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Flameborne AstraAquaborne AstraEarthborne AstraWindborne AstraLightborne AstraDarkborne Astra

The Astras are Flameborne Astra, Aquaborne Astra, Earthborne Astra, Windborne Astra, Lightborne Astra, and Darkborne Astra.

They are materials used to trade for and upgrade Arcarum Summons.


Use Amount
Trade for Arcarum Summons (SR) 3
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 1★ 5
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 2★ 10
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 3★ 15
Upgrade Arcarum Summons (SR) into SSR 30
Upgrade Arcarum Summons (SSR) to 4★ 45
Purchase Arcarum Pactbearer 200
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 2★ 1
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 3★ 2
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 4★ 3