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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 130 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Martial arts and training
Likes Exercise and eating
Dislikes Uncomfortable clothing and difficult things
The lone heir to a long line of respected martial artists from the Valtz Duchy, Aliza is a candidate to become the future grand duchess. Despite occasionally appearing demure and refined, she usually plays by her own rules, and is prone to outbursts when things don't go her way. The type to act first and ask questions later, Aliza can't stand guys who are incapable of standing up for themselves, or to her.
Source [1]


Stamp119.png This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

As the previously current head of the Clythe family, Aliza was eligible for the throne of Valtz. However, she renounced her nobility, inheritance, and hiership to depart on a journey as she was hoping to fight more powerful foes and improve as a fighter.

End of spoilers.


  • She and Stan are childhood friends.

Journal Entry

Aliza NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Draph.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Natsumi Takamori
The Cowardly Hero and the Captive Princess

ID 3990052000
Char ID
NameJP アリーザ
Voice ActorJP 高森奈津美
Release Date

A girl with the right to become the archduke of Valtz. The Clythe family, of which she serves as the head, has a novel custom: whoever inherits the secrets of the family's martial arts assumes control as head of the family.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Wow, congratulations! We've gotta celebrate today like we mean it!
As a present, I'll let you train with me whenever you like!
So when's a good time for you? Today? Today would work great!


(Captain)! Happy birthday! I'm so happy for you!
Y'know, this year I really racked my brain over what to get you.
I already promised to train with you whenever you wanted, so I can't give you that again... What do you think I got you this time?
Hmm? Of course, just take a guess! I really wanted to give you something good this year!
You can't think of anything? Hehe. And the answer is...
You get to name my new special move! Woohoo! So? Do you like it?
H-hey, don't make that face!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Yaaay!
I got you a present this year too. Here, choose one card out of these three.
You're choosing this one? Let me see!
"Rising Phoenix!" Ooh, you chose the move that can take out even flying dragons!
Hm, you have no idea what I'm talking about? Heh heh heh! One look at this, and you'll be a believer!
Here I go! Hyaaah!
See? Was that awesome or what? I'm gonna teach you this move, (Captain)!
Hehe, is this the best birthday present or what? Hey, no need to be bashful!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
I want to come flying out of the gate this year like you wouldn't believe!
Hm, I wonder how strong I'll be able to get by next year?
Of course, I'll gladly train with you, Captain!


A whole new year, a whole new me! Say, (Captain), what's your resolution for this year?
What? Haven't decided yet? Oh, come on, you've gotta have a New Year's resolution!
Me? To get stronger of course!
S-so what!


Happy New Year!
And full speed ahead to the south!
Hehe, I opened up a fortune cookie and it said to go south. That's why I'm gonna sprint south as far as I can.
You wanna join me, (Captain)?
Yay! Off we go then!
Hm? What's with all the clamor?
Ah! Over there, (Captain)! Look, they're holding a festival!
I had no idea a New Year's festival was being held so close to home! I guess I hit the jackpot in a way with that fortune cookie!
Hehe, I can already tell this is gonna be one fantastic year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's!
Right, here we go... This chocolate is for you, Captain.
Huh? You... weren't expecting this? I can make chocolate just fine, you know!
You thought I was just some kung-fu klutz? Well boo to that!


(Captain), won't you try some chocolates I made?
Stan says they're the best he's tasted so far.
Wh-what're you grinning about? It's not like it means anything.
S-stop it! Don't get the wrong idea!


Hey, (Captain)... Are you free right now?
You know how today's Valentine's? So you see, I had my mom help me make some chocolate.
Problem is we tried out so many recipes that we ended up with too much chocolate. So feel free to take any you like!
Hm, you're wondering why I went with new recipes? Well, how should I put this...
Huh? Wh-what's Stan got to do with this?
It's not like I was so happy when Stan praised my chocolates last year that I wanted to do one better! It's not that at all!
Hey! Quit laughing!
A-anyway, this here's for you! I'm really proud of this one, so I hope you'll like it!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Whew, today was another perfect training day... Huh? This is for me?
Oh my gosh, I couldn't be happier! You remembered! Thank you so much, (Captain)!
Hee hee, I'm feeling extra energized now. Time for one more round of training!


Hehe. Are these for me? Aww, thanks!
Great timing too. I was just in the mood for something sweet.
Well, no reason I can't try a bite right now!
Mmm! This is delicious! Just what the doctor ordered!
All right! Now that I'm stocked up on sugar, it's time to train! Wanna join me, (Captain)?


