes, what is it?
Eugen: Well… Is there any place around here that ye might find medicinal herbs or the like?
Villager: Yes, that would be in the center of the forest. They're effective on wounds and can heal all kinds of sickness.
Villager: In fact, they're so potent that people once believed that they could even extend one's life.
Eugen: This ain't good… I should never have told 'er what I did…
Villager: But, well, that area is full of monsters, so no one from the village goes near.
Villager: Wait! Are you telling me… my daughter has…
Everyone started at a sudden sound behind them, and turned quickly to look.
But the bed was empty.
Katalina: Alec! Wait!
Monster: Graggghhh!
Girl: Ahhhh!
Alec: Darn it! That obstinate girl… Hold on! I'm coming!
Katalina: Wait, Alec! Where do you think you're going?
Alec: Let me go, Katalina!
Katalina: I think not. Do you have any idea what you're about to do?
Katalina: Exactly. Leave this to us. Or you really will die this time.
Alec: What of it?
Katalina: You're still saying things like that? Have you realized nothing from what I?
Alec: That's not it, Katalina.
Katalina: Huh?
Alec: If I'm too afraid of dying to protect anyone, then what's the point of living?
Katalina: You mean…
Alec: You said it yourself. That I should have courage.
Alec: Take another look. Is my sword still afraid?
Katalina stared fixedly at Alec's eyes, searching for that glittering light within…
Katalina: Heheh…
Katalina: Indeed, I can see it. That fine courageous blade, deep within your heart.
Katalina: Impressive, Alec! All right, you have my back!
Alec: Heh! Leave it to me!

A Child's Determination: Scene 4[edit]

The party saves the girl in the nick of time. Alec chides her for putting herself in danger, but quickly goes red when she proffers the medicinal herbs she has collected for his sake. Watching the pair, the crew suddenly realize Alec has remained composed after using his abilities. It seems that his association with the girl has matured Alec, as well as his capacity to use his powers. With the fear of death no longer upon him, the overjoyous Alec runs wild, nearly destroying the house… much to Eugen's dismay.

(Captain)'s crew were able to locate the girl and rescue her from the monsters…
The party breathes a sigh of relief, but only Alec seems angry.
Alec: How could you do something so rash! Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?
Girl: I'm sorry…
Eugen: Hey, you're not one t'be preaching about rashness, now, are ye?
Katalina: Exactly. You're as headstrong as she is, Alec.
Alec: Th-that's beside the point right now!
Girl: Hee hee…
Alec: But make sure you never do something like that again.
Girl: Yeah. Sorry…
Girl: But, you should too.
Alec: Should what?
Girl: Well… I want you to promise too.
Girl: That you'll stop hating yourself.
Girl: Sorry, but I heard everything from Eugen. He said your power causes you pain.
Girl: But, it's thanks to that power that you can help people.
Girl: I, and everyone from the Grandcypher… We've all been helped by you, Alec.
Alec: …all right. I got it, I'll promise. I won't call it a cursed power or anything anymore.
Alec: Guys, I'm sorry…
Katalina: Hehe… As long as you understand, it's fine.
Eugen: Yeah.
Girl: Um… Also, this… Sorry…
Saying this, the girl holds out her open palm, on which sits the bunch of green leaves she had been holding, glittering with dew.
Alec: What are these?
Girl: Well, these are the medicinal herbs.
Girl: It's my fault your lifespan was shortened, Alec. So, I thought that this was the least I could do…
Alec: …oh. Thanks. I… I guess I might as well hold on to them, then…
Eugen: Hey hey, whatcha goin' all red for, now?
Alec: Sh-shut up! It's your imagination.
With a flustered look, Alec gives Eugen a hard jab.
Eugen: Give it a rest! Ye can't hide yer embarassment from this wily old timer.
Alec: I-I'm not hiding anything!
Katalina: Hold on a minute, Alec. How come you're moving so sprightly all of sudden?
Alec: Eh? Huh… It's true! My body doesn't hurt at all right now…
Alec: The pain that's always there is gone… And I don't feel like my lifespan's been affected either.
Eugen: Ho ho… Looks like you're becomin' an adult!
Alec: Huh? An adult? I don't really feel that way, but…
Eugen: Haven't ye heard? Leave a boy fer three days, 'n he'll come back a grown-up… That's what they say, anyway.
Eugen: It means, well, that yer natural capacity's increasin' as ye grow and all. That's why ye've come to control yer overfowin' power.
Katalina: How does that follow? Eugen, don't go filling his head with unsubstantiated things like that, or who knows what he'll?
Alec: You mean… I can use my powers all I want, and my life won't be shortened any more?
Eugen: Yep, no worries, lad. O'course, it's best not t'get carried away at first. Let's see how it goes, and then?
Alec: Yahoo! Freedom!
Eugen: Hey, watch it now, Alec! Hold on, ye wanna destroy this house or somethin'?
Alec: Ahahahaha!
Katalina: Sigh… That's why I tried to warn you…
Sounds of merriment are not uncommon in the village, but the peals of laughter ringing out this day are more joyous than most.