This is to pay me back for Valentine's? Hey, thanks! You just made my day!
Let's see what you got for me this year! These would be great in between training sessions!
Hey, you have some time after this? I came up with a special White Day training menu, and I'd like you to join me!
There's tug-of-war, elevated push-ups while we hold each other's legs, and so much more! C'mon, it'll be fun!
You're up for it? Good, let's go!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Kick or treat! If you don't give me any candy, I'll kick you into the next skydom!
Just kidding! Trick or treat, with a trick incoming!
Oogie boogie boogie! Gimme your candy! All of it!


I'm here for candy!
Oops, I mean... Trick or treat!
Hand over all them treats, (Captain)! Groaarr!
Wh-what? You choose trick? N-no, wait!
That's not how it works! Huh? Then you're going to play a trick on me? W-wait! Nooo!


Almost there... Now!
Ahahaha! Did that scare you? I guess Operation Tiptoe's a success!
Huh? I played a trick on you, so I don't get any candy? But I didn't know you... Wait, last year you said you'd prefer a trick over a treat!
C'mon, be a good sport and gime candy! Please! Please! Pretty please! Wait, now you want to play a trick on me? Oh, you can be so naughty, (Captain)!
Okay, just give me a sec... Gotta psyche myself up...

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I always spend today with my Mama and Papa.
All day long, I get to enjoy my family's cooking!
I'm sure they'd both appreciate it if you came along, (Captain). Let's go!


Mama and Papa are asking for you to come over, (Captain).
Seems they really enjoyed your company last year!
Mama's made all your favorites! C'mon and get ready, she's waiting for you!
Papa told me to invite all the crew members along this time! Let's go let them know!
I have a feeling this year's holiday party is going to be a blast! Don't you?


Happy holidays!
My grandpa's coming by my house for a visit today! It's been so long!
We'll get to duke it out like the old days! I can't wait to show him how much stronger I've gotten!
We'll follow up the training session with a holiday party!
You and everyone else should drop by, (Captain)! I'd love to introduce you to Gramps!
Teehehe, it's gonna be so much fun tonight... I'm already stoked just thinking about it!
Well, I'd better get shopping in preparation. Any chance you can give me a hand with that, (Captain)?
I'll treat you to an extra helping of everything as thanks!
Let's make this the bestest party ever, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

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The Little Lady Who Fights

While exploring a cave said to be the lair of a primal beast, (Captain) and company meet Aliza, who was apparently kidnapped by it. Bored with her life, she decides to join the crew on their life of adventure.

(Captain) and company visit a creepy cave said to be the lair of a primal beast.
They meet a girl who was apparently kidnapped by the beast there, and she's earnestly listening to (Captain)'s tale.
Aliza: Primal beasts?
Lyria: Yes! We're looking to collect all the pieces of the Sky Map, so we're on a journey to find primal beasts!
Aliza: Primal beasts? Like the thing that kidnapped me? The ones that are all awesome and go woosh and kablam and stuff?
Aliza: Are those the ones you mean?
Lyria: Um... That sounds about right.
Aliza: You're going to fight it? (Captain) and the rest of you versus that monster?
Vyrn: Of course! But it's not like we want to or anything.
Vyrn: It's just that they protect the pieces of the Sky Map, so they're not about to just hand them over.
Aliza: Whoa! That's incredible! I can't believe you can fight something like that!
Aliza: I mean... Wow! Just wow! That gets me fired up!
Aliza: I can just see you taking on your towering foe, continuing to valiantly struggle against it even as its blows rain down...
Aliza: Wow! I just can't think of anything cooler! And it seems fun too!
Vyrn: Hey now... Fun? You do realize that this journey is super dangerous, right?
Lyria: That's right! And we've had a lot of close scrapes...
Aliza: But that sounds like fun! And I bet you feel a lot more alive than I do.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Aliza: Life hasn't been so easy for me either...
Aliza: Being trapped in a boring house where everyone's always smiling... It really wears a girl out.
Aliza: And that's why I want you to take me with you on your journey, (Captain)!
Aliza: I think fate brought us together! Pretty please!
Vyrn: Are you nuts? This isn't some walk in the park here!
Aliza: Who cares! I'm strong, so I won't be deadweight! I swear I'll prove my worth to you!
Aliza: Please? I think this is the chance I've been waiting for!
  1. Welcome aboard!
  2. I guess we have no choice...

Choose: Welcome aboard!
Aliza: Really? Yay! Thank you! I'll work really hard!

Choose: I guess we have no choice...
Aliza: Yay! Thank you! You're so kind, and I just love the nice ones!
Continue 1
Lyria: Hee-hee... You look ecstatic, Aliza!
Aliza: I am! I'm just ridiculously happy! Thanks for having me, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Ohh boy... Goodbye peace and quiet...
Almost overwhelmed by her enthusiasm, (Captain) welcomes Aliza as a new ally.
After willingly choosing a life of excitement, she will go on to enjoy the endless days of fighting.

A Training For Whom?

Aliza trains every day after joining the crew. She says there's no limit to the power she seeks, and she thinks of a new way to train after being attacked by monsters.

Aliza: 998... 999... 1000! All right! Only a thousand more to go!
Vyrn: Hey... Aren't you worried about hurting yourself if you keep doing that?
After joining (Captain) and company, Aliza devotes herself to training day in and day out.
Aliza: I have to grow stronger to fight strong enemies! There's no limit to the strength I can achieve!
Vyrn: Gulp. Intense.
Lyria: She's so cool! We should really try to follow her example! Right, (Captain)?
Aliza: Hee-hee... Eventually I'll surpass even (Captain)!
Monster: Groar!
Aliza: A monster! Perfect time to test the results of my training.
Aliza: But wait a minute... Could it be?
Vyrn: Hey! Don't just stand there! It's headed right for you!
Aliza: Oh! Sorry about that! I better do something about it first!

A Training For Whom?: Scene 2

Aliza takes (Captain) and the crew to a den of monsters. She claims that, according to her family, training that involves risking your life is a shortcut to becoming strong. She becomes furious when the monsters go after Lyria.

Lyria: Um... Aliza... What are you doing?
Aliza: Training of course! Practical training is the best way to hone your skills, don't you think?
Vyrn: Still... Don't you think coming here is a little much?
In her search for harder training, Aliza takes (Captain) and company to a monster's den.
Monster: ...!
Aliza: Training that risks your life is a shortcut to becoming truly strong!
Aliza: There's nothing better than a thrilling life-or-death battle to hone your combat instincts.
Aliza: And my family has been saying so for generations!
Lyria: Um... That's quite a unique family you have!
Aliza: It sure is! And Stan apparently went through a lot because of it too.
Aliza: Dealing with all of our traditions and customs was always a pain...
Aliza: But Grandfather taught us our family's martial arts, and that's one thing I did love.
Vyrn: So that's how you ended up as such a tomboy!
Aliza: Who are you calling a tomboy? I'll have you know that I'm a lady.
Aliza: Whoa! Lyria, watch out!
Lyria: Huh?
Monster: Groar!
Lyria: Eek!
Aliza: How dare you... How dare you go after my friend!
Aliza: Let's get them, (Captain)! I'll kick these punks over the horizon!

A Training For Whom?: Scene 3

Aliza regrets endangering her friends in her quest for strength. She learns that just being strong isn't enough to protect others. She says she wants to get stronger with the crew and tries to get them to run with her on the way back.

Monster: Groar...
Aliza: All right! That about wraps it—
Lyria: Watch out! Behind you!
Aliza: ...!
Monster: Groar...
Aliza: Thank you, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Phew... That was too close!
Lyria: Are you all right, Aliza?
Aliza: ...
Aliza: I understand now... I'm sorry, everyone...
Lyria: Huh?
Aliza: In my obsession to get stronger, I put everyone in danger...
Aliza: But if I had been on my own, that monster would have nailed me no matter how strong I was.
Aliza: This is no good... Being strong isn't enough if I want to protect everyone.
Vyrn: Do I hear some waterworks comin' on?
Aliza: Shut up! Nothing wrong with crying!
Lyria: Hee-hee... I think you're on to something important.
Aliza: Yeah... And that's why I want us to become stronger together. I'll do my best to help.
Aliza: It's settled then! Now let's go for a run! Come on, lizard! Follow me!
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no... And there she goes...
Vyrn: Just great... Come on. We better follow her, (Captain)!
Through her battles with monsters, Aliza continues to grow.
Her valuable experiences are sure to help her attain even greater heights.

No Holds Barred

There they found Aliza and Feather, a fantastically disciplined duo. (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn watched on as the two decided to prove whose fancy footwork and flurries of fists could outdo the other’s. It was a bout they seemed quite used to. But the only clear result of the battle was that they both held each other’s prowess in high regard.