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed[edit]

Katalina arranges for Alec to attend a school, where most of his classmates are full of admiration for the "skyfarer" transfer student. One of the other students, however, takes a disliking to him, mocking him for his poor grades. Sulking, Alec runs out of school. Soon after he returns to the ship, a child's scream rings out from below. One of Alec's friends, who has come to return something to him, is being attacked by monsters.

Due to an unexpected fault with the Grandcypher, (Captain)'s crew have anchored at a nearby island…
Rackam: Sorry 'bout this, everyone. Looks like it's gonna take some time to fix.
Katalina: Don't worry, Rackam. It can't be helped.
Katalina: Well then, while Rackam is working on repairing it, why don't we have Eugen go with (Captain) to gather some supplies?
Eugen: Sure, no problem.
Katalina: And… Let's see… Lyria, Vyrn, and Io… Could you three do some shopping for us?
Io: Roger! Leave it to us.
Katalina: I'll head to town to take care of a few things, then.
Eugen: Hold on, that'd leave Alec by himself. Why don't ya let him join the shoppin' group or somethin'?
Katalina: No, there's no need for that. I've already made preparations.
Eugen: Hm? Preparations? For what?
Katalina: Hehe… For school.
Eugen: Uh? School? Why that again?
Katalina: Well, you see… I saw a poster at the town hall, and had the idea: why don't we enroll him in one? Just for a short term.
Katalina: What do you think? That way, he'll come to understand what it is to work as a team.
Eugen: Haha, good for you, Alec! I did think he was gettin' a touch too mischevous lately. Let's give 'im a taste of discipline, gahahar!
Alec: Th-this isn't funny, you two! There's no way I'm going to school, you hear me? No way!
Teacher: Well, class, I'd like you all to welcome our new member, Alec, who will be joining us for a short time. Get along, now!
Kids: OK!
Alec: Jeez, why do I have to go through with this…
Boy: Hey, Alec, is it true you're really a skyfarer?
Alec: Well, yeah, I am, but…
Girl: Um… Are you maybe one of the people from that ship on the coast… what was it again?
Alec: Yeah, I am. It's called the Grandcypher.
Girl: Wow, cool! Can you show me sometime?
Alec: Huh? Well, I guess I could can ask them to let you on deck, at least.
Boy: Awesome! Really?
Cynical Youth: Hah! Who's he, calling himself a skyfarer? I'll unmask him soon enough…
However, lessons in the town's school have a steep learning curve, and Alec soon falls behind in class.
Cynical Youth: Heh, not so cool now, are you, "Mr. Skyfarer!" Look at him, he can't do anything!
Alec: Shut up! What's your problem?
Cynical Youth: Hey, wimp. All that stuff about being a skyfarer was just a big lie. Admit it!
Cynical Youth: Right? As if a kid who can't even eat his veggies can fight monsters and stuff.
Boy: Huh? Alec, you were making it all up?
Girl: Why'd you lie to us? I'm so disappointed… And I thought you were so cool…
Teacher: Wait! Alec, where are you going? Wait this instant!
Rackam: Oh! Back already, Alec? That was fast.
Rackam: So, how was it? You make lots of friends?
Alec: Forget school. I'm not going there again.
Rackam: Hey. What's wrong, Alec? Did something happen? Tell me.
Monster: Graaaghhh!
Boy: Ahh! Someone… Help!
The scream comes from below the ship: one of the kids, coming to return something Alec had forgotten, is being attacked by monsters.
Alec: Huh? What's he doing here?
Rackam: Hey! What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed: Scene 2[edit]

The next day, Alec is once again the center of attention, and even the youth who had mocked him before seems to have acknowledged him. After school, the youth calls Alec over and beckons him to teach him magic. When Alec explains that his abilities are a double-edged sword that endanger his life, the youth doesn't believe him, and runs away into a cave. To save him from the dangerous situation that develops, Alec, (Captain) and the others chase after him.