Aliza: Nngh...
Lyria: Ah! Aliza!
Aliza: I’m not done yet! It’s okay, Lyria! I just took a little tumble is all!
Feather: Ohoho... you’re more gutsy than I thought!
Aliza: Haha! Of course! Let’s go again!
Feather: You got it! These fists aren’t finished yet!
Vyrn: Sigh... where the hell are they getting all this energy?
There on the island, Aliza and Feather devoted themselves entirely to their training.
Feather: Whew... that’s more like it. And here I was holding back!
Feather: Bring it on! Show me what you can do!
Aliza: Hehe! How long d’you think you can keep running your mouth?
Lyria: Amazing! Aliza! Feather! Both of them!
Vyrn: I guess it is amazing... I don’t know if I could keep that sort of thing up every day, myself...
Lyria: Well... it must be something about the way they fight that keeps them so spry!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)... who did you like better?
  1. Aliza’s got some mighty fine footwork
  2. Man, Feather has some furious fists

Choose: Aliza’s got some mighty fine footwork
Feather: What?! Quit playing around, (Captain)! Here I thought we were on the same level!
Vyrn: Wha?! D-don’t tell me you were listening...
Aliza: I knew it! Wow! You really know your stuff, (Captain)!
Aliza: Hehehe... there you have it! Nothing can match a little Screaming Flame footwork!
Feather: ... what’d you say? No foot can speak like a good fist! You can’t even call it mumbling!
Aliza: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Choose: Man, Feather has some furious fists
Aliza: What?! There are some things you just don’t say!
Lyria: Huh? You were all the way over there a second ago... how did y?
Feather: Ohoho! Knew I could count on you, (Captain)! You got the eye of the tiger!
Aliza: Grr... tiger, my butt! Feet’ll beat fists any day of the week!
Feather: ...What was that? Friend or no, I’m not letting that one go!
Continue 1
Lyria: Oh, my... I feel like something bad is about to happen...
Vyrn: Jeez... you can’t even tell if they like each other or not...
Aliza: Hmph... I guess it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff once and for all, Feather.
Feather: You’re really asking for it... guess the only way to prove I’m right is for you to take a few knocks!
Feather: The best talking’s done hand-to-hand! Show me you mean business!
Aliza: Hehe! I think you meant to say feet!
Aliza: Alright! Go for it! Just don’t expect any mercy! You’re about to learn the secrets of the craft!
Feather: Whoo! Let’s go! I’m hitting you with everything I’ve got!
Feather: Wataaaaah!
Aliza: Hiyaaa!
Their battle cries threatening to rend the sky in two, Aliza and Feather’s duel shook the island.
A few hours later...
Feather: Hah... hah... you got yourself some... moves...
Aliza: Hah... y-you... too...
Though both of them felt they’d been bested, there was apparently no clear winner or loser. Aliza and Feather declared the match a draw.
Feather: I got wiped. Screaming Flame, eh? Scary stuff.
Aliza: Thanks! I’m just about to collapse, myself. You ought to register those things as lethal weapons, Feather!
Feather: Ah... you know... these fists are my pride and joy...
Lyria: They made up... good...
Lyria: Hehe... for a second I didn’t know what was going to happen.
Vyrn: Whew... I’ll never understand why some people get so fired up...
Feather: What?! Vyrn... don’t tell me you can’t understand our passion?!
Vyrn: Er, no... I mean, uh...
Feather: Oh, Vyrn... there’s no deeper sorrow than to be misunderstood...
Feather: But I don’t think we can duke it out...
Aliza: I got it! Vyrn can come and train with me!
Vyrn: What?! When did we start talking about training?!
Feather: I got you... what a great idea! And there’s no time like the present!
Aliza: You need to get the basics down first! We’ll start with sprints! With me, Vyrn!
Feather: Whoo! Let’s go! And once we’re done with that, how about 1,000 push-ups?!
Vyrn: Hold up! (Captain)! This isn’t funny! Help me out, here!
With every ounce of willpower they had, Aliza and Feather threw themselves into their training.
While an outsider might call it admirable, those actually involved would hesitate to call their fervor anything but disastrous.

Other Appearances


SV Aliza, Pugilist Princess.png SV Aliza, Pugilist Princess E.png
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Fanfare: If Overflow is active for you, gain Clash - Gain +1/+1.

All right! Next up, I'll race you to that hill over there! Stan, you lazy butt, stand up! Training never ends!



Stan and me? Hah! Don't make me laugh! Of course there's nothing between us. Stan is just my, uh... This is stupid! I'm going for a run!

Class Dragoncraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Aliza, Pugilist Princess
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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