The next day, Alec tries going to school again, where the class has been waiting expectantly for him after the hearsay.
Girl: Hey, Alec I heard the story. They said you defeated a monster! How cool is that!
Boy: Yeah, that’s right! He was super cool!
Girl: Wow… I guess you really are a real skyfarer, then!
Alec: I-it wasn't all that impressive…
From a little ways away, someone is watching the attention centered on Alec with a keen gaze.
Approaching discreetly from the side, he whispers something over Alec's shoulder.
Cynical Youth: Hey, Alec. Hang with me on the way back, OK?
The youth leads Alec to a deserted cave on the outskirts of the forest.
Alec, expecting some kind of fight, is caught unprepared at the youth's next words.
Cynical Youth: Well, you see… This place is my secret base. I only tell friends I think are cool about it.
Cynical Youth: OK, I told you about the secret I was hiding. Now you tell me about the seret of your magic.
Alec: Huh? What are you gonna do with that?
Cynical Youth: I wanna get strong, no matter what.
Cynical Youth: Just tell me, too. C'mon, please!
Alec: I can't.
Cynical Youth: Ugh! Why?
Alec: You told me one of your secrets, so I'll tell you one of mine…
Alec: My abilities aren't the amazing things you seem to think they are.
Alec: Thanks to these powers, I've gone through some really hard times.
Alec: If I just use them thoughtlessly, I'll even shorten my lifespan.
Alec: I don't think you want to learn such a dangerous ability.
Cynical Youth: Argh! Don't make fun of me… I'm not scared of your threats.
Alec: It's not a threat, and it's not a lie. It's just the truth.
Cynical Youth: Hey! Just hurry up and teach me! I'm gonna destroy some monsters!
Alec: No, I won't. There's no way I'm teaching you.
Cynical Youth: You… Don't be so full of yourself! You think you're so hot?
Alec: I would never teach these powers to someone who called me a friend!
Cynical Youth: Wha?
Cynical Youth: Unbelievable… Alec, you…
Cynical Youth: Dang it… Whatever. You're just a cheapskate… A traitor!
With these parting words, the youth runs off into the cave…
…at which point, another set of footsteps suddenly draws near, as if having awaited this opportunity…
Katalina: Well, well. I saw you come here with your friend in the middle of my shopping. I was concerned, so I came to check…
Katalina: What's wrong, Alec? Did you quarrel with your friend or something?
Alec: It's nothing… I'm fine…
Katalina: But… Alec?
Monster's voice: Graaaghhh!
Katalina: This presence… It's from inside the cave!
Alec: Oh no… That's where he went!
Katalina: Wait, Alec!

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed: Scene 3[edit]

Alec asks the youth why he wishes to learn magic. The boy replies that a school camp everyone enjoys has been cancelled this year due to some monsters inhabiting the site. Not wanting everyone to miss out, he had determined to take care of the creature himself through learning magic. Listening to the circumstances, Alec sets out to defeat the monster.

The youth is attacked by monsters, but Alec and the crew managed to extricate him just in time.
Witnessing the ferocity of the battle, the youth appears to reconsider his desires.
Cynical Youth: I think I underestimated magic…
Cynical Youth: Um… Alec. Sorry I was so persistent… I won't go thinking about defeating monsters and stuff again.
Alec: Yeah… I think that's a good idea, too.
Cynical Youth: But, wow… you're really something. You didn't even flinch when you took on that dangerous monster.
Alec: That's not true. Even I get scared sometimes…
Alec: I-it's only because my companions from the Grandcypher were here that I had courage.
Cynical Youth: Wow… You skyfarers are amazing. You're strong 'cos you all look out for each other, huh?
Alec: Heh heh, guess you could say that.
Cynical Youth: Hey Alec, I've been thinking, there's this favor I'd like to ask of your skyfarers…
Alec: You… You're not after someone's abilities again? I told you to quit that!
Cynical Youth: Yeah yeah, don't worry, I've given up on that. This is a different request.
Alec: Jeez, you don't have many reservations, do you? Well, spit it out, then.
Cynical Youth: Well… There's some monsters I'd like you guys to take down.
Alec: Huh, monsters?
Cynical Youth: Basically… There's a school camp we go to every year…
Cynical Youth: But because some monsters started showing up in the area, they've decided to cancel it, see.
Cynical Youth: But, everyone's been looking forward to it so much, I just can't stand to see it get scrapped like that…
Alec: Sigh… So that's why you were thinking to learn magic, was it?
Cynical Youth: Hey! What do you mean by that? We've all been waiting so long to enjoy camp!
Alec: I'm saying that if that's the issue, we'd be happy to help you out.
Cynical Youth: Huh? What?
Alec: Well… It's a request from a friend, after all.
Cynical Youth: Alec… you…
Alec: OK, guys. I'm counting on you to help us out, then!
Eugen: Oho… Alec's startin' to sound like the young'un he is, at last.
Eugen: I'm glad… I fell like he's gettin' to express his real self, now.
Eugen: Just a minute… Katalina! Was this… was this your plan from the beginnin'?
Katalina: Yes. It looks like sending him to school was the right choice after all.
Alec: Katalina! Eugen! What're you guys doing? C'mon, we have monsters to defeat!

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed: Scene 4[edit]

It's the day of the camp, and Alec hasn't shown up at school. The youth fears that Alec has up and left without saying goodbye, but when he finally arrives, it turns out that he had been waiting for packed lunch to be prepared. When he hands out one of Katalina's carefully prepared sandwiches as an apology to the youth, he nearly passes out from the flavor, causing Alec to laugh. Spending time and laughing with his mischievous new friend, Alec is able to experience one of the innocent pleasures of childhood he had missed out on.

Teacher: OK, everyone. Lunchtime!
Boy: Sigh… Alec's late today…
Girl: Yeah… What's taking him? Did something happen?
Cynical Youth: (Ugh! Could it be… He's just gonna go off like that without saying goodbye?)
Cynical Youth: (He can't do that… I still haven't said anything to him…)
???: Hey!
Boy: Hm? Did you hear a voice just now?
Girl: Huh? Could it be?
Alec: Hey, you guys!
Kids: Oh! It's Alec!
Everyone runs up to Alec.
However, the fastest is his new friend, the youth.
Pleased to see Alec, he playfully pins his arms behind his back.
Cynical Youth: Took your sweet time, didn't you? What are you doing oversleeping, huh?
Alec: Ouch, cut it out! That hurts! And I didn't oversleep!
Alec: When I said we were going to the camp today, Katalina got set on making sandwiches for everyone, and I couldn't stop her…
Cynical Youth: Sandwiches? I love sandwiches!
Alec: Yeah, sorry. I'll give you one if you let me go.
Cynical Youth: Oh! Well, guess I'll let ya off the hook this time. Jeez.
This youth plucks a sandwich from the basket Alec had been carrying, munching it slowly.
Cynical Youth: Heh heh… Y'know, camp without you would be such a bore, I… I…
Cynical Youth: Ugh? Arrgggghhhh!
Cynical Youth: What? What is this… flavor?
Cynical Youth: Wha? Do you skyfarers seriously eat this stuff every day?
Alec: Huh? That's strange, now… Just who was it that was saying people who don't eat their food are wimps the other day? Hmm?
Cynical Youth: What are you trying to say? O'course I'm gonna eat it all. Heh, just watch!
Cynical Youth: Ugh… I'm no… wimp… Bleh!
Cynical Youth: Why you… Ugh! (Shudder). Raarrgh… (gulp).
Cynical Youth: I ate it! Wahahaha! Check it out. It's gone!
Alec: Hahahahaha…
Kids: Hahahahaha…
Cynical Youth: Heh heh… (cough! cough!)… Ha, hahaha…
Alec is surrounded by happy laughter.
He joins in himself, and can't help but feel as though he was slowly regaining something he had lost a long time ago…

Table Manners[edit]

The party stops in a restaurant to enjoy a nice, hot meal. Alec is none too pleased with being admonished by Jessica for not finishing everything on his plate. He leaves the restaurant in a huff. Though hours have passed, Jessica is nowhere to be seen on the Grandcypher. Alec, with a little encouragement, joins in the search. Not only did Alec find her, he also learned what she had been planning. Jessica wanted to take Alec out of his comfort zone, starting with a nice, home-cooked meal. Blushing furiously, Alec managed to mumble a thank you.

Lyria: Nom nom...
Shopkeep: My apologies for the wait. I believe this is your order. Is everything correct?
Vyrn: Oh? It’s here! It’s finally here! Time to chow down!
Alec: Whoa?! Hold up! That’s mine!
Vyrn: Heheh! First come, first served!
Alec: What did you say?! Whatever! Just hand it over!
Jessica: Hehe... it’s no good to get in a fight when you’re at the table. Right, (Captain)?
In the middle of their journey, (Captain)’s party lands on a certain island.
There’s little more soothing than gathering around a table to enjoy a meal in the company of friends, and it was no different for our heroes.
Lyria: That was good! I could go for seconds! Tenths, even!
Shopkeep: Hehe... thank you. It’s a real treat to hear praise like that.
Jessica: Hm? Alec! What’s with that plate...
Alec: Uh... well, I...
Jessica: You, uh, what? I’m seeing a looot of vegetables on there...
Jessica: Hmph... you may not like them, but you do know there’s nothing worse than being picky. Right?
Alec: ...
Jessica: That’s right, young man... I wasn’t too fond of my veggies when I was your age, you know...
Jessica: But I’d eat them right up regardless... how do you think I got so big?
Jessica: Do you hear me, Alec? Just think about it. How silly would I look being picky at my age...
Alec: Shut up! Just get the heck off my back, already!
Alec: How’m I supposed to know what I’m gonna grow up to be?! Maybe my power’s gonna kill me before I do! You think about that?!
Alec: Just get off my damn back! I don’t need your stupid advice! I mean, damn...
Jessica: Oh!
Jessica: ..........
Lyria: Oh, no... I know Alec was angry. But don’t you think he looked a little sad?
Vyrn: But c'mon! Why’d he have to pop off like that? Right, (Captain)?
Shopkeep: Well... you know how children are at that age...
Jessica: .........
Jessica: Excuse me... would you mind answering a question?
Shopkeep: Yes?
Vyrn: Huh? Jessica’s still not back? What the hell is going on?
Lyria: Hm... I’m getting worried. It’s so dark out...
Lyria: Hey, (Captain). Why don’t we go and look for Jessica? We can take Alec with us!
Alec: What?! Why the heck d’you need me?!
Lyria: Look! Now we can go, (Captain)! You too, Alec!
Alec: Tsk... fine. Let’s go, (Captain).
Lyria: Hmm... the only place I can think of that she might be is the restaurant we ate lunch...
Alec: Hmph... well she must be somewheres around here. Probably dawling around...
Alec: ... hm?
Shopkeep: Hehe... my, that is that tasty. You’re quite the skilled one, Jessica.
Jessica: I’m glad to hear you say that! This ought to get Alec to eat his veggies...
Shopkeep: It ought to... you do seem quite fired up.
Jessica: Haha... well. I know what it’s like to hate eating your vegetables.
Jessica: But when I finally started eating them. I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing out on...
Jessica: I... I really shouldn’t have spoken to him like that...
Shopkeep: Hehe... so you decided to whip up some tasty food for him yourself.
Jessica: Haha... I just want him to understand. There’s a lot of great things out there. We can start him off with this...
Alec: Jessica...
Lyria: Ah! I knew you would be here!
Alec: ...
Lyria: Wait! Alec?! Wh-where are you going?!
Alec returned that evening, but didn’t seem to be in a talking sort of mood.
From then on the crew of the Grandcypher was treated to an endless array of veggies, courtesy of Jessica herself.
Jessica: How’s that?! I went right back to the restaurant to get a hands-on lesson in vegetable cuisine!
Lyria: Wow...! You’re amazing, Jessica! It’s so good!
Vyrn: Munch... wow. I’d eat this no problem, vegetables or not!
Jessica: Hehe... so what do you think? Alec?
Alec: ... it’s, uh... it’s good...
Jessica: Oooh! That takes care of your veggie problem!
Vyrn: Hah! Good for you, Alec! Hope you know you got yourself someone real special here. Dooo you?
Alec: Shut up, already! Like I’m gonna listen to a lizard!
Alec: Oh and, uh... Jessica? About what happened... y’know, before...
Alec: I’m sorry... I should’ve just kept my big mouth shut...
Jessica: Hehe... I’ve already forgotten about it. Besides. There’s something else I want to hear from you.
Alec: ...
Alec: Th-thanks... I can probably choke down a few vegetables if they’re always cooked like that...
Lyria: Hehe... look at you, Alec. I didn’t know you could turn so red.
Alec: Shut it, dummy! I, um... it’s... It’s cold out here, damnit!
Jessica: Hehe... we’re going to make sure you eat nice, balanced meals!
And so under the watchful eye of Jessica, (Captain), and the rest of the party, Alec began his journey towards a healthy mind and boy.
And now that Alec was over his pickiness, it was time for him to acquaint himself with proper dining etiquette.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あ、あの野鳥!なんて名前だろ? Ah, the bird over there! What's it called?
なぁなぁ、あそこまで競争しようぜ! Hey, I'll race you there!
お前はオレが守ってやるぜ! I'll protect you!
世界って、すげぇ広いんだな! The world is so vast!
オレの力…役にたったか? Is my power... helping everyone?
べつに褒められても嬉しくねぇし… Hey, enough with the patronizing...
こっち見んな!バ、バーカバーカ! Stop looking at me! Y-you jerk!
…なんだかウズウズしてきた! This is getting kind of exciting!
(主人公)!あっち行ってみようぜ Let's go that way, (Captain)!
(主人公)にならオレの魔力預けても… I'd gladly lend you my power, (Captain)...